Roommate’s Brother’s Secret

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This is based on a true story that happened to the roommate and brother of “Annie”, a friend of mine. Micki’s name was not changed since she eventually admitted to the incident. Tom never confirmed but also never denied it.

* * * * *

Tom was a high school senior preparing to visit the same university where his older sister was a senior. She invited him to stay at her apartment while he was on campus. She told him just to let himself in when he arrived late on a Friday. She would be out on a date and her roommate, Micki, would likely be out all night.

Tom pulled into the apartment parking lot. He had visited at the beginning of the school year but had never met the roommate. He let himself into the apartment and found a note from his sister along with linens to make up a bed on the couch.

Tom prepared his bed and then stripped down to his sleeping attire, just his boxer shorts, and settled in for the night. Not much was on TV so a little after 11:00 he turned off the lights and tried to get some sleep.

Barely a few minutes later he heard a key in the front door and the door swung open. The outside light created a silhouette of a petite woman in a very short skirt. He knew at once that wasn’t his sister who was tall, like him.

A hand brushed the wall and the room light came on revealing two strangers staring at each other. Tom, on the couch with the sheet pulled up to his chin and a shapely coed in a too tight white blouse, short plaid skirt, over-the-knee stockings, and shiny black buckle shoes. She looked like someone from a schoolgirl fantasy.

She spoke first. “You must be Tommy.”

“Only my sister calls me Tommy. I hope you’re Micki, the roommate”, he responded.

“Yep, Annie is like a sister to me so that would make you like my little brother.”

Tom sat up, gathering the sheet to make sure he was appropriately covered. He couldn’t help continuing to look up and down at the vision standing before him. Micki was aware that she was being admired and didn’t mind it.

“Annie said you would be out on a date so I wasn’t expecting you,” he spoke up.

“Yeah, long story.” She set her purse on the end table before striding over to the refrigerator. She could feel Tom’s eyes following her. “Hey, there’s one beer left. Wanna split it?”

“Sure,” he replied. Sharing a beer with a beautiful college, he thought, it can’t get much better than this.

Micki twisted off the bottle cap and tossed it in the trash. Not bothering with a glass, she swayed over to the couch, kicked off her shoes, and plopped down in a small space between Tom and the arm. Her already short skirt rode up a few inches. Both noticed but neither minded or mentioned it.

For the next couple minutes they made small talk about Tom’s visit and college plans, passing the bottle back and forth.

When a lull in the conversation came, Tom said, “So, what’s the long story about your plans tonight?”

She looked at him with a coy smile. “I’m not sure you are old enough to hear those details.”

“I’m 18. Does that qualify?” he smiled back.

He is cute, she thought, I’ll see if he can handle the truth.

“OK, Tommy, here’s my sad story. I haven’t had a really good date in a couple of weeks, if you know what I mean. I managed to get this guy in one of my classes to ask me out. He is really smart, and kinda cute. He didn’t know it but this was going to be his lucky night.”

Tom continued to watch her. The neck of her blouse revealed the tops of two beautiful breasts. The remaining buttons gapped open showing a hint of her push-up bra.

She continued. “So, I put together the sexiest outfit I could find and gave him every opportunity to take it off me.”

Tom gulped, glancing away from her cleavage, shifting once again to her bare legs. Micki’s skirt rode up causing Tom to wonder if he just saw Micki’s panties.

She went Ataşehir Escort on. “I knew this guy was inexperienced but he must also be dense or not interested because he never responded to my moves. After a while I got frustrated and told him I had a headache and needed to go home.”

Tom just sat there, not knowing what to say.

Micki looked over at him. Here I am, all wound up, needing more than half a beer with this nearly naked cute guy sitting right next to me. She reached over to open the top of her purse leaving it on the table.

“So, do you have a girlfriend coming to college with you next year?” Micki asked.

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend and none of the girls I dated are coming here.” Tom answered.

Micki reached up and turned off the light leaving only the glow of the street light from outside. She reached a hand toward Tom. Thinking she wanted the bottle, he offered it to her. With one hand she took the bottle and set on the end table. With her other hand she took his wrist and brought his hand to the side of her face.

“Tommy, maybe you can help me. Either I can go take a cold shower and then try to get some sleep or you can help succeed with my plans for the night.”

Tom’s heart was pounding so hard he thought Micki must be able to hear it. He moved his fingers against her cheek and weakly nodded his agreement.

Micki slowly slid Tom’s hand down from her cheek to her neck. She leaned in and turned to align herself with him. “You wont tell Annie, will you?” Unable to speak, Tom shook his head.

Next, she guided his hand lower until his fingers fell into her cleavage. Stopping at the top of her blouse, she molded his fingers around the first button. “Or anyone else?” Again, his head wobbled.

Tom knew what was expected of him. As he loosened the button, Micki moved her hand up to the back of his head and pulled his face toward hers until their lips met.

He flattened his hand against her breast. His thumb was tucked inside her blouse against her warm skin as he slid his hand down to the second button. Micki opened her mouth slightly and ran her tongue against his lips.

Tom released the second button and slipped his entire hand inside feeling the sheer bra that barely covered Micki. With his thumb, he peeled back the lacy fringe uncovering a stiff nipple. Micki squirmed and let out a low moan into his mouth. She moved her hand down to Tom’s smooth chest. She was aroused at his warm skin and lightly defined muscles.

Tom caressed Micki from one breast to the other letting his fingers fall down inside the top. Going from one side to side, his touch fell into the crevice between her soft mounds where he noticed the front closure. With little effort it opened. The sides of the bra popped apart free from their restraint.

Micki moved her hand from Tom’s chest to his abs. She rubbed small circles while her fingertips massaged his skin. With each circuit she moved closer to the waistband of his boxers.

Tom eased his hand down Micki’s breasts to her flat stomach stopping at the third and final button. As he released it he folded first one corner of the blouse back and then the other. Micki shrugged off her blouse and bra tossing them to a nearby chair. Now, she was as completely exposed on top as Tom. She could feel the cool evening temperature.

Micki liked how Tom looked at her. His gaze shifted back and forth between her womanly figure and striking face. He certainly had never experienced anyone like her in high school.

Micki broke Tom’s trance when she grasped both sides of his boxers and gave a tug downward. He lifted his hips allowing her to guide them down his legs and drop them on the floor. Her hands slid up his shins, then thighs, stopping together over his already hard penis.

With one hand Micki wrapped her fingers around his hard member and began slow strokes Kadıköy Escort up and down. She could tell he was ready to burst. Not unusual for a relatively inexperienced boy in the presence of an experienced beautiful woman.

With her other hand Micki removed a tissue from her purse.

Tom’s breathing quickened. Micki’s stroking rhythm matched his panting. Tom closed is eyes trying to will himself to last longer. He couldn’t. In seconds Micki could feel Tom’s contractions and covered his tip with the tissue safely catching his emission.

Tom felt like an amateur but Micki was ready to make him feel better. She figured that the inexperienced boy would blow quickly but could recover just as quickly with the right encouragement. With his first orgasm out of the way, he would have stronger staying power providing many orgasms for her.

Micki placed the tissue by her purse and lowered herself to recline on top of Tom. She put her lips next to his ear. “That’s my big man. Snuggle with me for a while.”

Tom could feel Micki’s soft bare breasts pressed into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He entwined his fingers into her silky hair.

Micki blew a warm breath into Tom’s ear before taking his earlobe between her lips. Below, she could feel he was beginning to respond. “There is a zipper on the side of my skirt,” she whispered. “Can you reach it?”

His fingers found the zipper and lowered it. Working together, they managed to remove the skirt allowing Micki to flip it over with her other clothes. “Please,” Tom struggled to speak, “Will you leave on the stockings? They are so sexy.”

He could feel Micki’s head nod while he couldn’t see the smile on her face. She knew the effect the thigh-highs had on men . . . and especially, boys.

With Micki’s body prostrate over his, Tom cupped her buttocks inside her “barely there” bikini panties. He pulled her to him, grinding her pubic bone against his recovering penis.

It’s time to proceed. Micki thought to herself as she pulled herself forward. With the placement of Tom’s hands, her movement caused her panties to slide off her round butt and down onto her thighs. Tom took the signal to completely remove them and drop them onto the floor.

Pushing down, Micki wanted Tom to remain stretched out under her. She kissed her way down his body. From his neck to his chest. From his chest to his abs. From his abs into that fuzzy area until her lips reached the base of his cock. She wanted to capture him in her mouth before he turned hard again.

This was another new experience for Tom. While he had fondled and groped a couple willing high school girls, none was had become intimate with him.

With a generous amount of tongue, Micki slipped the tip between her lips and slowly slid the semi-erect muscle into her mouth as far as it would go. She pulsated her mouth around his penis wanting to feel the sensation of it hardening under her control. She was achieving instant results.

With a few bobs of her head, Tom was well on his way to a full recovery. Yet, this was only an objective on the way to her ultimate goal. She sat up over his thighs leaving one hand on him.

Her other hand dove into her purse pulling out a small flat wrapped item. Putting one end into her teeth, she deftly ripped open the package and extracted a moist condom. Now, using both hands she quickly rolled in onto Tom’s hard erection followed by placing the wrapper next to the tissue.

Tom jumped at the sensation having never worn one before. Before he could react, Micki raised herself over his covered cock and lowered herself gently into place.

While this was yet another new wonderful sensation for Tom, he instinctively raised his hips trying to press as far into Micki as he could. Now joined together, Micki began a slow rhythm. Raising and lowering. In and out. Each Bostancı Escort time feeling better than the last.

Micki reached down taking Tom’s hands and placing one on each breast. He gently kneaded her full globes letting his fingertips play across her hard nipples. Micki leaned back arching her back as far as she could stretch. She could feel her first small orgasm coming to her.

With Micki’s careful preparation, Tom would not be able to explode again soon. Micki would enjoy the physical relief she so seriously desired. Tom was learning how to treat a real woman.

For the next several minutes Micki and Tom were happily joined together. Tom especially liked occasionally sliding his hands up and down the thigh high stockings. Eventually, Tom regained that earlier feeling. Micki knew this ride was about to end. Feeling Micki achieve one last quake, Tom pushed over the edge again.

Micki collapsed into Tom’s arms. Together they nestled until Tom’s softening penis began to leak and slide. Micki capably removed the condom, wrapping it and grabbing another tissue to clean Tom.

Micki returned to recline with Tom. “It’s too bad I’m graduating before you start classes next year,” she said in a low voice. “We could be secret buddies.”

“I hope you will always be friends with Annie,” he replied.

After a minute, she went on. “You are going to please some lucky coeds next year and probably a high school girl or two before this school year and summer are out.”

Tom started to thank her for her kindness but she stopped him with her fingers over his lips. He kissed her fingertips and held her close.

Micki knew she had to be careful not to fall asleep as Annie might be home soon. Minutes later she heard a car pull up outside.

Micki shook Tom. “Annie’s home!” she whispered loudly. “Act like you are asleep.”

Micki gave Tom a quick kiss on the lips and then jumped into action. First, she grabbed the tissues, condom, and beer bottle disposing of them in the kitchen. Next, she grabbed her shoes and clothes and ran to her room gently closing the door.

Seconds later, Annie entered as quietly as she could. She saw the “sleeping” bundle under a sheet on the couch and nodded knowingly.

She tiptoed past Micki’s room somewhat surprised she was home. When Annie’s door closed there were three collective sighs of relief throughout the apartment.

The next morning Tom was first to be up and dressed. Annie quickly followed coming out to put on a fresh pot of coffee. They chatted about an uneventful evening and his plans for the day.

The smell of coffee and the sound of talking woke Micki earlier than she liked. Still, she came out of her room dressed in an unmatched set of sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Annie exclaimed, “Micki, I didn’t expect to see you this morning, or even up this early! Did you meet my brother, Tommy, when you came in last night?”

“Hi Tommy,” Micki answered soberly. Turning back to Annie, she said, “He was asleep so I tried not to disturb him.”

“Please, call me Tom,” he asserted. “Nice to finally meet you, Micki.” Tom began folding up the sheet he had used.

“Anyone want breakfast,” Annie asked as she turned to the cabinets to see what was available.

Tom looked at Micki as he began gathering up the bed sheet. With Annie’s back turned, Micki gave Tom a coy smile and quick wink.

As Tom lifted the sheet to wad it up for the laundry, a tiny pair of women’s panties fell to the floor. Tom bent over to pick them up. Micki’s face turned pale. She quickly glanced at Annie who was still studying the breakfast possibilities.

Knowing that Annie wasn’t looking, Tom raised the panties prominently causing Micki to place her hands on her face in mock horror. With a big grin, Tom stuffed his prize into his pocket. With a big smile of her own, Micki blew a kiss Tom’s way.

Before Annie could list the breakfast possibilities, Tom said, “I better get to campus early. I will pick up something there. Thanks . . . for everything,” he said sincerely.

“Oh, it was nothing,” Annie replied.

Oh no, it was really something! Micki said to herself.

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