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We all have different tastes; none of us is perfect and it’s a wonder in this day and age of strongly opinionated people who are not shy about pointing out the faults of others, that we can ever find peace of mind. Thankfully, in my case, although I do have my faults, I was fortunate to find the perfect partner and have found that peace.

It was only once I had reached my teens that I became aware that I had a very small penis when compared to others my age. Organised Sports at school became a bit of an ordeal when all manner of spiteful remarks would be made by other boys who delighted in bullying me in the changing room when inevitable comparisons were made. I suppose it was those experiences that caused me to adopt the submissive nature that defined me ever since.

However, the lack of inches didn’t prevent me from exploring what little there was and I also became an adept masturbator as I explored the delights that puberty provides. It was also from my frequent (and I mean ‘frequent’) wanking that I accidentally discovered the taste of my sperm when a particularly satisfying session resulted in my ejaculation hitting my face. I instinctively licked my lips and rather than be disgusted I was pleasantly surprised by the agreeable flavour of the pearly emission. So much so that thereafter to taste my cum became an integral feature of my wanking; I really did get a lot of pleasure from it.

Growing up was difficult, especially when the opposite sex became involved. I won’t go into any great details but suffice to say that if the remarks made by the bullies in the changing room were bad, the comments made by some girls when my little dick was revealed were even more hurtful and I became even more paranoid about my lack of inches.

When the girl who was to become my wife and I began dating I avoided letting her see my small penis for as long as possible but eventually she got to see it and told me that it was okay she loved me for who I was, all of me.

I think the reason that she was so ambivalent about my diminutive assets was that she also had ‘body issues’ of her own. She is a beautiful woman with big tits and large protruding nipples which show through anything she wears, she hated how she looked and, like me, she had gone through her own school years suffering spiteful remarks and teasing so she was well aware and sympathetic toward the pain of our formative years. It was this shared experience that really cemented our relationship and I love that we have this special bond!

Another thing that impresses me about her is that since our first proper date is that she has always shaved her pussy. She prefers it and I love it too. Her face is pretty but to me she is the complete package with her big tits, a baby smooth pussy and a solid curvy body!

Early in our marriage my wife did make comments about my little cock but she did it kindly (if that’s possible) and I always knew I was a submissive type beta male but was striving to make it work. It was also early in our marriage that I discovered I had another problem, although my penis was small, it was super sensitive and I suffered from premature ejaculation. It seemed that I only had to touch (or be touched) that I would be overwhelmed and would spurt off which became a compounding problem that prevented us from ever having proper ‘porno sex’, so our sex life suffered. My wife was at first understanding but clearly our sex life was never going to be the envy of anyone.

However, whilst I wasn’t able to provide her with a proper servicing it didn’t take too long before I adopted an alternative role in our sex life which was to become an expert pussy eater. I eagerly embraced it because that’s what she said would satisfy her and it was clear that she really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed it because not only did I get to taste her womanly nectar but often because I had just ejaculated on her after a failed attempt at penetrating I got to taste my own cum as well. It became even more exciting when she introduced a dildo to replace my inadequacy and our sex life became one of me eating her pussy while she pleasured herself with ‘Big Jim’ as she called it. She also had a name for me which she used in private, ‘PPL’, her personal pussy licker!

It was okay at first but we never had what one might call a raging sex life and our frequency diminished to her using Big Jim while I waited for my chance to go down on her when she felt like she needed a bit of variety.

About a year later and a new routine began when she started going out with her friends on ‘girls’ night out’. The friends (the girls in question) were mostly work mates and unlike her were all single. I met a few of them when they came to collect her and I have to say that they looked delightful company and very sexy. We always shared a bit of banter before they drove off and I for my part, would joke that they looked as if they were going out to get themselves a stud to play with for the night. It was all good fun and I would always tell my wife to have fun teasing all those desperate studs she and Anadolu Yakası Escort the girls would dance with; it seemed harmless enough.

This new routine started as a once a month but that soon grew to becoming a weekly thing and with this new interest in her life our sex life diminished to me basically begging her to let me eat her out.

I think that she came to realise that she had been neglecting me because sometimes she would ask me if I ‘wanted a hand job’. It wasn’t said with much conviction and I usually didn’t take her up on it because I got the feeling she really didn’t want to be bothered and it was always a disappointing experience. I didn’t want to spoil her fun evenings so I tended to avoid it. Thus we settled into a routine of her getting a good pussy eating which I thoroughly enjoyed especially after which she would give me a peck on the cheek as a thank you before she would roll over satisfied with her post orgasmic glow and falling off to sleep.

After about a year of this she came home one night later than usual. I was horny waiting for her practically begged her to let me go down on her because that was the one part our sex life we both enjoyed. She was a little tipsy from a night out of drinking and disappointed me by saying she was not really interested. I persisted and she eventually relented and as soon as I began to peel off her panties I realised why she might have been reticent, her panties were soaked and smelled of, well, sex and I was sure that it was cum that I detected smearing the silk.

I made a comment about how hot and ready her wet pussy seemed but she didn’t respond and seemed quite indifferent to my attention. Rather than her indifference putting me off, her lack of interest turned me on and my little penis was rock hard at the thought of why she was acting like this!

I proceeded to lick and lap at her sloppy pussy and noted right away that she tasted different. I made no mention that it looked like cum but rather I told her that she tasted so good tonight and that her pussy was so much yummier. I told her that whatever she was doing to make her pussy taste so good this night was perfect and to she needed to keep it up! In my mind there was no doubt that I was eating another man’s cum out of her pussy and in our own ways we were both loving it.

Indeed, I was so turned on that even after I felt her shudder and moan her way through her orgasm I didn’t want to stop and it was soon after that I felt my own ejaculation spurting out as my stiff little dick rubbed back and forth on the bed sheet. That tasted yummy as well.

After she had calmed down, I whispered in her ear that I enjoyed her unusually tasty pussy and that I was now spoiled by her sweet taste; that I hoped she would continue to do whatever it was she was doing to make it so yummy. She just giggled and said, “okay my sweet PPL, I’m so glad you enjoyed it” before rolling over and quickly falling asleep.

I, on the other hand, lay awake recounting what had just happened and found it difficult to calm down. Even though I had just enjoyed the most satisfying orgasm I was so aroused and captivated by the idea that my wife was getting the sex that I could never provide from another man, that my little cock was as stiff as it had ever been.

Realizing I was turned on about it was icing on the cake. Most men would be very angry and upset but here I was with an erection, happy about the whole situation and delighted to find myself in the position of being both a beta male and a cuckold!

The next morning not wanting to let it go I was up early and she came down about a half hour later for coffee. She was clearly carrying a hangover so I lovingly greeted her, made her coffee and asked her how her evening out with the girls had gone. I reminded her that she had been so hot and tasty last night that it must’ve been a fun evening with the girls teasing all those sweaty studs at the club. She just smiled and laughed a little and said that they had a lot of fun and left it at that.

The following week she went out with her girls again and, as with the previous week, she returned later than expected. I had a strong suspicion she had again been with another man so we went through the same performance as before and once we got to the bedroom, despite her objections, again I insisted on eating her out. She eventually gave in and as with last week I found her panties soaked. I deliberately held them up and commented about how wet they were and emphasised the point by sniffing and licking the very wet patch before diving into her sloppy cunt. Unlike the last week, this time she seemed to be a little more comfortable and as I began my routine of licking and fingering her she asked me, “… are you enjoying my tasty pussy tonight?” (Or at least that what I was hearing.) I eagerly responded with making compliments of her sweetness and how much I appreciated her efforts to make her pussy taste like this.

I think that it was at this stage that I figured that we recognised that we were now Avrupa Yakası Escort playing out some kind of game whereby I knew what she had been up to on her girls’ night out and she in turn knew that I knew (and that I had no problem with her sluttish behaviour) … and that I knew that she knew that I knew!

I continued with playing my part in the charade and told her that I didn’t know what she was doing to make her pussy taste so good but that she better not stop doing whatever it was because I was now spoiled by her sweet taste.

As I lapped away she responded with a moan and said she thought I would like it and that she prepared it just for me and that maybe I should enjoy it and get used to it. I told her how much I appreciated her thoughtfulness and promised her I would be happy to go down on her sweet tasting pussy anytime. She murmured her promise that she would do so and then the murmur turn into a moan of ecstasy and once again she flooded my face with her juices as she climaxed. She pushed my head away, rolled over and went fast asleep.

The very next day she seemed to be caught up with her phone and if she wasn’t answering and speaking to mystery callers she would be making calls to other equally anonymous contacts. It was after a particularly intense exchange that she informed me that she would be going out that night to meet up with her girlfriend Linda to talk because, apparently, she was having ‘man issues’, whatever that was supposed to mean, and that she knew of just the way to help her out with whatever the problem was. She said that she didn’t expect that she would be out too late and her demeanour didn’t lead me to expect anything untoward.

True to her word, this night she was gone by 7pm and home before 10:30pm. I had already gone to bed so I was a little surprised when she woke me and was almost eager to have me go down on her. I quickly found my senses and was more than happy to oblige her. I was even more surprised when I pulled down her panties to see they were once again soaked and that cum was glistening the lips of her pussy.

I made a favourable comment about her condition and when I looked up at her to hear if she had an explanation I was further surprised to see that she was holding up her mobile phone and clearly making a video recording. She told me she wanted to film me and asked me to repeat my comment so that it would tell her how much I appreciated her sweet tasting pussy. I was bemused by her request but, nevertheless, I complied and I repeated that she had the best tasting pussy and how much I wanted and loved to eat it out.

She responded by saying that she had ‘specially prepared her pussy for me tonight’ and recited the date and time, which I thought was a bit strange, and then went on to say that I should be very grateful to her for letting me enjoy it.

I liked the way ‘our game’ was going so told her that I loved how her pussy tasted and that I was so lucky to have a wife who was kind and considerate to get herself ready for me.

She giggled at my choice of words and then told me, “.. look up and smile for me Sweetie..”

She also smiled when she saw my shiny face, smeared with the copious nectar already seeping from her cunt, then she surprised me once more when I heard her talking to the phone saying, “.. look at my husband, his face is covered in my love juice and he just can’t get enough! … Tell me again Sweetie …”

I played along and said very clearly that, “.. I was so privileged to have a loving wife willing to offer me the sweetest pussy …” and again begged her to keep feeding me her tasty snack.

“Oh, don’t worry Sweetie, you’re being such a good boy, you deserve it …. now get back to work, there’s lots more where that came from ….. but be sure to keep reminding me of how much you love licking my pussy to make it clean and how good it tastes!”

I didn’t miss that she used the term ‘clean’ (we’d never referred to me eating her out as ‘cleaning’) but I was so turned on and having so much fun that I chose not to point out to her that maybe the choice of word was possibly inappropriate, I was more excited that she was recording me doing it! It was few moments later that I brought her to a satisfying climax and in her excitement she literally squirted over my face (but not too excited that she stopped her filming).

She put the phone to one side and as we briefly cuddled she used her phone-free hand to give my rampant dick a squeeze. That was all it took, a touch, and I spurted all over her hand and my stomach. She laughed to see the effect her feather-like touch had caused and as an extra reward she bought her sticky hand to my mouth and let me lick off the dribbles of my cum.

I told her how hot it was that she had recorded me eating her out, I half-jokingly told her she better not show that to her girlfriends or she might have to share me, especially with her friend Linda who she had been so concerned about. She just giggled and said that she hadn’t taken the video for the benefit of her girlfriends; İstanbul Escort it was not for them.

I already suspected that it wasn’t for her girlfriends and I had figured out that she was probably going to share it with her lover; in my mind I had already written the fantasy that she had told him that I, her husband, enjoyed eating her cum-filled pussy and he had told her that he wanted proof. I was more convinced that this was the truth for she had deliberately during her narration been stating the date and time which would provide further evidence that she had come home to me just after he had just pumped her full of his cum, probably less than an hour ago. I mean, why else would she have done that?

I didn’t share with her my suspicions (that would have ‘violated’ the rules of our game), I just told her that I hoped that I had ‘performed’ well for her private show and that I was always available for featuring in future videos. I helpfully suggested that maybe next time we could turn the bedroom lights on to improve the quality rather than just rely on the low illumination of the bedside table lamp. She thought that to be a good idea but said that for the moment she was very tired from all the excitement and that, “… we really needed to get to sleep as it was going to be a busy day tomorrow.”

As she quickly drifted off to sleep, I once again found myself very much awake with my head spinning with thoughts and, although she had just made me cum, I remained very aroused.

I lay there alongside her and all I could think about was that her lover, whoever he might be, was probably turned on by the thought that the woman whom he had picked up had actually fed her cum-filled pussy to her husband and that I, in my innocence, wasn’t any the wiser about it.

As I mulled over that thought it occurred to me that as I much as I was turned on by the experience, I suspected her lover was just as turned on at the idea that he was better than I in taking care of her sexual needs and that the video would provide evidence of his dominance over me through his knowledge of me eating his creampie. I thought that it was probably his idea for her to video me as a sign of his control over us both and my stubby little cock gave a twitch as I thought of him looking at the video as he fucked and fed her his cock into her to leave her pussy full of cum just for her to come home to feed it to me over and over again.

I stroked off quietly, licked my fingers and eventually went to sleep about an hour later.

Life went on as usual for the next week or so, until I happened to mention and remind her of the video she made, the cum soaked panties; asking about whether she had watched it or shared it with anyone and how much I had enjoyed us making it.

I was disappointed and a little confused when she reacted nervously and asked me why I had brought it up. I had assumed that she was totally on-board with us playing this complicated game but by her reaction to my query it was obvious she wasn’t in tune with my way of thinking at all, it was almost as if she feared that I had discovered she had fucked someone else.

I quickly changed the subject (well not really, it was still about the same topic) and said that I was looking forward to another messy, tasty, pussy-eating session where she could once again film it but this time with the bedroom light on. I told her that I thought it was so sexy and couldn’t wait to do it again, especially the part when she had jacked me off. I suggested that maybe rather than putting phone down she could video that moment as well.

She relaxed as she concluded from my suggestions that maybe I wasn’t aware I had been cuckolded and she enthusiastically said that maybe tomorrow night we could do it again. She said that she had been thinking about having a night out ‘with the girls’ and that it was always such a good time with them that she was sure she would be in good form by the time she got home.

I told her that I couldn’t wait for the sweet taste of her pussy juices and kissed her on the neck as I went out to mow the lawn.

True to her words the very next evening after her night out ‘with the girls’ she returned home at what has now become a late hour. Unlike previous nights, when she came up the stairs to the bedroom, she flipped on the bedroom lights and said, “… wake up Sweetie, I think you are going to enjoy my pussy tonight!”

I was a bit groggy but quickly woke up when I realized what was going on. Adopting what I considered my role in ‘the game’, I responded saying that I hoped she had prepared a sweet tasting pussy for me to enjoy.

She said, “you bet I have, Sweetie” and laid down alongside me on the bed. I rolled over to position myself between her legs and as I made to pull her panties off she stopped me and said, “Not so fast, let’s get the camera set up, we want to make sure we don’t miss a thing.”

I scrambled off the bed, took the phone from her and propped it up on the chest of drawers so it pointed toward the bed. Satisfied it was recording, I went back and ‘resumed the position’ and slowly pulled her soaked sticky panties down off over her ankles. I held them up so the camera had a good view of them then deliberately said, “look how moist you are, you are such a naughty wife. It’s a good thing you like my pussy cleaning skills”.

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