Savour Me Pt. 03

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Vix (short for Victoria) is not really my type. She is young, blue-eyed and innocent-looking, with pale skin and collar-length straight hair, dyed a strange purpley-pink colour. My natural response to her would more likely be maternal than carnal, and I am certainly old enough to be her mother, as she is 20 and I’m 39. It’s not a statistic I like to dwell on.

There is more to Vix than meets the eye though. Her father is a rich and famous musician, so she ‘comes from money’, and my fees are probably little more than small change to her. She’s definitely a bit of a hedonist and believes in squeezing every bit of fun out of life, and she does, including fast cars, speedboats and even motorcycling.

This probably makes her sound like a spoiled brat, but that would be way off target. She’s neither spoiled, nor a brat. In fact she’s very down to earth in most ways, and even a bit of a pragmatist. If faced with a problem, she seems to solve it in a refreshingly direct and practical way, completely unencumbered by the dictates of social convention. In short, she’s a breath of fresh air and I admit I’ve become quite fond of her.

But what makes a bright, vivacious young woman want to make regular visits to me? I am essentially a lesbian prostitute after all. That’s a term I hate, but let’s be blunt. Well, to explain that, I can do no better than include here (with her permission) an extract from the email she sent to me when she found my ad on an escorts website.



“Why am I seeking a lesbian escort, when I’m a “nubile” young woman of 18? Well, I have only had one sexual experience with a boy, and I didn’t much like it. In fact, I haven’t much interest in boys, but I have found myself getting excited over women, specially older women.

I had a very sexy lecturer at college, called Mrs Knight. She was very busty, and I remember she was helping me with something one day, leaning over my laptop and pointing at the screen. Her big breasts were inches from my face, crowding me, and I could feel the warmth of her body and smell her womanly scent. I had to excuse myself and rush to the toilets to get myself off, I was so horny!

I also got turned on whenever Dad’s keyboard player Lindi visited. She always wore tight trousers and very revealing tops. I had a massive crush on her and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. I had favourite footage of her from YouTube, which always made my pants wet, even though she was just standing on stage, swaying a little and playing keyboards. Whenever she came to the house, I wouldn’t last long before I’d have to go to my room to masturbate, just from seeing her. She sometimes flashed me a little smile that just told me she knew I had the hots for her.

I realised after a while that sex with an older woman was an enduring fantasy for me (even sex with my own mother – God help me – who, in my defence, is still very sexy) but I realised that it was never going to happen, even as a one-off, and also that an actual relationship with a woman 20 years older was probably a bad idea.

Then I hit on the idea of looking for a lesbian escort, just to explore the fantasy, and that’s how I found you. I’m not sure whether you have rules on the age of people you accept, but if 18 (nearly 19 ) is acceptable, I’d like to explore my fantasies with you.”


I confess I was a little taken aback, I’d never had a client so young, but I certainly didn’t have any age rules beyond ‘must be an adult’ so she qualified. I sent back ‘No problem, when do you want to come (cum)?’ and a smiley face. Her reply pinged my inbox within a minute.


So, I squeezed her in a couple of days later.

I wasn’t sure what to expect; I hadn’t had sex with a teenage girl since I was one myself (remember April from Part 1?) and the way Vix had described herself I knew she was physically nothing like April. It would be interesting.

In the first couple of sessions, I tried to help her to fulfill fantasies she had mentioned in her email, playing the part (as best I could) of Mrs Knight, and the keyboardist Lindi, and she absolutely loved it. Small and innocent-looking she may be, but she’s a tiger when aroused, with a towering libido, an overwhelming passion, and a truly phenomenal capacity for multiple wet orgasms.

She was so bewitched by being able to play out her deep-down fantasies that for three months, she came to me almost weekly. It was all I could do to preserve some energy and appetite for my other appointments; let’s face it, yawning in front of a paying client is a definite no-no, but I sometimes struggled…

That was eighteen months ago and Vix has thankfully calmed down slightly now, but our sessions have become even better as she has gained confidence in what she wants from me and what her body is capable of. In fact, I think our latest session was perhaps the best yet, with a less frenzied, yet deeper, passion driving her.

It was a rainy Monday, not Artvin Escort a recipe for delight, but she arrived like a ray of sunshine, bouncing into my hallway with a smile that was both joyful, and laden with sexual intent. There is never the slightest hesitation with Vix; everything we do together she does eagerly and with gusto, and she has a lovely innocent way of saying exactly what she’s feeling or thinking in the moment.

‘You seem happy’ I said to her.

‘I am. Why wouldn’t I be? I’m about to have sex with a Goddess.’ she grinned.

‘That’s a lovely thing to say, sweetie.’ I smiled. ‘I’ll try to live up to it’.

‘Oh, you already have, Olivia, trust me.’ She blushed slightly, and gave me a lovely coquettish little smile, then said ‘You know I wank off thinking about you now, don’t you?’ I opened my mouth to speak but she quickly followed up with ‘Don’t worry, I’m not falling in love or anythin’, but you are just so fuckin’ sexy!’

I gave her an indulgent look and said ‘Well, do you want to talk about sex or actually do it?’and I held out my hand to her. She took it, and I led her to the sex room.

Vix never seems to dress particularly sexily. I’m not sure why. She has a good figure but I just don’t think it’s her style. She had on a pair of almost flat Jimmy Choo court shoes (pumps), nicely fitted red jeans, and a black button-neck t-shirt, so attractive and stylish, but not overtly sexy, but she rapidly stripped naked while smiling at me. She always stripped naked, and never wanted to dress up in lingerie or anything. I waited until she’d finished before I took off my dressing-gown, which was all I had over my undies.

I enjoyed watching her strip. It wasn’t done in a sexy way, but it’s always exciting when a young woman takes her clothes off, and Vix has a lovely body. She’s far from voluptuous, but not quite skinny either. She has curves in all the right places, and small but shapely breasts, with startlingly pointy nipples, which I noticed were fully erect. Her pussy is almost shy, hiding its demure little slit under a gorgeous, neatly trimmed, patch of silky blonde curls. To many people, her body would be the very embodiment of female perfection.

When I first saw her naked, she didn’t seem to be aware of her beauty, and blushed furiously when I told her she had a body that was flawless and exquisite. ‘But yours is much sexier.’ she said.

She had told me that she liked me to wear ‘normal’ clothes because it was more,’real’ – and probably more like the women she had previously fantasised about. She does like underwear and lingerie, but only if it’s ‘not too pornstar-ish,’ so, under my gown, I had on a quite conservative white bra and briefs, and a pair of flesh-coloured nylon stockings with an understated white suspender belt. It was a subtly sexy ensemble, but something that you might wear as everyday underwear, and her eyes lit up when she saw it.

‘Wow, that’s so sexy Olivia. I once saw my mum in the bathroom, getting ready to go into town and she was wearing a similar set. She had the door open, not feeling the need to hide her undies from me, and I just thought she looked so fucking hot! I told her so, and she just laughed and flung the door shut. I got turned from seeing my mum in her undies. Weird or what?’

I didn’t answer that, and instead just adopted an old-fashioned and matter-of-fact tone, saying ‘So, what can I do for you today my dear?’

She didn’t answer, but stepped forward and put her arms around my waist, pulling me close like a lover would and murmuring her appreciation of being close to me. She’s maybe 7 or 8 inches shorter, so her dainty little chin was only just above the height of my cleavage, giving me a heady feeling of power and superiority as this sweet young thing began her affectionate adoration of my body.

She pressed her lips to the front of my right shoulder, then began kissing her way along my collarbones, all the way across to my left shoulder and back to the middle, then down slowly to my cleavage, which was enhanced by the bra. She kissed the upper curves of my breasts where they bulged above the bra cups and whispered ‘Take the bra off.’ which I did, slowly and smoothly, letting it slide sensually over my nipples. You’d almost think I’d had practice.

She moaned and said ‘These are the tits I’ve always dreamed of.’

‘What, to have, or to suck on?’

‘Both!’ she said, with a cute little chuckle.

I cupped them in my hands and pushed them up, squeezing her face in the warm valley of my cleavage, then I pulled back and rubbed a nipple gently over her features. She closed her eyes and just surrendered to the caress of my erect little nub, while tweaking her own nipples with her fingers. I must have been very turned on; my areola was incredibly crinkled; scrunched up with sexual arousal, and I could feel my pants getting very wet indeed.

‘Oh God’ she said, ‘this is so horny, my juice is running down my leg.’ Artvin Escort Bayan It was too. I reached down, and felt its slipperiness on her inner thigh. She was dr1ibbling magnificently.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I crouched slightly, put my arms under her taught little bottom and picked her up without much effort, she’s so light. She clasped me around the neck and I carried her to the bed and laid her down. Then I slid slowly down her body, kissing and licking her amazing nipples, before kissing my way down to her pubes and her hot, ravening pussy.

Apart from the tell-tale dribble of juice trickling into the crack of her arse, there was nothing to show how aroused she was. Her neat little pussy looked just as normal; plump lips and a narrow slit, but I knew by now what hid within. I used my fingers to part her outer lips and the hidden glory was suddenly revealed. Her sex is a perfect example of a young pussy; pink and svelte, her inner lips delicate little petals, and her clit a tiny pink pearl. Even the flesh of her clit hood is sparse, only partly covering her detectable little nubbin. It’s not a fruity, fleshy kind of pussy but it’s almost heartbreakingly beautiful.

Her clitoris may be almost invisibly tiny, but believe me it’s a very potent trigger. She orgasms very easily, and does it again and again. A lot of women are multi-orgasmic, but I’ve never experienced anyone who can come so many times in succession, or who squirts so impressively every time. It’s the powerful super-carnality of youth, I guess.

Anyway, there I am down between her legs, staring in admiration at her lovely pink flower, and she raises herself up on her elbows and says ‘Are you just going to gaze at it or are you going to lick it? It’s aching for your tongue.’ I shook myself out of my reverie, extended my tongue and just touched it to her clit, which was hot and had a unique taste; sweet yet musky, it reminded me, slightly, of Mojave Ghost, one of my favourite perfumes.

I just held the tip of my tongue against her without moving, pressing gently, because I knew she loved that, then, as she began to murmur and squirm, I just started licking round and round her clit very slowly. Amazingly that was enough; she erupted into a bucking, kicking orgasm, spurting a slug of her delicious, earthy sex juice over my chin and spreading it over my face as she thrust her pussy up and down against my features. Wow, the tit play must have really turned her on.

She lay there panting and gasped ‘FUCK I needed that’. but she recovered in seconds and said ‘Sit on my face, Olivia. I need your cunt.’ I stood up and started to take my sopping wet panties off, but she said ‘No, leave them on.’ So… someone else who likes a juicy pair of knickers. I did as she asked and then knelt astride her body and walked on my knees, up to her face, tucking her arms between my legs to get them out of the way.

In this scenario, my orgasms are obviously secondary, because it’s all about what the client wants. The customer comes first, so to speak. But many of my clients really want to give me orgasms, so I’m not going to argue.

I knelt over her face and she looked at the crotch of my white pants, which was almost see-through, it was so wet. My wiry black pubes were clearly visible through the fabric, and Vix sighed and said ‘Fuckin hell, that must be one of the horniest sights on the planet.’ She is given to hyperbole but she had a point; it did look fucking horny.

I had noticed that she loved me to talk dirty, so I indulged her. ‘Kiss my pants Vix. Suck all my lovely juice out of them. It’s your juice. You made it.’ I said brazenly, and she shuddered and eagerly pressed her face to my crotch. She rapturously nuzzled her nose between my lips through the wet fabric while waggling her tongue against the gusset, where my liquid was still oozing.

I lifted my breasts to my mouth and gave my nipples some oral loving, relishing the thought that this would even further augment the flow of my juice, straight into her mouth. She was loving this, and soon reached around my hips and yanked the gusset aside so she could gorge on my cream straight from the source, driving her tongue into me and making piggy little noises as she devoured my wet cunt, hungrily consuming everything it bestowed. I was very very wet, and could feel the slick, oily coating on her cheeks as I squeezed her face between my thighs.

Suddenly, she took me by the waist, rolled me over onto my back, and pulled off my knickers roughly. She buried her face in my wet pubes and went at my clit voraciously, sucking it into her mouth and tonguing it hard against the back of her teeth, driving me into a sudden and extraordinarily intense climax that had me bucking my pelvis off the bed, thrusting my pussy into her face before subsiding into quivering aftershocks.

She sat up with a self-satisfied smile on her glistening wet face and I gasped ‘My God, you learn fast!’

‘I Escort Artvin do, don’t I?’ she said gleefully. ‘My turn on top.’

I was amazed and gratified by how her sexuality had flourished in the time she had been coming to me for sex. She had started a bit unsure, but as time went on and her sexual confidence grew, she blossomed in ways I never expected. She has a powerful sexual energy that I don’t think even she suspected. When she’s fully aroused, as she was now, she becomes very assertive. I would even say domme, if that wasn’t such a ridiculous term to apply to one so innocent-looking.

She crawled up my body and squatted over my face, as if she were about to have a pee (that would have been VERY naughty) then, reaching under her bum cheeks with both hands, she spread her outer pussy lips very wide, stretching her oozing vaginal entrance open, and said ‘Tongue fuck me.’ My God, I would never have expected this when that doe-eyed, innocent, young girl first came to see me a year and a half ago.

I wasn’t complaining though; I put my head back, and drove my tongue stiffly up into her hot dribbling hole, making her juice trickle deliciously into my throat. I wiggled my tongue from side to side and curled it against the inner wall of her cunt, tantalisingly close to her g-spot, and she groaned her approval, moving up and down to fuck herself on my tongue. Her juice was running down both my cheeks, even though I was swallowing every drop I could get, but she hadn’t even begun to cum yet.

I knew by now that when she was at a peak of sexual arousal, she was capable of a spectacular series of wet, squirting orgasms. Even with my experience, my jaw dropped when this first happened; I just couldn’t figure out where all that white, creamy liquid came from. It certainly wasn’t piss. She told me recently that she had ‘practiced’ at home and could now do it ‘any old time.’

The squatting position, although incredibly provocative, and very good for deep tongue penetration, obviously wasn’t very comfortable, so she didn’t stay there long before moving so that she was kneeling over me instead. I continued lapping at her gorgeous little pussy, and she looked down into my eyes, while tweaking her amazingly pointy nipples. ‘Oh, fuck, I love this’ she said. ‘I’m gonna squirt right in your mouth. Do you want that?’

I nodded and said ‘uh huh’ while still running my tongue over her delicate little petals.

‘Do you want it all? All my juice down your throat? Do you?’

‘Yeah, give it to me, all of it.’

And she started rubbing her clit furiously, and making a long animalistic groan, rising in volume as her climax approached, then she suddenly arched her back, and a torrent of girl cum spurted out of her. It was eruptive, splashing into my eyes and up my nose as well as into my mouth.

‘Ohh fuuck’ she said, looking down at my bleary, juice-splashed eyes. ‘That’s so fucking hot.’

She wasn’t done yet though. She raised herself up, out of reach of my tongue, and immediately started wanking again, this time driving her two middle fingers into her still-dripping vagina until another orgasm washed over her – and me; I was treated to a second surge of her gorgeous cream, which tasted markedly different to her usual arousal. It was pure orgasm juice.

She was on a roll now, loving this juicy domination of an older woman. – her ultimate fantasy – and for fully twenty minutes, she wanked herself to a series of climaxes over my face, all of them wet and juicy. For her final cum, she grabbed my hair and pushed my head back into the bed, while she fucked my mouth, going ‘Oh – fuck – yes – eat it – drink it – oh – God – it’s – so hot – fuck it – fuck it – fuck meeeeee..!’ and she came again, this time producing a little spurt of very thick cum, like musky syrup. Absolutely gorgeous.

She threw herself on the bed beside me, her left leg drawn up and her wet, slippery thigh squishing my breasts, and I just lay there, marinating in her rapidly cooling juice, and listening to her breathing rate slowly returning to normal. She had gone well over the hour she had booked but I didn’t care because THAT was spectacular.

I lifted my head and looked at her and she opened her eyes and smiled, still looking as sweet and innocent as ever. Only I knew the hidden sexual tigress that lurked behind those pretty blue eyes.

I let her have a shower before she left and I put a terry dressing gown on. I had a big clean up to do; maybe the biggest ever – apart from when Rachel has been – but it was worth it.

We embraced briefly in the hallway and she booked another session in two weeks time, then off she went with an impudent ‘Later, babe.’

I looked through the porch window and watched her walk off down the street, cocky and confident, and I realised I took a sort of motherly pride in her growing self-assurance. I’m sure she will find herself a girlfriend before long and I will be sad when our sessions come to an end, as they inevitably will, because I have developed a real fondness for her.

It’s strange, to have these almost maternal feelings, while regularly having red hot lesbian sex with the object of of them. It just shows how diverse and paradoxical human relationships can be.

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