Saints to Sluts Ch. 03

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Monday 10th March 2014, 10:30am Lahore, Pakistan

Zubiya was a thirty nine year old Muslim Hijabi woman who lived with her husband Arshad and their three children, a son named Imran (19) and two daughters Ayesha (18) and Meshwish (15) in the famous city of Lahore, Pakistan. She was a religious woman and loved her family and her husband who despite being religious still loved her and cared for her, unlike most men in Pakisatni society from their generation but if there was one flaw, it was sex. They had not had sex now for three years, and Zubiya sometimes missed it, and it’s not like they were doing it every night before as well. But once a month or two months is better than not doing it for three years. She had always loved sex but was afraid to admit it and be considered a bad Muslimah, so she just stayed quiet, and in some way she understood that Arshad was busy making sure that their family was well off and their children got quality education at top schools and universities of the city, and in that way life was going good.

It all changed though, with a wedding in their family and her brother-in law Akbar came back from the states with his family and his new wife Salma, who was a Lebanese woman, and her son Ali, who was nineteen years old and looked liked a decent kid and of course her niece Mariam from Arshad’s first wife and they stayed with them. Zubiya loved having them, as she thought that guests were a blessing from God and it’d help her family with everything. As the wedding went by, everybody was enjoying themselves but on many occasions Zubiya had a feeling that Ali was staring at her and would look away when she looked back, and this continued even after the wedding was over, but she shrugged it off, thinking why would he look at me I am his aunt, and besides, there were so many other pretty young girls for him to look at and she put it at the back of her head.

It was a normal monday morning and Zubiya was busy doing her household chores while her husband and brother-in-law had gone to their shop as there was some sort of a problem, and Zubiya hoped it wouldn’t be something big while her son Imran had taken Mariam, Salma, Mehwish and Ali for shopping as for Ayesha she had her college and she was there. Zubiya raced through her work and had lunch ready very quickly and realized she still had a lot of time left so she decided to do the laundry and she started gathering clothes from everyone’s room and as she approached Imran’s room she heard some noise and she got scared as everyone is supposed to be out so who is in the room she thought of going back to the lounge and calling someone but then she realized she needed to be sure that someone was there and she slowly opened the door and she saw someone sleeping there and they were snoring so she quietly went to the side to see who it was and it was her step nephew Ali and he was there sleeping and he was naked. Zubiya was about to go out when suddenly Ali moved a little bit and his dick rolled out from under the blankets. Zubiya almost screamed and ran out of the room and closed the door, and she stood there, breathing heavily as the image of that cock was right in front of her eyes. She couldn’t imagine she had just seen another man’s dick, and that too of her nephew, and it was so big, almost eight inches much bigger than her husband’s, and despite herself she imagined what it would be like to get fucked by that dick and this made her open the room door as she went in again and this time she didn’t have to go anywhere as Ali was lying straight and his dick was semi erect with his morning boner.

Zubiya felt weak in her knees and started having disturbing thoughts about touching it and making it completely hard and then getting fucked by it and without her noticing she started moving towards it and as she reached on top of her nephew’s bed she realized her nipples were hard as they had ever been and her panties were starting to get wet but before she could do anything else Ali’s alarm started to go off and he woke up and he saw her aunt standing over him and then he saw he was naked and started to cover himself as Zubiya came back to her senses and rushed out of the room straight to the kitchen as she sat down on a chair and thought of what she was about to do and cursed herself for getting caught. She was just thinking about what to say as Ali came into the kitchen wearing a white shirt and black trousers and cleared his throat

“I am so sorry you had to see that.” he said, bowing his head

Zubiya looked at him and then at his trousers and could still see a small bulge and realized Bolu Escort something could happen here, and she made an angry face

“As you should be. What were you doing sleeping naked?” She asked in an angry tone

“Does Imran also do it?” She asked, suddenly remembering about her son

“No he doesn’t and I also only did it today after he went out..” Ali replied without looking at her still

“Speaking of going out why didn’t you go?” she asked still in an angry tone

“I just I…” Ali looked for words, but no words came out

“Speak up will you or I will call your mother right now!!” She screamed this time

“No don’t tell my mother anything I will tell you. It;s just that I wanted to talk to my girlfriend and I thought you all would go for shopping and I will be all alone..”He said all this very quickly in a whisper

“You have a girlfriend? you should be ashamed of yourself and why did you need for us to leave to talk to her and it still doesn’t explain why you were naked??” Zubiya asked, starting to get curious

“I will tell you but promise me that you won’t get angry or tell my mom.” Ali replied scared

“That I will decide you are in no state to make any demands!!” she snapped back at him

Ali knew he had no choice, so he thought of going with the truth

“OK her name is Ashley she is 18 years old. She is in Mariam’s class and the reason I wanted to be alone when we talked and I was naked was because we video chatted and had cam sex.” He finished red in the face

“What do you mean by cam sex?” Zubiya screamed at him, but was curious to know as well

“Well we both get naked and talk dirty things to each other and play with our self and masturbate..” He finished, still not looking her in the face

Zubiya needed some time to comprehend what she had just listened. Ali was not the sweet kid she had thought off. Instead he had done so many HARAAM things, but instead of getting angry she got horny.

“So from how long have you been doing all this sexual stuff?” she asked

“About two years now with sex and 4 years with masturbation.” he replied, going red in the face

Zubiya was starting to get wet again listening to all the stuff her nephew had done, and she knew this was the moment to act, and she stood up and got close to him and sat on the chair that was next to where he was standing

“So you like masturbating?” she said in a weird tone that Ali didn’t understand, but he nodded his head in approval

“OK then show me how you do it.” She said in a hoarse voice

Ali looked up at her, dumbfounded as to what he had just heard

“What happened now I thought you loved doing it so do it now then!!” Zubiya pressed on

“But in front of you I mean you are my aunt.” Ali said, still shocked

“So what I already saw your dick and besides I am your step aunt.” she said as she began to get impatient

Ali was not sure, but the prospect of masturbating in front of this MILF started to cloud his judgement as he started to get hard and he nervously took off his trousers revealing his semi erect dick. Zubiya looked at his dick and was starting to get wetter and wetter down there but didn’t let Ali know and she motioned for him to start and Ali did that and with the prospect of this MILF watching him, his dick grew in full size in no time and he started to moan. Zubiya’s eyes almost fell out of her socket when she saw that big dick in it’s full glory and kept looking at it as her nephew’s moans filled the kitchen.

“You know if you want to see my cum I will need a little help.” Ali said in a cautious way

“What do you mean?” Zubiya replied curiously

“Well if you take your tits out I might be able to cum quicker.” He said sheepishly

“Are you out of your mind I am your aunt??” she retorted angrily

“And yet you are here watching me masturbate. Come on now show them to me or I will stop.” Ali stopped stroking his dick

Zubiya knew this was way more than she had thought and was about to leave but the sight of Ali’s dick made her stand as she took off her Kameez and Bra and revealed those D-Cup tits and she looked at Ali shyly

“Fuck me they are gorgeous!!” he said, and started to stroke his dick again

Ali was starting to get bolder. He had wanted to fuck Zubiya from the day he had arrived in Paksitan, and now he wanted to try his luck as he moved forward and made his dick touch her right nipple sending shivers down Zubiya’s body and making her moan and making her pussy even wet. Ali went ahead and grabbed her left tit in his hand while Bolu Escort Bayan continuing to stroke his dick and play with her nipple. It was now Zubiya’s turn to look down and not meet his eyes, but all she could see was that big dick and how it was playing with her right breast.

“Go on touch it you know you want to..” Ali said

Zubiya looked at him in astonishment but her hand started to move towards the dick as if they were waiting to be asked, and she touched his dick and Ali let out a moan as he felt her fingers over his cock. She slowly started to stroke it, inciting moans from Ali as he couldn’t believe he was getting a handjob from his aunt, but he wanted to test how far she would go.

“Do you want to kiss her. I bet Arshad uncle never let you kissed his cock.” He asked

Zubiya gave him a disgusted look and stopped stroking, but Ali was smiling and he said it again as he pinched her left nipple

“Kiss it once you’ll love it trust me.” he said smiling

Zubiya had never touched Arshad’s dick with her mouth, as this was HARAAM but she thought what she is doing now is HARAAM, so why not give this a go as well, and she bent forward and kissed the top of his dick and then the side, and then the other side, and she kept kissing as she went down till his balls and kissed them too. Ali was in heaven and he knew now he could do anything with her and as Zubiya got up from kissing his balls, he told her to put his dick in her mouth.

“Are you mad that’s disgusting!!” Zybiya said angrily, as to how could Ali even think about this

Ali on the other hand, remained calm and told her to trust him. He knows what he is doing. Zubiya was still not convinced but Ali put her cock right in front of her lips and she hesitantly opened her mouth and took him in and then put it out and Ali clapped for her encouraging her to go and she did, slowly taking most of his dick in her mouth and she started to give her an amateur blowjob. Ali was loving it, getting blown by her aunt was more than a fantasy, and even though she wasn’t doing that good, he didn’t mind and was getting close. Zubiya blowed him for a good ten minutes bobbing up and down, getting saliva all over her mouth and chin in the process and her hair getting messier, and she could sense him getting closer and she took him out, not wanting to get cum in her mouth.

Ali didn’t mind, he made her lie on the table and got on top of her and put his dick between her two big boobs and ordered Zubiya to hold them together, and she did more in curiosity to see what would happen next, and Ali started to titty fuck her. He was already very close and this titty fucking took him over the edge screaming


And he came, sending jets of sperm over Zubiya’s lips nose neck and chin who didn’t seem to mind now. Ali loved this so much and he started sucking at those tits and with her hands started to get inside her Salwar to touch her pussy and as he touched it over her panties and salwar he noticed she was soaking wet so he stopped sucking her boobs and got down took of her salwar and panties and looked at that beautiful bald MILF pussy. Zubiya had always kept her pussy bald and now Ali was very happy that she did as he bent over and took a sniff of that beautiful pussy.

He started to get hard again, so he went ahead and licked her pussy. Zubiya had never been licked by anyone in her life and this felt amazing and she started moaning like crazy and Ali went to town on her pussy she was a really good pussy eater, being doing it for the last three years he licked her pussy walls then tongue fucked her, and as he realized she was getting close, he started eating her cunt out, nibbling at it with his tongue, and Zubiya was in heaven and was feeling sensations like she had never felt in her life


And with that scream she had her first orgasm in three years as she squirted all over Ali’s face, who drank as much as he could and continued to lap up the remaining juice from her pussy. Zubiya had not even fully recovered when Ali put his dick inside her pussy, making her scream


As Ali’s dick slowly went in, he took it out and pushed it back in and he started to have rhythm in his thrusts and he increased his speed as he fucked her aunt and so did Zubiya’s moans


All Escort Bolu this dirty talk made Ali hornier as he continued to thrust in her aunt with full speed and he realized that she was getting close to another orgasm so he put his thumb on her clit and started to rub it which drove Zubiya into heaven as her second orgasm hit her squirting all over Ali’s dick and shouting at the top of her lungs. Ali looked at her and smiled to himself, thinking who would believe this is the same pious Muslim woman who was angry at me for sleeping naked and now she’s moaning here like a slut.

As Zubiya calmed down from her second orgasm, Ali told her to get down and bend over as he wanted to fuck her doggy style. She quickly got down and bent and opened her ass cheeks as Ali got the perfect view of that magnificent Ass. He slapped her ass and she giggled before thrusting his dick back into her pussy as he started fucking her at full speed. He saw her tits flying everywhere as she moaned and screamed all sorts of things, but Ali had something else on his mind he took his middle finger, made it wet, and put it inside her butthole, and Zubiya lost it


Ali obliged, but he added another finger and started to finger fuck her ass while he fucked her pussy and Zubiya was now shouting like an animal.


She screamed as her third orgasm hit her

Ali continued finger fucking her ass even through her orgasm and as she finally relaxed took out his dick from her pussy and put it at her asshole Zubiya, realizing what he was about to do, tried to stop him but Ali told her to trust him. She finally calmed down and told him

“Do it slowly and be careful.” and turned her head around as she waited for it to happen

Ali put his fingers in her pussy and then in her ass to lube it up a bit and then slowly and steadily put his dick in her Ass. She was an anal virgin and it took him some time before he got half of his cock inside her ass and then he took it out and then he tried it again and this time getting it all of it inside her butt and then he started thrusting and picked up speed and reached over to rub her clit as he fucked her in her ass. Zubiya didn’t know what to do or say; the words had failed her with the sensations that she was receiving. She just moaned softly, enjoying being in bliss, and only her whispers came out

“Yes yes fuck me ohh yes i am getting fucked in the ass ohh yes this feels amazing ohh keep doing that fuck your aunt make her cum..”

As Ali drilled into her ass while rubbing her clit, and as he sensed her orgasm coming, he increased his speed and fucked her with full force and without any warning Zubiya screamed


And Ali’s hand was drenched with her squirt and with all of her body trembling. Ali couldn’t hold on any longer, and he emptied his seed in her asshole as stream after stream of his cum got in her aunt’s asshole. He lay on top of her for a few minutes before getting out of her asshole and her aunt got up as he brought his dick in front of her to clean it off, thinking to try it, but Zubiya grabbed it like a kid seeing a lollipop and started sucking it, hungrily, cleaning it from head to the balls. She got up and kissed him and told him to get a shower before the others came back as she started to clean the mess they had created with her squirt and his cum. As Ali was about to leave the room, she said,

“I really liked to watch your masturbation. I hope I get to see it again..” and blew him a kiss. Ali smiled at her and got out of the room, already thinking about the next time.

They had just managed to clean up the kitchen when her husband and brother-in-law returned with the devastating news their shop’s license had been canceled and it was looking very hard that they would get it back. Everybody was worried with the news, and as Zubiya was preparing dinner in the kitchen, she received a message on whatsapp. It was from her neighbor Iram

“Open the next message when you are all alone”

Zubiya got confused but waited for the message to arrive, and when it did she almost passed out as it was a video of her bending backwards and getting fucked in the ass. Zubiya was shocked at how Iram got this video, and before she could type anything, another message from Iram came. Tomorrow morning 11am at my house or this video goes on the internet and Arshad’s mobile. Zubiya just stood there looking at her mobile, when her younger daughter Mehwish came in and seeing her asked

“Mom are you alright??”

Zubiya just nodded and put her phone aside and continued to work again, thinking now, what does Iram want…

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