Ready Player Two Ch. 02

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Big Tits

If you haven’t read Chapter One yet, please find it. Many of the innuendos found in this submission relate back. To all of those who rated, commented and followed, THANK YOU!!! You have made me feel so welcome! I hope you enjoy Chapter Two.

Ready Player Two

Chapter Two

Diana nursed her beer as she looked around the bar. Scruffy Murphy’s was an institution in Fort Benning. Irish decor everywhere you looked and the best fish and chips available without crossing the Atlantic. She had come to visit her parents for her 27th birthday. Her father was retired from active duty but still taught at the base. They weren’t expected back from their vacation in the Bahamas until tomorrow morning, but Diana had decided to come up a little early and enjoy the military vibe and a night of having their off-base house all to herself. The crowd was beginning to trickle in and a group of soldiers in civilian gear snagged a booth near the pool table. She watched as a petite, confident, and decidedly cute, dark haired woman racked the balls for a game and then set off to find a decent pool cue. As she turned around with her selected stick and chalked it up, Diana couldn’t help but think that she looked familiar. If the attractive woman had been in uniform she would have assumed it was just a result of growing up around cadets and soldiers, but she just couldn’t shake the feeling that she had met her before. As Diana watched the increasingly attractive brunette play a damn fine game of pool, she let her mind run free, knowing from experience that it was the only way that any memories might float to the surface. As the eight ball fell after a perfect run, one of the young woman’s companions said “Shit, I’m not playing you any more.” She looked up and the most incredible cobalt blue eyes Diana had ever seen complimented an amazing smile. The memory instantly clicked into place and Diana inhaled sharply. No way! Diana thought. There is absolutely no way this is the same girl. She watched the woman easily pocket the remaining balls, smiling confidently the entire time, and the memory just settled further into place. There was no mistaking that self-assured smile and those eyes. This was the girl that had taken her in her car, the first female she had ever been with, and then left her in that damn bar without saying a word the entire time.

Diana turned back toward the bar and brooded on her next move. Get up and walk out? Oh no, too easy. Walk over and confront her? Too quick and painful. And worse, what if she didn’t remember her. Before she could think on it anymore, the decision pretty much took care of itself.

“Hi,” a male voice spoke near her shoulder. “Don’t think I’ve seen you here before…”

Diana turned and found the loser of the pool game standing next to her. Definitely the best looking guy of the group and she was flattered, but certainly not interested. She was about to brush him off politely when a plan began to formulate in her wicked mind.

“Hello,” she replied, earning a smile. “I grew up around here, but haven’t been back in awhile.”

He took the reply as an invitation and sat down next to her.

“I noticed you watching my humiliation and thought I’d come over, introduce myself, and plead my case,” he smirked. “Specialist Ryan Williams, helluva nice guy and a decent pool player when given a shot.”

“I’m Diana,” she replied with a pause. “And didn’t you get the break?” She asked wanting to knock his cockiness down a peg.

“Um, well…” he stammered and flushed a little.

“Who is the shark that is responsible for your humiliation?” Diana swiveled around to look at the object of her question. She heard the handsome man sigh in resignation, correctly reading her tone and the look in her eyes.

“Ah, I see we play for the same team.” He slumped a little and lowered his voice. “That, my dear, is FDO J.D. Lewis. And, you’ll be happy to know, she also plays for the same team.” He took a sip of his beer and started to stand. Diana put a hand on his arm, halting his motion.

“What’s an FDO?” she asked as he settled back into his seat. “What’s her story? Can you tell me anything about her?” Woah, slow down Diana, she chastised herself silently.

“Fire Directions Officer.” he answered, obviously amused at her questions. “She leads our little group and makes sure we hit what we’re supposed to.” He looked over at J.D. and sighed. “She’s hard to know, but you strike me as a kind person so I’ll tell you what little I can. She grew up in Central Florida. Her parents died when she was 21 years old and in college. She managed to stick with it and get her degree with enough stats to get into OCS, that’s Officer Candidate School, here in Fort Benning, after Basic. After graduation they shipped her to Afghanistan where she joined our happy little crew and went through a kind of hell I simply cannot put into words for you.” He stopped to catch his breath and continued. “I’ve said too much Eryaman Escort already, but it probably doesn’t matter because now our dumbasses are back here, getting ready to report for duty tomorrow. We’re re-upping.” He sighed again, looking at J.D. with a brotherly love. “Fuck if I know why, except that she is, so we are.”

“Right Lewis?” he suddenly shouted. “Re-up! Hooah!”

J.D. snapped her head up and replied strongly, “Damn right Williams! Re-up! Hooah!” It was the first time Diana had heard her voice and the realization made her smile wickedly. J.D. suddenly seemed to notice who her friend was sitting next to and cocked her head with a considering look on her face.

“Target acquired,” Ryan whispered near Diana’s ear.

J.D. sat up straighter and eyed Diana, appraising her from head to toe, her gaze lingering on Diana’s face with a somewhat quizzical look.

“Target locked-on,” Ryan chuckled.

Diana never broke eye contact and slowly let her lips slide into a sexy smile, tilted her head, and arched an eyebrow. J.D. stood up and that familiar, self-assured smile spread across her face.

“Target engaged,” Ryan said as J.D. began to walk toward them. “Prepare to be devastated.”

Oh no, my handsome friend, Diana thought. You’ve got it reversed.

“Ah Williams,” J.D. sighed as she sauntered up to them. “I see your pitching out of your league again.”

Ryan laughed hard. “Spot on Lewis. Spot on!” Ryan wheezed, trying and failing to contain himself. “Diana here is definitely in more of a league of your own.” He laughed again and got out of his seat. He slapped J.D. hard on the back and said, “Try not to fuck it up Lewis.”

Ignoring the jibe, J.D. took the seat Ryan had vacated and signaled the bartender. “An ice tea for me and whatever this beautiful woman wants.”

“Whatever I want?” Diana asked meaningfully and looked boldly at J.D.

J.D. flushed and nodded, suddenly unable to speak in the face of Diana’s boldness. Diana cocked an eyebrow in amusement.

“Interesting. I’ll have another Guinness,” she said softly.

“A Guinness please,” J.D. choked out to the bartender. She swallowed and shook herself slightly, trying to regain her composure.

“Ice tea huh?” Diana asked and then, half-teasing, “You like it rough.”

J.D. looked shocked for an instant before catching on. “Umm, yeah. Reporting back for duty tomorrow at 0600. Can’t be late. Definitely can’t be hung over.” J.D. couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away from the confident brown ones in front of her. Diana could see the question there.

“Have we met before?” J.D. asked Diana, studying her face, especially her lips. “You look so damn familiar.”

Really? Really!?! Diana thought but carefully kept her face neutral.

“I think I’d remember that sweet voice of yours. Pretty sure I’ve never heard it.” She could tell by J.D.’s expression that she thought it was an odd thing to say, but she let it go.

“So, Diana. That’s your name right?” J.D. asked, a half smile on her face.

“Yes. That’s my name,” Diana replied. “And I like the way you say it.” She brought her face closer to J.D.’s and smiled. “Say it again.”

“Diana,” J.D. said softly, sensually. “I could probably sing it if you liked.” The player confidence had come back into her voice and her smile.

Can’t have that, Diana thought. She leaned closer and placed her hand on J.D.’s thigh causing J.D. to look down and freeze. Diana leaned in so that her lips were right next to J.D.’s ear and whispered, “I’d really like to hear you scream it.” She sat back and smiled, watching the shocked reaction in J.D.’s beautiful, cobalt eyes.

J.D. was blown away. It had been a long time since she had flirted openly with a woman. Usually it was covert looks and touches in passing until time alone could be arranged. The military had strict rules on fraternization and chances weren’t taken lightly. She usually avoided anything more than a little innuendo, even while on leave. She played a good bluff, but that’s all it was and it had been a long time since she had felt the pleasure of a woman’s touch. The hand on her thigh squeezed and released.

“What’s wrong soldier?” Diana said smiling slyly. “Cat got your tongue?” Diana moved her hand up J.D.’s thigh, about halfway closer to where she was now growing very, very wet.

“I hope not,” Diana whispered into her ear, her fingers edging up her thigh even closer. “Because I really want you to use it on me.”

This beautiful woman was definitely not bluffing. J.D. smiled at the incredibly beautiful and amazingly bold woman and decided that the sincerity in her eyes was honest. This wasn’t a practical joke set up by her crew and while, sure, she might be getting played, so what? She was reporting to the United States Army tomorrow and God knows what they were going to do with her. She might as well have some fun, Sincan Escort and this woman, while bold, didn’t look threatening.

“I’d like that,” she replied to Diana.

“What?” Diana asked, raising her voice a touch. “I can’t hear you.”

“I said,” J.D. replied louder, just as the song ended. “I’d like that.”

She heard a couple of her “brothers” laugh and her face immediately flushed red. Diana smiled and leaned over to her ear and took a lobe between her teeth and sucked, making J.D gasp.

“Let’s go where I can hear you better,” Diana breathed and stood up.

“Let me,” J.D. stammered. “Let me just go to the bathroom real quick.”

Diana narrowed her eyes and grabbed J.D.’s hand. “You’re not going to run away now are you?” She asked in a serious tone.

J.D. just looked at her incredulously.

“Who in their right mind would run away from you?”

Diana paid her tab while she waited and then watched as J.D. stopped to say a few words to her crew. They all smiled and nodded their heads. Diana could tell Ryan was warning her to be on time in the morning.

“I will, damn it,” J.D. emphasized as she walked away from them and toward Diana. As she approached a shy smile came to her lips. “I don’t have a vehicle,” she admitted.

“No worries. I do and the place I’m staying isn’t far,” Diana purred as she took her hand and pulled J.D. toward the door.

A loud “Hooah Lieutenant Lewis” followed them out the door and J.D. put up her middle finger in salute. The guys’ laughter cut off as the door closed.

Diana held J.D.’s hand openly as she led the way to her silver Mustang. She had been out of the closet for almost six years and had no problem showing it to the world. As they reached the car, J.D. whistled and ran her hand over one of the two wide, blue stripes that ran the length of the Mustang.

“Nice,” she said to Diana, with sincere appreciation. “What year?”

“2007,” Diana replied, using the key fob to unlock the doors. “Wait till you hear the engine. I’ve done some work to her.” J.D. looked at her appreciatively, as they settled into the seats. Noticing the look, Diana leaned over, “I’m really good with my hands.” She grabbed J.D.’s knee and squeezed. This woman is making my head spin, J.D. thought. And I’m almost positive I’ve met her before somewhere. Diana started the car, put it in gear, and stepped on the pedal, causing the wheels to spin before the sports car roared off down the street. She drove them about a mile away to an old, but upscale neighborhood. The house was a two-story, colonial that looked to have been built in the early 1900s. Diana pulled up to the house, swung the car into a slide so that it was facing away from the house, then punched it into reverse, and backed up so that they were right next to the front steps.

“That’s some driving.” J.D. exclaimed catching her breath, after getting out of the car and following Diana up the steps.

“Did I scare you?” Diana smiled and raised her eyebrows, showing that she was teasing her.

“Maybe a little,” J.D. admitted with a crooked smile.

Diana opened the door and gestured for J.D. to enter, but didn’t allow her much of a chance to look around. As soon as Diana had the door closed she grabbed a hand and spun the cobalt eyes toward her. She stepped forward, grabbed the beautiful face in front of her, and planted her mouth on those still perfect, pouty lips. J.D. froze momentarily before relaxing and returning the kiss, letting her lips be opened by Diana’s forceful tongue. Diana deepened the kiss and ran her hands through the still dark, silky hair. She nipped a little at a bottom lip, causing J.D. to gasp, before grabbing the hand again and dragging her to the stairs. J.D. didn’t hesitate to follow the gorgeous woman. She watched the tight ass and long legs lead the way up to the second floor, Diana’s auburn ponytail swaying with every step. Diana led them to a guest room at the end of the hall and she sat down on the queen sized bed. J.D. paused, taking in the view. She couldn’t get over her luck. This brazen, obviously experienced, and sexy as hell goddess was sitting on a bed waiting for her. The deep brown eyes watched her appraisal, a devilish smile touching her amazing lips.

“Come here,” Diana growled. J.D. obeyed, stepping toward her side to sit next to her. Diana grabbed her waist and pulled her so that J.D. stood in between her legs instead. She grabbed the bottom of the Army t-shirt J.D. was wearing and slowly pushed it up to reveal a tight, muscular stomach.

“Nice,” she murmured before kissing the skin in front of her and lightly licking a cute navel. She pushed the shirt up higher till she could see J.D.’s small, perky breasts encased in a sports bra.

“Take this off,” she demanded, indicating the bra. J.D. slid the t-shirt off and then the bra. The open air caused her nipples to harden and Diana hummed Etlik Escort in appreciation. J.D. reached down and tried to grab hold of the back of Diana’s shirt.

“No!” Diana said in a clear and strong tone. J.D. immediately stopped and straightened. Wow, J.D. thought to herself. This is a change of pace.

Diana put her forehead on J.D.’s toned midriff, just below her breasts, and sighed.

“Have you pleasured a lot of woman?” She asked softly.

“Pardon me,” J.D. asked with uncertainty, sounding as if she wasn’t sure she liked where this was going.

“Have you pleasured a lot of women?” Diana repeated, looking up into clear cobalt eyes.

“I, I guess,” she stammered.

“It’s ok to say yes,” Diana said softly, smiling. “I’m not baiting you J.D.”

J.D. considered for a moment. “Then, yes, I’ve pleasured quite a few women.”

Diana nodded before continuing, “And now your going back into service for your country after having already given years of service.” It wasn’t a question so J.D. didn’t bother answering it. Diana reached out and licked a beautiful brown nipple, forcing a moan from above her.

“So, I think,” she said, pausing to lick the other nipple and elicit another moan, “that you have earned the right to be pleasured.” She took a nipple between her lips and hummed.

“Oh God,” J.D. gasped.

Diana released the sensitive, rigid nub and continued, “I have had a number of teachers in the art of pleasuring and I feel pretty confident,” she took her hands and barely touching the skin, dragged them slowly up J.D’s sides from hip to shoulder and back again as she kept talking, “that I can pleasure you to the standard that you deserve.” She reveled in the shivering that she had caused. “But you have to let go and let me.” She took her finger and dragged it slowly down from the beautiful neck to the cute naval, causing J.D. to tremble. “Can you do that J.D.?” She asked removing her touch and staring deeply into dark, blue, hungry eyes.

“I can try,” J.D. whispered staring down at her beautiful torturer.

“You’re going to have to do better than that soldier,” Diana demanded, reaching out and taking the button of her jeans between a finger and a thumb, but not making any move to unbutton it.

“Yes,” J.D. said simply.

Diana popped the button and unzipped the jeans. “Yes, what?” she asked, kissing the newly exposed skin. “Say my name.”

“Yes, Diana,” J.D. moaned as Diana pulled her jeans down, gripped her ass, put her mouth over her smooth sex, and gently blew out hot air. J.D.’s hands fisted at her side and she groaned with frustration.

Diana inhaled the smell of her and rubbed her nose on her clit playfully. “God, I do love hearing you say my name.” She wrapped her arms around J.D., stood, turned, and threw her on the bed in one smooth motion. Diana tore the shoes and jeans off of her, enjoying the shock in her eyes.

“I took a little Judo,” she chuckled, the smile never reaching her eyes, which stared down at what laid before her. The feminine body was beautifully toned from ankles to shoulders. This was no longer the thin, scrappy young woman she had once embraced. This was a fully developed warrior woman, her body molded for the rigors of war. Every muscle was taught, trained to be ready to spring into action. It’s going to take everything I have to get her to truly let go, Diana thought, relishing the challenge.

“Please take off your clothes,” J.D. said softly. “I need to see you. All of you.”

“What you need to do is relax,” Diana purred her reply. “But I’m afraid you have very little self control in that area. So I’m going to have to assure your compliance.” Diana turned and rummaged in a top drawer of the nightstand. She pulled something out and turned back to the bed to show J.D. a long white, silk scarf.

Oh, hell no! J.D.’s eyes flashed as she noticed Diana’s gaze go to the headboard, her hands loosely fisting the long, white cloth. She started to get off the bed.

“Lay back down!” Diana demanded strongly enough to trigger the military training ingrained in J.D.’s psyche. J.D. stilled.

“It’ll be loose,” Diana said, softening her tone. “A twist of the wrists and you’ll be free. It’s just going to be there as a reminder.” Diana leveled her gaze. “If you put your hands on me, everything stops. No second chances. You put your clothes back on and you walk out of my life. Forever.”

J.D. stared back, shock in her eyes. “You’re not going to let me touch you at all?”

“When I’m ready to be touched, I’ll set you free,” Diana replied, smiling hungrily.

“Then you had better tie me up,” J.D. said, obviously resigned to her fate. “I’m not going to be able to resist touching you.” She was convinced Diana wasn’t bluffing and she realized that she didn’t like that word “Forever”.

Diana took J.D.’s wrists and expertly looped the cloth around them. As she threaded the ends through the headboard, giving J.D. plenty of play, she said, “All you have to do is turn your hands over and pull them out, but I’m not kidding J.D. You lay one finger on me and it’s all over.”

“I got it,” J.D. growled. “I don’t like it, but I got it.”

Oh, you’re going to like it, Diana thought happily. But I think I’m going to like it more.

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