Ronny’s Problem

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Hannah lay in the bed in her old room, unable to sleep. It was weird, she’d missed this place so much when she left for college but now it just felt strange and foreign. Her gaze travelled around the dimly lit room, taking in all the familiar things that once had so much meaning to her: the pictures of her old friends plastered over the mirror of her vanity; the frayed teddy bear that sat in a small, wooden rocking chair; the Madonna poster tacked to the wall; the frilly lace curtains and valances over the window. Of course mom kept things the way she left them, but after almost a year of college everything they represented seemed so far away.

Hannah lay her head back on her pillow, her long, curly blonde hair framing her heart-shaped face. She glanced down at the anatomy book in her hands, their pages reflected in the glasses she wore that did little to obscure her large, blue eyes. She didn’t feel like studying. After all, she did have two weeks before Christmas break was over. Hannah couldn’t wait to get back. She loved college. She loved the freedom, the challenges, her new friends, and of course her boyfriend, Ben. “Ugh,” she muttered with frustration and set the book aside. She shouldn’t have started thinking about Ben. He was a good boyfriend but a better fuck and now she was getting horny thinking about him. It had already been one week and she had two more before she was going to feel him inside her again. Well, there was no way she was going to get to sleep without masturbating first.

She reached over and grabbed her Walkman off the nightstand and placed her glasses there. She put the headphones over her ears and pressed the play button and turned off the lamp. The sounds of INXS filled her ears as one dainty hand crept down her flat stomach and cupped her pubic mound, her index finger stretching to rub her clit through her panties which was the only garment she wore besides and over-sized tee shirt, one of Ben’s. It was probably her imagination, but she thought she could still smell his scent on the shirt and she imagined him laying on top of her, kissing her, squeezing her breasts and pushing his hardness against her. Hannah raised up the shirt with her free hand and felt the hard nipple of her left tit, small but perky. A feeling like an electric shock ran down the nugget of erect flesh, down her body and into her toes and back. She imagined Ben sucking on it as she pulled and rolled the nipple between her delicate fingers. Hannah slipped a finger of the other hand into her panties and marveled at how wet she was. She thought about Ben’s thick cock entering her as she…what was that?

Pulling off the headphones, the sound of the tinny music echoed in the quiet room. She thought she heard something. There it was again, a light knock at her bedroom door. “What the hell?” she muttered as she pulled her shirt down and sat up. Was it mom, coming to say goodnight and how much she missed her for the hundredth time? She stopped the tape player and stood up, keenly aware of the wetness at the crotch of her panties. God, she hoped her mother wouldn’t be able to smell her. That would be so embarrassing!

She turned on the lamp and went to the door, opening it but a fraction. “Ronny?” Hannah asked in a hush tone. The hallway behind her brother was dark and she could hear their father snoring. “What is it?”

“Hey, sis. Were you asleep?” Ronny’s grey eyes were cast downward, toward his feet.

Hannah blinked, hoping she wasn’t making noises she wasn’t aware of as she touched herself. She tended to get loud sometimes. “No…no I wasn’t asleep yet. What’s up?”

Ronny leaned in toward the door. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Uhh…okay.” Hannah opened the door and let him in, closing the door softly behind him. “What’s going on?” Ronny stood in the middle of the room, looking around absently. He, too, was in his pajamas. Some flannel bottoms and a faded Metallica shirt. His long hair was unkempt. He was tall and lanky. Easily over a foot taller than her five feet height. Even though he was eighteen he was still the awkward, shy nerd she knew and loved. Ronny was one of the few things she did miss from home. They had always been close. He kept his gaze down and Hannah could tell there something serious he wanted to talk about. She looked down at herself, ensuring that the length of the tee she wore covered her upper thighs. Again, she worried about any scent she may be giving off and sniffed surreptitiously.

“Well, it’s kind of…personal.” He finally looked up at and she saw his eyes flit up and down. Hannah reached down and quickly tugged at the bottom of her shirt. Oh god, were her nipples still hard?

“Okay,” Hannah said slowly as she walked over to the bed and sat. She grabbed her pillow and hugged it, hoping it would hide her body without looking like she was trying to hide her body. “Have a seat and tell me.” Ronny shuffled over and sat on the edge of the bed then stared down at the floor through hanging strands of his brown hair. “Is it mom and dad? They giving you a Kıbrıs Escort hard time?”

“No,” Ronny blurted. “Well, yeah, but that’s not it.”

Hannah could tell there was something serious on his mind and put her hand on his shoulder. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

“Yeah.” Ronny huffed and visibly steeled himself. “Okay, so I was kind of making out with Bethany Newsome and…she told me I have a weird dick.”

Hannah stared at Ronny for a few seconds then started chuckling. “What?”

“Forget it.” Ronny got up and Hannah reached out and grabbed his hand.

“No, don’t. I’m sorry…it’s just that…I wasn’t expecting that.” Hannah laughed gently. Ronny continued to stand and crossed his arms. Hannah tried to compose herself. It was obvious Ronny wasn’t joking and it was genuinely bothering him. “Okay…so weird how?” She felt her cheeks getting hot. She did not expect to be having a conversation with her brother about his penis tonight. She hoped she wasn’t blushing too bad.

Ronny remained standing but resumed talking. “She said it didn’t look normal and didn’t want to do anything with it.”

“Not normal how?” Hannah felt apprehensive but now legitimately curious. What was normal for a dick, anyway, she thought to herself.

“Well,” Ronny stammered. “It’s got a curve to it. I guess it freaked her out. She said they weren’t supposed to look like that and something was wrong with me.”

“Oh, Ronny, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with you.” Hannah was mad at herself for laughing at him. He was really going through something. “Lots of…penises…look different.”

Ronny looked up down at his sister and she could see his eyes tearing up. “She was the first one to ever see it. I know it’s different looking. I didn’t know it was that bad. Is there something wrong with me? You’re studying to be a nurse, right?”

Hannah wasn’t sure what to say. “Yeah, I am but…I don’t know a lot about that kind of thing. Why not go to a doctor if you’re worried?”

Ronny shook his head. “No way, I’m not talking to mom and dad about this! I don’t have money for a doctor…I don’t…can’t you just look it up or something?”

Hannah bit her lip. She couldn’t blame Ronny for not wanting to talk to their parents about it or for being scared of going to a clinic or something. But was she the best person to talk to about this? He did come to her for help, though. “Okay…sit down,” she said gently. “And tell me what it looks like.”

He slowly sat back down and after stalling for a few seconds he said, “Well it’s really curvy, you know?” Hannah wanted to say she didn’t but Ronny wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

“No, not really.” Hannah smiled reassuringly. “Look. Just show me, okay.”

“Huh?” He stared blankly.

“It’ll be easier if you just show me. I have some books here that might help…but I don’t know what you’re talking about so just show me.”

“Seriously?” Ronny put his hands nervously on his legs. “Isn’t that weird?”

Hannah was getting exasperated but didn’t want to show it. “No, like you said, I’m studying to be a nurse. I can be detached and clinical about this. It’s not a big deal.” Ronny continued to hesitate, and Hannah said, “It’s either this or go to a doctor. I’ll take you if you want.”

“No.” Ronny shook his head then slowly began to nod it. “Okay, but I feel weird about it.”

“It’s okay.” Hannah’s smile widened. “I’ve seen dicks, you know?”

Ronny chuckled. “Yeah, like a lot?”

“Shut up!” Hannah giggled. “Now stand up. Here, I’ll put my glasses on and be all official, okay?” She reached over, the pillow she’d been hugging fell to the floor as she collected her glasses and put them on. “Stand up,” she repeated when Ronny failed to comply.

Sheepishly, Ronny got up and grinned nervously. “So you want me to just drop them?” Hannah nodded and he sighed, “Okay.” Ronny pulled down his pajama bottoms and underwear together and stood before his sister nude from the waist down. Unable to keep from grinning at the weirdness of it all Hannah looked from Ronny’s face down to his crotch.

Okay, she thought, now I’m looking at my brother’s dick. It looked like any number of penises, this one just happened to belong to her brother. It was flacid, maybe three inches long. Surrounded by thick, dark pubic hair. There was a slight circumcision scar but other than that it looked perfectly normal. His testicles were large and tight. “Umm…it looks like a dick.” She laughed and he did, too, causing his prick to swing back and forth a little.

“Well, it looks that way until it gets hard.” Ronny explained.

“Ohh.” Hannah looked up at Ronny’s face. It was beet red. “It’s okay, just relax.” Ronny looked at a spot on the south wall of Hannah’s bedroom. “Can you get it hard, then?”

“Huh?” Ronny said dumbly.

“Well if it only looks “weird” when hard I need to see it hard, right?”

“I don’t know if I can. I’m too nervous.”

Hannah shook her head, her grin widening. She was now just Lefkoşa Escort kind of amused by the whole situation and if it wasn’t for her brother’s obvious distress she would’ve thought it was some elaborate prank. “Well, just touch yourself some. It’ll get erect.”

“You want me to play with myself in front of you?”

Hannah chortled. “I want you get it erect so I can tell you there’s nothing wrong with your penis, little brother.”

“Okay.” Ronny shrugged and reached down and started fiddling with his limp member. “You don’t have to watch.” Hannah realized this was true and quickly looked away. She couldn’t believe this was her night. She should’ve cum a few times and been asleep by now. Thinking of her disrupted masturbation session, she looked down at herself. Her nipples were no longer very hard but still visible beneath the thin fabric of the tee shirt. She wondered if Ronny had noticed them.

“How we doing?” Hannah asked, still not looking at her brother.

“Not happening. I don’t know…this is too weird.” Ronny laughed disbelievingly.

Hannah looked back at her brother’s penis. It was true, it wasn’t much bigger at all. “You sure you’re doing that right?” She joked and he giggled.

“It’s usually hard before I even touch it.”

“Should I try?” Hannah had said it before she realized she had. She felt her cheeks grow hot.

“Really? Isn’t that even weirder than you just looking at it?”

“Well, this isn’t working and we’re going to have to go to bed at some point.” Hannah smiled reassuringly, flashing her straight, white teeth. “I do have some experience at getting them hard.”

Ronny was quiet for a few seconds. “Uh, okay.” He took his hand away from his dick and it dangled freely in front of his sister’s face.

“Just look up and think about,” she almost said Bethany but realized the memory of her humiliating him might have an adverse effect. “Think about a cute girl you know. Or an actress. Someone really hot.” Ronny grinned and looked up, closing his eyes. Hannah reached up and slowly put her fingers on her brother’s penis. The gently grasped it between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. It felt like any other guy’s dick. This one just happened to belong to her brother. She began tugging at it gently, moving her fingers up and down. “You thinking about someone?” Hannah asked.

Ronny grunted, “Yeah”.

His cock began to swell, Hannah could feel it getting bigger between her fingers. “Good. Who you thinking about?”

“You know that girl from “The Lost Boys”?

Hannah thought for a minute. “Jami Gertz?” She smiled. “Yeah, she’s very pretty. Just keep thinking about her. Imagine it’s her touching you.” His prick was twitching to life, getting thicker and longer before Hannah’s eyes. She could soon see that yes, there was a very noticeable curve to it. She wrapped more fingers around it and pulled a little harder, urging it to continue to harden. “You must really like her.” Hannah said softly.

Ronny laughed nervously. “Yeah. That feels good. You are good at making guys hard.”

Hannah looked up at her brother who was staring down at her and smiled at him. His cock gave a few jumps and pulses in her hand and she looked at it. It was very hard now, and very curvy, indeed. It looked like a banana, curving upward toward the ceiling. Hannah guessed it was about a forty-degree curve. She had seen penises that were somewhat bent but she had to admit to herself never to that degree. “Does it hurt at all when it’s hard like this?”

Ronny breathed heavily as his sister ran her fingers along his shaft. She was manipulating it to get a better look at it, moving her face closer to it as she examined it. “No, it feels good.” He was quiet for a few seconds. “Does it look weird?”

Hannah smiled up at him. “No, it looks nice. Just a lot curvier than most. Pretty big, too.” Hannah wasn’t just stroking Ronny’s ego as well as his cock. She thought it was at least seven inches long. Very thick at the base with a few bulging veins and then tapering to a smaller though well-proportioned tip. It felt weighty in her hand and she was surprised it wasn’t too big to be sticking up like it was. Hannah suddenly found herself imagining what it would be like to feel Ronny’s cock inside her and tried to force the thought down.

“You think?” Ronny seemed pleased at the remark regarding his size.

“You didn’t know?”

Ronny shrugged. “No one’s really seen it before to tell. Except Bethany.”

“Well, maybe she was just scared of it.” Hannah giggled and Ronny’s grin got wider. She continued to move the engorged member around, periodically stroking it to keep it good and hard. She began to realize she was definitely touching it more than she needed to and felt a twinge of guilt and shame. But she also couldn’t deny she was becoming excited, too. She felt a wet warmth spreading from her crotch and her breathing was getting a little ragged, much like her brother’s.

She gently cupped his balls. They were Magosa Escort large and tight, covered in soft hair. “No problem with these, I assume?” She asked as she gently squeezed and rubbed them.

Ronny only mustered a guttural sound she took to mean ‘no’. She could see a drip of precum oozing out from the small slit at the end of his swollen, purplish head. The clear, viscous liquid welled up and began dripping slowly down the curved shaft. There was a lot more of it than she usually saw and wondered if Ronny was about to cum. A string of it slithered off the twitching member and onto her wrist. “Whoa. That’s a lot of precum,” she breathed.

“Sorry about that,” Ronny said with a hint of pride. “That happens a lot when it’s really hard.”

Hannah shrugged. “I’ll take it as a compliment.” Another dollop rolled out of the tip and down his cock. “Are you about to cum?”

Ronny laughed softly. “Only if you keep touching it like that.”

Her cheeks felt even hotter now. “Oh, sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Ronny was hurry to say. “I’m just not used to it getting touched this much by anyone else. Bethany barely rubbed it inside my pants. And I know you got to examine it…” The way he trailed off made Hannah think he didn’t want her to stop. And if she was honest with herself, she didn’t want to.

“Right.” Hannah nodded. “I just need to be thorough,” she said as she ran fingers up the bottom of the shaft, up and over the slick head, then to the top of Ronny’s penis and pulled it down so she was staring directly at the glistening head. She gave it a few slow tugs, squeezing as she did so. More precum dripped out, almost like a leaky faucet. Ronny groaned. “Is that a good sound or a bad sound?” Hannah smirked, knowing the answer.

Her brother was staring down at her, his eyes lidded and cheeks flushed. “Good.”

“It doesn’t hurt at all if I hold it like this?” Hannah was still slowly tugging it. Ronny shook his head slowly. “Does it hurt when you ejaculate?”

“Oh, god. Keep doing that and you’ll find out.”

Hannah was enjoying teasing him now. “Seriously. When you jerk off and cum, does it hurt?”

“Who says I jerk off?” Ronny was thrusting his hips a little now in time with Hannah’s tugs.

Hannah laughed. “Oh, I’m sure you do. All boys do. Or should. It’s perfectly normal and healthy. Nothing to be ashamed of.” She hesitated a moment. “I was masturbating when you knocked on my door.” She felt his cock jump in her hands and smiled to herself.


“Yeah.” She began to play with his balls again with one hand as she stroked him slowly with the other. His cock was slick with precum. “I do it a lot. I bet you do, too.”

Ronny grunted his acknowledgment.

“So it never hurts when you shoot your load?”

“No,” Ronny admitted. “Well, only in a good way.”

Hannah sighed. “Okay, so, I don’t see any problems here, really.” Hannah somewhat reluctantly took her hands off her brother’s genitals and stood up. “It’s just shaped a little differently than most. I think I’ve read about his condition…as long as you don’t have any problems with erections, ejaculations or sex it’s perfectly fine.” His cock twitched up and down slowly as she spoke and more precum began to drip out, forming a gossamer line from his upturned prick to the floor.

“Well, I haven’t had sex,” Ronny explained. “How do I know if there’s a problem?” Hannah met her brother’s gaze and bit her lip. She could feel her nipples hardening beneath her shirt, begging to be played with and sucked on. She let out a long, shaky breath. Was she really going to do this? She reached down and pulled off her panties, letting them drop to the floor. Ronny looked puzzled but eager as she grabbed his erection and pulled him down on top of her. She spread her legs and guided him to her slick pussy. He eagerly and instinctively thrusted, causing Hannah to gasp as she felt herself being penetrated by her brother’s long, curved erection.

He paused for a moment after entering her and Hannah was afraid Ronny had cum. He looked into her eyes with a mixture of love, gratitude, and fear as he slowly started pushing himself in further. “Go slow,” Hannah whispered into his ear. “You’re so big.” His curvy cock was a bit uncomfortable at first until she found a good angle by moving her slender hips up a little to meet him. She grabbed his ass and pulled, forcing him all the way inside her and spreading her legs as far apart as they would go. “Oh, god.” She moaned.

“You okay. Does it hurt?” Ronny asked breathlessly, truly concerned.

“No.” She stroked his head. “Keep going. It feels so good.” He began thrusting quicker and harder with the eagerness only a virgin possesses. “How does it feel? Do you feel good?”

Ronny managed to grunt an affirmative and he began to fuck his big sister harder. Hannah fought back the urge to scream and moaned into Ronny’s shoulder. His crooked penis quickly found her G spot and she felt herself already beginning to cum. She never came that fast! She could hear faint squelching sounds as Ronny’s cock somewhat clumsily but effectively pounded away at her wet pussy. She felt her muscles clenching and releasing as her orgasm began to wash like a wave over her. The bedsprings squeaked too loudly but she didn’t care as she moaned and gasped beneath her brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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