Reynolds Mansion

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All my stories are based on real people (not necessarily real actions though). I was having a little writers block when I wrote this, so the female the story was based on helped me with some of the middle.

I never did write part 2, but I do have some ideas and it may be continued.


Still a bit apprehensive, you climb into the van and give me the big kiss we’ve both been waiting on. Breaking it off entirely too soon, I say that we better get going if we’re going to be there on time. Now extremely puzzled, you drop back in the seat and buckle up. The thoughts are swirling in your head…..what’s wrong? Why did he end the kiss so soon? Why did I need to dress up? Where are we going? Why did I need an overnight bag? If we’re finally running away together, wouldn’t I need more stuff? Where can we be going for dinner if we are leaving at 2:30 in the afternoon?

As we head north on Route 4, you finally ask where we’re headed. I remind you that I’ve got everything planned and you just need to sit back and relax……it doesn’t work, how can you relax when you have no idea what’s going on. Time passes slowly. We enter Kentucky, you are now getting concerned…….is this guy really some psycho-killer that’s taken me for a one-way ride or is this a guy that really loves me and has been dying to finally have some time alone together?

Finally, three and a half hours later we get off the interstate. The scenery was gorgeous, but 3+ hours without a potty break was taking its toll. Again you beg for any information on what is really going on. Once again I remain silent.

We finally pull into a parking lot. You have no clue where you are or what’s going on, but a bathroom and a good meal overwhelms you. As I come around and force you to accept my gentlemanly offer of opening your door, you realize that we are finally somewhere where we can relax together and enjoy our love for each other without worry of being seen.

Once inside you are taken in by the gorgeous old mill. Squeezing my hand you pull closer and rest your head on my shoulder content in the knowledge that this is someone that loves me very much. Once the potty break has been taken care of (with the obligatory disagreement over whether we should try for a quickie in the bathroom or not), we are seating in a nice quiet, romantic corner. Menus are brought and the waiter reminds you that the check has been taken care of and you should order whatever you desire.

After a fabulously romantic dinner of good food and wonderful conversation, including us reminding each other of the love we do share, we head out. Back in the van, you’re now excited as to what I have planned next.

Pulling into a driveway under a large sycamore tree you look around wondering what relative of his is this? We get out, taking our bags with us we enter the house and are greeted by an older couple.

“Good evening Mr. & Mrs. Richardson. How are you this evening? Was dinner at The Mill as good as recommended?”

Chuckling at the shock on your face from being greeted as Mrs. Richardson, I say that the dinner and the company for dinner were just exquisite.

“Your room is ready. Turn left at the top of the stairs.”

“Thank you and have a great evening, we’ll see you at breakfast” I tell the couple. Taking your hand, we head up the steps. Opening the door to the room takes your breath away, your eyes are instantly drawn to the Jacuzzi.

You turn, close the door and pull me as tight to you as you can. You plant a kiss on me that almost sucks my fillings out. Kissing you back just as hard, I reach around and grab your ass checks and squeeze them, pulling your groin to mine. I slowly kiss and nibble my way down your cheek to your neck. I start gnawing on that spot on the back of your neck that drives you wild.

As if the previous 2 hours hadn’t been enough romantic foreplay, you are clawing at my shirt trying to tear it Tuzla Escort off to return the favor. Reaching around, I release your dress, you step back allowing it to gently fall to the floor, revealing that you were hoping something like this would be happening. Your matching red lace bra & panties reveal the sexually adventurous woman I know you to be. Not wanting to ruin the moment, I once again pull you close. Gently I move you towards the Jacuzzi, not letting go of you, I reach down, turn on the water & start the jets. I pull you back, falling backwards on the bed with you on top.

Being on top, you decide to take charge, ripping my shirt open, buttons flying everywhere. You start a trail of kisses, licks and nibbles from my mouth to my nipple, knowing what that does only causes you to stay there longer, prolonging my pleasure & pain. Slowly grinding your barely covered pussy on my ever growing bulge doesn’t help matters either. You slowly continue further down, unsnapping my pants and pulling them down as you go, intentionally bypassing my bulge, except for the warm breath intentionally blown there. Once my pants are off, you turn your attention to the bulge. Gently you start rubbing and fondling it, causing more excruciating pleasure. Finally, you pull down my underwear and see the “damage” you have caused.

Throbbing with anticipation, my dick pops out in your face. Seeing the liquid love starting to ooze from the tip, you lean down and gently lick it. Enjoying my reaction, you do it again. Finally unable to hold yourself back, you take the whole thing in your mouth, licking, sucking and stroking. Unable to hold back any longer, I warn you that I’m about to shoot. Quietly you decide that everything is right and tonight is the night. I try to move away to leave my liquid somewhere other than your mouth but you straddle my legs not allowing me to move. Shocked, but realizing what is happening, I lay back and enjoy. Seconds later I fill your mouth with cum til it runs down your chin. Tilting your head back you slowly swallow, enjoying my love. I pull you down and surprise you with an open mouth tongue wrestle.

Regaining my strength, I slowly stand. Taking your hand I lead you to the tub. You stop, I pull, you protest, I pull you in, still semi-dressed. The water makes your panties and bra cling to you like a second skin. Now it’s my turn.

I push you into a seat and straddle you. Once again I start nibbling at your neck. Slowly I work my way down, nipping at your nipples through the fabric, squeezing and massaging. I finally reach around and unlatch it, allowing it to float and allowing me free access to those wonderful tits of yours. Sucking , licking and nibbling, I make sure to pay full attention to each one til you can’t take it any longer.

I lift up slightly, pulling you up, sitting you on the edge. I lean in, blowing gently on your crotch, watching you squirm. Unable to control myself, I finally lean down and taste your sweet nectar. Sucking and licking, I loose myself in your delicious tasting pussy. I gently pull off your panties, revealing your engorged lips, waiting to be sucked and licked some more. No wanting to disappoint, I oblige. Finally having free access, I suck your clit into my mouth, gently tugging on it, causing electric jolts to fly through your body. Knowing you want more, I slide down and shove my tongue as far into your hole as I can, flicking it around, trying to reach every inch of your inside that I can. To cause more problems, I reach up and gently stroke your clit with my fingers. Hearing you moan louder, I tongue even deeper and squeeze your clit harder causing even more grinding and writhing.

We both decide that enough is enough, as I climb up you pull me up and guide my now purple cock toward your excessively wet and waiting pussy. Remembering something you said, I gently tilt Ümraniye Escort it up and slowly slide it across your clit repeatedly until you can take it no longer and you force it into your pussy, pulling me as hard as you can, causing me to hit top. Normally we both react in pain, but this time the pain was overwhelmed by sheer pleasure and we moan in unison. Slamming you harder and harder, you moan louder and louder….I finally slam on last hard, deep time, filling your pussy with a load of cum almost as big as the one previously left in your mouth. We collapse onto the edge of the tub. I slowly pull you back in and we relax in each others arms enjoying the wonderful feeling of the Jacuzzi.

Having been away from each other so long, our respite is brief. We both move to each other simultaneously, pulling each other to a long and deep kiss. Reaching down we both stroke each other, getting ready for another fabulous session. Realizing I’m already hard and you’re wet, I turn you around and bend you over the edge of the tub. Dragging my fingers across your ass causes you to moan and push back trying to impale yourself. I lean away teasing you slightly…..knowing full well that I can’t wait either and soon I have my dick buried in your sweetness once again.

I reach around you and lift you slightly as my other hand reaches down, searching for your clit once again. Slightly surprised, I find your hand on the way. Taking it I guide it to your clit, you take the hint and start to massage your clit, just the way you like it. Having enough, you take my hand and guide it to your clit so you can reach through and stroke my shaft and massage my sac as we move in unison, nice steady even strokes, feeling every inch of each other. We continue our love making for what seems like hours. I begin to have that familiar feeling in my sac once again that only means you are about to receive another direct injection of my love for you. One more nice steady stroke should do it……making sure to hit every nerve ending…..I slide my dick in as far as it will go….then push a little harder, making sure you are as filled as you possibly can be.

Sensing what I am doing, you push back as well, eagerly awaiting the delivery. You stroke the exposed shaft trying to coax my cum to arrive as hard and fast as it can. It finally arrives…..not as hard or as much as hoped, but still enough for you to feel me shooting it. This plus my continued toying and teasing of your clit causes you to go over the top at the same time. Exhausted, I slump down on you.

Not being in the most comfortable position, we decide to move……you take the lead, and my hand, and guide me back to the bed. I quickly hit the off button on the tub & gladly followed. Knowing what I had already surprised you with, I was ready for whatever you had in mind.

(female co-author)

Heading back to bed, we nearly trip over the trail of clothing. Falling into bed, it’s obvious that neither of us has yet had quite enough. However, both of us are a bit worn out by this point and curl up against each other for a nap.

After a couple hours, I wake up and head quietly to the bathroom, trying not to wake you. As I exit, I am greeted by you standing in front of me. As I start to apologize for waking you, you quiet me by planting a gentle kiss on my lips. You’re obviously not too upset with me. However, as I start to head back to bed, you say “Not so fast……” and pull me back toward you. Giving me a long hard kiss, you now have me pinned against the wall.

As you start to grind against me, I can feel you’re hard again and realize what you have in mind. As I start nibbling on your neck and running my hands over your hair, you drag your hands across my ass. As you start moving on to the back of my neck, I work my way to your nipple. Knowing how that drives you wild, I now Avrupa Yakası Escort start stroking your sac as you start reaching your finger as far up inside me as you can. With one hand still stroking your sac, I reach the other down and wrap it around your rock hard dick. As I stroke you repeatedly, your dick begins to oozing.

Still against the wall, I get on my knees and turn on the suction, still stroking your sac and the base of your dick, loving the look on your face. The more I suck, the more your dick starts throbbing. Not ready to let you go that way, I stand back up. Reaching down, you feel that I am thoroughly willing to welcome your dick to my wet pussy. You’re not going to let me off so easy though.

You’re now on your knees and throw my left leg up over your shoulder. You start by quickly flicking your tongue across my sensitive clit. As I begin to moan, you smile and work to tongue me as deeply as you can reach, all the while rubbing my clit. The louder I moan, you now move to suck and tug my clit while dragging your hands across my ass. Realizing you can’t hold out much longer, you rise to your feet and guide my hands to your throbbing dick, telling me to do whatever I want. My left leg is now around your waist (good thing I’m flexible and have the wall to help me balance). I grab your dick and sac once again and start slowly and gently stroking and massaging. The more I feel you pulsating, the more I realize how ready I am. I guide your dick towards my anxiously awaiting pussy. But I’m not letting you in quite yet. Over and over I rub your dick across my clit as you slowly and deeply finger me. Finally you can’t take it any more and guide your dick toward the love canal.

You start to enter slowly as I eagerly take you in. However, you seem pleasantly surprised that as soon as I’ve felt you enter, I grab your ass and let you know I want you to slam into me as hard as you can. Hearing me moan louder and louder, you realize you’ve got me right where you want me. You thrust and thrust as I keep trying to grind harder against you. You give one last final thrust as deeply as possible as my moaning lets out into a crescendo. Each of us now in a glorious sweat slump against the other.

We slowly head back to bed. After all…. We’ve used a lot of energy tonight and need to rest up if we’re going to keep on going. And besides, you promised the older couple downstairs that we’d see them at breakfast.

(back to original male author)

Realizing it’s morning, we rise together, gently kissing each other Good Morning.

Showering together was another fabulous event as you finally relax under the spray and I turn you around, sliding my sore by rigid cock between your legs and massaging your clit once again. Hearing your wonderful moans first thing in the morning causes it to get even harder so I take advantage of the situation and slide into your dripping pussy again. I’m not sure if it is dripping from your wetness or from the gallon of cum I deposited there over the past 12 hours. I also didn’t care, your moans and movement told me you wanted it once again just as bad as I did.

The long slow strokes were soon replaced by short hard ones when I felt that familiar feeling in my sac that said another load was on its way. Rubbing harder on your clit causes your moans to become louder and I knew you were about to explode too. Timing it just right, my cum hitting your uterus caused you to cum and cover my cock with your sweet juices. Realizing the time, I say we need to finish up. You’re not real happy about it, but kind of understand. Dressing was another adventure as we had trouble keeping our hands off each other.

Finally we make it downstairs. Greeted only by the older couple from last night we sit down for a nice breakfast. After a great breakfast neither of us has had for a long time, we take our bags to the van, say goodbye and head off.

Immediately you notice we’re not headed the way we came in. Thinking it’s a shortcut back to the highway you relax. After 30 minutes you realize we’re nowhere near the highway. Starting to get curious again, you begin to question where we’re going and my motives. Remaining silent, I just keep driving. After the events of yesterday, you relax again figuring it’s just another part of the “adventure” I planned.

To Be Continued…???

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