Ruby’s Coach Pt. 01

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Here is a story I started several years ago. Recently, I had the time to revisit it, alter it, edit and spruce it up. There are no real persons or characters and any similarities to real people is purely coincidental. All characters are an amalgam of those I have known and experiences of which I participated. There is sex between adults, both heterosexual and bisexual. If that is not your taste, please move on. All comments are welcome.

I have written about my dear friend, Ruby, several times over the years. I wrote about an amazing party that she threw back in the “Being Neighborly, Part 5” series. I’ve also written about her in other stories but I gave her different names. However, let me tell you, she was the real thing. I use the past tense because “Ruby” passed away this year. Breast Cancer attacked her quickly and she succumbed a few months later. It would take a few million pink ribbons to do justice to her memory.

Sam and I were invited to her funeral. I knew that she was wealthy just by the size of her ranch and her stables. I assumed that she was loaded because she always had a different, new car. Nevertheless, I never really knew how rich she actually was until I saw the volume of greedy relatives at her send off. They gathered around, sharpening their knives for the reading of the will.

Of course, there were others at the funeral. Some of those same sad faces belonged to friends of hers that we had met at parties and get-togethers, some with whom we’d been intimate. Ella and Lou were in from Cupertino and stood next to us. There were many people of every spectrum of the rainbow standing around with long faces. She affected many as she spread her message of dispensing love.

It was several weeks after the funeral that her lawyer called to say that probate was completed and we were named in Ruby’s last testament. The reading would be next week. I was amazed that Ruby would remember us in her will. I mean, really! I had mostly known Ruby as a sexual partner and fellow debauchee, however, there were times that we had connected spiritually and a friendship nurtured. To me, Ruby would always be the beach chick with the killer body and the outrageous camel-toe in her bikini bottoms. I had slid my cock along her bikinied ass crack many times, as she cooed and wiggled back. Yeah, that was Ruby and she was divine.

I recalled how just after I met her on the beach, she sent me a movie of her hand frigging her shaved and puffy pussy. It is still one of my favorites. Later, she would send me films of her and another woman riding a double dildo. And, this was all before we consummated the goods. She knew how to tune me up, that was the truth.

When we finally did the deed, it was fireworks. I remember it vividly. It was cloudy and windy on the beach that day. I asked her back to my place and she quickly accepted. Once there, I went to roll a joint and get some drinks. When I returned, she was already naked and very eager for sex. To say that I was surprised is to put it mildly. I remember that day so well. I have replayed it in my mind many times ever since then. She was a very sensuous lover and she put herself into it in a big way. She made sex serious fun. She pulled herself into my body and I comfortably did the same. I was all so natural. All our moaning and our touching, feeling and emotion brought us to an extraordinary explosion of multiple orgasms. It was a truly memorable first time.

After that, we lay exhausted. We cuddled. She idly whispered in my ear. She told me that her roommate would love me, too, and that we should get together soon. Obviously, I was all in. A few weeks later, she called me and asked me to come over to her place. It was some spread and she lived very comfortably; I thought she was a just beach chick. Beside a formidable inheritance, (her father was once a wheel in politics), there were three ex-husbands and a good bit of alimony. To say that she lived “high on the hog” was to dismiss all that bacon flowing in. She enjoyed her life to the fullest. We wasted no time hopping into her bed, her sofa, her pool, her hot tub…well, you get the picture. After several hours, we were interrupted by her roommate (I do not recall her name) and her boyfriend who wasted no time joining us. That became a wild bisexual adventure in Ruby’s playground, all hands and body parts. Her roommate had a pair of inflatable tits and her boyfriend must have been a foot long. I recall watching Ruby slide down his pole all the way to the root. I was busy plowing the roommate’s ass. I also recall Ruby shoving a fat dildo up his ass while he blew me. It was always a scene at Ruby’s house.

So Ruby had passed, her funeral was morose and sad when Denizli Escort it should have celebrated her. All her kin walked around her house appraising the interior for value. It was sick. I am sure that all her friends replayed Ruby’s greatest hits in their heads and took solace in those memories but I am also sure that all her friends saw her funeral as a bizarre scene, one that she would not have liked. There was some talk about a memorial orgy in the future but nothing ever come of it.

Therefore, Sam and I were curious when we arrived at the lawyer’s office. About thirty other people in attended the reading of the will. Not surprising was that she left nothing to the relatives. She was meticulous in her desire to make sure that many gay and rainbow organizations were well provided. She left her ranch to a pride group to use as a safe shelter for its members. She left her stables and horses to her neighbor, also a rancher and a lesbian. She spread different works of art, furniture and automobiles to her friends. Sam and I were bequeathed a forty-five foot custom Newell motorcoach that was delivered a few weeks before she died and, unfortunately, one she never got to use. We drove home from the reading in total shock. We spent the next few days thinking of what we would do with a multi-million dollar motorcoach.

Opinions about the coach were all over the place. Sam was not so sure about life on the road but I was quick to point out that this was “glamping” in a luxurious million-dollar home, hardly rough on the bones. She warmed to the idea. Ella and Louis wanted us to break it in with a cross-country visit. Elaine and Jane also wanted us to take a road trip and to scout a few properties for them. Scott wanted me to get my playing mojo back; he wanted to play and perform more. As for myself, all I could think about was going back to school to learn how to drive the thing: this free, all paid for, super limo.

It certainly helped that Sam and I were now quite wealthy and able to afford the beast. The government had recently sent my reward for discovering a seed destination of a lethal Russian cyberhack and fortunately were able to disarm it. The CISC division of Homeland Security were able to reverse the hack and destroy a good bit of the Russian facility in St. Petersburg. CISC handsomely rewarded me to the tune of eight figures. In addition, Sam and I dabbled in Jane and Elaine’s real estate ventures, which were also very profitable. With some tips from Louis, my stock portfolio had zoomed. You know, I had spent many years just getting by. There were years of food stamps and the hand-to-mouth job grind when things went sour. At one time, I couldn’t rub two nickels together but I used my skills, my talents and my confidence to get through. Moreover, I was lucky, very lucky. Now, I enjoyed the comfort of security and good living. Sam and I tithed ten percent of our earnings to our favorite charities and hoped to give more each year. However, for right now, we were enjoying our freedom and each other.

That night, we laid in bed with my iPad searching YouTube for information about our new coach. I found that “RVing with Andrew Steele” was the most detailed about high-end, top tier coaches like Newell and Prevost conversions. We watched his tour of the Newell factory and learned much about what to look for and what to look out for. We learned about tip as well as problems. We saw some snazzy RV resorts in South Florida. We even watched as he, his girlfriend Shea took ownership of a twenty-year old Newell, and then, on their first road trip, it caught fire. We learned quite a lot. His site led us to videos from “Brian’s RV Videos” and “AZ Expert” where we learned even more. Into the wee hours of the morning, we absorbed some of “Matt’s RV Reviews with Matt and Andrea, “Endless RVing” with Izzy and MJ and “Irene Irons Travels” with Chris and Aaron. Our heads were swimming when we finally cocked out.

I had the coach driven over to my friend, Bradley, who owned a luxury motorcoach store, for an inspection. He picked up the coach from Ruby’s house and drove it to his shop. He told me that the coach was a cream puff with low mileage. It had only been driven from the factory to Ruby’s house and had been kept in an air-controlled barn. It was a 2022 Class-A P50 model “couples” coach with four slide-outs. I know that Ruby had waited over a year for it to be completed as we had conversations about all aspects of the coach. I knew that she had ordered a matching toy hauler but had cancelled it and then, a few months later, reordered it. It was to have a matching continuous paint job. It would be done in four months and it would be an ideal way to haul Denizli Escort Bayan my new Tesla Plaid. Ruby talked about how she wanted to visit friends all over the country but that she wanted to do it in style. She knew how to operate a truck so learning how to handle a bus would be no problem. She also had Newell modify the coach to her specifications, from the interior to the Ryan Loucks designed outside paint job, which was rich in fades and drop-shadows and had ruby-red metallic swirl running from front to back. Yeah, this was a Ruby-mobile, for sure.

Bradley suggested that I break-in the coach with a long trip and then, if we hate it, sell it back to him. This was not a bad idea. Bradley effused over the coach and could get quite a bit for it. He mentioned all the options in it and that it was a rare and valuable coach. He said it was built by the company as a “show coach”, a product to show off at conventions, trade shows and as such, a piece to show off Newell’s expertise at coach construction. It had very large tanks so it would be good for long hauls. He told me that it had a very powerful engine — a 605 horsepower diesel, a large generator that I would never use because of all the solar panels, and oddly, it had a propane stovetop because Ruby liked to cook with gas. He estimated that the original price was nearly two million dollars or more. What a gift! That Ruby! Bradley also suggested that we stop at the factory in Miami, Oklahoma to have the coach serviced by Newell, as the coach was under warranty. This, too, was a good idea.

I settled into my Eames Lounger to absorb the case of manuals. There were quite a few covering every aspect of the coach and all the appliances. This would take some time. I dug into the spec sheet first.

Hmmm…king-size bed with televator, one and a half bathrooms including spa-shower…lit quartz counter-tops…twenty-thousand kilowatt generator…eight solar panels with four thousand watts…all lithium batteries…light farmhouse interior (more beach-like)…Aquahot…Newell II House Management System…four air conditioners…605 horsepower with six-speed Allison transmission…two-hundred gallons water, one-hundred gallon grey and black…What didn’t she include? I would have to take Sam down to Bradley’s to inspect the coach. After that, I will leave it to her imagination. Meanwhile, I would make plans to learn how to drive the sucker.

That evening over dinner, I broached the subject. Sam suddenly became excited. “So? Are we starting a new adventure? I’m ready.”

“You’re not going to believe how luxurious this coach is. It has everything, literally everything in it. First, we have to inspect it and have everything explained to us. Then, we have to learn how to drive it. Let me ask you something, where would you like to road trip?”

“Oh, gee…I’ll have to think about that. To tell you the truth, I have been fantasizing about it. Can we just pull off the road, pull down the shades and then make love? That would be one fantasy.”

“Oh, yes. You can be sure that if Ruby had a hand in designing it, she put her hand everywhere, if you know what I mean.”

“Indeed, I do. Well, we have to go out to Palo Alto to see Ella and Lou.”

“Yes, that will be part of our itinerary. We also have to make a stop at the Newell factory in Oklahoma to have any squeaks and rattles repaired. I would like to visit my old digs in East Hampton and see friends there. I also want to stop in Nazareth, Pennsylvania to maybe buy a new Martin guitar.”

“It looks like we’re going coast to coast.”

“And if we hate it, we can just turn around.”

“Somehow, I doubt that’s going to happen. But, do we have to stay in it all the time? It might be like living in a shoebox.”

“No, there are RV resorts all over the country. Some nudist, some wellness, and so on. You’ll have your pick.”

“Ooh. This is sounding better and better. I’m going to start researching the web.”

Damn if she didn’t mean right then and there. She scooted off to her computer where she read up on as much as she could handle. I was asleep already when she curled up beside me.

I awoke to the strong scent of feminine pheromones wafting into my nostrils. At first, I thought it was a dream but upon opening my eyes, I realized it was the real thing. Sam was still asleep, on her side and facing me. Her sleep shirt lay angled on her hip and I could see that her vagina was puffy and oozing juices. I slowly slipped down so that I was eyeball to vulva. She sighed and it was more like a satisfying breath in a dream. I could not help myself as I snaked my tongue along her lips. Another satisfied sigh escaped and she slightly Escort Denizli spread her thighs enough for me to get in a good lick. Her vulva puffed up some more and her lips spread apart. With gentle swipes, she relaxed and pushed up at me. I felt her slightly start as she awoke and realized that she was not having a dream. She moaned and spread her legs further. Then she rolled over on my head and pushed her folds into my mouth. Her orgasm came quickly probably because she was nearly there in Slumberland. She groaned and flooded my face with ripe, fragrant, syrupy liquid and then groaned again. I was covered in her essence and I thought, “What a great way to wake up!” Sam could not agree more.

“Oh man, was that ever great! A perfect welcome to the morning. How did you know?”

“I smelled you as I woke up. I didn’t know that women can have wet dreams.”

“I guess so because it was some dream I was having!”

“Tell me about it.”

“I’m not sure, I can. I mean, I don’t really remember the details. I was getting fucked, that much I know…and it was in the coach although how I know that, I mean, it wasn’t…I couldn’t really tell where I was…I mean, I went to sleep dreaming about the coach…yes, I was in the coach and there were other people there…faceless people…and the hands, their mouths, their organs were all over me…I was on my back and then I was in the air, like floating. I don’t know if there was a plot, I can’t remember. Although that waking orgasm seemed to release the dream, I just don’t remember…And that orgasm was different…”

“How so?”

“Well, it seemed to flow out of me…like opening the tap just a little more than a trickle. You know how an orgasm rushes and builds up within you and when you cum, it all comes to the surface and explodes? This was not like that. This was a steady river of orgasm; there was no peak, it was a continual peak. Anyway, it felt very intense and very satisfying. What a way to wake up! Now, I really reek. I’m taking a shower.”

“Wait! I want to take in your smell. I want to make love to you again.”

“I’m not stopping you.”

I slowly moved on top of her. She reached down and stroked my hard shaft. She wiped the glans along her clit a few times and then sucked me into her vagina. I began to slide in and out with a leisurely and enjoyable pace. Together, our hips moved in unison. I felt her fill with lubrication and her walls gripped me. She moaned. I placed one hand over her labia and stroked her clit, now hard and rising out of the hood. “Oh, oh, right there. Yes.” She moaned again. I felt her walls gripping me again and I felt my cum rising. Within a moment, I began to shoot globs of jizz into her. She responded by shaking, arching up and pulling me in. “Cum. Cum in me. Oh, yes, I’m coming too.” Together, we flowed, our juices combining in a juicy combination, pouring from our loins. We collapsed, drained and satisfied. We kissed for about five minutes. Yeah, this was love.

“I’m taking a shower now. We stink but it is a good stink.”

Alone in bed, I was still erect. I stroked my stiff cock up and back, pulling up at the glans. I picked up my pace and, within about a minute, I coated my chest with cum. I lay there catching my breath and waiting to get up to shower. Viscous off-white colored globs were slowly dripping down my side so I scooped it up and licked my hand. The taste triggered a flash of visions and all of them good. I got up to shower and more cum began to drip down my stomach. I scooped it into my hand and walked into the bathroom. Sam was just finishing her shower and reaching for the towel. I held my palm up to her mouth and she inhaled my jizz before licking my palm clean.

“Mmm…My morning coffee. You just couldn’t wait, could you? You had to cum again!”

“No and I didn’t want to wait. You know, masturbation is sex with someone you love. Woody Allen said that. It only took about five strokes.” I hopped into the shower while Sam dressed and made our morning coffee.

“So, are we going to look at the coach today?”

“I’d love to. I want to see what this beast is all about.”

I called Bradley and he asked us to come by his shop in a couple of hours.

“I researched a bunch of things last night. I went to Newell and read up on the coach. There was a lot I didn’t understand but what did penetrate was quite amazing. I also researched resorts and there are some fabulous places to go. I’ve never been to the Rockies and there are some beautiful resorts in Colorado.”

“Good. I have some old pals in Colorado I would like to see. I also have friends in the San Francisco area who have been asking me to come out there for years.”

“I have cousins in Scottsdale. And, I, too, have a friend near San Francisco. This is starting to sound better and better.”

“First, we have to have a test and inspection trip.”

“Okay, I’ll work on it.”

I welcome your comments and votes. Feel free to add your opinions. Thanks.

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