Saving the Future Ch. 04

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Author’s note —

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else’s writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.


My name is Egan (25), and my great, great, great grandmother helped save the future of planet Earth. I have been tasked to write this story to document the events that would lead up to preventing a world war. Part of this story is documented facts, part of it is family oral history, and part of it is first hand knowledge..

It is the year 2169. It was just 45 years ago that my father discovered how to make it possible to have a cold fusion reactor small enough to power everything from small cars to large ships. It even replaced the polluting oil fired power stations and radioactive risky nuclear power plants of the day. Doing so averted a global war over the last remaining oil reserves.

I’ve gone back in time 160 years to document a pivotal time in my family’s history.


Now that I have fixed my great, great, great grandmother’s marriage and my great, great, great aunt’s marriage. I decided to jump ahead about 20 years to check on how things were going.

Dialing in a date 20 years from when I first arrived, 160 years into the past, I pushed the button on my time transporter and was instantly whisked to the front yard of my great, great, great grandmother’s house. Something didn’t quite seem right though. The name on the mailbox was not my great, great, great grandmother’s married name. It was conceivable that they’d moved since 20 years ago so I used my PDA to tap into a wireless internet connection to do a name search.

I first started with searching phone records for Julie and John’s names locally. I found a John with the same last name but the wife’s name was not Julie. I expanded the search, first to the state, then to the national level. Nothing. There just wasn’t a married couple John and Julie with that same last name. Next I tried an expanded records search for their names and got some matches. There was a home sale transaction under their names just 6 months after their wedding date. I checked for Rick and Riana, they had bought a home in town was well, at about the same time as John and Julie.

There was a birth announcement for both within the first year they were married, but no others. That couldn’t be. The family records said Rick and Riana had 6 kids and my great, great, great grandmother had 3 kids, the third and last was my direct descendent. The next entry was the most telling of all; divorces for both couples just 2 years after their marriage. It was a major blow to me.

Without John and Julie having 2 more kids, I would never exist. My timeline was gone. Even more frightening was the thought that without my dad ever being born, there would most likely have been a world war. I had to find out what had gone wrong. Sometime between the marriage and 2 years later, a major event happened that tore both couples apart.

Dialing the time for just after Julie’s marriage, I pushed the button on my time device and shot back in time. I needed to observe the couple without being seen. Luckily, I had some tiny camera drones I’d brought with me on the trip back in time. If you’ve ever heard the phrase about someone wishing they could be a fly on the wall to see and over hear an event; well, this was the realization of it. It was the size of a fly and could be move through the air like a fly, recording Uşak Escort sight and sound, all under the control of a surveillance app on my PDA. I programmed each of the 4 drones to automatically follow John, Julie, Rick, and Riana through their daily life. Then I time jumped a month ahead and downloaded the drone recordings and reviewed the output. For the first year it seemed like John and Julie were doing really well. Rick and Riana on the other hand were having some issues.

Riana had always had an incredible sex drive, even after the baby was born. If Riana had her way, she’d be riding Rick 3 times a day, every day of the week. For Rick, that kind of physical prowess was just impossible. His job was physically demanding enough, then couple that with a lack of energy he was only able to satisfy Riana only once a day at max.

After 18 monthly time jumps, I didn’t see John and Julie as a couple anymore. Oddly enough, it was at the same time the remotes stopped seeing Rick and Riana together as a couple. A couple more monthly time jumps recorded divorce court and custody hearings. It was at the 18 month mark when everything went to hell.

For the monthly jumps, I had programmed the remotes to do a time lapse scan of a few hours of each day. Now that I had a more accurate time frame for scanning, I set them to do a more detailed time lapse series of a few minutes every 2 hours. I went back to the start of the 18th month and turned the remotes loose again. Jumping ahead a week, I down loaded the recordings.

The first weekly download was much like the past 17 months; not much change except that Rick was only fucking Riana once every-other-day. He was looking more and more beat as each day passed. Riana seemed to have a look of frustration and longing.

On the second weekly time jump and download on Sunday, I found what I was looking for. The video for the day before caught mid-afternoon screaming and door slamming. I now had it further narrowed down to the pivotal point. Jumping back to late morning Saturday, I set the remotes to record in real time.

From John and Julie’s remotes, I picked up that John was suppose to go over to Rick and Riana’s house to help with building a rec room in basement. Julie would stop by later, after laundry and feeding and changing the baby.

From Rick and Riana’s remotes, I saw Rick saying that he had to work a couple of hours at the office then be back home by mid-afternoon. Riana’s remote saw her in a skimpy thong bathing bikini, laying on a blanket in the back yard, working on a tan. Since she didn’t want a tan line on her back the bra straps were undone and laying to the sides as she lay face-down on the blanket.

Thirty minutes after Rick had left, John showed up at the door and let himself in. Calling out for anyone at home, Riana called to him to come out to the back yard where she was sunning. Now John and Julie’s sexual needs were somewhat opposite of Rick and Riana. Whereas Riana was getting a lot less from Rick than she wanted, John was getting a lot less from Julie than he wanted.

When John walked through the back slider and saw her face down on the blanket, eyes closed, and only a thong covering her sex, his body reacted in a predictable fashion, his cock started to swell within his shorts. Without opening her eyes she called him over to put some suntan lotion on her back and legs. John was sure this wasn’t entirely right but his legs were taking him to her anyway.

Grabbing the lotion bottle, he squirted out some onto her back and began to rub it in. With a little Uşak Escort Bayan extra coaxing, he was doing the back of her legs as well. Seeing that he stopped short of putting some on her hips, she told him they needed some lotion too. Without thinking his hands were working the lotion into her firm ass cheeks, taking more time than was necessary. By this time his cock was half hard and he had to do a quick adjustment to it in his shorts in case it grew even further. Then she did the unexpected.

To his combined fear and delight, Riana rolled over on her back, leaving her bikini top behind. Her 35C breasts were now on full display to him and her shaved pussy was barely covered. Riana’s next command was almost expected as she asked John to work the lotion into the front side of her as well. Without thinking, his hands went to work, putting lotion on her stomach, then moving up to her firm breasts. I couldn’t tell if he really realized what a position he was putting himself in; his hands just seemed like they were on automatic. Reaching down her legs, he worked upwards until he was working the area around her crotch.

It was almost a given at that point that his fingers slipped under the thin covering of her thong and began working up and down her slit. This was what she wanted, a man’s fingers working her sex and getting her off. He hand instinctively found the fly to his shorts, had it down, as was fishing his hardening cock into the open.

Both John and Riana were now beyond thinking of their surroundings, they were just concentrating on each other. The sight of Riana’s moistening pussy, seemed to draw his lips to it until his tongue was licking it with gusto. In order to put himself in a position to begin tasting her sex, he had laid down along side her so that his cock was lined up with her face. Soon he felt her lips wrap around the bulbous head and suck it deep into her mouth.

The more he licked her, the more girl cum she produced, causing him to lick faster. The faster he licked the harder she sucked his cock. It was a heated cycle that would end in climax for both very soon. My cock was aching just watching it happen. Oh how I wished I could have been John at that moment. Knowing that I had to keep my direct interaction with my relatives to a minimum (paradox considerations), I had to settle for jacking off as I watched.

When his balls tensed and his load shot into her mouth, he sucked her clit hard, sending her over the top. If it had not been for John’s cock filling her mouth, she would have let out a scream of ecstasy that would have been heard half way down the block.

When things cooled a bit, Riana sat up to give John a big smile. Instead of a smile, there was a stunned look of shock on her face. When John turned his head to see what she was looking at, there was Rick and Julie standing in the doorway to the slider. Although Rick and Julie had arrived late in the action, they had seen both John and Riana’s thundering climax. What ensued was a lot of screaming and angry words, followed by slammed doors and screeching tires.

This was not how things were supposed to go, I had to find a way to prevent it.

After taking a lot of time analyzing my relatives situation, it pretty much boiled down to two basic things. One, John wasn’t getting enough from Julie to keep him satisfied and two, Riana wasn’t getting enough from Rick to keep her satisfied. Seemed simple enough, keep all four people sexually content with their own partners and they wouldn’t have the want, or the energy, to look elsewhere.

Knowing Escort Uşak that Julie’s sex drive basically had to be ramped up enough to keep up with John, it seemed like a simple medical fix. Ramping up Rick’s energy, and sex drive to keep up with Riana, would be a similar but more intense medical solution.

For Julie, all I had to do was reference the medical library app on my PDA. Rick’s solution could have been done the same way but had to be handled differently. Jumping forward in time 20 years, I located a medical supply business that I was able to barter information for a lifetime supply of super energy/sex drive enhancement pills. Jumping back in time to a point a year after Julie’s wedding, I immediately put my plan into action.

Having studied my great, great, great grandmother for a while now, I knew she wouldn’t be open to thinking she needed to have her sex drive ramped up to meet John’s, a more ‘back door’ approach would have to be taken. To John’s email, I sent what appeared to be an ad purporting to have the formula to boost your partner’s sex drive. In most cases, those kinds of ads always wanted to sell you something. With mine, it was simple directions to acquiring, mixing, and surreptitiously administering the potion to the intended object of interest. There were a number of herbs that John would have to acquire but nothing that couldn’t found easily. The next part was something I wasn’t sure he’d go for, spiking her daily drink with it. I could only hope, for the sake of my family’s future, that he would have the ‘courage’ to go through with it.

For Rick, in one of the recordings his remote had done, I’d seen where he had gone to the doctor about being a little more tired than usual. From the later remote recordings, the doctor hadn’t provided Rick with anything that worked. I decided to change that.

I took the box of super energy/sex drive enhancement pills and had it delivered to him at work, with a note from his ‘doctor’ telling him to take one pill every other day. The ‘doctor’ had delivered them to his work because of the risk of having them around the house with small children. I put that advisory in the box so that Riana wouldn’t find out where Rick was getting his extra energy from.

Just to make sure that nothing happened on ‘that fateful day’, minutes after Rick had left for work, I taped a note to Rick’s front door, asking John to pick up some snacks at the grocery store for when the 4 of them were together that day. That would pretty much insure that John would be delayed enough so that his arrival back at Rick’s house would coincide with Rick’s and Julie’s, thereby averting the catastrophe.

Apparently the plan worked. Later that Saturday night, when I reviewed the footage from the get together at Rick’s house, everything seemed fine. There were a few noticeable changes though. Julie seemed to have a lot more energy and so did Rick. There was no change in John, except he seemed to be smiling more. Riana, the nympho, seemed not to be as sexually charged as I had seen her before. I had to wonder “Was Rick now able to keep up with her?”

Comparing the family history documents with what I learned when I jumped 25 years into Julie’s future, it seemed that things had been put right. Julie and John were still together and she did indeed have three kids. Rick and Riana were still together and they had had 12 kids by this time. Rick’s super charged sex drive and the physical demands of 12 kids, apparently kept Riana from straying. I’d like to think she had more than she could handle at home, let alone looking for any outside the home.

Having had to do some major saves just in the last two years, just to keep things on track, I wondered if I’d have to be checking up on Julie’s kids to make sure nothing went wrong with them.

To be continued . . .

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