Riding the Gauntlet Ch. 02

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Chapter Two : The Women of the Harem

After completely rinsing in the pool, Lea saw the other women drift away, and the Chief Wife returned to her cushions. Lea was confused, and still felt a tension, and pulling in her loins. She could hardly meet the eyes of Gisaine, but followed quickly when Gisaine beckoned to her. There were large cloths piled nearby and Gisaine wrapped one around Lea’s body, and another around her wet hair. She led Lea to the area that had been called the Wives Rooms. Gisaine quickly dried herself, the dried Lea’s body as well, brushing her hair carefully with scents. Lea had never felt so pampered in her life. She had no idea that her body could react in such a way, never knew such feelings existed.

Gisaine dressed Lea carefully in rich, silky veils, in layers with many colours. Lea had never worn such scanty clothing that concealed nothing of her body. Gisaine wrapped several around Lea’s body and quickly pulling a soft silky robe about herself, led Lea to the Chief Wife.

When they arrived, Gisaine bowed formally to the Chief Wife, spoke a few words and withdrew leaving Lea. The Chief Wife, Marianna, looked Lea over with a small smile on her face.

“You will please your husband girl. I understand from Gisaine that you are yet a maiden, and he will be very pleased to know this. It is also good to know that you have a fine young body that he will like to see pleasured.” Lea blushed a bright red, remembering what Gisaine had done to her in the pool, using her fingers to make her body explode. “Oh yes, you are a treasure, my little Lea.” Marianna bade Lea to sit, and shared a delicious meal with her while she instructed Lea as to the mating ceremony that would follow. Lea wasn’t sure what some of the instructions were for, but listened very carefully, knowing that the Chief Wife would be very upset with her if she made a mistake.

After receiving her instructions and eating that delicious meal, she was free to wander as she liked until Marianna called her again. Lea discovered more of the large room that she was in, seeing many women about. Most were young but a few were older women, and they seemed to have great respect from the others. There Demetevler Escort were clusters of girls listening carefully to their words. Lea could understand none of it, and resolved herself to learning more so that she could communicate with them.

Lea was feeling a bit tired and decided to go to the Wives Rooms to nap during the heat of the day. There were many women dozing on cushions, others talking quietly and laughing. Lea walked through the silk hangings that were set to make sections or rooms for the women, and offered privacy from the rest of the Harem area. As she walked, she heard a low moan.

Lea stopped, the blush rising again in her face, remembering how she had moaned under Gisaine’s fingers earlier. She tried to shake her head, banishing the thoughts from her mind. The low moan came again, from one of the Wives Rooms. It sounded like a man and a woman, not unlike what she had heard behind the tents of couples of her tribe. Lea suddenly realized that there were not supposed to be any men in this room. She knew that the eunuchs were not to touch the women in such a way and couldn’t think of what it would mean, but didn’t know what to do. She crept forward hesitantly and stopped, rigid with shock.

She could see behind the flimsy curtains, two bodies entwined upon the cushions. The soft light showed hot, sweaty skin rubbing against each other, hands roaming upon that skin. Lea had a sudden, sharp desire to touch that skin, to feel that smoothness under her fingers. She realized that the two bodies were women! It was Gisaine and the other woman from the pool. Their naked bodies were intertwined, wrapped around each other, hands roaming along each other’s bodies, kissing each other deeply. Lea could not look away as she saw Gisaine’s fingers reach between the legs of the other woman and hear another low moan, but more insistent this time. Lea felt a sudden wetness between her legs as she remembered how she had moaned and squirmed under those fingers. Gisaine took the woman’s nipple into her mouth and pulled that hard nub gently with her teeth, as her hand began moving faster between her legs. Lea could hear the Otele gelen escort wetness of the woman under those fingers, and Lea felt her body become hot, flushed as she watched. She couldn’t pull herself away.

The two women were oblivious of Lea watching, and were intent upon the pleasure that they were feeling. She watched as Gisaine worked her wonderful fingers over the other woman’s hard nub, rubbing hard and quickly as the woman tensed, cried out and shivering, she seemed to collapse down into the bedding. Gisaine softened her rubbing, gently touching and caressing her bare skin between her legs. Gisaine was breathing hard, staring intently at the other woman, and then she stretched out beside her and pulled her close, rubbing her back and her hair.

The other woman looked up at Gisaine with a pleased smile, which turned impish as Lea watched from afar through the hangings. The woman began to move her hands over Gisaine’s smooth skin, cupping those breasts and flicking the hard points of her nipples. Gisaine groaned and lay upon her back, giving herself up to the sensations of those fingers on her body.

The woman followed Gisaine as she lay back; kissing her passionately and her hands roamed that soft body. She placed her lips on those nipples and Lea could see her suckling and flicking her tongue over one nipple while her hand played with the other. Gisaine arched her back, thrusting those nipples higher up into those lips and fingers. The woman kissed Gisaine’s body lower and lower and moved herself until she was between Gisaine’s legs. Lea watched in amazement as her lips bent down over Gisaine’s bare pussy, licking at that hard nub that seemed to be pointed straight up, hard and red and engorged. Gisaine moaned and arched again, wanting those lips on her. The woman used her lips and her fingers, playing with and toying with that hard nub while Gisaine moaned and began to writhe under her. Lea could see the wetness glinting softly in the muted light behind the hangings between her legs, the wetness leaking from her pussy. The woman used her finger, slipped it between those red, red folds, reached upwards inside Balgat Escort of her.

Lea felt another wave of wetness herself as Gisaine cried out, her hands clenching into the woman’s hair, pulling those lips to her wet pussy again. Lea watched as the woman sucked and licked and used her fingers inside of Gisaine, moving more and more quickly as Gisaine’s moans became louder and louder. Suddenly, Gisaine arched her back up, called out in a loud, wordless moan, her body wet with sweat, her pussy dripping wet and clenching around those fingers in her pussy. Lea’s body became hot and pulsing, wondering if that was what she had looked like in the pool, before everyone, when she had felt Gisaine’s hands upon her. Such wanton pleasure released somehow by those talented fingers.

Lea realized that she had been there staring at the two, shocked to realize how her body had reacted from seeing this, and blushing furiously, darted to her room, hoping not to be noticed. She was hot and disturbed, not understanding this curious pulling, this tension inside of her body that made her hot and wet like that. She tried to lie down upon her bedding, snuggling up to her cushions to calm herself in the dim light, but couldn’t get the image of those two beautiful women, their skin slick and smooth, that hot wetness between their legs, those fingers and lips touching each other in such an intimate way.

Lea’s hand sneaked down, under her robe and touched her pussy, not surprised to find it wet, and hot. She couldn’t seem to stop her fingers from gently touching her pussy lips, feeling the wetness there, and the heat from her skin. She began to rub her hard nub, as she had seen Gisaine do to the woman, feeling the tension in her belly get tighter and tighter. She couldn’t stop herself and she began to pant, rubbing harder and faster, feeling the tightening of the rest of her body. With her other hand, she began to pinch her nipples, pulling and twisting them, almost groaning and the sensations. The tensions began to pile up on her, harder and harder, her hand began to rub furiously over her hard nub, and she felt those waves again, rolling from her wet, soaking pussy, all through her body and back, again and again.

Lea opened her eyes and took a deep breath, her hand gently holding her pussy, caressing softly. She was exhausted, but felt incredible, like she had freed something from her own body. She didn’t understand it, never heard of any women from her tribe describe anything like it. She snuggled down into her cushions and was quickly fast asleep.

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