Relationship With An Older Sucker

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If you enjoyed my first story, this one should be even more rewarding.

This occurred when I was 26 and living in Dubai. Following my occasional gay experiences, it had been a long time since I had a guy play with me, and I was longing for that familiar touch again. Having a couple of female partners in that period was fun, but it wasn’t as rewarding, especially when getting a blowjob. Only a guy truly knows his way around a penis.

At this point, I was extremely fit, going to the gym regularly. I had a well-toned physique and kept my body hair trimmed, so I was smooth all over. My longing for a guy had built up for a while, and I decided to quench the thirst by looking up chat rooms on yahoo. This wasn’t easy to do in a country where gay sex was a serious offence, but after months and months of hunting, I managed to find someone of my type. He was 60+, had a bald head and a thick long grey beard, and seemed in decent shape in the pics. He owned a trading store but lived with his family, so meeting at his shop after business hours was fantastic. We finally agreed on a date and time, and when the day came, I ventured out, excited and nervous to have a guy after so long.

I met him at the agreed spot. We shook hands nervously, and he led me to his store. It was a carpeting business, so there were stacks of rolled carpets in a medium-sized warehouse. Naturally, being his place, it was safe enough. He laid out a mat and asked me to stand on it. Slowly and delicately, he undressed me, taking care to relish my physique as each item of clothing came off. Leaving my briefs on, he went on his knees and began admiring Didim Escort my body thoroughly, groping me all over, squeezing my thighs, chest, and butt firmly while complimenting my shape. I was pretty aroused, too, and my cock pressed against my underwear, bursting to get out. But my mature guy wasn’t in any hurry.

He began to lick me all over, starting with my neck, going down to my nipples, where he spent a reasonable amount of time twirling my erect areola with his tongue. After licking my navel, he skipped my groin to go to my feet as he licked my calves and slowly inched higher to my thighs. All this while his hands roamed in different places, stopping for a gentle squeeze, sometimes holding my ass firmly to keep me standing.

Then he gently laid me down on my back and carefully peeled off my underwear, gasping as my cock sprang out hard as a rock. He now took the time to admire my cock and balls, looking at every inch closely, saying, “Wow, such a sexy cock you have”. Tracing his finger beyond my balls to my asshole, he gently circled it, giving a light push while making me gasp, but I reminded him that I wasn’t into anals. He reassured me that he didn’t want to fuck me but still wanted to play with my hole. Seeing how gentle he was, I let him continue. He propped a pile of cloth under my butt, lifting my legs and bending my knees to expose my asshole to him completely. He positioned himself between my legs and began to lick my hole gently.

Now, this was a brand new experience to me, and it was mind-blowing; his moustache tickled my balls and ass, but it only added to the beautiful Didim Escort Bayan sensation. I couldn’t control myself and began to moan out, trying not to be too loud. Hearing my moans turned him on even more, and he began to lick with confident strokes, taking my entire ass into his hands as he slurped away. He could sense I was getting close and took a break to come up to my nipples, gently twirling one with his hand and the other into his mouth.

All this while he barely touched my cock, and I was losing my mind with lust, so I whispered, “suck my cock…please”. He didn’t need another invitation. Taking my cock into his entire mouth, he began to suck it like a fucking expert. I had received a few blowjobs before, but this man was a league apart, using the right amount of pressure, tempo and tongue to relish my cock thoroughly. At this point, I was in ecstasy and could not move, with endless moans and groans escaping my lips.

This went on for hours as time warped into another dimension. The man was a genius in sensing how to change things with his skills, bringing me to the point of climax but slowing it down again so I would not cum. He also knew how not to overwork one particular spot, so it became too sensitive; his lips and tongue moved around with skill to pay attention to my cock, balls and asshole from time to time.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, he said he wanted me to cum in his mouth. Not like I had a choice, but he continued to gently push his little finger into my asshole as my cock touched the back of his throat. Creating a vacuum with his mouth, Escort Didim his sucking took a whole new level. When I burst, I don’t know how much I came as he drank every last drop, but it’s almost as if my body separated itself from my mind as the dopamine rush took. I was shuddering from the intensity of the orgasm, and he took my ass in his hands to allow the tremors to wear off.

With my cock still in his mouth, we lay there for a while as I was utterly spent and unable to move. He took a cloth and cleaned me up, wiping off his saliva from my nipples, cock, balls and asshole. After I was dry, he lay his head on my stomach, still looking down at my cock, saying, “wow, it’s so beautiful”. I was gradually able to get up slowly, and he hugged me gently, saying, “thank you so much”. I wondered how he managed to stay completely clothed as I was stark naked, but he seemed to be very satisfied drinking my cum. He gave me some water which I drank quickly and dressed up as he watched silently. Finally, he thanked me again and said we’ll keep in touch, as I left his store entirely spent.

We would meet regularly for over two years, and he would treat me in the same fashion. Though the routine was pretty much the same, the experience was always fantastic, and I would look forward to him pleasuring me with his mouth. Sometimes he would put a bit of honey on my asshole and then lick it up. Our sessions would go on for hours, and not once did he even want me to touch him, even when I offered to. After a couple of years, he told me his family was shifting to another Emirate which was sad for us. Our last session lasted for 6 hours as he made me cum three times that day. Once he moved, we lost touch completely.

After all, these years and many blowjobs later, his style and technique will never be forgotten, and I even jerk off thinking of his mouth, swallowing me lovingly.

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