Sarah Ch. 01: The Beginning

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My eyes dart across the room as she walks through the heavy door of this cold waiting room. Her brown layered hair bouncing with each step, and as I progress my eyes down her perfectly curved body she continues to impress me with each new feature I come across. Her beauty is stunning, her confident walk emits a sense of power, and the women in her path are immediately overcome with slight discomfort as she makes her way to the reception desk. For once in my life, I knew I had to act on this- I knew I had to talk to her.

“Hi, appointment for Sarah,” I hear her say. Her voice is soft yet seductive. Her name is easy to the ear- simple, yet pretty. Who knew today would have such potential.

Sarah makes her way towards me and sits down at a tan chair directly in front of me, her perfume riding on a wave of air as she does so. Her scent is intoxicating and immediately brings my head to attention. As I glance up from my phone she crosses her legs so her black skirt is resting at the proper coverage level- if I had it my way, this would be very different.

“NOW SERVING C-801 AT WINDOW NUMBER 23,” comes over the speakers in the typical monotone automated voice we’ve all come to expect from the DMV. This may be the first time in DMV history that someone was upset at their ticket being called, but dammit I was upset.

I stand up and begin walking towards window 23 until something stops me. Something in my head tells me to go back and talk to Sarah- it wasn’t a suggestion from my instinct, it was a screaming demand at the top of my internal mind’s lungs. I turn around, walk back to do so, and see Sarah looking up from her phone- directly into my eyes.

“Forget something?” she asks with the voice I’ve been dying to hear more of. A cheeky smile comes over her face as if she’s said a clever joke, but I didn’t mind. Her smile is as gorgeous as I thought it would be, maybe even more. I can see her eyes now as well, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen brown eyes look any better.

“Yes, actually. My name is John. I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to accompany me on what most would call ‘a date’ tonight. You, me, and dinner at my place. No need to bring anything, just yourself and that stunning smile you just showed me,” I reply, not missing a beat. Her cheeks turn red as her smile fades.

“Well, that’s a very direct way of asking. I commend that. Unfortunately I can’t, I have plans tonight,” she explains.

“..alright. Fair enough. Have a good day,” I state as I turn back around and make my way to Window 23. Could I have sat and pried? Sure. Would it have paid off? Perhaps. Sadly, I don’t have time for that, even when considering how insanely hot Sarah is. The woman standing at the window has a face that shows her growing impatience with me, she can tell now I was taking my time to get up there.

The paperwork was done smooth and quick and my registration is now paid with my new license plate tags in hand. On my way to the door I look over to make one final glance at Sarah but she isn’t in the same seat. As I turn my head back towards the door to leave, I see her standing next to the exit- she’s staring at me. As I approach, a bit of anxiety overcomes me: a combination of excitement and nervousness. It’s the first time I’ve felt either of these in a long time.

“Can I ask you something?” she blurts in a kind yet impatient manner.

“Sure, anything you’d like.” I reply, in a calm voice.

“Well, two actually: Why didn’t you try to reschedule with me when you clearly had enough interest to come speak to me and boldly ask for a date the way you did, and why didn’t you ask if I had a boyfriend before asking? It’s sort of rude to ask a woman on a date without knowing if she’s with someone,” she explains.

“Good questions, but both answers are very easy: I knew that if you had anything near the interest I had in you, YOU would come and talk to ME, and you having a boyfriend is not in the slightest a blip on my radar. Trust me when I say that if you do have a boyfriend, he isn’t anywhere near as attracted to you as I am at this very moment.”

Sarah’s face turns straight as an arrow and her cheeks are now the color of the brightest cherries you’ve ever seen, making it very clear that she’s at a loss for words. I’m not sure if it’s the answers I gave or the tone in which I gave them. That, of course, is a tone that most men don’t have the ability to speak in to a woman: confident, not cocky. At this point in our little dance she’s either going to tell me off or she’s going to make her chess move back at me. After another three whole-seconds, I got my answer.

“Nine-one-six, two-two-nine, five-four-eight-seven,” she mutters. “Text me your address, I’ll see Uşak Escort you tonight,” she says as she turns and walks away. Her walk-off is commendable but it made her miss the best part of this entire exchange: the devilish grin that sat on my face as I pictured her little skirt on the floor of my apartment.


Never in my life have I put on a suit and tie for a dinner in my own home, but if Sarah shows up in an outfit that’s anywhere near what I’m picturing in my head, I’ll need it. The prime rib cuts are sitting on a wooden cutting board on my granite counter top and resting to room temperature. The salad is in a clear bowl on my dark wooden dinner table and two sets of silverware and cups are on opposing ends. The bottle of wine has been chilling for an hour or two and is almost ready to be taken out. Dinner for two is almost ready, and there’s a knock at the front door. I open the door and feel the warm summer night push through as it swings towards me. What I see standing in front of me is nothing short of an ice cold bottle of water if I was someone who had been stranded in a desert for 5 days.

The first thing I noticed was the scent of the same perfume from earlier, applied again but just a bit more diligently for the occasion. After my mind moved past that and began processing what was looking back at me, I noticed much more. Sarah’s brown hair was curled now and sat graciously on her shoulders, draping like gentle waterfalls over the straps of her red dress. The dress itself was nothing special, but the way it curved and contoured her body was in a fair competition against a wild fantasy I’m sure every man has had. Her neck showed off her silky smooth skin, begging for my lips to graze over and tease. Her chest was covered well by the dress, you can tell she went the classy route for tonight by the lack of cleavage. As much as I am a man who enjoys the showing of skin, a classy woman is something that has always intrigued me; although I think it’s mostly because forcing the reveal of their un-classy side is so goddamn fun.

“Well, hello there.” I say as my eyes glance up and down the front of her body.

“Hello.” she replies quietly, in an almost shy manner. A nervous smile lands on her face as she makes a quick moment of eye contact, then breaks it again.

“Come in, let me show you around.”

Sarah obliges and steps inside, looking around curiously as she does so.

As I showed Sarah everything there was to see about the apartment, I could tell she was getting more comfortable. She gradually made more eye contact, physically got closer to me as we walked through it all, and started laughing at the jokes I made. With Sarah more comfortable, it made it much easier for me to cook fluidly while we conversed over the glass of wine I had poured her. She was worried I wouldn’t have any myself, but I assured her I was saving room for dinner and would have some once the food was on the table. We talked about a lot while I prepared our meal. We discussed where she’s from, where I’m from, how many men she’s dated, how many women I’ve dated, and everything was going well until she asked the question that threw me for a whirl.

“So how many women have you slept with, if I may ask?” she asked in a “just for fun” tone. The wine was kicking in and it seems like she may have needed it to grow the courage to ask. She was also obviously hoping for a low number in response.. but if I were to answer honestly, she would be disappointed.

“I have slept with four women. All lovely women that I had a deep connection with and cared for immensely,” I replied. I glanced over to see how she was liking my answer, and it became obvious- she saw right through me.

“Oh, come on John. No one wins by you giving a fake number. You were far too smooth and comfortable with talking to me earlier to have only really slept with four women. That’s fine though, we’ll move on. Who knows maybe one day I’ll know the real number,” she says while ending the sentence with a giggle and another quick sip of her wine.

Dinner went great and was filled with quality conversation going nonstop throughout the course of it. The bottle of wine was finished towards the beginning of the meal and the food we ate seemed to soak it up pretty well, bringing us both to a more sober state. Afterwards, we managed to make our way over to my living room couch with the TV on at a low volume to make things seem a bit more comfortable. There she sat- the woman I needed to speak to earlier at the DMV, sitting in a dashing red dress on my couch. Where things will lead tonight was still a bit of a mystery to me, mainly because it’s not my style to pressure a woman into doing Uşak Escort Bayan anything.

“So when will I find out what your real number is?” Sarah asks, I could tell she was a bit more serious this time. “It’s sort of an important thing to know, considering I think this date is going so well. Depending on the number, I may want to go on a second one or I may not.”

“Well, I will tell you that my number is a bit higher than four women, but I won’t tell you any specifics.”

“That’s fine, that’s all I needed. I figured I was right, but now my mind is turning and I’m wondering something else.” She takes a pause and looks me dead in my eyes. “How good were you to those women? You know.. sexually.”

I can’t believe what just came out of her mouth. I’m not sure if I should be upset that she’s doubting my sexual capabilities, or if I should be excited for what this is so obviously leading to. As I contemplate my thoughts and my next step, a cheeky grin comes over Sarah’s face. She thinks she has the upper hand here- she thinks that she’s going to be right about this, too. Well, she’s most definitely wrong. Severely, terribly, wrong.

“Well, would you like to find out?” I reply in a monotone and calm manner. My thoughts begin slipping into a different mindset, preparing for what’s to come.

“Yes…” she replies. She moves in to kiss me, but I stop her.

“Take your thong off. Put it on the coffee table,” I demand.

“How did you know I was wearing-“

“Just do it. Now.”

My straight-forwardness and lack of hesitation catches her off-guard.

She follows my instructions, slowly standing up and reaching up her dress to begin pulling her black lace thong down her finely shaved legs. Black lace: the single sure-fire way to get me even more excited about sex. Lace is such a beautiful material, it says “I’m meant for beauty and looks”. Interestingly enough, when you cross-contaminate that material with the color black, it then screams “I’m here to fuck you until your eyes roll back”. If Sarah has the intentions that her underwear says she does, that would make two of us.

Sarah places her thong on the coffee table as I directed her to, and I point to the spot on the couch next to me where she was sitting before, signaling my demand for her to sit back down. She does so, keeping eye contact with me the entire time. I lean over as if I’m about to kiss her lips but turn left at the very last second and slowly graze my lips over her neck. I pull the red strap of her dress off of her right shoulder, with it now resting on her bicep as I continue down the lower area of her neck and shoulder. I can hear her breathing- it’s getting heavier, and it’s getting faster. It’s evident to me that she’s fighting her body’s reactions, but that won’t last long. My right hand makes its way to her knee, and as they connect her body immediately lets out a quick shiver. I waste no time as my fingertips start slowly coming up her thigh. At the midway point of her thigh, Sarah lets out a large exhale and I pick my head up to see what her face is saying. The translation was very easy: eyes closed, head back, a slight bite to her lower lip, complete ecstasy.

My fingertips continue up her thigh and I can already feel the warmth of her body welcoming me. I gently place my middle finger on her warm clit and begin slowly moving it in a circular motion. Her lips are completely covered in her moisture, and I can feel it getting more drenched by the second. In one fluid movement, I get down on the floor in front of the couch and push her back into the seat. Sarah gives me some assistance and pulls her dress up, but her legs are still together. I take my hands and put one on each knee, then gently push them apart. Sarah kindly obliges and slowly gives me access to her kingdom.

I waste no time and immediately start kissing her inner right thigh, moving closer and closer to my destination with each gentle kiss. Once I reach near her center, I switch to her other inner thigh and run my tongue from beginning to end, with the end being her tender pussy. My tongue caresses her clit, and I can feel her legs begin to shake lightly. She tastes a bit sweeter than most women I’ve been with, which immediately makes her that much more attractive to me. Sarah let’s out a soft moan and puts her hand behind my head, pushing me deeper into what is causing her to lose all control. As I continue to clean her of all her juices, the quiet moans turn into loud noises of pleasure and come quiet close to reaching levels near screaming. She begins shaking and quivering faster and harder, signaling she’s going to cum. This is when I stop.

I pull my head out from her pussy, her head Escort Uşak slowly coming back forward after the pleasure forced it back into the couch cushion. Staring her in her eyes, I stand up and sit on the other end of the couch and signal her over to me.

“Take your dress off, put it on the coffee table, and get on your knees,” I demand. “Get down there like I know you want to.”

Without saying a word she begins taking off the red dress I adored so much and slowly puts it on the coffee table. Doing this reveals her B-cup breasts, sitting in a black bra with lace on the edges. She looks at me as if she’s wondering if I want her to take it off. I don’t. Instead, I signal her down to the ground in front of me, and she obeys.

Sarah reaches for my belt buckle and has no problem undoing it. The button on my suit pants and the zipper have no issues coming undone either, and within seconds she’s in the process of pulling my pants down to my ankles. I’m hard as a rock, pitching a rather large tent with my boxers, but Sarah has no problems taking those off too. My cock flops out and stands at attention, and without questioning a thing Sarah proceeds with putting her mouth to it. She takes it right into her lips like it was meant to be there and begins sucking me. Her lips slide up and down my shaft, and with each slide up I can see more and more saliva glistening on my throbbing cock. The more she continues, the more I come to understand that this woman definitely knows what she’s doing. Her tongue is being used well and the level of suction she forms with her mouth is perfect.

Sarah sucks me on her knees without taking her mouth off my cock for what felt like 15 minutes. It could have been a bit shorter or longer, but at this point in the night, time is irrelevant and is beginning to blur together.

I pull her mouth off of my cock and a suction pop can be heard once she leaves the tip. She quickly tries climbing on top of me but I stop her before she inserts me into her body. With my hands on her hips, I can feel her shaking in anticipation. I slowly start moving her downwards onto me and to my pleasant surprise, I can feel just how tight she is. Judging by how I can feel her walls stretch around my cock, she may not have had sex in months.

Sarah rides me like this is the last good fuck she’ll have for a long time, and it’s a pleasure to see her breasts bouncing up and down as she moves. They’re still held in her bra, but this posed no problems as they bounce like it wasn’t even there. I look up at her as she goes through her phenomenal motions and I see her eyes roll back into her head. Her noises have become a mixture between yelps of pleasure and quiet grunts as she puts more effort into fucking me. I push Sarah up and off of me, and by her hips. bend her over the side of the couch. Her thick yet perky ass raised in mid-air. It’s begging for my entry.

“Ask me to fuck you.” I demand.

“Will you fuck me?” She asks. She turns back and looks at me, biting her bottom lip.

“Ask kindly.”

“Will you please fuck me?” She asks in a polite tone. She raises her ass just a bit more as if to show me her body begging for what it truly wants.

I grab Sarah’s hips and slowly insert my throbbing cock into her. Each time I become completely inside of her she lets out a moan, and soon those moans become closer together. The skin of my thighs start clapping against her soft cheeks as I begin using all the strength in my upper body to pull her sweet little pussy onto me, then off of me again. Sarah is screaming and as much as she tries, she can’t control it.

“Oh my fucking god,” she screams, “Please don’t stop!” is exclaimed from her pretty little mouth. For the first time tonight, the roles have switched- she’s making demands now.

I do as I’ve been told and I keep going- harder and harder as my strength increases. I grab her hair and pull her head back with it as she starts to involuntarily shake and convulse. I can feel her walls pulsing on my cock as I feel us both come to a climax. I begin my descent, forcing myself in and out of her until every drop of cum rested in my body is put inside of her. Her screams quiet to moans again, sweet and mellow like a roller coaster coming to a stop.

Sarah falls forward onto the couch and lays on her back, her eyes closed for a few seconds while we both catch our breath. She opens her eyes and sees me standing there, staring back at her. For a moment, I admire the beautiful woman laying on my couch that I’ve just ravished to completion. For once in my life, I think I actually want to enjoy the same woman again. Not just her body, but her presence, as well. Her passion, obedience, and phenomenal sexual abilities also play a large role in this decision.

“So, do you think this is something you’d want to do again?” I ask her. She takes a couple seconds to catch her breath, fixing her hair as a smirk comes over her face.

“Are you free tomorrow?” She asks in reply.

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