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The music was pumping and the whole club filled with smoke from the machines. I looked out over it all from my booth at the top of the club. This was my baby, the abandoned warehouse that I found and bought only five years ago, and changed into this amazing club. Starlight. It was half twelve and the party was in full swing. I had finished all my paperwork, so I decided to go down and see how my staff were doing, and maybe have a drink. I walked down the stairs trailing my hand on the banister. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and smiled. I looked gorgeous and I knew it. I was wearing a white backless strapless dress, which was held on by thin black ribbons criss-crossing up my back. My hair was behaving, staying in its long brown bob, and my shoes were gorgeous black shoes made of the same ribbons as on the back of my dress, and with four inch heels. Stunning!

I walked over to the bar, and sat down. Chris, the youngest member of my team, brought me over a drink before rushing off to serve other customers. It was a very busy night. I turned round and sat watching everyone dance when a certain dancer caught my eye. She moved so gracefully, perfectly in time with the music. As she swayed her very long blonde hair moved around her, and her amazing breasts bounced with the music. She was wearing a black bikini top, a barely there skirt and stunning shoes which made her legs endless. I just sat there watching her sipping my drink for ages, when she looked up and caught my eye. Enthralled I was unable to look away from her. She kept on dancing, not looking away from me for a second. The way she moved was so sexy, luring me in. Then she stopped dancing and headed over to me. I signalled Chris over, and got myself another drink, and the same for the dancer. She arrived at the same time as the drinks, so I put one straight in her hand, and she gratefully Cebeci Escort drank it.

“Hi I’m Roxanne,” she said. Roxanne. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I had had a couple of women before but none as perfect as Roxanne, and I knew there and then that I wanted her, but would she be willing?

“I’m Clare,” I said, “You looked awesome on that dance floor!”

“Thanks,” she smiled, her full lips revealing perfect white teeth. I don’t know what came over me then, probably the drink, but I just leant in and kissed her. She pulled away and looked shocked, then almost shook it off and kissed me harder. After what felt like forever, but yet not long enough, we separated and, gasping for breath, I took her hand. I led her up the stairs and back in to my office.

“Wow how did you know about this room?” she asked, still holding my hand

“It’s my office,” I replied, “I own this entire club.”

“Holy shit! You have got to be kidding me!” she almost shouted at me.

I shook my head and pulled her in for another kiss. I pulled her back with me, still kissing, until I was leant against my desk, with Roxanne leaning against me. I ran my hands up her back, twisting my fingers in her hair, until I found what I was looking for… the ties for her bikini top. I tickled the bit of back around the knot, so that she knew what I was doing, then started to undo the ties. She responded by leaning in to me further, so I undid the ties behind her neck as well and ran my fingernails down her back. She quietly moaned into my mouth, so I let myself leave her luscious lips and trailed my own down her neck and onto her right nipple. She threw her head back, so I gently moved her round me and laid her down on my desk. I manipulated her nipple with my tongue, flicking and sucking and gently nibbling, Kolej Escort with my hand playing with her left nipple, rubbing and gently twisting it, until I had her moaning away, and I could smell her excitement.

I left her nipples and ran my lips over her tummy, running my left hand up the inside of her thigh, and using my right to balance myself against the table. I could hear her breathing getting rapid, and I wasn’t even touching her anywhere special yet. I could tell she wanted it though, so I ran my fingers up closer, until I was gently touching her through her barely there knickers. She was absolutely drenched so I let my fingers slip around her pants and inside her. She let out a loud gasp so I pulled them out and slid them in again, this time harder. She started to move with me, in time with my fingers. I felt her orgasm, but made her ride through it, and brought my head down until I was rubbing her through her knickers with my tongue. It didn’t take her long at all to come again. By this point I was so aroused I could barely contain it any more. Roxanne helped there for me. I have never seen anybody move as quickly as she did, but she managed to get me onto he floor in one swift move with my dress all caught up round my belly button. I would have been impressed if I could think of anything except my desire for this wonderful woman.

“Hmmm you didn’t strike me as a no-underwear kinda girl,” she giggled. I smiled and moaned loudly as she pushed my legs apart and thrust her tongue inside me. She dug her nails into my legs in an almost sadistic way as she fucked me harder and harder with her tongue. In no time at all I came, and Roxanne swallowed all my juices then moved up to kiss me so I could taste myself on her. As she came up she pulled my dress up and over my head, which left me lying Rus Escort naked on my own office floor. I leant down and pulled her skirt and knickers off whilst she kissed my neck, then pushed her up so I could take in the breathless beauty that was Roxanne. She had a completely clean shaven pussy, which is exactly how I like them, so I pulled her back down and wrapped my legs around her waist. She smiled at me and started to grind her pussy into mine whilst nibbling my neck. She adjusted herself so we both got a heightened pleasure, until we both came together.

I caught my breath, then had a naughty idea. On the side of my office was the window that looked out at my club, but no one ever tended to look up towards it. I lead Roxanne towards it and put her hands on the window and spread her legs. I walked over to the bottom drawer of my desk and opened it with the keys. In it I kept my very special stash… my dildos. I pulled out a large purple one, and thrust it inside Roxanne. She started to go crazy while I fucked her with it on display to the entire club. Unable to help it I started to rub myself up and down her smooth leg. I fiddled with her clit for a few seconds, and heard her moaning getting really loud as she got closer to another orgasm. I could feel myself getting hot as I got close as well, but as Roxanne came all over my dildo and hand I couldn’t last any longer, and came on her leg. She ran her finger up her leg and put it in her mouth, tasting my love juices.

She kissed me hard, and threw me onto the sofa in the corner of the room. She started eating me out until I was close to coming again, then stopped and walked away. I looked up to see her in my drawer. She came back over with two dildos, one of which was the one I had just used on her and the other a double ended one. She started to fuck me with the purple one until I came then licked up the juices and pushed the double ended one inside me. She put the other end inside herself, and we moved together until we reached our final orgasm of the night. Exhausted, Roxanne collapsed next to me and we fell asleep without another word. That was the best sex I had ever had… at least until the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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