School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 08

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***writer’s note: I have skipped a chapter. Diamond’s story now resumes as the birthday party of Candi Hart is in full swing***


Lots of things appeared to happen simultaneously, although in fact they happened in a sequence, even though they were contained within what were only the first few seconds of Candi’s eighteenth birthday.

The LED display above the massive plasma screen, which had hitherto been displaying a countdown, suddenly burst into life, the numbers 00.00.00 being replaced by the message HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDI!! The salutation flashed gaudily in the middle of the screen, the words bookended on each side by a primitive animated glyph made out of the flashing lights, a crude, but unmistakable graphical depiction of a purple tipped penis exploding almost like a champagne bottle popping open, white sprays of cum rendered in a pearly, volcanic effusion that jetted out before the whole thing repeated itself every few seconds thereafter, blinking on and off rapidly.

The endless moment where the thick line of cum extending in the air between the tip of the enormous, gleaming meat popsicle that was towering out of the ruined cake and Candi’s gorgeous teenage face, eyes closed and lips puckered into an O for blowing out the candles had hung tantalisingly, a glistening, exquisitely frozen second in time. As brief, instantaneous, and captivating as a crackling bolt of lightning in a moonless sky, the image was suspended, stretched out, almost happening in slow motion.

Then, the instant that the LED display was at 00.00.00, Candi’s face was bombed with cum.

The load of spunk that splattered into her face on the very first second of her eighteenth birthday smacked against her with thunderous force, the gluey bolt projected by the prodigious muscular power of the monstrously brawny monstercock with whipcrack severity. The impact was stinging and Candi was momentarily jarred as a wet SSSSSSSSSPLLLLLLLAAAAATTTTTTTTT!! sound reverberated alarmingly around the room.

It wasn’t the most delicate introduction to adulthood ever devised, but it had a good claim for being the messiest. Candi’s face went from being perfectly pristine to plastered in an instant, a star-shaped spatter of hot, lumpy, thick, glistening and pure white semen that was localised directly between her eyes splattering her and extending in an irregular patterning of spunk that webbed her nose, top lip, both cheeks and the frames of her modish black-rimmed glasses into one glutinous, interconnected tracework of cum. It was so thick it was attached to her face. Outlying globules of viscous spooge flung explosively by the sloppy impact flew in long, unbroken laces over the silky tumbles of blonde hair on either side of her head and settled heavily on the golden tresses, weighing down the teen spunk-target’s silken waves, resting on the hair and threaded through it in pearly glistening strands. One particularly heavy one tumbled lankly down and bobbed in front of her face, thick with semen.

The lenses of both her glasses were comprehensively covered in creamy spunk, slowly oozing down in pearlescent waves of thick juice. Most explosively, a portion of the blast that smacked against her forehead glanced off it and richoched upwards into the air, the trajectory carrying it over her head to sail over her back in a wild creamy arc that span and tumbled in the air before landing in the middle of her back with a splat and trickling in a pearly rope down the groove of her spine before settling in a pool in the dimple of her lower back where the twin curves of her inflated rump stuck up.

With a swift, instinctive movement, Candi swiped the glasses from her face, pulling them up by the frame with her right hand. As she did so long ropes of cum extended elastically, thick, glutinous laces of semen that were connected to her forehead, eyebrows, cheeks and her nose, the fashionable black frames of the glasses attached to her face by about a dozen cords of pearly spunk. Her perfectly defined arched eyebrows were expressively raised in shock and the shape of the glasses had preserved her golden tanned skin beneath.

The teen slut, eighteen for only a second up until that point, gaping in astonishment, had been treated to a volcanic, point-blank facial cum explosion and hopelessly drenched with the first bolt of cum alone having administered a load that had extended from her chin to the tip of her forehead. The only thing that was left unblemished by the first volley of thick white goo that had hammered into her face was the space where her glasses had been, and in a weird silhouette that reminded those present a little bit of a panda, a glasses-shaped patch of unsullied skin over both her eyes and the bridge of her nose could be seen.

Candi blinked, reflexively, her eyes popping open wide in astonishment and shock, her eyebrows flung up towards the ceiling, her mouth now open wide, thick filaments of lumpy semen suspended Yalova Escort over the gaping hole between her ripe, plump, upper and lower lips, the ropes stretched both thick and thin in lines over her perfect white teeth, above, her cute nose with a thick clump of lumpy spunk smothering the tip of it so that a pair of tiny bubbles could be seen expanding from her nostrils instantaneously before popping, a fat viscous blob of coagulated semen gathering in a lumpy, molten dribble already at the tip of her chin and extending downwards in a pendulous rope. Her face was an absolute picture of spectacular, epic, cum-bombarded messiness, her astonished expression setting the whole thing off, and Sanddy stepped forwards and to Candi’s right, zooming in to capture the moment, the feed still being relayed onto the TV screen above where the digital display was now scrolling halfway through a birthday salutation …JOY YOUR FACIAL SLUT THE FIRST OF MANY… with the cartoon penises still exploding side by side.

Candi was now eighteen years and three seconds old. Those watching the spectacle but not yet involved in the action were able to see the monstercock change its angle, as if to target Candi.

In the next instant the humongous meat python sticking out of the centre of the cake, protruding diagonally upwards like a skewed, fallen pylon jutting out of the ground, alarmingly jutted out and disclosed even more of itself, the whole shaft lurching upwards improbably, yet more of the veiny tube sliding upwards and out towards Candi. Lurching upwards and shunting out, rigidly stiff as the prong shot out, the huge bell-end that tipped the monstercock smacked with a slick squelch accompanied by a round plop into Candi’s left eye, the glossy, precum lubricated head nestling into the shape of her eye socket and settling on her face, the apple-sized head throbbing like a beating heart, its humongous size obscuring much of that side of her face.

There was a moment of complete stillness in the room as Candi’s right eye swivelled in its socket to peer over her nose at the tip of the enormous, hulking spunk cannon that had lodged in her left one.

Traditionally, ‘Happy Birthday’ was what those arrayed around the table, should, by rights have been singing. It would have made sense considering what had preceded it. In fact, a number of different expressions were employed, most involuntary.

‘OOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooYYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!’ was Sanddy’s response.

‘HOLY SHIT!’ shouted Diamond, both her hands clasped reflexively over her gaping nose and mouth.

‘IAN’S HERE!!’ cried Laura at her boyfriend’s surprise appearance.

It wasn’t something that Candi necessarily needed to be told. She knew better than anyone. His cock was lodged in her eyesocket. The monstercock that had emerged from the cake had slid out upside-down, so that as it approached her face it did so with its underside facing upwards, the glans appearing as a pair of smooth, twin curves that made a sloping, cursive ‘v’ shape, while the smooth, broad head was underneath. It was this bottom side, with the wider surface area, that contacted against her eyesocket, the smooth, sloping bell-shaped curve of the glossy, turgid head that impacted against her cheek and fitted snugly next to her nose.

Laura was standing just behind Candi to the left, her eyes and mouth open as wide as possible, the epitome of astonishment. She was wearing a completely scandalous slingshot bikini. It featured three silver strips of fabric, with two tiny triangles over her nipples the size of postage stamps and a slender shaving of similar shiny material over her glossy pussy. The whole thing was held together by nothing more extravagant than black spaghetti straps that traversed her awesome frame, stretched to unbelievable tightness by her incredible proportions. Laura’s tits were so immense, so round, so full, so rock-hard firm and solid of form that the straps of the slingshot that went over her slender shoulders were literally horizontal. Her perfect golden tanned body gleamed in the light, her monster jugs the size and shape of bowling balls exploding curvaceously from her chest, jutting out of the solid rack of sculptured abdominal muscles etched a centimetre deep into her rock hard stomach. The statuesque fitness-slut goddess, honed to perfection, watched as the rampant megacock speared out of the cake into her slutty teenage sister’s face, planted flush against her eye.

Then the massive monstercock heaved, the corded, vein-roped tube of brawny tissue contracting, convulsing, spasming outwards, the corpus spongiosum that ridged the top of the immense length rippling prodigiously as a spewing bloom of white, pearly cum blossomed out of it and scattering in thick, glistening spray over the table, into the air, and in a radius to Candi’s left side where Laura was standing behind her. Spunk flew everywhere, the next jet smacking into Candi’s Yalova Escort Bayan eye and cascading all over the place. The force of the jetting spray actually served to propel the gigantic cock that was leaning diagonally against Candi’s face away from her, the whole length levering upwards vertically, the last of the rope that was squirting out of the gleaming cockend freed to smack against Candi’s forehead and glance upwards. The upwards-jerking cock contacted against Candi’s glasses and wrenched them out of her grip, the spectacles sliding down the monster shaft, the rim that was designed to go over the bridge of her nose fitting over the raised underside of the massive steel-hard fuckpole and slowly sliding down the slick length, ropes of spunk still attached to the frames swirling and swivelling down it as it went.

The bolt of cum that had tagged Candi’s forehead caromed off the top of her head, its direction struck askew, and the trajectory steepened, the thick clump of swirling spunk comet-shaped and swirling over itself as it sailed over her head and back. The path in the air that the turning cum-blob took was reminiscent, viewed side on, of Kim Kardashian’s immortal ‘Break the Internet’ photo, except with the creamy plume of champagne replaced by an equally frothy and effulgent curling ribbon of semen. As luck would have it, the gluey projectile blast described a parabola over Candi’s back and landed, with a spattering ‘PLINK’ in Laura’s champagne glass, nearly filling it to the brim, the tail of the bolt splashing against the side of the glass and Laura’s hand and wrist.

‘Oh God,’

Everyone looked at Charles. He sounded as if he had just realised some deep dark secret and his voice was quiet and grim. He was standing just behind Candi. He gulped, and, with the room momentarily quiet and an odd faraway look in his eyes, pushed it resolutely down.

Then his trousers exploded. It was a little like the transformation of the Incredible Hulk but in inverted form. Rather than his body expanding dismorphically and shedding all clothes save a pair of elasticated trousers, his trouser were instantaneously shredded down one leg all the way up to the crotch, the zipper of his fly bursting apart. A simply inhumanly large club of prime grade cockmeat emerged out of the torn article of clothing, the long fleshy tube gleaming in the light as all the females present gaped and gasped. Torn shreds of his suit trousers slowly peeled off his legs and dropped to the floor in ruined strands, the ruined material falling off the turgid, rising pussy-destroying hulk of cockflesh as it was disclosed.

Candi had not been dressed particularly modestly. Befitting the beach-party theme, she had favoured a bikini. At present Sanddy was filming her from her right side, and had captured perfectly the situation: the blonde, newly-eighteen year old teen poised over the table, her huge rack leaned over the cake and the gigantic megacock skewed diagonally against her face. Sticking out behind her, was an absolutely immense, curvy booty that jutted horizontally in the shape of two luscious, perfectly formed gleaming globes. Bisecting the upper and lower slopes of these succulent, juicy curves, slung with a tightness the cut into the plump, round assmeat that surrounded it, was a bejewelled bikini comprised of a single, black spaghetti thread that was strung horizontally between the protruding spheres, giant globes of jiggling, gently rippling assflesh in smooth mounds..

Moving in a swift, irresistible arc, Charles’s enormous cock pivoted upwards from his groin, shot upwards abruptly after being released from its confinement down his trouser leg. Since Charles was directly behind Candi’s its destination had an air of inevitability about it. The immense, monstercock, the surface of its skin crowded with an irregular network of bulging, tumescent veins, swung upwards firmly and surely in an arc to plant itself, right at the meaty, gleaming head, into Candi’s teenage pussy from behind with a loud THHHWACKSPLOTCH!! It had all the severity of a sparking, and the bell-shaped bulging purple tip of the science teacher’s outsize member contacted Candi’s g-string strung honeypot, driving the tiny slip of flimsy, gauze-style fabric deep between the cloven lips of her pink vulva, Charles’s shiny cockend lodged between the 18-year old blonde sexpot’s gleaming labia.

Meanwhile, gravity retained its grip on the wildly rearing giant penis that had been propelled away from Candi’s face by the thick surge of jizz that it had projected against it and the vast, glistening upside-down vein-corded cunt-hammer started to fall back down. This time the massive cockend thumped, dead-weight into Candi’s right eye, landing with a TTTHUUDDD in a mirror image of where it had landed originally. Sanddy, filming this, giggled, and was sure to zoom in as the fist-sized head of the brawny fuck-missile started to slide down the huge-titted eighteen year Escort Yalova old’s face with agonising slowness, the shiny purple head sliding down Candi’s cheek, drawing a furrow in the slimy cum that had been deposited there. Candi’s didn’t move except to try and blink, letting the monumental meatstick continue its path, gradually sliding over her plump lips until it came to rest against her chin, propped up there against her face. There it exploded again, a gout of cum bursting out of it to further decorate her spunk-plastered face in creamy ropes that fastened against her jawline, a huge, molten rope of gooey, bubbly spunk now roping in a lazy, gluey, roiling line from the tip of her chin.

There was a really long moment as the monstercock resting against Candi’s chin disgorged more white, lumpy, cascades of pearly jizz all over her lips, cheeks, chin and jaw, and then Candi reached out her right hand to take the tumescent length in her hand. To her touch it felt impossibly hard, with an iron quality to it, and yet under her fingers she could detect engorged, blood filled veins popping on the surface that were springy to the touch. The whole thing was slick and slippery, and as she looked downwards, having momentarily cleared her eyes, she could see all the way down the awesome barrel of the brawny, heaving tube. Thick, glistening ropes of gluey semen were oozing all over it, making it look somewhat like a fat stalactite or gigantic wax-dribbled candle, and Candi clenched her fingers, making almost a fist, though her dainty, slender fingered hand could only really grasp one half its diameter, curling around the right side, and squeezed. Pulling downwards, Candi hoisted the tightly stretched skin towards the base of the megacock, stretching it tighter still, which made the head bulge and expand more angrily. The gaping pisshole expanded accordingly, and Candi snaked her slender, agile tongue into the hole, French-kissing the dilated aperture at the tip of the gleaming slab of purple flesh. It was only five seconds into her birthday, but it was the first kiss of her adult life. Candi’s eyes closed in a gesture of pure enjoyment and satisfaction as her tongue explored the cum-belching cockend, and when they opened again she darted her eyes towards the plasma-screen, where she could see herself in all her cumsplattered glory giving head to the monstercock.

At this point, Sanddy whisked the camera away and pointed it towards Candi’s rear-end, giving the blonde teen slut an excellent view of the way the massive glutes of her delicious ass were struck athwart, bisected by the hulking, eighteen-inch monstercock of a man she had met only five minutes before, the glistening bell-shaped head separated from her pussy by the briefest wisp of fabric. Ogling the way that Charles’s dick flexed and throbbed, the giant log of inhuman thickness, Candi’s eyes nearly popped out of her head, when, without moving at all, hands by his sides, Charles engaged his pc muscle, making the entirety of the veined pole jerk upwards spasmodically, the prodigious length rocketing upwards from between the teenage blonde’s globular booty and catching air before levering back downwards to land with an ominous PPPPLLLLLOOPPPPPP right against her tight rosebud asshole, defencelessly exposed as her tight, minuscule bikini bottoms were suspended only halfway up the curvy globes of her protruding booty junk. Candi gulped.

Diamond had recovered sufficiently from her astonishment to offer some kind of narrative to what was unfolding: ‘Gee, how fucked is that!’ she drawled still, hot flushed and gaping mouthed with excitement and alarm, ‘the slut’s only been legal for ten seconds and Charles is going to destroy her little asshole so it’s totally broke for, like, until the end of her life!’

Candi looked over her left shoulder to Diamond, the source of the comment, drawing her lips away from the slick head of the meaty schlong that was pointing in her face with a soft plop, still connected to it by a rope of spunk that was attached to her plump lips. Diamond was positively glowing with excitement and delight, and she had taken her hands away from her face and now rested them against her hips. The monster-jugged teenage pornstar was clad in a scandalous party dress that showed off as much of her luscious body as possible. It was black, shiny, spray-on skintight and went no lower than the absolute top of her gorgeously svelte legs, barely covering her pussy. Both sides of the dress were cutaway and so the back and front portions of the dress were held together by slender black straps that showed plenty of sun-kissed skin. Her monstrous tits projecting out of her chest were just covered by the top of the dress, the material clinging to her incredible curves. Diamond was also wearing black shiny knee-length boots with platform soles and stiletto heels with silver buckles up the side.

‘How do you know what I wished for when I blew out the candles?’ asked Candi of Diamond with a filthy snarl, before transferring her gaze to Charles, ‘now give me everything you’ve got, stud. BREAK MY VIRGIN ASSHOLE!!’

Before Charles could comply, Robert, as if on unsteady legs, weaved forwards.

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