Raw War Pt. 01

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It’s a soft, sober and subdued love story between two school-time sweet-hearts… Now engaged to be married soon… It’s the story of just one day (Rather One Night!)… Game Changer both for DEV and DIVYA… It is very much Indian by nature… It’s based in Bhubaneswar (Capital of Odisha), India.

Can be tagged under Indian, Love, Romance, Loving Wives, Hair Fetish, Happy Family, Big Cock, and Virgin…

Enjoy reading…



You Don’t ‘FALL’ In Love… You ‘RISE’ In Love!


DEV (I) & DIVYA — Husband (30) & Wife (25) — Living in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Bhubaneswar incidentally was adjusted as the ‘Numero Uno Smart City’ of India in 2018!


CHAPTER: ONE — Story Background (Present Day!)

Year: 2019, Month: August, Date: 15th, Day: Thursday, Time: 8.30 PM

Place — Chandaka Farmhouse, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. (Chandaka is a ‘Reserve Forest’ covered over an area of 486 square kilometre. Famous for its sub-continental elephants, though one can also find hyenas, foxes, deers, rabbits and mountain lizards in plenty).

I’m Dev Baxie. She’s Divya Baxie.

We’re a happily married couple for the past 5 years with two children — a son of 4 years, and a daughter of 2 years old.

For me and my wife Divya today — 15th August 2019, was a very special day as two of my best global importers were coming to our farmhouse with their spouses… BOB and BENTLEY, and ROB and RUMY. Incidentally BOB and ROB were twins, so also RUMY and BENTLEY.

Their entry into this story will come elaborately in ‘PART II’ of ‘RAW WAR’…


Baxies in Odisha were traditionally the cultivators and business-minded people. Keeping that in mind, I started my own business and today I’m one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Bhubaneswar with a decent business both in Retailing and Exporting of Sea-Food.

We’ve 6 ‘Live’ Sea-Food Retail Stores ‘FISH & MORE‘ in the city.

And 12 Sea-Food Restaurants ‘GO FISHING‘ in the ‘Twin-City’ of Cuttack & Bhubaneswar.

Our specialties in the Restaurants are — ‘Choose-Your-Own-Live-Fish’ or ‘Crab’ and the ‘Tandoori’ Fish and Crab with ‘Butter-Naan’.

The selling of these items are so good that the bakers in the city advertise like: “Our Hot-Cakes Are Selling Like — ‘GO FISHING’ TANDOORS”!

Our Sea-Food — raw and pre-cooked tin-packed items mainly gets exported to African continent. There are about 54 countries in Africa. We export to about 10 nations including — Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan and Tunisia.


CHAPTER: TWO — She & Me (Divya & Dev)

I’m 30 years old. She’s 25 years old.

I’m Dark. She’s Fair.

I’m tall — 6’3″ in Height. She’s short — 5’2″ in Height. (1’1″ shorter than me!)

I’m 220 Pounds in Weight. She’s almost half of mine 120 Pounds in Weight.

I’m Handsome. She is Beautiful. (Complementing each other)

Both are Gym-Fit and regularly go to Gym in all the 4 Odd Days of the Week — 1, 3, 5 and 7.

I’ve short crew-cut Hair. She’s long-dark-dense-straight hair falling well below her opulent ass-cheeks!

I’m chiselled face. She’s an oval face.

I’ve drooping eyes. She has big and talkative eyes.

I’ve a long and straight nose. She has a short and perky nose.

I’ve big mouth with thick lips. She’s small mouth with pouty lips.

I’ve a bifurcated chin with a hint of a double chin. She’s has a smooth oval shaped chin.

I’ve a long and thick neck. She’s a long and thin neck.

I’ve broad shoulder blades. She’s narrow shoulder blades.

I’ve muscular 42″ chest. She’s soft 36″ ‘D’ Bust size (She’s 34″ ‘C’ at the time of marriage. 5 Years of Marriage, and 2 Kids have their own positive effects and impacts!)

My waist size is 36″. Her waist size is 30″.

I’ve a Hip Size of 40″. She’s a Butt-Size of 36″.

I’ve long and slender Legs. She has long legs and fleshy Thighs.

My Shoe Size is 13 (Very Difficult To Get). Her Shoe Size is 4.

I’m out-n-out Malish. She’s in-n-in Femalish.

But; together we’re a — ‘MAD(E) FOR EACH OTHER’ Couple!


CHAPTER: THREE — The Past Perfect!

When I fall in love with Divya, she was in her pre-teen! Just 12 years old! And I was 17 years old! I was the sports champ and she was the games champ in our school! I excelled in Pole-Vault, Javelin-Throw, Discus-Throw and Hop-Step-Jump. She was excellent in Badminton, Table Tennis and Snookers.

Thus, whenever there were award-giving ceremonies, between two of us, we alternatively used to Şerifali Escort share the dais for seven ‘First Prizes’ among ourselves! Naturally I was boys’ champ in sports and she was the girls’ champ in games.

She had the cutest of the crook-smiles and like most teenagers of our school, I too fall in love with her smile first then with her subsequently!

Because our parents were good neighbours and very good friends, gave us the required leverage to become best of buddies.

Thus it did not take much time and efforts for us to become bosom friends and ‘Friends Forever’!

We used to share our comic books — Phantom, Mandrake and Archie’s. Among us we shared duplicate postal stamp collections as well as rare coin collections.

No wonder she won the First Prize in Stamp Collection and I in the Coin Collection! With that our bonding swelled!

Incidentally I had given her some of the rarest of rare pre-independence black and white stamp collections inherited from my father (of course without his knowledge). That gave her the edge over others to grab the cavorted first prize! She was over-whelmed! And I was over thrilled by seeing her so happy!

That was the turning point in our life.

After the award winning ceremony, Divya came running to me and gave me a big hug in front of our parents in the recognition of my efforts for her to snatch away the first place from under the nose of the last year’s champ!

That gave me the opportunity to reciprocate, and I too hugged her back.

She giggled.

I was mighty happy

And our parents smiled.

That indirectly gave us an open approval to our friendship and intimacy. Rather they were mighty thrilled to see how we were taking their friendship to the next level.

But I’d to wait for six long years for her to become a major! It was painful, yet worth waiting for. When I was literally counting the days virtually every single night… As to when she would become an adult…

I realised from the core of my heart that… Waiting had its own ‘Sweet Givings’!

It is so painful in the sweetest possible way!

It was a mental precondition for our unspoken physical reality!

Cementing our bonding even stronger!

Not to indulge in any abnormal or amorous activity, unless otherwise we reach the approved age bar.

Though I became a major just after a year, but she was only 13 then.

So five more pain-stuck years I had to wait… Year by year… Month by month… Week by week… Day by day… I was counting every single moment of it… How much more time I will have to wait…

The moment she touched 18… I touched her!

I gave her the most expensive gift that my one year of pocket-money could buy (mom used to give me pocket money, even if I was earning! It was her way of showing love and affection to me).

Divya was so touched with my gift and my behaviour that she allowed me to touch her!

And also to give her a lip-to-lip kissing for the first time!

Though she already had a strong soft-corner for me by the time she was 15!

Though we were hardly maintaining a touching distance, I never really touched her in the true meaning of touching!

Though unconscious and subconscious touching and brushing could not be ruled out in some accidental or incidental ways! I would put that as a teenage fling!


CHAPTER: FOUR – …And That’s How ‘DIVYA GROUP’ Was Launched!

When she was 18 and I was 23; I already initiated the process of my entrepreneurial venture giving it the name — ‘DIVYA GROUP’!

That was the sweetest of the surprises I’d ever thought of giving her!

And when she was asked to cut the ribbon of our first retail outlet at ‘Infocity Road’, Bhubaneswar… She was flabbergasted! An 18 year old girl was the ‘Chief Guest’ to ‘Honour The Occassion’!

Instead of picking up the scissor, she put both her hands over her mouth in awe!

What an expression that was to watch! I could have easily spent all my earnings just to have a simple glance of that wonderful expression of that wonderful moment!

Thanks to my official photographer, who did quite justice in clicking away the most memorable moment of my life! In the best possible manner! And I specially gave him ten thousand rupees as a token of appreciation for that special single shot!

But the unique thing about that shot was… It had ‘ONLY ONE COPY’! A 3′ X 6′ ZERO-PIXILATING BLOW-UP! ENHANCING THE BEAUTY OF MY MASTER BEDROOM!


‘DIVYA GROUP’ was used as the official branding for my registration under the Company Act and Sales Tax Act under the Proprietary Firm Act. It was an open declaration to the world (including my parents as well as her parents) that Divya is mine!

I became a successful businessman after my MBA!

I used to take her out for a date once in every month, with due permission from our parents.

The late night candle-light dinners, quasi-light Göztepe Escort night-club parties, lonely-road long-drives… added spice to our romantic age and moods… We gradually became more romantically involved.

Post ‘Engagement’ period… We began to involve and evolved as ‘Lovers’!

Kissing, touching, feeling and patting became our regular stimuli for sexual enhancement.


CHAPTER: FIVE — Nothing Unofficial About It!

It was 14th November 2014 (Nehru’s Birthday in India, celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’) we were having dinner in ‘Khwaja Chock’ restaurant in ‘Ginger Hotel’ at Jaidev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

“Tell me when is ‘Valentine Day’?” Asked Divya.

“Uuummmmmm… 14th February.” I replied.

“And, when is ‘Children’s Day’?” She again asked.

“Well, 14th November.” I confirmed.

“What’s the time gap between ‘Valentine Day’ to ‘Children’s Day’?” Divya asked with a naughty smile on her beautiful face.

“I think it is… 9 months!” I again replied still innocent in my answering.

“Which means…” There was a childish prank in Divya’s face, mouth and eyes…

“To convert ‘Valentine Day’ into ‘Children’s Day’ it takes exactly 9 months!” I confirmed to Divya, “So, our marriage is round the corner… How about starting our ‘Valentine Day’ from today… So that we can celebrate our ‘Children’s Day’ by the time our first anniversary comes!” I asked Divya.

Divya’s facial expression was a beholder’s delight! She blushed beetroot! There was a subdued shyness garnished with electrifying spark in her expressive eyes! As she bite her pouty lower lip with her sparkling white upper incisor teeth… She blurred out in apprehension, “Dev… Will it be proper before our marriage?”

“We’re already engaged my dear.” I said as placed my left hand on her right thigh.

She sighed as I squeezed her thigh. She was wearing a knee length red coloured skirt and a broken-white top with front-open dollar-size wooden buttons. The top was of thin translucent material and her underneath black bra-straps were pretty much conspicuous! Even from a distance! The lacy bra-cups were quasi visible!

I was getting aroused! Mad with lust… I slowly started pulling her skirt up… In a gradual process… A millimetre a second!

She gasped.

Feeling extremely shy… Yet highly aroused… Thus did not object… To first ever advance by me… On her still teenage body!

The moment my fingers touched her upper thighs… Somewhere near the inner thigh joint… Around the panty-clad pussy… She moaned softly… Turning her face towards me… Seeing that I was looking at her… Into her eyes… She dropped her gaze… Not before pleading with her expressive eyes… To stop the action… I asked her ‘Why?’… With the same expression in my eyes…

I was slowly moving my hand over her warm and puffy pubic mound still covered under the silky-smooth satin panty! From the outer shape I could easily visualise that it was a bikini-type panty! So by now I had two factual information about her panty — the design and the texture! But I was desperate to know the colour! That I can’t know with my hands! I need to see that! With my desperate eyes! Ahhh… When that dream moment would come!

The moment my eager hand slipped down a bit inside of her warm and fleshy thigh joint… I could feel her wetness!

She whimpered under my unexpected assault onto her most sacred and delicate body part! She grunted!

Thanks to our well planned and pre-booked corner pool-side table… We’re pretty safe from the prying eyes and sensible ears of other guests inside the sprawling dinning area!

Because she was enjoying… And was not interrupting… Made me bold enough to insert my hand right into the soft elastic band of her spandex-satin bikini-panty!

What made me really amazed was… Before even my finger tips touched the elastic band of her panty… They encountered a profusion of her natural pubic bush! As my hand slipped in… The fingers could feel her ‘Dark-Dense-Long-Wavy’ pubic hair on and around her fleshy and puffy mound!

Her hips wriggled under my assault over the well-cushioned chair! Her face had a tale-tell mark of sexual arousal! The changing colours and contours of her face were enough indicative of my sensuous assault on her sweet pussy region!

She parted her thighs a bit… For better access into her erroneous zone… An invitation very hard to resist!

I slowly moved my eager and excited fingers on her long and fleshy outer labia! They were pretty warm and quite wet from secretion of her juicy nectar! I cupped her entire puffy and hairy mound for a brief period of time! Feeling its heavenliness! First time in twenty five years I was touching a woman’s delicate zone!

The feeling was delightful! In my anxiousness and curiosity to experience more… I plunged my middle finger into the ‘Soft-Hot-Slippery’ pussy hole! I knew like me Divya Ümraniye Escort too was a virgin! So my motive was not only to derive pleasure but also to render pleasure!

Thus, I inched-in knuckle by knuckle… Giving a break of a few seconds… After entering of every single knuckle… By the time… My middle finger was three knuckles deep… I felt her pussy muscles tightened against my long and strong finger! Followed by a gush of warm and sticky fluid first against my finger… Then subsequently on to my big and broad palm!

She tilted her head and rested it on my left shoulder for a brief period of time to recover from her maiden orgasm of the day!

My finger was still deeply embedded inside her virgin pussy… And could feel a strange spasm of her internal pussy muscles… Intermittently squeezing my finger… Sending me to the edge… I was feeling so excited… Even without any external stimulus… I was almost in the verge of ejaculating!

I extended my right hand and turned her face towards me… She was hesitating looking at my face… Her flushed face and dropping eyes were creating some sort of ripples inside my youthful body… I stooped down my head… And kissed her on her forehead… She shivered… Looked up… Onto my face.

The strangest part of the whole thing was that… Till now from the starting of the exodus… Neither of us talked to each other… Or taken even a single bite of our ordered food!

“Shall we go?” I asked her.

She just nodded her head.

“To your house or mine?” I questioned again in anticipation.

“Your house.” She replied in confirmation.

I called the waiter. Asked for the bill. Requested to pack our un-touched food. The funniest part of the whole thing was that… Till now my finger was buried to the hilt inside her warm cavity. She looked at me and said, “I need to use the restroom.”

Reluctantly I removed my finger from her pussy hole. She saw my facial expression and giggled. I sheepishly grinned and licked the finger greedily to her utter astonishment! Her eyes became saucers as she virtually fumbled while saying, “What are you doing?”

“Love potion! How can I afford to let it get wasted?” I replied to her amazement and continued, “From today on wards… All your divine secretions are mine! ‘Copy-Right’ Registered! Even you do not have any ‘Legal Right’ to waste a drop of it!”

“… And if I do so?” She asked chirpily while getting up from her chair.

“I’ll get it back from you with ‘Compound Interest’!” I replied like a typical businessman.

“That sounds business!”

“Everything is fair in love and business!” I shot back.

She made a face by poking out her tongue at me and then she smiled mischievously before moving out towards the restroom.

By the time she was back I had paid the bill through my credit card and collected my food stuff. She came smiling and held my hand in her, as we moved towards our SUV — The Mean Machine — The All New Scorpio (Mahindra’s Scorpio) is my all time favourite! What a vehicle! 2600 CC of raw power! Voice enabled navigator system! I simply love it!


CHAPTER: SIX — The Road Journey Was Much Better Even Than the Restaurant!

The moment I ignite the engine… I never knew… I had ignited Divya’s arousal button too!

She shifted from her co-driver seat… Right on to my lap! Sitting cosy on my lap with her back on to the glass window of the driver-side door.

“You focus on the road… While I focus on you!” She murmured with a mischievous grin on her cute face!

I could not imagine how a ‘Diva’ until now… Has changed into a ‘Devil’! Her fleshy ass-cheeks were enough to stimulate my cock to get a hard-on almost instantly!

Her delicate fingers on my crotch acted as a catalyst! To enhance the mechanism of instant erection! I would like to term it as — ‘External Steroid’!

She slowly zip-down my denim and opened the trouser by lifting herself a bit up. Next moment her eager left hand found the ultimate destination over my Jockey brief! She was shocked… Which was obvious from her expression… The stiffness and the size were… The major area of concerned for her to concentrate!

“Sooo HARD! Soooooo BIG! I jussst can’t imagine!” She exclaimed.

“Blame it on you!” I said with a cheeky smile, “I’m in this state since I touched you!”

“Really? So much excitement is not good for…”



“I know. If touching has made my baby a monster; then what would happen when I see it?”


“… Then when I kiss it? Lick it? Bite it?”

“Don’t go that fast…”


“I don’t want to CUM again sitting on your lap!”

“I don’t know about you… But the fact is that… Your fingers on my cock… I’ll be shooting off soon!”

“Dare not to!” Snapped back Divya! “Every single drop of your precious jism is my property from now on wards! Dare not to spoil it by spilling it ‘OUTSIDE’!” Divya was excited while saying so.

“Then please allow me to cum inside!” I said with a tinge and twist in my voice!

“You’re permitted!” She exclaimed with exuberance!


“I have two distinct places wherein you can cum and deposit your virile seeds!”

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