Pt. 11 – Licked, Sucked, and Probed

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Interviewing the Third Candidate to be My Maid

All characters are well over the age of consent.


Lily, the Asian MILF, left her first interview (my condo cleaning session combined with a few sexual romps with me) after promising me I could fuck her ass if I selected her to be my maid.

When you are a young man, and I was 25, your little head does a lot of thinking for you, and that could lead to trouble in a hurry.

While the two ladies I had “interviewed” were older, I had no idea if either were on birth control; if they even needed birth control; or if they had plans for me to become the father of a child we would create because like most guys, I hated wearing condoms.

I loved having sex without a condom and both ladies loved me pumping them full of my hot sperm.

As for Lily, her offer was a rather tempting one as I had not had butt sex and was curious about it but once she left, it occurred to me that Lily was great at fucking and sucking but from an honest and objective point of view, she was not going to be able to have sex with me and complete all the things on the maid’s checklist.

Which I was going to have to overlook if the sex got in the way of Lily doing her job.

I should also add that Marisol promised me three maids to interview and she asked me to hold off making any decisions until all three had put in their time at my condo.

Who knew what the next interview would bring?


Marisol had also been rather diligent, or maybe the word was persistent, about me providing referrals to her. Each time we met, like clockwork, she handed me two cards and mentioned that I would receive some sort of fee or reward if someone hired her company to provide maid services.

I was just 25 and did not know a lot of people, but I was active at my gym and played in a basketball league there, so I handed out a few cards to my teammates. I was also in a group of mostly men that played golf once a month through my work at Caltrans, and I handed out some cards there too. I also stuck up a couple of cards on the bulletin board at the gym, and as they quickly disappeared, I pinned up replacements. In just a few days I was calling Marisol for more cards.


The following Tuesday, the third day of maid service, by mutual consent, Marisol returned to my condo with Lily.

It was going to be Lily’s second interview.

Lily thought she had a new assignment in the bag, after all, doesn’t everyone that goes on a second interview get hired?

Once we got past the hellos, and Marisol and Lily reviewed the checklist and did their walk through, Marisol and I adjourned to the patio while Lily got to work preparing breakfast for us while we had a business meeting.

Marisol wanted me to review her financials and look for opportunities to save money and to grow revenue. She trusted me enough to share her numbers and we spoke quietly, in confidence, for the next four hours. We talked strategy, human resources, marketing, sales and about business in general.

She was a smart, lovely woman and was quite successful.

I never noticed her wearing a ring of any sort, which made me believe that she was single.

Maybe I had a chance with her.

Marisol never let on, not even giving me a knowing smile, that she knew if anything sexual had gone on with the two maids I had interviewed.

I did not pay much attention to Lily, but Marisol sure did; every 30 minutes like clockwork she was checking on the quality of the cleaning job that Lily had done to that point and she found it plenty lacking.

When Marisol came back outside for the last time that morning, she shared with me that Lily was not going to work out in her company and that she was glad she came to supervise the work because if I had hired Lily for a weekly cleaning, I would be quickly disappointed. Which Marisol wanted to avoid.

I nodded in agreement and wondered when the third candidate would be coming to clean.

Not that I was horny or anything. I had beat off twice a day for the last week at the prospect of fucking Lily’s tight ass.

My balls were aching for a relief. Lily would have drained them. Oh well, I guess I could go beat off. Again.

Reading my mind, Marisol handed me a business card and said “My friend Linn runs several nail and massage salons. She has someone working for her who is looking to pick up an extra shift with me. If you can visit Linn’s place tonight it would be very helpful to me. That way you can see what kind of work she does before I have her come over here.”

I was free and Marisol made the call.

Dressed in a tee shirt, shorts and tennis shoes, I arrived at the Magic Salon at 5:00pm sharp.


I had to knock on the door, but I heard the lock click open and a beautiful Asian female face greeted me with “Rick?” to which I smiled and nodded.

“Please come in.”

The lady in question stood about 5’8″ tall and was dressed in white polo shirt and what looked like white tennis shorts.

She Beşevler Escort introduced herself as Linn and thanked me for coming.

I gave her the once over: very attractive, light brown skin, great smile, lithe figure, great legs and no wedding ring!

Those shorts barely covered got to the bottom of her butt cheeks, but I was not complaining, I was enjoying!

I looked around and found myself in a larger facility than I thought it was.

I counted 20 massage chairs, for pedicures, spaced nicely apart, and 20 stations for manicures.

The place had a soothing look, feel and aroma to it, and I glanced around and noticed that the place was not just spotless, but it was extremely tidy, neat and clean.

I kept an eye on Linn’s ass.

I was not sure what sort of underwear Linn had on but whatever she had on was tiny.

I thought for a moment that she was not wearing any panties. Her butt cheeks were moving as she walked, and my eyes responded with a stirring in my shorts.

We took a tour; she explained the operation and she also mentioned that she had two other salons in the area. I was impressed.

I asked her how many employees she had and what her combined revenues were.

Linn shared the numbers, and I was even further impressed.

There was a hallway at the back end of the front part of the facility and we walked back to it.

Unlocking a door, she explained that “The office is back here, along with an extra pedicure station, a shower and my office.”

The lights were on, and two women were hard at work cleaning, though it looked like it was already clean to my naked eyes.

But I am a guy and what the hell did I know? I thought my refrigerator was in pretty good shape until my first two candidates for maid got to working on it.

They ended up throwing out everything and cleaning it two or three times with bleach and mold killer to get it where it was safe to store food in it!

Linn introduced me to the two ladies. Ann, the older woman, was quite attractive, with a very pretty face, shoulder length black hair, but her figure was hidden by a smock. I did glance down at her feet, and she had slender ankles, always a good sign for nice legs. Ann was a little shorter than Linn, maybe 5’4″.

I guessed her age at around 45.

I found out later than Ann was Japanese and had been raised in Japan in a traditional family. That was not for her, so she was able to come to America and make her way.

The other woman, somewhere in her early 20s, was Pam. She was a tight bodied gal, but sort of stocky, who wore her clothes, a white tee shirt and yoga pants, both tight.

Very tight. As in her tee shirt stretched across her chest, containing her breasts.

I was not complaining as it appeared to me that she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were firm, and her dark nipples were pushing through and quite visible through the thin cotton.

Pam was compact, standing maybe 5’2″ also with long black hair.

And those yoga pants fit her like they had been painted on. Her slit was visible, and she seemed quite proud that the pants hugged her ass just right.

Just right enough to get my cock stirring.

Linn said that Pam was literally right off the boat from Thailand and only knew a bit of English.

I did not know which lady I was going to interview when Linn directed Pam to take me to the shower and get me ready.

“Ready for what?” I asked, my cock already stiffening with the possibility of showering with a nude young lady with a hot body just ripe for fucking.

“Marisol asked me to make sure you got some of what you might have missed this morning. Plus get to know us.”

And, with that, she and Ann left the room, closing the door and leaving Pam and I standing there.


Naked together in the shower, the hot water felt great, but Pam’s roving hands felt even better!

After hearing her admonishment in very broken English “You no touch me” I lifted my hands and put them on my head while Pam washed every inch of my bare body.

She did it slowly, sensuously, getting the reaction she desired: my cock got very hard very quickly.

She had no issue rubbing up against me as her wet and soapy bath gloves wandered from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, my cock and balls swinging as she lifted, prodded, rubbed and fondled.

Pam purposely avoided touching my very hard, very erect cock which was disappointing to me as I was looking forward to a happy ending!

After a few minutes of hearing her comment “You strong” and “You big cock” the shower door opened and there stood Linn, unphased by our nudity or my strong erection.

“What the fuck!” Linn said in a stern and angry voice to Pam.

Pam stopped washing me like she was caught stealing cookies.

“Get to it!” Linn shouted.

Closing the shower door, Pam quickly moved behind me and did a reach around and started pulling on my cock while her wet, soapy, young firm tits and rock-hard nipples massaged my back.

It Çankaya Escort was starting to feel good, because clearly Pam knew how to stroke a cock, when the shower door opened again and there was Linn, again! who literally screamed “What the fuck!” for a second time.

Ignoring my nudity and now even larger and harder erection, Linn grabbed a soapy and wet Pam by the hand and pulled her out of the shower.

The shower door stayed opened; the water continued to spray on me as I watched the two of them.

Pam was sopping wet, and water was dripping all over the tile floor.

Reaching up to a nearby bookcase, Linn grabbed a table tennis paddle and proceeded to land a few swats on both cheeks of Pam’s very nice and very wet butt.

By the third swat, and they were hard ones, Pam’s dropped as a prelim to sobbing.

Out of pain, out of surprise? Who knew!

My cock throbbed at the sight. I had to hold off stoking myself. That is how turned on I was.

Letting Pam go, Linn spoke to her in a softer voice in Thai and with that, Pam nodded, stood up straight, rubbing her butt, and proceeded to grab a dry towel, walked to the shower, turned off the water and smiling through her red face and tears, proceeded to dry me off.

Pam paid extra attention to my cock, balls, crack. It felt great.

Her hands fondled me through the towel, and I enjoyed her renewed effort to please me.

“So sorry” she whispered to me as she wrapped me in a white terry cloth robe and then taking me by the hand, got me into a recliner, my butt sitting on the back of the robe, but Pam made sure that my front was fully opened.

My erection, still strong, felt quite natural.

I was hard and my dick was tense, but for some reason I was not shy or reserved about being erect in front of two women, both who were highly attractive.

Pam dried herself in front of me, and for the first time I got to see her fully naked.

For being about 21, her body was quite well formed.

Perhaps a little chubby but certainly all female and she would be a fun fuck, given the chance.

My eyes settled on her puffy nipples; clearly Pam was aroused.

My eyes also feasted on her pussy which was covered in a nice dark pelt.

Her bush was just perfect for her body. Trimmed but hairy if that makes sense.

She had some tan lines which just accented her pure sexuality.

Linn stepped by behind me and started massaging my head, my neck and my shoulders.

“Sorry Rick, Pam knows better. We don’t do hand jobs here.”

Pam sat on the bench in front of the chair, her thighs spread wide for my viewing pleasure.

She made damn sure I could see her tits too, shaking them for me.

My cock literally throbbed at the young hot nude Thai babe sitting in front of me.

Both Linn and Pam had their eyes on my cock, one from above and one from below, and both gasped as my cock pulsated.

It moved, it throbbed; it bounced. It was ready.

With that, Linn’s hands found my hard pebble like nipples and began to tease them, and Pam’s eyes met mine and she smiled, sticking out a long pink tongue and lowered her head to my waiting cock.


My experience with blow jobs to this point was that most women wanted to do one of two things.

First, get a man to come as quickly as possible or second, get a man as hard as possible and then fuck him silly.

Pam did neither, she simply treated my cock like an ice cream cone and savoring every lick, proceeded to drive me almost out of my mind with those lips, mouth, and tongue.

She was a very thorough dick licker, and I was highly pleased to find out that she did not ignore my balls or my puckered anus.

Early on, Pam lifted my legs over the arms of the chair, spreading me wide open, and then she pulled at the bottom of the robe, pulling my ass towards her.

Smiling up at me, she bent her head and flicked her tongue out, taking her sweet time as she bathed my perineum with a series of tongue lashes both up and down and across.

I was in heaven on earth as she played with my naked body using only her oral skills.

No hands, no fingers, just her mouth and all the elements of it: heat, pressure, moisture, and those teasing lips and her devilish tongue.

I groaned when the tip of her tongue teased my starfish and Linn teased me with “She will bring you more pleasure than you can stand.”

When Pam started in on my balls, that long tongue wrapping around, slithering and slathering, and bathing every bit of the skin of my sack, my cock, hard and tight against my belly, started to drip.

I know she wanted to lick my baby batter off my belly and the tip of my dick, but Linn stopped her with a single word in Thai and I was left to drip, and simply had to endure the exquisite torture I was going through.

Pam’s long tongue, alternating between soft and hard, and her world class techniques combined to bring me almost to orgasm more times than I could count, only to have her back Cebeci Escort off until my moment passed, and then she started over again, each time varying the touches and tempo of her tongue, teeth, lips.

When she took one ball and then the other into her warm, wet mouth, and cleaned it with her heavenly tongue, I about died.

What was happening to me was simply something out of another world.

Maybe this was why all my buddies were talking about going to Thailand!

To this point, Pam never stroked me with her hands; I guess she was not interested in more swats on her ass.

But she was driving me crazy with lust.

I have no idea how long she pleasured me. I was almost in heaven, except for that final step when I could cross under the Pearly Gates.

My cock dripped, my groans continued, and it was clear that this young lady, Pam, knew her stuff when it came to teasing men.

I had never known a female to be so accomplished in the oral arts.

I could only imagine what she would be like in a couple of years … with more practice.


Linn enjoyed the spectacle too, verbally teasing me, encouraging me to vocalize my sexual frustration, playing with my nipples and scratching my hairy chest, asking me if Pam was giving me best blowjob I had ever had, and telling me to beg Pam to let me cum.

My urgent pleas fell on deaf ears, which only drove me crazier with the need to erupt.

I was thinking about taking matters in my own hands to give me the release I wanted when Linn released the lever on the recliner and the back went down, turning the chair into a bed of sorts.

Linn moved around to the side the chair so I could see her.

With a smile on her lips and her eyes on mine, she reached under her short white skirt and slipped her tiny while panties off.

She bent down, still looking at me, and tossed the pair to Pam, who quickly brought them to her nose to sniff.

When Pam smiled at the aroma of Linn’s moist pussy, she broke into a big smile.

My cock physically throbbed as I visualized Pam between Linn’s thighs, eating her out.

With a wicked grin on her face, Linn climbed up on the chair, slowly, not allowing me to see her pussy.

She straddled the chair, her crotch right above mine.

“No touching Jack. Kissing only, your hands on my shoulders.”

I nodded but was still hoping that I was going to get some of this very hot Thai pussy.

Then Linn spoke again: “You can put your hands on my head and my shoulders, but you can’t touch below there.”

What could I say?

I knew it would end up with my exploding sometime, but if this was the game she wanted to play, so be it.

Linn’s lips were soft, and her tongue was aggressive as we made out.

It was clear she was hungry to be kissed, and I had been told I was a good kisser, but when Linn started moaning into my mouth as our tongues played and my hands held her head to mine, it amped up both of our temperatures.

It did not take long at all for me to feel that Linn had quite a bush, which she rubbed all over my erection.

As if it were possible, I got harder.

“You like a hairy pussy, don’t you Rick?” Linn teased me.

I smiled, she smiled, and we started kissing again.

And while Linn was starting to get busy massaging my cock with her hairy pussy, Pam was still active with her tongue on my balls.

Then she went on an adventure, searching out my starfish which was new for me, but apparently Pam was an expert at eating ass.

Pam’s tongue rimming me felt incredible.

I groaned into Linn’s mouth as Pam began to explore my nether region, the first time ever for me to have a female that far south with a probing tongue.

They were a tag team.

Two things were missing from this formula that I would have changed.

First, I wish Linn were topless so I could play with her tits and second, I wanted Pam to hold the base of my cock while Linn lowered her hairy wet hot tight pussy onto my cock.

I really wanted to fuck Linn!

But, having two women focused on me, sexually, was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me.

One mouth kissing me on the mouth and one mouth on my asshole, my balls, the inside of my thighs or my hard cock.

It only got better.


Whenever Pam or Linn thought I was getting too close and was going to shoot my wad, they backed off … ended contact … until I cooled down.

They had a sixth sense about me and always stopped before the rocket blasted off!

But that did not mean Pam stopped giving oral.

When she was not pleasing me, she was teasing the shit out of Linn.

Pam clearly loved Linn’s pussy.

And Linn loved Pam’s mouth on her pussy.


Between our kisses, Linn said to me “You know why I have such a hairy pussy Rick?”

At that, Pam added for the first time the element of her fingers into the mix of tools she was using to tease me.

Our eyes locked, all I could do was stare at Linn, and groan as the double teasing continued.

Pam’s technique with her hands, fingers and fingernails were almost as good as her mouth, lips, tongue and teeth.

“I have a hairy pussy because I want my lady friends to have to work hard to pleasure me. A bare pussy is like training wheels on a bike.”

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