Reconnecting at the Lake Ch. 01

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Shout out to Jade Stone for editing. Honestly more of a co-author than an editor. Big thanks!

Chapter 1

I carefully made my way downstairs. Still very tired, definitely hungover and desperate to pee.

None of that was unexpected though, the more annoying thing was how horny I was. I was on a trip with 6 other people, up to my friend Hannah’s parent’s lakehouse. The trip was a lot of fun, and the house was great, but it was small and staying there meant 4 of us sharing a bedroom.. It wasn’t a big deal really, but between Hannah planning very full days, drunken nights in a room of 4, and only one bathroom, I hadn’t cum in three days.

It was only a little past 6am, so I planned to quietly sneak downstairs, use the bathroom to finally jerk off, before getting some more rest on the couch before anyone else got up.

Unfortunately, my plans were immediately hindered by a sleeping Erin already occupying the couch. I made it to the bathroom and pissed through my morning wood, gave it a couple tugs, but I was too tired and concerned Erin might hear me to get into it, so I just washed my hands and figured I’d head back upstairs.

Erin was awake when I re-emerged.

“Morning.” She spoke without moving.

“Morning.” I replied. Erin was cute as a button even first thing in the morning, staring off into space. She was a tiny girl, only 5’1 and barely 100 lbs. She had messy brown hair she wore to her shoulders, a tan complexion and a lot of freckles. The kicker was her big brown eyes and long lashes. We dated a while back, and she was pretty good in the sack, but nothing beat the way she batted her eyes at you with your cock in her mouth.

We had our fun, but in the end she couldn’t really keep up with my appetite. She has a cute, tight ass, and perky B cups with adorable little nipples that she loved for me to play with, but I always preferred someone with more curves. Regardless, she was with Zach now. A good guy and she seemed happy, even though he had a habit of getting trashed whenever we partied.

“Zach snoring?”

Erin turned to me. “Yeah, sorry about that, everytime he drinks…”

“Ha! So all the time?” I’m a smart ass, sue me.

“He’s such an ass.” She shook her Sakarya Escort head at the memories of last night. “You having fun?” Erin and Zach were practically married now, constantly pissing each other off, but still very much in love. They’d been coming here with Hannah and Derek for years, but it was my first time joining.

“Yeah it’s been great! But I’m honestly so horny I might skip whatever Hannah has planned for us today.” I had no filter with Erin. She had sucked my cock in Derek and Hannah’s bathroom at a party once, she knew my sex drive.

She laughed whilst shaking her head at me, “Typical.” I grinned. “Hate to break it to you, but today is boat day, so you can’t skip out.”

“Shit… and that means I’m going to be tortured by the three of you in bikinis all day too…fuck.”

She shook her head again, smiling. “Men are assholes.”

“You’re not wrong!” I laughed. “I’m going to head back up and try to ignore this erection so I can get some sleep.”


“Hmm?” I turned.

“I- have a question.”

“What’s up?” I walked back to her.

“Was I a good girlfriend?”

I smiled and nodded.

“Why didn’t it work?” Oh boy, we were having this conversation.

I thought briefly before replying. “You were amazing! Honestly, you were too good for me. I know how hard you tried to make it work, but we were different then, and I knew you weren’t truly being yourself, which wasn’t fair to you.”

I wasn’t sure if that made sense, but Erin seemed to follow. “You’re great Erin, and Zach is a lucky guy, but we just didn’t make sense together. Better off as friends.” I squeezed her shoulder comfortingly. “Any more questions?”

“A few.” She replied, still deep in thought. She lay her head back down, resuming fetal position.

I walked around the couch, standing over her. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” She wasn’t. “Sometimes I think about us.” She confessed, biting her lip.

It’d been 10 years, and we had since grown up. But I can’t deny Erin had been really committed when we’d been together, whilst I had just been a guy in my early 20s, trying to get my rocks off.

“You and Zach are way better than we ever were.” I crouched down so Sakarya Escort Bayan we were now face to face. “We dated for what- a month?”

She looked up at me with her big eyes, looking so innocent I actually felt bad about my inappropriate thoughts.

“Three months.” She corrected me. “And you’re right, I just… miss certain parts of you I guess.” Her smile now accompanied with a mischievous look.

My brows raised in question. She nodded slightly.

“Show it to me.” She breathed.

I stood slowly, glancing at the stairs and hallway nervously. It was still quiet, so I slowly untied my drawstring and dropped my shorts, leaving me in briefs with my huge, bulge inches from her face.

“More.” Her eyes smoldered with excitement. My cock throbbed as I took in the sight before me. Her petite body was on full display with just a flimsy tank top and tight booty shorts. Her position making her ass pop out against the lining of the thin material.

I dropped my briefs, my cock swinging within inches of her lips.

“Even bigger than I remember.” she admired.

My throbbing member so close to her face brought back a rush of memories of constant enthusiastic blowjobs and teasing in almost any setting imaginable, in a never ending attempt to curb my libido.

I pushed my hips forward, sliding my cock between her lips into her inviting mouth.

The pleasure was unlike anything I remembered. I barely stifled a groan as her tongue snaked out to caress the base of my cock.

I slowly pushed myself all the way in, Erin remaining perfectly still with a deeply satisfied look on her face as she slowly devoured me.

“Fuck! Were you always this good?” I whispered before beginning to rock back and forth with my hips, Erin looked up at me with her bright beautiful eyes twinkling as I slowly pumped, taking the time to enjoy her soft, wet cushion of a mouth. She remained perfectly still, beyond her hot tongue wrapping around my glans.

Gradually, my thrusts began quickening of their own accord. My cock was sensitive enough that I knew I couldn’t go too fast without exploding too quickly, and I desperately wanted to enjoy this.

Erin interrupted my pumping Escort Sakarya with a grunt, so I pulled out, thinking I may have gone too deep. Erin grinned, instead following my retreating cock to reclaim it in her scorching mouth.

I watch her close her eyes in time to feel her tongue begin lashing my now painfully sensitive head whilst she hummed deeply.

“Holy… Erin please don’t stop.” I encouraged quietly, all too well aware of our surroundings.

Within a minute of Erin’s incredible ministrations with her tongue, all of my concentration was now focused on not cumming. My breath was ragged, and we both knew I didn’t have long.

She took me out and gave a light kiss to my throbbing head. “Will you feed me?” Erin offered, batting her eyes as if there was even an option besides a hurried yes. A curt nod was all the warning I gave before grabbing the top of her head and thrusting back inside, Erin relaxing into my grip, allowing me to control the pace. I went deep a few times, before finding the magic spot against her tongue and gently rocking against it fervently.

Erin’s beautiful brown eyes begged me, and with that I snapped.

“Oh fuck! Here it comes baby.” She moaned as her mouth was filled with my seed, her tongue lashing furiously to coax out every last drop.

Pleasure exploded throughout my body as every spurt furiously tried to fill her greedy mouth – not even stopping her torturous humming as she sucked me dry – careful to not spill a single drop.

My eyes opened once more to a still quiet house, my breath catching as Erin’s lips and tongue made quick work of the last ribbons of cum shooting out of me.

When she was sure I was done, Erin opened her eyes and popped me out of her mouth. My cock was still red and pulsating lightly, now coated in her saliva.

She smiled and kissed my cock head. “Good boy.” She commended.

“Just like you remember?”

“That was a lot of cum… but nothing I can’t handle.” Erin winked at me with a prideful grin. She had every reason to be proud of herself, outside of a little shine on the corner of her lips, there was no sign of any spillage.

“Thank you.” I said whilst carefully putting my still hard cock away.

“Any time.” Smiling as she turned and stretched out on the couch, basking in her own prowess and showing off her lithe body at the same time.

I headed back upstairs in search of more sleep, her offer ringing in my ears. ‘I just might have to take her up on that’ I thought to myself.

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