Relative Perversions Ch. 09

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Relative Perversions: Ch. 09 – Getting Her for an End


Les is on pins and needles to find out Candi’s Reaction to finding out his sexual relationship with her daughter, Lucy. Meanwhile, Violet had arrived for a week of her training as his newest slut in his harem.


[Incest/Taboo] ()


Monday, February 4 th, 2019

Les awoke to a shrill screaming next to his head. Frantic, he looked around wildly with wide eyes to locate the source of the piercing sound. After what felt like an eternity of torture but was probably only several seconds, he realized that the sound jamming daggers into his skull was the alarm clock on his father’s bedside table that showed the time to be seven in the morning. After flailing awkwardly, he was able to slam a palm on the top to somehow luckily and mercifully shut the caterwauling off.

Once the room was yet again peacefully quiet, Les lay there panting trying to get his heart out of his throat and bring it back down under three hundred beats. As he finally felt himself relaxing enough for coherent thought again, the panting teen allowed his eyelids to droop slightly as he fought to remember why in the hell he had set the alarm for such an hour. As several thoughts hit him all at once, his eyes snapped open fully as his heart rate skyrocketed again.

First, he realized that his week-long suspension was officially over and he had to be back to school today. The alarm had thankfully woken him with enough time to get ready for school if he hauled ass. The disgruntled young man was decidedly not looking forward to returning to the ridiculous drama of his peers.

Second, Violet was coming today, and that meant meeting her after he got out of school. He would need to text her the location and time so that she could pick him up. It still rankled him a little bit that he was nineteen years old and didn’t have a car of his own yet.

Third, he knew for a fact that he hadn’t set the alarm the previous night. In fact, he was surprised that he had slept at all given what had happened. He’d lain awake for long hours afraid to move and make the situation worse by drawing the attention of his bedmate. That meant that he’d only had a couple scant hours of sleep, and she had set the alarm to wake him in time for school.

Finally, he remembered fully everything that had occurred and set his heartrate into the hummingbird levels. Lucy had come in after he’d fucked Candi into seeming unconsciousness and nursed a massive load out of him before leaving. Meanwhile, his slut had not been as comatose as the lovers had thought and had in fact seen and heard everything before rolling over after letting Les realize that she knew.

Any man would have been in panic mode after finding out that the woman he was fucking regularly knew he was having sex with another woman. The real sticky part to the whole situation were the connection between the three. Candi was Les’ mother and totally submissive slut whom he had claimed as the first of his growing harem. Lucy was his bratty little eighteen-year-old sister whom not only knew and approved of his sexual relationship with their mother but wanted to be added to the harem as well. The problem was that until last night, Candi knew nothing of the sibling incest, and he feared what her reaction would be.

Slowly, like in some kind of horror movie, he turned his head to look at her side of his parents’ bed. Luck seemed to be continuing to favor him as she was nowhere to be seen. There was, however, a note laying on her pillow with his named written in neat, flowing script on it. As he stared at the ominous piece of paper, Les strained his ears trying to discern any sound within the house that might give him a clue as to Candi’s location. After many minutes of total silence, he decided to bite the bullet and see what was in the note. As he unfolded the sheet, the sweet scent of his mother’s favorite perfume teased his nose momentarily distracting him. When he refocused on the letter, he read it with growing apprehension.


‘While I am quite shocked at what I witnessed last night, I want you to know that I still love you. Do not mistake me, though, because I am furious with you. I don’t even know where to begin with my anger. Sure, it will make me a little hypocritical to say this, but she is your sister!!! How could you do something with your own sweet sister? Lucy seems determined sometimes to make my life a living hell, but I still see her as my precious little girl. I know her and know enough to understand that she was a willing participant and most likely instigated the relationship. However, that doesn’t make me any less disappointed in you for doing such things with her. We have a hell of a lot to talk about later.

‘You’re reading this note because I not only had to get out of the house to clear my head before I said or did something that I would regret for the rest of my life but also because I have several clients to meet with today. So, I set the alarm to Girne Escort wake your snoring ass up in time for school. I can’t take you, and there will be hell to pay if you get Lucy to take you. That leaves the bus, so you better get your ass in gear and get back to school. Baby, I love you until the day I die and know today will be rough for you. I’m sorry for putting you in this position, but you should have thought more carefully about the consequences of your actions when you started having sex with Lucy.

‘It’s probably for the best that Violet will be coming today. She can be your ride after school and provide us an opportunity to get some space while we clear this matter up. I have every faith in you that you will treat her well and accept her as your latest slut.

‘This brings me to another thing that you are no doubt worried about, so let me ease your fears. I still want to be your slut. I want you to own me and use me as you have been. However, we need to work through how you betrayed me by keeping such a secret from me. If I’ve taught you nothing else, I had hoped that I had taught you the importance of openness and honesty between a dom and sub. Without trust, there can be no relationship, but I dearly want to keep my relationship with you. We need to talk through this but only after I’ve had time to calm down.

‘In the meantime, get up and get your ass to school, young man.

Love Always

You Faithful Slut and Loving Mother,


‘P.S. Once we’ve worked through our differences and feelings, I look forward to you punishing me for talking to you like this. XOXOXOX’

Les flopped back on the bed and blew out all the air in his lungs that he hadn’t realized that he’d been holding. The worst of his fears had been put down by Candi’s letter, but he still dreaded the eventual confrontation. Glancing at the clock, he made a frustrated sound and launched himself from the bed. He only had twenty minutes to get dressed, ready, and to the stop for his bus. With his recent suspension and now lack of any backup options, it was important as hell to not miss the damned thing.

As he stood waiting at the bus stop for his transportation, he pulled out his phone and tapped out a quick text to Violet.

– Hey Vi, it’s Les. Look, in everything that’s been going on, I forgot to tell you that I start back at classes this week. Only thing it changes is that morning and early afternoon will be busy for me.

It took a few minutes, but her response came as he was settling into his seat on the bus. Giving him all the excuse he needed to ignore the stares of his classmates, he focused on his conversation with his potential new slut.

– Damn I was hoping to have you to myself for the whole week well with the exception of Candi do you need me to pick you up after fucker watch where the fuck your going asshole sorry I’m driving and have the talk to text on just ignore the middle part

– And here I thought you were giving me incentive to punish you later tonight. >:)

– Sir its totally your decision how where and when you punish me I was serious about wanting to become yours that’s the whole reason why I took a week off from work and class to drive three hours one way I cant put my finger on it but you’re a special guy and I want to be part of what you got going on even if its only temporary shit I think im just rambling does any of this make sense

– Having to decipher the stream of consciousness your talk to text is doing? With some difficulty, yes. As to what you’re trying to explain, yes, I do. That night you spent with me and Candi was fun and mind blowing. It opened something inside you that scares and excites you. You seem like the type of woman who faces everything that scares you head on, so you want to see where this is leading.

– YESSSSSS shit I knew youd understand you seem to know me better than any guy ive ever dated and we haven’t even gone out

– Is that a request?

– A date?

– Yup. You’ve got an entire week until you go back, so I don’t see why we couldn’t go do something together. An official date. That is if you want to.

– Holy shit I haven’t been on a date in three years not since I started college shit ok sure I can do a date

– As long as you realize that I can’t afford anything fancy. I’ve got some ideas, but they’ll be a little spartan as far as frills go.

– Sir I didn’t date much in high school and haven’t at all since I started college I hook up on occasion but don’t have the time to date that’s one reason why your blowing my mind with everything cause I don’t really have any experience dating

– Join the club. Until recently, I was as close as you could get to a virgin. Now, I’m being inundated with opportunities for female companionship. I don’t want to fuck things up with everyone. Please understand that all of this is new to me, and I don’t want to hurt you or anyone.

– Shit you really are a good guy and I think you just made me want to be with you even more look I need to get off the phone Magosa Escort and think and also focus on the road so I don’t kill myself before I even get there

– Ok, drive safe, and I’ll see you later. By the way, I don’t have a car, so it’ll take me a little while to get to your hotel after school. I’ll need the address.

– I can pick you up just send me the address of your school and ill be by later to get you so we can head back to my room

– Deal.

Les had no sooner sent the address to Violet than an ear-splitting whoop sounded next to his head. “Holy shit, y’all. The ‘Lester’ got himself a date for later. Poor sap needs his date to pick him up since he ain’t got a car.”

Having dreaded something like this, Les turned slowly in his seat to stare directly into Jimmy Han’s smirking face. At six foot three, the lanky son of Chinese Americans was the point leader for the school’s basketball team behind Amir. Knowing that another confrontation would lead to an expulsion this time, the furious teen stared silently into Han’s eyes until the bigger guy blanched and started shrinking back before turning back to face the front of the bus. Thankfully, he was spared any further humiliation as the bus pulled up to the front of the school. far from relieved, Les knew that the rest of the day would be just as bad. And he was right.

His first two classes went relatively calmly. However, he had to go to his locker after that where he discovered Amir and his buddies on the perimeter of Mandy’s usual court routine. Shaking his head in frustration, Les made his way through the crowd to his locker where he found Han smirking at him as he leaned against the angry teen’s door. Counting to five mentally while breathing deeply, he calmed himself and politely asked Han to move. The athlete grinned before ignoring him to return his attention to Mandy’s natterings. Les could feel everyone’s attention on him waiting to see what he’d do.

Suddenly, a petty idea came to mind making Les grin maliciously. Pulling his phone out, the young dom turned and leaned against the bank of lockers as well. However, he didn’t just invade Han’s personal space, he dominated it. Mostly it was his backpack that was in contact with the taller boy, but he was still pressed uncomfortably close to the athlete. Les ignored him and updated some information into his calendar and notes for classes. He could feel Han shifting in annoyance which only caused Les to press his backpack and shoulder more firmly into the jerk jock.

Les knew full well that he wasn’t the only one on the principal’s shit list. Recently, Jimmy had been busted with rolling papers and seeds in his locker during a random search. Only his well known family’s connections and his value to the school’s team had kept him from getting more that a three day suspension. If he were involved in a fight or seen as bullying a classmate, he’d be in deep shit even his family couldn’t iron over. Making a disgusted noise, the athlete jerked himself away from the lockers and stormed away. Having anticipated such a move, Les braced himself so that he didn’t fall over.

He deftly put his phone away and opened his locker to quickly exchange his books as the bell rang. He felt no victory at the incident since his next class was all the way on the other end of the school meaning he would need to hustle to make it in time. Les also did not want to be busted for running in the halls. As he rushed by the crowd, he caught a glimpse of Mandy and Amir watching him. The self-appointed queen of the school stared at him in shock with what appeared to be an undercurrent of awe, while the star athlete held a similar gaze at Les. However, the rushed teen had no time to ponder any of this as he hustled his ass to class.

Lunch wasn’t much better in the frame of things. Though he sat with his friends as per usual, there seemed to be a gulf between him and them that hadn’t been there before. He couldn’t put his finger on exactly what it was, but he and his friends seemed to have a hard time finding that easy rhythm all longtime friends had with conversation and comfort in one another’s presence. It made for a very awkward meal as everyone tried to make things seem easy which invariably made things worse.

By his final period, which was PhysEd, Les was like a caged big cat ready to rip something or someone apart if he didn’t get out soon. Though he was a lifelong geek, the young man had always been decent at athletics. He just never took to it the way Han and Amir had. As such, he was usually in the mid-range when it came to the mandatory competitions that the coach always inflicted upon his students. Normally, this allowed Les to just blend into the crowd and idle through the class so he could eagerly get out once the final bell rang.

Today, however, seemed to be conspiring against him. Les’ absence during his suspension had put him on the coach’s radar which led him to pull him into a mandatory game of pick up on the gym’s basketball court. To make matters even more frustrating, Lefkoşa Escort he was teamed with Amir and Han against another of the school’s players, named Rus, and two of Les’ friends. Five minutes into the match both Rus and the coach were practically screaming at the pair of hapless teens. An aggravating day coupled with this event was pushing the furious man to a boil. Han’s smirk at the goings on made his mood even worse. The only thing that minorly defused his ire was Amir’s look of disgust.

The athlete wasn’t aiming his look at Les’ friends. His disgust was purely for Rus and Coach Ramsey. When Amir turned to look into his temporary teammate’s eyes, there seemed to be an unspoken agreement that passed between the two. What followed next was a spectacle the likes of which would live on in story for years to come at the school.

When athlete and coach finished their berating, the game recommenced but with a new dynamic. Anytime Les’ friends had the ball, he and Amir suddenly became totally inept at guarding them leaving the geeks a completely open lane toward the goal. Even though they missed their shots the majority of the time, the opportunities gave them a boost in confidence that saw them playing better. Whenever Han would try to block or guard the pair, their unexpected allies always seemed to be there in the way accidentally foiling his attempts. By the halfway point of the match, Les’ friends had put a combined twenty-two points on the board.

The same could not be said for Rus. Whenever he possessed the ball, Les and Amir were merciless. The tactic that seemed to work best every time would be when Amir would guard Rus. As the top player of the team, the large teen was fast and skilled which gave the other athlete absolutely nowhere to work his way loose. The arrogance of the player also made the prospect of passing to Les’ friends an impossibility. Thus, as all of Rus’ attention would be focused on the implacable star player, Les would be there to snatch or bat the ball out of the angry athlete’s clutches. This led to Les putting up twenty points by himself.

However, it was even worse when Rus would try to guard Amir when he had the ball. The large athlete seemed to take great pleasure in taunting his teammate by allowing him to get close before streaking away from him. Worse still was when Rus would be at the goal and Amir would purposefully dunk on him.

By the time the coach blew the whistle signaling the end of the match, Rus was a panting sweaty mess with murder in his eyes. Les’ friends beat a hasty retreat towards the locker room to change and leave. This left him with only Les and Amir to glare at. The furious teen knew better than to challenge the captain of his team, which only left Les to take his anger. What he saw in the other man’s eyes made him stop dead in his tracks, though. The defiant teen glared right back at him as if daring him to say anything. Thinking better of it, he shook his head and made his own way to the locker room.

Since Han had already parted in disgust at the events, Les turned toward Amir. Both young men stared at each other long and hard before the athlete growled, “Save it. I didn’t do it for you or them. Rus is a racist piece of shit that I’ve heard calling Muslims all kinds of shit. He deserved what he got. Coach won’t let me do anything to him and getting kicked off the team ain’t worth beating his ass, so I get payback where I can. This changes nothing between us.”

Les’ next words froze Amir as he turned and walked away. “And what is between us? I’ve never done shit to you, but you give me crap all the time. I don’t get it.”

“Forget it, ok! it’s not worth it.”

Les just shook his head and stalked after the other man to the locker room. Once there, he quickly stripped and took a short shower to wash all the sweat and grime off of him. Halfway through the rinsing, he realized that school was almost over and that Violet would be by soon to meet him. When he hustled back to his locker, however, a sorry surprise was waiting for him. The door was wide open with the only thing inside being his backpack with his supplies in it. His clothes were nowhere to be found. The snickering he heard at the end of the bank of lockers had his blood boiling.

There stood Han, Rus, and several of the basketball team’s members. Once they saw him notice them, they descended into a cackling fit. Snatching his backpack and slamming the door shut to his locker, Les noticed that they had thankfully overlooked his sneakers. Slipping them on, he stormed toward the group wearing nothing but a towel, sneakers, and his backpack. The pack parted like the red sea to allow him through but only to a certain degree. They seemed to herd him toward the rear entrance of the gym, and what he found when he got through the door made him want to hit someone.

The rear entrance lead directly to the student parking lot which also displayed the main flag pole for the school. as the bell rang and students lucky enough to have a vehicle poured out to the lot, Les could only fume as he stared up at his shirt, jeans, and boxer-briefs flapping in the breeze on the pole about fifteen feet up. When his classmates saw the spectacle of him glaring up at his clothes while wearing a towel, the laughter was deafening. He felt more than saw dozens of phones coming out to record his humiliation.

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