Rose and Tom Ch. 10

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Sometimes Leaving A Bit of Clothes on is Fun

After another week of the usual college monotonies, Rose and Tom are again down at Tom’s apartment to relax on a Friday evening. The evening started with a bit of cuddling on the couch while they waited for dinner. Then, after a few board games and some playing cards, Rose wanted to move upstairs, and Tom killed everything downstairs to make it possible.

Rose came down that night wearing a ruffled black skirt, which was a bit of a change from the usual pants. For Tom, it made it a lot easier for him to feel her thighs and tease her because he had relatively open access, and Rose knew that Tom would take advantage of that. So as they cuddled on the bed, Tom slipped his hand back under the skirt, and began massaging Rose’s thighs.

As he did that, he mentioned to Rose that, “I wonder what it feels like to have sex while leaving the skirt on?”

Rose responded that “We could try it.” With that, Tom was starting to look restricted in his pants, and so he took them off.

Rose said, “Looks like somebody’s happy to see me.”

Tom’s bulge through his briefs was pretty obvious, and so Tom suggested, “I want to try something, let’s try letting my penis come through the fly on the briefs tonight.” Surprisingly it wasn’t too hard yet, and Tom was able to slip it right Tekirdağ Escort through. Now that Tom’s dick was exposed, Tom went back to focusing on Rose. It started with Tom placing his head under her skirt, and with his breath warming up her body, went back to stroking her legs, and rubbing her panties over her entire pussy, and then focusing in on the clitoral region.

Once Rose was soaking through her panties from Tom’s attention, Tom pulled himself out for a minute, and as Rose lied flat, she let Tom spread her legs a little more, and he moved up with his knees between his legs, and began to grind his erect dick against her panties right over her clit and down towards over the vaginal opening. Rose’s face began to flush out from Tom’s grinding, but then Rose asked, “Don’t you want something off?”

Tom said, “Yes, but then I want to lick you first.”

So Rose lifted her legs up and slid off her panties, while Tom decided the dick through the fly needed more freedom, so off his briefs went. While up, Rose spun around, and Tom helped prop Rose up on the pillow and the comforter again, and Tom fetched a condom for later. Tom then kneeled on a towel, and Rose let Tom come up inside the skirt, with his fingers to help spread her outer lips.

Tom then went right in, with his tongue working her clit, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan working the top of her vaginal opening, and everything in between. Oh, did Tom get a treat, as Rose tasted wonderful that night, and her juice was a bit thick and creamy. Tom lapped up everything Rose let out, and then Tom went for more, continuing to work Rose’s clit until she was cumming again, bucking about, and making “oh, ohh, oh, ohhh” whispers. Tom could see Rose’s smile get really wide, even through the skirt’s fabric. After bringing Rose to orgasm again, Tom decided his tongue was getting tired, and so he pulled out, satisfied with his efforts so far.

Next, Rose asked Tom, “How do you want to be?” Tom said, “My knees need a break, so lying down.” Rose got up, and Tom lied down, with the pillows shifted back to the end of the bed. Then, Rose kneeled over Tom’s legs, not yet in position to fuck Tom, but a bit further down Tom’s legs. From there, she took hold of Tom’s dick and began stroking it with her fingers. Then she shifted a little further back, and licked her lips, before giving Tom’s shaft a little sucking. Tasting a bit a pre-cum, Rose stopped and asked Tom, “Do you want these lips?” pointing to her mouth, “Or those lips?” pointing to her pussy.

Tom said, “I want those lips,” pointed with his right Escort Tekirdağ hand at her sopping pussy. Tom handed Rose the condom, and Rose slipped it onto Tom’s penis.

Rose then moved forward, holding her skirt up, and Tom held the skirt up, while Rose worked Tom’s hard and warm prick into her slick pussy and up her vagina. Once Rose felt Tom expanding inside her, she started to ride Tom’s dick, and Tom let the skirt go and drop onto his chest. It felt even warmer to Tom, and the skirt tickled a bit as Rose went up and down his member.

Tom reached under Rose’s shirt, and fumbled with both of her breasts, teasing both nipples, while Rose continued to drive Tom’s dick deeper and harder into her vagina. Not before long, Tom was getting really hard, and full, and Rose was finding it a bit tougher to slide up and down his shaft. Tom’s breathing had really quickened, and his face flushed out as the blood was racing around in Tom’s body. So too was the pressure boiling in Tom’s balls, all while Rose kept bouncing up and down, sometimes sitting up, and other times leaning over Tom. “Fuck me, Tom. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” Rose uttered, and then the rush started pulsating into Rose, as Rose continued to ride Tom through to the end of his orgasm.

As Tom appeared spent, Rose stopped and collapsed onto Tom for a long kiss. Then, Tom held his condom while Rose got off him, and they both cleaned themselves off. Given that everyone was out that weekend, Rose and Tom showered together, soaping each other up and rinsing each other off afterwards, before returning to cuddle a bit more and then fall asleep.

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