Pub Pool Games Lead To Sexy Fun

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This is loosely based on real events, but with several things compressed, a few things changed to protect the guilty, and a little bit of fantasy added in places to improve the narrative.

Jane in this story is the same Jane from “In the Kitchen With Jane”.


I’d not long moved to the town before I found my preferred drinking establishment, a rather nice Real Ale pub, with a good sized beer garden, a pool table, and welcoming clientele. After a few weeks of living in the town I had developed a routine of going to the pub on a Saturday afternoon for a session. This would often include playing pool with other regulars, or just sitting talking and socialising.

As the weeks and months passed, I found that I was spending a lot of time playing pool with one particular chap, name of Richard. We had common interests in films and reading, and when not playing pool, we would have those rambling conversations where suddenly you realise that a couple of hours have passed, and no one can remember who’s round it is.

On this particular Saturday, I arrived at the pub a little later than usual, but there was no sign of Richard. I ordered my usual and got the landlord to take for a pint for Richard for when he arrived. I’d just settled down to have a natter with Peter, one of the other regulars, when I saw Richard come rushing in.

“Richard! You’ve got one in,” I called out to him. He waved acknowledgement and spoke to the landlord to claim his pint.

“Hi Colin, hi Peter,” he said, wandering over, “sorry I’m late, Nancy and Amy were fighting, and Jane wanted me to be Big Bad Daddy.”

(Nancy and Amy were his kids, 10 and 8 if I recall correctly, and Jane was his wife).

“No worries, we were just about to start putting the world to rights,” I replied.

The three of us chatted for a bit, and then Peter had to head off to meet his wife.

“Pool?” Richard asked me.

“Sure, what’s the score at the moment?” I responded.

“I think you’re ahead 19 games to 16 at the moment.”

I had no idea, I’d lost track ages ago, and it was quite possible he was making it up, but it didn’t matter. We played for fun, and when we were done for the day, the loser (based on that day’s score) had to get an extra round in.

This Saturday I found I was wining game after game, as Richard made some really silly mistakes, missing shots that he’d have got with no problem normally. At first I put it down to the stress of having had to deal with the kids, but after a couple of pints failed to steady him down, I had to ask.

“Is everything alright mate, your game’s a little off today?”

“A little?” he joked, “nah, yeah, umm… shall we finish this game and then go sit in the garden – I wanna have a chat with you.”

I came over all curious at this and did my best to finish the game as quickly as possible, which, to be honest, wasn’t difficult with Richard playing the way he was.

We finished the game, and he’d lost the day, so it was his round. We got fresh beers and went out to the beer garden. He led me up to the very back, into a corner that was a bit shielded by some bushes.

“What’s up dude?” I asked, as we settled down onto the benches.

“Well, you know me and Jane are members of the Working Mens right?” he asked. (For those that don’t know, the Working Mens Club is a social club found in many towns in the UK.)

“Yeah, you’ve mentioned it,” I replied, wondering where this was going.

“Well, we were wondering if you’d be up for babysitting for us next week, there’s a big event on and we’d like to go, but we haven’t been able to find a babysitter.”

“Is that all? Sure, no problem!” I replied. And it wasn’t, although I hadn’t met his wife or kids, I had spent enough time with friends’ kids, and my own family, to know I got on OK with kids. To be honest I felt I knew Jane quite well, as on a couple of occasions we’d had those end-of-the-session drunken chats that had perhaps gone a little further than might be considered appropriate in terms of information sharing. (For example, I knew that she had a tattoo of a stick figure pushing a lawn mower just along the top of her pubic bush.) We’d talked about sexuality, and gender expression, and what we liked, so I knew he had a thing for slim blonde women (like Jane), and he knew I liked redheads.

At the time I couldn’t understand why that simple request had made him nervous or put him off his game.

“Tell you what, do you wanna come round for dinner tonight? Meet the kids and Jane, and get to know them a little?”

“Well my current evening plans involve the Oriental Inn and a movie, so I’m down with that!”

“Let me give her a call, and we’ll see if she’s up for it.”

“OK, I need to use the loo, I’ll be back in a mo.” I thought I’d give him some privacy to talk to her, just in case there were any issues. I went to the loo, taking my time washing and drying my hands. While I was stood by the sink Çanakkale Escort I made an unexpected discovery. When the wind was blowing the right way, and the window above the sink was open, I could hear some of what was being said in that corner of the beer garden.

I heard him say “OK… No, I’ve not mentioned that let’s give you the chance to meet him. I’ll let him know what’s for dinner. and we’ll… ” The rest of what we said was drowned out by the sound of the bar staff dragging out a tub of empty bottles.

Heading back out to the garden, I made sure he saw me coming, and I heard him say “yeah, OK, see you then.”

“That’s better, room for the next one,” I joked as I sat down.

“It’s sorted, Jane’s expecting us at 6:45, dinner is beef stew. Are you OK with that?”

“That’s fine, do I need to go home and get dressed up?” I joked, “Black tie and tails?”

“Pillock…” was the response, with a grin

We chatted for a bit more, had another round and more chat, and then it was time to head to their place. Richard had a contract with the local taxi firm and was able to get us a cab at short notice, so we made it in time. Wouldn’t have done to have made a bad impression, or so I thought. Later on Jane let me into a little secret, that she always told Richard to be home 15 minutes before she actually wanted him home, which meant he was usually on time for dinner.

When we arrived outside the house Richard arranged with the driver to put the fare on his account, and we got out and walked up to the front door. He started digging in his pockets for the key, but suddenly the door was opened for him.

“You do know you left your keys here, right?” Jane had a grin on her face as she pointed to the table beside the stairs.

“Oh nuts… umm… Jane, Colin; Colin, Jane… I got to pee…”

Jane quickly stepped out of his way as he headed towards what I later found out was the downstairs loo through the kitchen.

I took a moment to get a good look at Jane while she was watching Colin depart, a slight smile on her face. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt and jogging bottoms, about 5′ 8″ tall, slim, blonde, with a pretty face. Almost exactly as Richard had described her.

“Come in, it’s lovely to meet you at last, I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Likewise, and thank you for having me.”

She gave an odd smile and I could see a comment forming, but she refrained from saying it, instead stepping back and beckoning me inside. I kicked my shoes off just inside the door and looked around. As the door closed behind me Jane said “to your right, that’s the dining room, the girls are in the living room through there. Drink?”

“A beer would be nice please,” I replied, turning towards the dining room.

“Go on through, I’ll bring it in,” she waved her hand towards the door as she headed to the kitchen.

Entering the dining room, I could see a wall covered in books and videos and records, which I wasn’t really surprised about, given how broad Richard’s interests were. In the middle of the room was a smallish dining table, it looked like a four-seater, but it was laid out for five.

Through an arch to my left was the living room. I could see the telly, and another bookcase, and a fireplace, but no sign of the girls. As I walked through the arch the room opened up to my left and there they were, sitting on a two-seater sofa sharing a book, and with a pair of suspicious expressions, as if to say “and you are?”

“Good evening girls,” I said, “you must be Amy?” indicating the younger looking. She nodded, still suspicious. “And Nancy right?” I looked at the elder. “Yeah.” came the grunted response.

“Nice to meet you both, your dad has told me a lot about you,” I tried, as a conversation opener. But they were having none of it, so I went to sit in the chair near the window.

“That’s DAD’s chair,” Nancy stated flatly. “Oh, sorry,” I replied, looking around. The only other space was at the end of the sofa, so I headed that way. “That’s MUM’s seat”

“Hey… enough of that… we told you to be nice,” said Jane as she entered the room with a couple of beers. “Sorry about that, they can be a little… cranky… sometimes. Take my seat, I’m nearly ready to dish up.”

She put a beer down beside Richard’s chair, and as he came into the room, handed me mine. Richard parked himself in his chair and I sat on the sofa, and we chatted for a few minutes, the girls occasionally giving me suspicious looks. I hoped we’d get along eventually if I was going to be babysitting them.

“Dinner’s ready,” called Jane, “girls, usual places please.”

I stood up slowly, giving the family time to get themselves sorted out. The two girls were sat together with their backs to the bookcases, leaving three spaces. “Colin, if you’d like to sit there, and I’ll take this seat,” said Richard. This put Jane between Richard and me, but also put Jane closest to the door, which I guessed was normal.

He then went out to the kitchen and returned Çanakkale Escort Bayan with a dish of mashed potatoes which he placed in the middle of the table and then sat down. Jane followed him with a large bowl of beef stew, which also went in the middle. Sitting down, she looked across at the girls and said “guests first…”

The plates were already on the mats, so I used the spoons from the table to take mash and stew, trying to guess what was a socially acceptable portion. As I put my plate back on the mat Richard said “OK girls, plates please.”

The girls passed their plates to him and Jane and they dished up the girls food for them in what was clearly a well practiced routine, then they took their own portions and I was pleased to see I’d guessed about right. “No standing on ceremony, let’s eat,” said Richard. So we did.

The food was excellent, and the chat between mouthfuls was light and jokey. I managed to get a laugh out of Amy with a silly pun, and even Nancy was smiling at some of my jokes. There was also some very light flirting with Jane, which I’m always a fan of. And looking back, I think Richard was very lightly flirting with me.

When the main course was finished Richard helped Jane to gather up the plates and take them and the dishes out to the kitchen. Unexpectedly, as Jane went to stand up, her hand slowly brushed against my outer thigh. It felt nice, flirty even, but I put it down to an accident due to the table being crowded.

A minute or so after they’d left the room, Jane poked her head back in and asked “Ice cream and drizzle sauce for dessert, who’s in?”

The girls bounced up and down making excited “me, me, me” noises. “OK girls, I get it…” chuckled Jane, “Colin?”

“Sure, I’m game,” I replied. “I bet you are,” she shot back, with a flirty wink as she disappeared back to the kitchen.

Richard brought some bowls in and put one on each table mat, then went back to the kitchen.

“Girls? What’s drizzle sauce?” I asked in a low voice, partly because I was genuinely curious, and partly to get them engaging.

“It’s sauce, that you drizzle over ice cream,” said Nancy, with a tone of “how do you not know that?”

“Mummy makes great drizzle sauce!” chimed up Amy.

Richard had just come back into the dining room and explained in more useful detail as he sat down. It turns out that drizzle sauce is a slightly sweet, strawberry based, almost like a puree, sauce that goes really well with vanilla ice cream.

Jane came back in with a jug of red sauce which she placed on the table. Richard had bought the ice cream in with him and he started dishing up, giving everyone a couple of scoops “to start with but there’s more if you want.”

As Jane sat down it happened again, this time even slower, and it really felt that she was indeed deliberately running her hand over my thigh as she sat down. My emotions got a bit mixed at this point. I have nothing against some harmless flirting, when everyone involved knows it’s happening (verbal flirting for example), but this was more secretive, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. But at the same time, an attractive woman was running her hand quite close to my genitals and that was getting me excited. But was I misreading an accident?

The drizzle sauce was indeed “great” as Amy had said and went well with the ice cream. While we were eating dessert there was more chat and I managed to make both the girls laugh at one point.

When everyone had finished the girls were told to go and get ready for bed. There was grumbling and attempts at negotiation, but Jane and Richard were quite firm with them. When they’d left the room, I offered to help clear the table but was told to go and sit on the sofa otherwise I’d just be in the way of their routine.

So I did as instructed, stood up and walked into the living room. As I passed Jane and Richard I felt a hand brush against my bum. In the same way as the other touches it was smoothly done, to the point where it could very easily have been an accident, except for the brief squeeze of my butt cheek. Because I had my back to both of them, it could have been either of them. I tried very hard not to react as I carried on into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Remembering that the left hand end was “mummy’s seat” I went for the other end, where the girls had been, and tried to relax and calm my excited hormones, convincing myself that it must have been a mistake.

A couple of minutes later there was a thundering sound as the girls came running down the stairs. “Slowly!” I heard Richard shout, “go and say good night to Colin, then come and get your hugs.”

The girls came into the living room in their PJs and slippers and in unison said “good night Colin.”

“Good night girls, it was really nice to meet you,” I replied, expecting them to turn and leave the room. I was wrong. Slightly hesitantly, Amy walked over and gave me a hug. Nancy, clearly not wanting to be outdone by her younger Escort Çanakkale sister, did the same. “Thank you girls,” I responded, a little taken aback by the hugs, but hey, hugs are hugs.

They turned and dashed out of the room, and I could her them chattering with Jane and Richard for a minute or so then the thundering again as they ran upstairs. “Lights out in 15,” Jane called up, followed by a muffled “Yes Mum”.

“Wine?” Jane asked, sticking her head through the arch.

“Oh yes please,” I responded. “Red or white?” came the reply. “Either would be fine, but can I use your loo?” I answered.

“Sure, come into the kitchen, keep going, cross the hall,” she replied as she disappeared.

I went through, Richard was loading the dishwasher and just pointed to a door on the other side of the kitchen. I went through, found the loo, and did what needed to be done.

As I walked back through the kitchen Jane said “go and sit down, I’ll bring your drink through”.

I did as instructed, and a couple of minutes later Jane came through with two glasses of white wine, one of which she handed to me as she sat down. Richard came in very shortly after her, before I’d had time to have more than one sip of the wine, with his own glass, and sat down.

I turned to Jane, “that meal was lovely, thank you, and thank you for making me feel at home.” Turning to Richard, “if you think it’ll work, I’d be happy to babysit for you, especially if I get fed like that!”

Richard got a slightly funny look on his face, almost guilty, and looked past me towards Jane. “It’s a yes from me,” commented Jane. I was now a little confused, as I’m sure you can imagine.

“OK, I need to explain something… and please don’t be upset… I hope it doesn’t change anything…” Richard was almost stuttering as he spoke, but he didn’t give me time to respond before he started to explain.

He emphasised that the babysitting idea was genuine, and that was still something they wanted if I was up for doing that for them, but that there was another idea that had been discussed and that’s what he was trying to get to.

To summarize, it turns out that when we’d been having our drunken end-of-session chats that had perhaps gone a little further than might be considered appropriate, he’d bought the information back to Jane each time and told her what had been discussed. He and Jane had talked for some time about threesomes… and that’s when it all dropped into place for me. Jane had indeed been physically flirting with me, but with Richard’s full permission!

I asked Jane later what my face looked like during this conversation. Apparently I was confused for the first part, and then suddenly my confusion cleared, my eyebrows shot up, my eyes opened wide, and I smiled; that must have been when I worked out what was going on.

As Richard carried on explaining, he mentioned something that I’d forgotten… apparently I’d admitted to being bisexual during one of these chats, and that’s a part of what had made them think I might be a fun play partner for them, because (and I did /not/ see this coming until he mentioned bisexuality) he’s bi too.

I decided to help him calm down. When he paused for breath I held my hand up to stop him talking. “Dude, I’m honoured that you’d consider trusting me this way. I’m not offended, I’m not upset, and of course I’ll babysit, no problem. I need to have a think about the rest of it, so give me a couple of minutes yeah?”

“Of course, of course,” he said, clearly relieved that I wasn’t offended, and pleased that I was going to think about it.

A load of thoughts went through my head, as I sat back and sipped my wine. I was worried about a potential effect on our friendship, I was horny (not gonna lie, Little Head was having some input here), I was surprised, I was, as I said, honoured. All these thoughts and more were buzzing around my head. Flip flopping back and forth, after what seemed like an age, but was probably less than a minute, I made my decision.

“OK, I’m in,” I said, “let’s discuss boundaries, and see how things go.”

I could feel the atmosphere in the room change, the emotional tension drained, and the sexual tension rose. Jane breathed what can only be described as a sigh of relief and Richard looked pleased.

We had the boundary discussion, it was very adult, and clear limits were agreed.

“I have /got/ to have a pee,” Richard commented, “I’ll bring the bottle back with me.”

As I mentioned, Jane was wearing baggy t-shirt with matching jogging bottoms. While Richard was out of the room she explained that she’d decided not to dress sexy on the outside, in case things didn’t go well and she or Richard decided not to make the offer. But now that things had gone well, would I like to see her lingerie?

“I’d be delighted to see it,” I replied.

She stood up, turned her back to me, and shucked her jogging bottoms, kicking them across the room. She had shapely legs, and a very cute bum, which was wrapped in something salmon-pink, with lace. She pulled her top off, and throw it to join the bottoms, showing that what she was wearing went up her back and had two straps over her shoulders. She turned around gracefully, cocked one leg, and put her hands on her hips. “Do you like what you see?” she asked.

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