Sandy, Mark and Helen Ch. 05

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When I returned home from the conference, Helen was already gone but Sandy described in detail the wonderful time that they had had. They had been close before, but the intense sexual activity had drawn them much closer, as would be expected. It was clearly three days of intense bonding. It was fascinating to hear all of Sandy’s report, but the most surprising thing of to me was the total lack of sex in Helen’s marriage. I found it hard to believe, particularly when Sandy talked about Richard’s use of groupies when someone as pretty and sexy as Helen was his wife. However, the one thing that she did not include in her description of Helen and Richard’s marriage was the question of Helen becoming pregnant and the impending test of his intentions. As she explained later, she wanted to see how that played out before we discussed it.

As I said, the three days were a time of closeness, but it turned out that there was one element of the bonding between Sandy and Helen that astounded me when I heard of it. This obviously was not new and had occurred over the months since Helen started visiting us, but it was a total surprise to me – and not a pleasant one. It was a couple of weeks after I got back. Richard was on a long flight and layover and Helen was returning for another visit. We had had a problem with the jets on the Jacuzzi and I casually commented that I had better get it fixed before she arrived. Sandy’s replay astounded me. “Don’t worry about it for now. We’ll be having our periods about that time.

My response, on a topic which men tend to avoid, was, “Damn it, what lousy timing – wait a minute, ‘our’ periods! When did this become a joint thing? Do you plan it together?”

“No, dear, we don’t plan it, it just happens. I know that you ignore that subject, but Helen and I have matched for the last two cycles – what’s the term? Oh yes, ‘menstrual synchrony.’ Women who live together tend to have their periods at the same time. Helen and I matched to the day after two months in Spain, and we picked right up after she started coming here regularly. Apparently we are together enough to trigger the synchronization. It’s not a planned joint activity, it just happens. Sorry about that!”

Men tend to be disgruntled when informed that the most significant part of a woman’s anatomy will be “out of order” even if they understand the physical process causing it. In my case, it was particularly annoying because it seems reasonable to believe that if you have two women, they should stagger the “events” so that one is always available! Saying that “it just happens” doesn’t make it fair! Note: I make no claim to being logical about this!

After saying all that, however, I have to admit that it all turned out pretty well in this case – their cunts were unavailable, but their hands and mouths still worked. I ended up naked in bed with two very attractive, semi-nude women, one on each side, one playing with my very hard cock and the other fondling my balls. It was a situation much to be desired, two mouths and four hands at my service!

Probably the most surprising experience of that time together was hearing my wife giving instructions on how I liked my equipment worked on. She demonstrated how to stroke the shaft and gave detailed instructions on how to handle the balls. It was amusing and, at the same time, exciting, as I listened to her almost giving a lecture, for I had no idea as to how well she had studied me. This was particularly true when she gave a practical demonstration.

She was working her hand up and down on my cock with her right hand while massaging my balls with her left. I was concentrating on the sensation, approaching the critical point when I heard her instruct Helen, “See, as he gets closer, the balls tighten up. When they are loose, they are very tender and must be handled very carefully and, sometimes, that’s all he wants. But as they tighten, they are much less sensitive and they can be squeezed and slapped and he likes that. You’ll learn with experience. Normally when Mack’s balls are really tight, he likes them slapped hard and, if he lifts up toward your hand, you can really smack them. You have to watch his reaction, and, rarely, if he holds them up high, like he is now, really slap them. At that point, he will be ready to erupt, so take the cock in your mouth and gently suck and swallow.”

I erupted and she swallowed. She was giving up the secrets she had learned over the years, cues that I gave without realizing it. I really was surprised, hearing how carefully she had studied my reactions, but I realized that I had done much the same thing with her – knowing just what to do and when to do it to maximize her pleasure. Still, it was touching to hear. It was also evident that she expected Helen to be a real part of our love making and that she clearly welcomed her. She was actually giving lessons!

It was a pleasant two days with two women taking turns working on me. I reciprocated by kissing tits and sucking Urfa Escort nipples and the two women did the same, but I was the center of attention. Sandy demonstrated how to perform felatio, her head bobbing up and down while playing with by balls, again swallowing when I exploded in her mouth. When alone, we didn’t do a whole lot of that, but the threesome somehow made it more exciting. That certainly was true when Helen proved that she had learned the lesson and, for the first time, had a cock come in her mouth and she tasted male cum. She instinctively pulled back a bit when I came, but resolutely stayed there until the last drop went down her throat. It was, of course, a major step for her.

Another such step took place the following afternoon. Contrary to what this account of our sexual activities might suggest, we did have classes to be taught and administrative duties to carry out, so we weren’t involved in sex the entire time. On that second day, I once again got home before Sandy and was greeted by Helen with a very loving kiss. She hugged me and asked, “Would you be interested in doing something before Sandy comes home?”

Not too surprisingly, I thought that was a very good idea. Shortly afterwards, I was nude on the bed and a bare breasted – well, “maiden” is the wrong word, but you know what I mean – was sitting beside me, grasping my cock and industriously working it up and down. Her other hand, as instructed by my wife, was massaging my balls. Happily, she had learned the lesson and her handling of the balls became more aggressive as my arousal mounted. She seemed to know, without real experience, when was the right time to start slapping them. The whole situation was such that whatever restraint I might have had over my emotions vanished and I just began surging upwards as I approached orgasm. At just the right moment, just before my climax, she brought her hand back and hit my balls hard and took my cock in her mouth just as I came. I think that my hips were six inches off the bed, my cock driving forward into her mouth in one of the biggest orgasms I can remember.

I collapsed backwards on the bed as she kept my cock between her lips as it softened in her mouth. At that moment, we heard Sandy come in downstairs and, as she had last time, she called out, “Where is everybody?” This time the answer was different.

“We’re up here in the bedroom! Come on up!”

“What a scene to come home to! My sister, half naked, on the bed with my completely naked husband, obviously engaged in some depraved act!”

Helen replied, “We’re not engaged in any such act! We just finished! Now I’m waiting to find out if I learned the lesson you taught me!”

“Sandy, dear, you are an excellent teacher. Your pupil performed magnificently! You can give her an A+ in cock sucking! Actually, you may have some competition – she’s good!”

So, despite not having the opportunity to screw either of the two women during that visit, it was very enjoyable for me and, it appeared to be for them, also. I wasn’t aware of a crisis looming between Helen and Richard, but as I learned later, our activities served to take Helen’s mind off of the coming test. She clearly was badly hurt by his preference for sex with other women while, seemingly, still loving her in a nonsexual way. Fortunately, her relationship with us kept her from dwelling on it all the time. She and Sandy talked quite a bit during that visit, but that seemed to be of no great significance since they always did that, although there was a lot of “private” conversations. For me, unaware of the currents swirling around me, I was concerned only with our own attempts at inseminating Sandy, not whether Richard could do the same thing for Helen. I was due for a shock!

About two weeks later the time had come for Sandy and me. The semester and classes were over, leaving only some exams to grade and papers to read. Both schools were on the same schedule, so there were no conflicts. We had time to Christmas shop and to attend a few parties, but the critical dates were three days around the 20th of December – the time Sandy had waited for since she began her PhD work. She had her degree, she had an excellent position, the time was ripe to get pregnant, and those were the magic fertile days. Everything was scheduled – get pregnant in December, teach the spring semester before she got too big, have the baby in September with a leave of absence the fall, semester, and start teaching again a year from now. We had deliberately stayed away from sex the past week and now were prepared for an orgy of fucking to start the process.

There was one hiccup in the plan, however. Several days before liftoff, Helen called and asked if it would ok for her to come at what was exactly the wrong time. Calling was normal procedure – she would call and ask permission and we, of course, always said yes. I answered the phone, automatically said yes without thinking and, afterwards, expected Sandy Urfa Escort Bayan to be upset at not being alone at this special time. I could tell that she was troubled, but I consoled her by promising to give her my full attention. Her response surprised me.

“No, honey, I’m sure that you have enough for both of us. In a way it will be nice to share this special time with her. She can be here at the moment of creation of her godchild.” That was a touching thought and I hugged and kissed her in response.

Finally the day, and Helen, arrived. Sandy was out shopping so I let her in, put my arms around her followed by a very affectionate kiss. This was not a casual friend to receive an “air” kiss. She returned the kiss with vigor, but when I pulled back, I thought she looked somewhat timorous, but before I could ask if anything was wrong, Sandy came in. They embraced for a long time and while I put some groceries away, they went up to the bedroom and closeted themselves for this conversation which I learned about later.


“Oh, Sandy, I’m sorry but I just couldn’t stay away.”

“I assume that he didn’t pass the test.”

“No! I put the schedule up on the board a week ago and I saw him looking at it. I honestly don’t know what I was hoping for – if he stayed and tried, it would have shown his affection, but probably it would be a failure. If he scheduled another layover, he had to have deliberately avoided another try. Yesterday it seemed that, fortuitously, another pilot wasn’t going to be available for a long flight, requiring a layover, so Richard had to replace him. I know that he set it up because I heard him on the phone trading flights. So, here I am.”

“Are you sure that this is what you want to do? You can’t undo it if you change your mind afterwards.”

“Gods, no, I don’t want to change my mind. I hate to admit this, because it sounds do disloyal, but I would rather have Mack as the father. I love everything about him and I would be proud to have a baby by him. The real question is, how do you feel? Your husband impregnating another woman!”

“You’re not just another woman, honey. We both love you and I have absolutely no hesitation in this!”

“What about Mack? Shouldn’t we let him know what’s going on? Would he be unhappy if I get pregnant by him?”

“I’ve been thinking about that for, to tell you the truth, I really expected this. I know Mack very well, obviously, and I’m certain that he would have absolutely no negative thoughts if he made you pregnant. He probably would enjoy trying to do so if he were certain that you really wanted it and that I approved. I have been going back and forth about it and I think that we should break the news to him after he fucks me the first time.”

“Oh, Sandy dear, that would be perfect! I would feel that we had trapped him into something if we didn’t tell him before he has me. If for whatever reason he’s hesitant, and I think that we could tell, I’ll pull back and, maybe, wait till another time or try something else.”

“I don’t think that there will be a problem. I think that he loves you as much as I do. The three of us just seem to meld together. What there us in him that appeals to me also appeals to you. What there is in me that appeals to him is also in you. That’s a bit simplistic, but it seems to fit the relationship. Tonight’s the night!”


I, of course, was totally unaware of what was planned for me and, when the three of us were on the bed, my only concern was putting a massive load of sperm into Sandy and, as they say, knock her up. Still, I had two naked women with me, one on each side, so, before the main event, I fondled two sets of tits, sucked on four nipples and, in general, enjoyed the company. At the same time, two hands played with my cock and balls. As would be expected, it wasn’t long before I mounted my wife, penetrated her deeply and began the age-long process of impregnation. After a week of denial, it didn’t take long until both of us were lost in movement toward orgasm. I was plunging in more and more rapidly, pounding her cunt, while she was humping up toward me, welcoming the blows on her clit and pubic bone. The end came as I wedged myself against her and deposited the potent sperm into her deepest recesses. We held tightly together, cock in cunt, before, sated, we fell apart.

Exhausted by both our exertions and the relief of tensions, we lay there quietly, three of us side by side. It was sort of weird having a third person there after such a significant moment. Of course, the three of us had been like that before and I had screwed both women when the other was present, but this was different. There is a real psychological difference between casual sex and deliberate insemination of a woman.

Nearly an hour went by and hands began to stray. Helen’s tits were Escort Urfa like magnets and fingers began teasing my cock which began to rise. Helen rose up and leaned over me to put her nipple in my mouth. Sandy, my now possibly pregnant wife, began a more determined massaging of my cock, causing it to rise. Anticipating that she wanted another deposit to send more to her womb, I was surprised when she pulled away and dropped a bombshell.

“Now, dear, you may have started a process by which you, we hope, become a father. However, your work us not done. Remember when I told you that our periods are synchronized? Well, you may not have made the connection, but that means that our fertile times are synchronized also. There’s another fertile womb beside you that needs your attention so that you can become a father twice on the same night. Give Helen a baby, too!”

Helen looked up at me with the most loving expression on her face and said, “Please fuck me Mack. Make me pregnant too!”

I have absolutely no idea as to what went through my mind, if anything, at that moment. I’m sure that my mouth hung open as I stared into emptiness. I certainly had not made the connection about synchronization and, if I had, that would, in no way, have told me that Helen would want me to impregnate her and, if she did, that Sandy would be urging me on. The whole thing was just beyond comprehension.

Yet, there was Helen on her back with her legs raised and parted, her cunt open and ready. There, also was Sandy, smiling encouragingly. Regardless of the logic of the situation, my cock seemed to have ears, for it was suddenly at full mast, ready for action. Hesitantly, I looked at Helen and asked, “Are you sure?”


I quickly looked over at Sandy, got a clear, smiling, assurance and took the irrevocable act of sinking my rigid cock into Helen’s beckoning cunt and began to fuck her. I had fucked her before, of course, but the knowledge that she was fertile and unprotected and that she wanted me to impregnate her galvanized me. I plunged in and out of her with a driving force that almost crushed her down into the bed. However, she met me with an almost equal force surging back up. I think that the unique circumstances pushed us both past our normal reserves, and when I erupted within her, we hung together, grinding against each other, getting the most out of mutual orgasms.

As I pulled out of Helen and lay beside her, Sandy said, “My god, that should have done something! You two were like a machine, a fucking machine. One thing is sure, Helen, Mack’s sperm is headed for you womb! We may have two pregnant women here but we have two more days to make sure and Mack and his cock are going to be worn out!”

“Ok, I’m willing to do the dirty work and make a valiant try to knock you both up at the same time! However, I want to know what the hell is going on! With my wife’s permission, I’ll certainly will enjoy trying to get you pregnant, but why? Why me?”

For the next twenty minutes, Helen recounted the long, unfortunate story she had related to Sandy, ending with, “For whatever reason, Richard can screw these other women, but he can’t get hard enough to get into me. Obviously, it’s not physical. I’ve done everything I can, but he’s avoiding even trying. As I told you, he even said that maybe I should try artificial insemination. I’m not going to do that. I want someone I love to impregnate me and that’s you! Now we’ll see what happens!”

The following two days were a time of love making rather than the orgy I had predicted. There is something very different from normal recreational sex and sex with a purpose. The knowledge that both women were unprotected and fertile and were welcoming my sperm to impregnate them seemed to give me more energy and desire. As would be expected, the women were more eager, more passionate – on a mission rather than just another session of sex. They were more vocal, particularly in expressing their love for me and each other.

Sandy and Helen didn’t simply lie there on the bed waiting their turn to be bred. For the first time ever I saw true female-female sex – not the practiced, routine sex of the porn videos, but real love making. It wasn’t intended for that purpose, but watching them certainly helped revive my own passion. On occasion they went the whole way with each other and that really fired me up, but another unexpected act had a potent effect.

Following what seems to be a common practice, a pillow was placed under the hips of the woman who had just been screwed to, supposedly, keep the sperm deep inside and heading for the womb. One time, after Helen and I had intercourse – actually, that word seems more appropriate when it’s done for this purpose – she had her legs still raised as Sandy was putting the pillow in place. Her cunt was exposed with the lips coated with a mixture of my cum and her lubrication. Spontaneously, Sandy leaned down between her legs and began licking the area and, even, going between the lips. Then she reached over and cleaned the combined residue off of my cock. Somehow those erotic, probably lewd, acts were exciting to all of us, and both women continued the practice from then on. Actually, I guess it was an orgy in some ways

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