Saving Her Good Boy Ch. 03

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Roger is at his own house right now. He is reading another Tolstoy novel on his chair and occasionally gazing out of the window. It is so funny how happy Roger is now that he is someone else’s property. After she forced him to cum on her face, Dominique told him “I’ve marked your white cock with my black pussy juices already. You’re sullied now and no other girl will ever get to touch you.” Her possessiveness made him so horny he was able to fuck her again when she ordered him to. He is such a whore now, dropping his pants and shoving his dick inside his girlfriend whenever she tells him to.

As he thinks about her, he could hear someone knocking on his door. He tells his parents to come in. The door isn’t locked and his father twists the knob, entering the room, followed by Roger’s mother. “Hey, son,” his dad says to him with an apprehensive look on his face. “There is something me and your mom want to talk to you about.” Roger goes to the worst case scenario in his head, fearing that one if not both of them smelled Dominique’s spicy pussy juices on his face when he returned home yesterday. The teen really loves being his girlfriend’s whore but doesn’t feel like sharing that part of his life with his mom and dad, for some reason.

He tells himself to calm the hell down and not let his crazy thoughts show up on his face, knowing how expressive he can be. It has always been difficult for him to hide his feelings from others, especially his own parents. “Sure! Go ahead then, dad. What is so important that you and mom really have to talk to me about?” He gives them both a stare and waits for them to say something to him, anything, really, to fill this void. Although he does hope that it’s nothing related to the fact that he now comes home smelling of black pussy all over a lot these days. Maybe he is a little bit too slutty. No, he’s only a slut for Dominique.

His father looks at him for a moment before removing his glasses and wiping it, the way he always does when he is feeling nervous. Then he says to Roger “It’s about Stephanie,” catching the boy off guard. They have tried to console him before but there was no need, since he only cried for a couple of hours. “We have noticed how you barely shed any tear for her since her untimely passing. Not to say that death at any time isn’t untimely, course. It always it. You know what I mean.” Now Roger knows where he got his awkwardness from.

Roger’s mom is a far more articulate person than either of them. She walks over to where he is sitting and places a hand on his shoulder. Rubbing it in a gentle manner, she says “You don’t have to carry the burden by yourself, my dear boy. Let us help you. It’s not healthy to keep these feelings bottled up inside.” So that’s what this is about. They think he is hiding his grief and internalizing the pain, trying to cope with the loss by himself. “You are still so young and this must have put you in such an excruciating pain. You two loved each other so much.”

At this point, Roger sighs and shakes his head, confusing the two of them. He wanted the humiliating part of their relationship to be a secret to take to the grave with him, but that seems like it won’t be an option now. “I was going to break up with Stephanie before she died because she was cheating on me repeatedly,” he informs his mom and dad, who are both shocked by this. “But she knew that dad was embezzling and blackmailed me into staying with her. By the time she died, I no longer loved Stephanie.”

Now they are even more stunned as he puts on a smile on his face. Neither of them had any idea about this and don’t know how to process it. His dad feels very uncomfortable when he says “I’d no idea she knew about what I did. I’m so sorry I got you involved in the mess I created.” Roger quickly waves this off, telling his dad that what’s done is done, and that it is all water under the bridge. There is no need for him to feel more guilt, as long as he promises to stop with the financial crime. Roger’s dad quickly promises that he’s already stopped with the embezzlement.

His mother still seems a little worried for Roger’s mental well-being though. “Well, you still knew her for a very long time and were friends for almost your entire lives. And you did leave during her funeral too. I assume you have some difficulty processing her death. You can still openly mourn for her, even if she was terrible to you at the end. I know that a part of you must still love her if you had to leave before the funeral was over, because you couldn’t stand to be there and face the fact that she’s gone now.”

Here is the part he didn’t want to bring up, but his mom just did it for him, and he now has no choice but to face the topic. The boy takes deep breathes and tries to steady himself before he says “Actually, I left the funeral early to get laid by my new girlfriend Dominique, someone I really care about. I didn’t tell you about her yet because I was afraid of this. That you Bolu Escort would ask me about how I managed to move on from Stephanie so quickly, just a few weeks after she died.” There. He just said it to them. Now he’ll get to see how they take it.

His father stammers in shock, while his mother blanches at hearing that her precious son already lost his virginity. They finally leave the room after some half-hearted attempts to resume the conversation, leaving him to think of some other thing to do. Roger is going to sleep over at Dominique’s house that night and he is feeling excited about it. He grabs various items, including some clothes to change into, packing them all into his duffel bag. With a lot of time left, Roger decides to finish reading the chapter that he has read up to.

At approximately 5 PM, he leaves the room and goes into the kitchen. Getting alight snack, Roger then leaves for his girlfriend’s house. He arrives in about an hour and the two of them quickly hug and kiss in the doorway. They go up to her bedroom where they lie on the bed and watch a movie together, happily curled up in each other’s arms. Roger feels the safest when he’s resting in her warm, strong embrace, feeling her muscular arms wrapped around his body. He just knows she would never, ever hurt him.

Suddenly, something occurs to him. He looks over at his girlfriend and kisses her on the cheek to get her attention. She was the one who told him to do that every time he wanted to talk about something, so that she could get as many of those kisses as possible. “My parents and I had a conversation today and it made me realize that neither of us introduced our parents to each other yet. They were under the impression that I’m still in love with Stephanie but I quickly corrected them. I told them that I have a girlfriend I really want to be with now.”

Dominique watches him as he nuzzles against her neck, inhaling her scent. He loves sniffing her hair, almost as much as he enjoys the fragrance of her cunt. The girl’s black pussy tastes and smells perfect to him. “You are so sweet to tell them about us already,” she says to him. “I promise I will tell my parents about you and I soon. For now let’s just be together like this.” They cuddle and continue to watch the movie together. Once the film is over, Dominique looks at the clock and sees that it is now 8PM. She switches the headlamp off and the two soon fall asleep on the large bed.

A few hours later, Dominique wakes up with the urge to pee. Her bladder is telling her to go to the toilet, but then she sees her boyfriend sleeping right next to her. Feeling mischievous, the girl taps his shoulder. When that fails to wake him up, she cups his balls and gently squeezes them, before going down to suck his cock into her mouth. He quickly jumps up and she giggles. “Sorry for waking you up, sweetie. But I really need to take a piss right now,” she tells her white boyfriend, whose bleary eyes blinking as he adjusts to the light from the headlamp she switched on.

“Um, okay?” he mumbles sleepily. His hair is so messy, lying around all over the place on his head. He looks so cute this way and Dominique just stares at him with love and lust in her eyes. Oh she is so going to do something really dirty to him now. “Why don’t you go to the toilet then? It’s just across the hall, isn’t it?” Roger is confused about why she had to wake him up when this is her own house and she knows where the bathroom is located. Ah, so damn innocent.

“I’ve got a much better idea than that,” she whispers. “It will be so fun and we will also get to try out this kinky fetish of mine, one that I have never shared with anyone before.” She places her hands on his chest and pushes Roger back down on the bed, her chocolate skin slightly flushed with desire. The young ebony has never indulged in what she is about to do before and the thought of forcing him to submit to her turns her on so much. “I’m going to use your mouth as my toilet. I’ll be pissing in your mouth and you are going to swallow it all, and let me use your tongue as toilet paper.”

To her great surprise and delight, her submissive boyfriend doesn’t even need any coaxing. “Okay!” he tells her. “I am your slut. I belong to you. You can do whatever you want with me, anytime you want to do it. My consent doesn’t even matter.” He is glad to see that he pleased her with his words and quickly opens his mouth as wide as it could go. Dominique removes her cotton panties and then sets her hairy pussy inches above his face, before she urinates.

The black girl is now urinating directly into Roger’s mouth, quickly filling it up with her salty piss. He quickly swallows her yellow pee as she keeps on pissing in his mouth. Some of her piss spills out on to the pillow but he can swallow most of the ebony girl’s piss in time. Eventually she stops peeing. He looks up at her with his mouth full of her piss and then swallows all of it. “I love how Bolu Escort Bayan good your piss tastes,” he says to her and leans up to lick her clean with his tongue, getting some more of the salty pee in his mouth before she lies back down next to him under the sheets. “I seriously do. Next time don’t even ask me. Just tell me to lie down and open my mouth, and I will get the message.”

Her beautiful face smiles back at him and she hugs her boyfriend tightly. “You are so wonderful, baby,” she whispers to her cute, sweet boyfriend as the two of them fall asleep again, this time sleeping on for the rest of the night.


Roger is feeling particularly naughty today. The white slut has been turned into a whore for his girlfriend’s black pussy and it is starting to show more and more. It is so obvious now from how easily she could get into his pants each time she wants to. Still, he feels that he could spice things up, just to show Dominique how much of a slut he is willing to be for her. She once told him that he was born to be her whore and he now knows that it is true. He just wants to show her his devotion in a sort of crazy way, because he knows how happy it makes her.

He gets a bright idea that makes him smirk. Yes, this might work. Roger gets a water bottle and cleans it, then leaves it to dry while he waits for her to come over. It is Sunday afternoon and he has a date with her. They are going to go shopping and then dine at a romantic French restaurant she loves. What he has planned will be something that will involve a public place and he can try it out at the mall today, before doing it at school tomorrow. Today is just the trial run to see how it works out and if it is something Dominique will be into. Though, knowing his girlfriend, she’d almost definitely be into it.

When she gets here, he envelopes the teenage black goddess in a hug. He brings her into the sitting room. They sit down together and kiss for a while, fondling each other passionately. Both of his parents aren’t home yet and they have the place to themselves “I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea,” Roger says as they stop for breath. “Seriously. I just know that you are going to love it. It will humiliate me and we both love it when I’m degraded, whether by you or by myself for your viewing pleasure.”

Dominique smirks. The stunning ebony is pleased whenever he takes initiative and shows her how much of a whore he can be for her. It is moments like these that make her feel that she did her job well enough, transforming him from an innocent boy into boy slut. “Tell me all about it, darling,” she implores him, her hands on his thighs. “I want to hear about what you are planning right now. It better be really good. Otherwise I’d be disappointed, and you wouldn’t want that now would you?” He knows that she would never actually hurt him but pretends to be cowed anyway, going along with the game.

“Well, you remember how much I loved tasting your pee,” he says teasingly as she smirks. Ever since the first time that they did it, he’s often begged her to piss in his mouth as he jerks off. Her warm urine has become an aphrodisiac for him, making him so hard and cum very violently each time he gets to drink it. “Why don’t you piss in this water bottle, so that I can drink your pee in public? I’d love to swallow your warm pee in front of all our classmates tomorrow at school. Today we can try it out in front of strangers at the mall first.”

Dominique is astonished by how well she has made her previously innocent Roger into a perverted fuck toy. Then she grins. “I must say I am extremely impressed by your imagination. Yes, I think we will do it.” She then takes the water bottle and yanks down her skirt and underwear, exposing her hairy vagina. He stares at the chocolate pussy as she sets the bottle on the ground and squats over it, pissing into the water bottle. Soon, Dominique’s filled the entire water bottle with her urine. “There, baby. I’m going to enjoy watching you drink it in front of other people at the mall so much. I’ll fill another bottle for you when we get back from our date, so you can take it to school tomorrow.”

She puts her panties and skirt back on and they leave, with Roger taking the water bottle full of his girlfriend’s piss with him. Once they arrive at the mall, they start shopping together happily. They go to the bookstore first, followed by the ebony’s favorite bakery stores. He really loves being with her so much and she knows it, smiling when Roger clings on to her arm and leans in on her, resting his head on her shoulder. His right hand is holding onto the full water bottle and he takes a sip as she watches, letting some of the hot liquid flow down his throat.

It is perfect until they are interrupted by the sound of someone clearing her throat behind them. The couple turn around and Amanda is standing right behind them, with a hard look on her face. “I can’t believe Escort Bolu you two are still together. You are disgusting, Roger, being with someone else so soon after Stephanie’s death. What a jerk. I don’t know why she even went out with you in the first place.” Dominique clenches her fist, preparing to punch Amanda, but he stops her first, placing a hand on her arm and giving her a calming look.

He then turns to face Amanda and then says “You know full well that Stephanie was fucking a bunch of other guys when she was dating me. Forgive me if that does not inspire me to spend a lot of time grieving her demise. I honestly couldn’t care less.” Then he lifts the water bottle up to his face and says “By the way, Dominique’s pee is inside this and I’m drinking it all, because I love her the way I never loved Stephanie.” Then he drinks a lot of the chocolate-skinned girl’s urine in front of Amanda.

Amanda stares at him drinking his girlfriend’s piss in shock while Dominique is also speechless. First, because he just gulped down a lot of her piss. Second, because he said he loves her. She could feel her heart beat wildly in her chest as she watches him swallow the piss and then wipes his lips clean with a happy expression on his face. “You two are so fucking disgusting. I’m done wasting my time here,” Amanda finally mutters before walking off, leaving the two young lovers alone by themselves.

“Come on. Let’s go get some macarons and a strawberry tart,” he says to Dominique, grabbing her hand and leading her to his favourite cafe, where they quickly sit down together at a nice table in the corner. The two order and then he starts checking to see that the book he bought is in a reasonably good condition, which pleases him a great deal. What makes it even better is that he got it at a discount, meaning he got to save some of his money too.

Dominique never felt this nervous before. She tries to take deep breaths and looks deep into his eyes as he gives her a concerned smile, noticing how strained she appears to be. “Honey, there is something important I want to ask you,” she says, reaching over to hold his hands. “Please, just listen to me say it, okay? It’s really important to me and I want you to hear what I have to say. I promise it’s nothing bad, that is, if you are really serious about our relationship like I am.” Her eyes show a level of warmth he has never seen before, and she actually looks fragile for once.

“Of course, baby, You know that I’m always here for you whenever you need me,” he tells her. He would kiss her but then he remembers that he just drank her piss less than half an hour ago, and his lips might still taste like pee. Better wait until he can get home and clean up properly first before any making out. So Roger just gives her a reassuring smile instead, and it makes her feel so happy to know that she is the one he is smiling at right now. She hopes that she will be the only girl he will ever smile at this way for the rest of their lives.

“Earlier, when we were still talking to Amanda, you said that you love me,” she says and he flushes madly. He squirms in his seat, embarrassed. The coquettish boy glances down at his lap as she reaches upwards to caress his cheek. “Did you mean it?” After a few seconds, Roger nods. Dominique smiles brightly before leaning in to kiss him on the lips, surprising the boy by being willing to taste herself, when she never did it before. “Good. Because I love you too, Roger. I want to be with you forever and I know that that is what we are going to get. I’ll do anything I have to to make sure that we end up together for the rest of our lives.”

“Dominique, ever since you started helping me through my problems with Stephanie, I’ve always been in love with you. I’m yours, baby. I have always been yours. Always have and always will,” he declares and they kiss again, smiling happily. The two of them then eat the pastries once they have arrived, before leaving to go to the nice French restaurant for their dinner together. The lovebirds now know that they are going to be alright since they both love and have each other, and no one can ever separate them.

Over the meal, Roger and his girlfriend talk about their plans for the future and each other’s role in it. Dominique is already making plans to introduce him to her mom and dad. They agree that Dominique’s parents shouldn’t know that her boyfriend is drinking her pee, since it will only make things awkward between them, and there isn’t really any point in telling the two such details about their sex life. Roger finds himself enchanted by the beautiful black girl all over again as they have their most romantic dinner together.

That evening, Dominique returns home with a very pleased grin on her face as she thinks about how wonderful the date was and that she and Roger finally got to tell each other their true feelings. Her father sees her smiling to herself like an idiot and asks, worried “What is going on, sweetie? What are you feeling so happy about? I’ve never seen you with such a huge smile on your face before.” It’s true. This is the biggest one she has ever had, as she knows that things will only get better and better from this point onwards.

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