Seduced by Amanda Ep. 01

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When I left the house for a walk to get some exercise I certainly never imagined I would meet a beautiful young blonde who would become my secret lover. And when she snuck out of her house to get away from her folks for a while she surely hadn’t expected to seduce an older man.

I was a regular middle-aged guy, home alone for the week as my wife was away visiting her folks out of town. Amanda, not that I knew it at the time, was a restless nineteen-year-old living nearby, who was always seeking fun and adventure, which usually meant seducing men.

It was a hot summer day, late afternoon, and I had been around the house, pottering in the garden, reading, generally lazing around under no pressure. But I felt the need to get out, for variety, for exercise. And during my walks I would as always be randomly scanning for attractive women, sometimes exchanging smiles and open to the possibility of occasionally chatting to them or perhaps more – at least in my fantasies.

I walked briskly through the nearby residential streets until I came to an area of wasteland that had been partially landscaped for local people to use, though the local authority had left it semi-wild and it had no amenities except a couple of benches. It was a place I liked to come to get away from the streets and houses, as it was rather an urban wilderness. Most of the area was open meadow, but around the edges were wooded areas and clusters of bushes made almost inaccessible by the wild undergrowth. Along one edge of the meadow, behind the largest wooded area, ran a small river, accessible at certain points via paths through the trees and one tarmacked main path leading to a pedestrian footbridge.

Most people who came here were either dog-walkers or small family groups heading to the more formal park just across the river footbridge, which had a playground and kiosk selling coffee, ices and snacks. But I preferred the wild side of the area, down in the farthest corner, by the stream. And I had brought a lover there before, for an erotic picnic in a quiet corner…

On this occasion, almost as soon as I left the road to walk down a slope onto the open meadow, I noticed a girl, a young woman I judged, sitting alone on a bench about 20 yards to my right. I thought she glanced briefly in my direction but I only saw her in profile, her long blonde hair obscuring her face (perhaps she was looking down at a mobile phone). She was wearing jeans and sneakers, and what seemed to be a man’s denim shirt. In any case she was too far away for me to see in detail and I decided not to be so obvious as to walk straight past her, instead taking the path down the slope to my left, towards the large screen of trees by the river.

Yet I sensed she had noticed me, and I fancied she would follow in my direction if she might want any kind of encounter: this was pure delusional fantasy of course (even though it gave me a cheap thrill), that a young woman would follow me across a wild park into some trees.

But she did.

Minutes later, after I had wound my way along the narrow dirt path through the mature trees and rampant undergrowth that bordered the river, I emerged near the footbridge. At this point there was another path to the right, the tarmacked one, that led from the centre of the meadow and could be reached by crossing the open space out in front of the bench where the girl had been sitting. And she must have just come that way, for there she was, about 10 yards to my right, slowly walking up the path towards the footbridge, towards me. I felt a leap of excitement in my stomach. Had she come this way knowing I would be there?

I had a decision to make: turn right and pass by her in the opposite direction which would give me a chance to see her up close and exchange glances; turn left onto the bridge and see if she would go the same way and pass by me; carry on ahead over the main path, to continue along the almost invisible trail I knew led further through the undergrowth along the riverbank, where she might follow me; or wait where I was until she passed my spot, and she how she behaved. My heart was beating a little faster.

I glanced to my right, as if to signal to her that I had noticed her, then I took a few steps to the left and went up onto the footbridge. I was sure she had seen me and hoped she took some interest. I stopped half-way across the bridge and leaned against the railing, as if to watch the slow-running shallow stream below me. From this vantage point I could see in all directions and not raise suspicion, and she would have to pass close by me if she came that way. I kept an eye to my right to see the girl approach. But instead of following me onto the footbridge she left the main path and continued to her right, onto the mostly overgrown trail that I knew continued along the river. As she turned from the main path I noticed that she looked in my direction and saw me staring at her. But it was too far away to smile or speak. I remained still. Van Escort Waiting. What to do next?

I noticed that she stopped a little way along the overgrown path and went to stand or sit at a small clearing by the riverside. From my viewing point on the bridge I could just make her out, her fair hair and upper body shape, through the bushes and sun-dappled leaves of the large tree above her resting point. And surely she could see me from there. Was she waiting? Was this an invitation? I guessed so.

So I took it. I moved stealthily away to my right, off the bridge, towards the direction she had come from, then turned onto the narrow trail through the wild bushes. I would be right next to her in a few moments. I had no plan. It was just a walk-by, to gauge interest, if any. I was just intrigued: had she really deliberately walked in the same direction as me and sat nearby so that I could come to meet her? I was cautious. My heart raced more. I knew there was a risk I could have misread signals – if they were signals – and I had to maintain innocence and a way of escape in case this lone young woman took fright at an older man following her into a quiet spot. But there was no time to analyse any further.

Moments later I was now passing her. I glanced left as I reached the point on the narrow path where she had left it. She was sitting under the tree by the riverbank, on a low wall, phone in her hand. Only a few feet away from me now. She looked up at me. I smiled: the moment of reveal. She smiled briefly, warmly, then lowered her head as if to look down at her phone screen. I was on the verge of saying hi, but for some reason I resisted and walked on. I had a perverse notion that she would follow me, continuing this perhaps imagined game of cat and mouse. So I continued another short distance through the undergrowth and settled on another part of the old wall a little further along the riverbank, far enough to reassure her if she was scared, but near enough to signal that I was there, available, waiting. I could just make her out, through the numerous bushes and leaves.

I let a few minutes go by. I began to fantasise and vainly plan what I would do if she came. But she didn’t. So now I had another decision: was it worth a final pass-by, or should I give up and walk on? I couldn’t resist. My instinct, whether predatory or not, told me to try once more. And what a difference that decision made!

I walked back to where she was. She heard me then saw me as I reached her spot. I stayed on the path but stopped in front of her. We made eye contact this time, and held it.

‘Hi,’ I said, ‘Are you okay?’ She nodded yes. I stood firm, facing her. I felt a buzz inside, the thrill of the hunt, at this pivotal moment. I continued, ‘Don’t be afraid, I was only wondering if you are okay. I mean, out here sitting alone…’

‘Yes,’ she muttered quietly, ‘I’m fine.’ And she smiled. And I guess I knew.

‘Would you like some company? Someone to talk to?’ What was I, her counsellor? But it was a fair gambit and it worked.

‘Okay.’ And she looked beside her as if to see was there anywhere I could sit.

I took a chance: ‘If you like we could go and sit just down there.’ I indicated to my right, to the more remote part of the riverbank I had just come back from, through the wild undergrowth. ‘There’s more space by the river just along there.’

She stood up, remaining silent. She looked around her briefly, back towards the main path as if she was considering her possible escape. But she came to my side and smiled again. ‘Okay. Lead the way.’

‘Cool,’ I said. ‘This way then.’ And I led her along the tiny trail, through the wild bushes and trees, further away from the main path and bridge. From now on no one would be able to see us unless they came the same way, which I knew was rare as I often came this way for solitary moments.

I paused briefly, turning back to face her as she followed me along the narrow trail. ‘By the way, I’m Jonni. What’s your name?’

‘I’m Amanda.’ She smiled confidently, her pretty face beautifully framed by her golden hair which caught a little of the sunshine filtering down through the canopy of leaves above.

‘Pleased to meet you.’ I held out my hand, not intending to be so formal, but wanting some physical connection with her.

‘Me too,’ she smiled again, taking my hand. We held on for a second longer than necessary then I let go and continued leading the way. Soon we reached a point where the path appeared to end, as the undergrowth was out of control. But I knew there was a way through and told her so. I knew this was her chance to back out. But she followed. I parted branches and bushes ahead of us and she followed me through, until we came to a small clearing.

By this point my heart was thumping. I was alone in the woods with a smoking young woman on a hot summer day. I couldn’t believe my luck and I was beginning to go hard at the thought of it. She told Van Escort Bayan me later that she was already turned on by this point too, her tight panties becoming wet inside her jeans. There was only one way this was going, wasn’t there?

At the clearing there was a small mossy-grassy spot near the riverbank, surrounded by trees and bushes, but open to the riverbank. I suggested we sit down there and she agreed. She didn’t seem much in the mood for small talk and sat down before I did, facing the river, her long legs out in front of her, her arms stretched out behind to support her sitting up. I sat beside her, feeling hot and horny, not knowing what to say. So I said something trite about the weather, how hot it was. She agreed, then sat up straight so that she could bring her arms back to her front, and before I knew it she was unbuttoning her shirt. I glanced to my side to watch as she undid the first three buttons. I caught a glimpse of white bra and a good eyeful of her small cleavage. She caught me looking, grinned and said, ‘It’s too hot for all this denim, isn’t it?’

I gulped. ‘Er, yes.’

‘Why don’t you take off your top and jeans, then,’ she asked, as if daring me.

I felt a rash moment of boldness and replied, ‘I will if you will!’ I thought she would resist, but she stood up in front of me and finished unbuttoning the blue denim shirt, revealing a low-cut white bra half-covering her small but well-rounded young breasts, and her flat white tummy, punctuated by her ribs and hip bones, which stood prominent above the top of her low-cut jeans. In a second the shirt had fallen to the ground and she put her hands on her waist, looking down at me with a wide smile.

I pulled off my t-shirt, exposing my bare torso. Luckily I kept myself in pretty good shape, and I had shaved most of my body hair, which I though most young women preferred. Though I was holding my stomach in, I admit. I looked up at her again, as if wondering what was next. She said nothing but, holding my gaze, eyes locked, she reached down to unbutton her jeans. I couldn’t help but look. She undid the top button and unzipped the fly, I could see the top of her white panties. Next she lifted one leg after the other to slide off her sneakers and white ankle socks. But then she paused, as I remained still, watching her in near disbelief.

‘What about you?’ Amanda asked. ‘Come on. We made a deal.’

Had we? But of course I had to play the game, so I stood up and unbuckled my belt. By now I was hard and knew I would not be able to hide it. But hey, surely she would be expecting that. What hot-blooded middle-aged man would not get a hard-on for a sexy girl undressing in front of him. She remained still as I unbuttoned the fly of my jeans. Echoing her, at this point I kicked off my shoes, taking the opportunity to edge a little closer to her. She grinned and continued undressing as I watched, my heart racing. Slowly she unpeeled the tight jeans from her slim frame, wiggling as she slid them down over her thighs, now fully exposing the tiny white panties. Seconds later she had stepped out of the jeans and stood proudly in front of me in her white underwear.

I had to follow through now, so I pulled down my jeans, exposing my white Kalvin Klein boxers, through which she could undoubtedly see the shape of my hardening member. I stepped out of the jeans and stood there in only my underpants, feeling a little foolish but highly excited. She grinned, then lay down on the grass next to me as I stood above her. I could see the perfect shape of her small breasts through the soft material of her bra, and the slight mound under her panties. As I watched she reached down and pulled them up tight, which wasn’t necessary but had the effect of displaying the outline of her pussy lips and the slit in between. I guessed she was fully shaven, as most girls seemed to be now, so I had a very clear impression of the outline of her pubic area.

‘Are you going to stand there and perv at me all day, or lie down?’ she asked, smiling widely. I blushed and looked down at the bulge in my underwear, even more obvious now. She was looking there too. But my slightly uncomfortable feeling was now giving way to a sense of confidence and pride: this young woman had unashamedly undressed in front of me, at least to her underwear, so she wouldn’t be embarrassed by seeing the outline of a hard cock, surely. In fact I realised she was revelling in it. As she stared up at me she said, ‘I can tell you like what you see.’

‘I do. You’re beautiful,’ I smiled. ‘Stunning.’ She smiled at me. Then I lay beside her.

The sun’s rays reached us through the canopy, the hot summer afternoon turning this hidden clearing into a mini paradise. The only sound was the tricking of the nearby river and the gentle rustling of leaves in the warm breeze. I had an idea.

‘Shall we swim?’ I asked. ‘It’s so hot it would be lovely to cool down here.’

Amanda looked over to me, her Escort Van blue eyes bright in the sun-kissed air, her lips parting in a way I found unbelievably erotic. ‘I don’t have a swimming costume.’

‘No need for one,’ I retorted. Another gambit. ‘Don’t you like skinny-dipping?’ Now I was trying to dare her. Little did I know how bold and adventurous she was. It was as if she was just waiting for the challenge.

‘Okay. Come on then.’ She stood up and took a couple of steps away from our spot, down towards the stream. I watched her long legs and pert buttocks, only half-covered by the white panties. Was she really going to strip in front of me and swim here with me? She turned her head and grinned over her shoulder. Still facing away from me she reached up behind her back and unclasped the bra, then slipped it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. I caught a glimpse of side-boob as she moved slightly but she didn’t turn yet. By now I was rock hard and realised there would be no way to hide it if I got naked too.

As I watched, my heart beating faster, I licked my lips involuntarily and took a deep breath as she reached her long slim fingers to her sides to hook into the side of her panties. In one quick movement she pulled them down, exposing to me her perfectly rounded athletic buttocks and a glimpse of her pussy, visible in her wide thigh-gap. My eyes must have been wide like a cartoon. My cock was now bulging against my pants. She stepped out of the panties and stood naked, looking ahead of her at the water.

‘Are you coming?’ she asked. Did she mean that to be a double-entendre? I could have easily made myself come just watching her, of course, but I was frozen in my spot on the grass. ‘Come on,’ she continued, ‘Get ’em off!’ And with that she turned to face me, smiling. I couldn’t help myself, I had to scan her full body length, admiring quickly her pert breasts and hairless pussy, the slightly swollen-looking lips parted by a thin slit. But I couldn’t just sit there like a fool. I stood up. I noticed her look down at my crotch, grinning. My cock was so hard and long now that the tip was peeping out from the waistband. I had another moment of boldness and in one quick movement I pulled them down and let my cock spring out. I stepped out of the pants and stood there nude, facing her, my weapon aimed directly at her. She laughed and said, ‘Let’s cool you down. Come on.’ And she stepped towards the water.

Again I watched her backside as she moved. Her ass was alive, its gyrating motion a joy to watch as she walked the few steps to the water. She turned again and I noticed her pink nipples were beginning to harden.

‘There’s a deeper pool just over there,’ I said, gesturing to the right. She saw where I meant, a small area near the riverbank under an overhanging tree. She quickly walked in and went under the water up to her neck, her long blonde hair partially floating around her. I followed and quickly submerged myself. The water felt cool after being in the hot sun for the past few hours, and of course I was hot with excitement anyway. She splashed water over me, giggling and I pretended to come after her. Almost immediately we were together, face to face, our bodies almost touching. My feet were touching the bottom of the pool so I could easily hold steady; she was treading water. Then she reached out to grab my arms to steady herself, bringing us closer together.

At this point I knew she might feel my cock touch her beneath the water, it was sticking out hard in front of me. But I didn’t care. She was obviously cool with being naked next to me. And sure enough, as she held my arms and trod water, her body drifted closer and I felt part of her touch the tip of my hardness under the water.

‘What’s that down there?’ she asked, grinning. ‘A water snake?’

I smiled and replied, ‘Why don’t you dive down there and find out.’

And she did. She ducked under the water and immediately I felt a hand wrap around my hardness, then something soft over the tip. She had taken me in her mouth! I felt her soft lips on my swelling glans and her tongue licking the tip. Then it was gone and she reappeared above the water. Oh. My. God. I was throbbing hard now. She grinned at me and came closer, her face inches from mine. No words were needed now. She wrapped herself around me and planted a kiss straight on my lips. I reached my arms round her and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Our tongues and lips explored in a passionate kiss that seemed to last for several minutes. I caressed her back and let one hand stray down to her buttocks, which were smooth but firm.

By now she had wrapped herself tight around me, positioning her body against my torso, her breasts against my chest. By now my cock was wedged between her thighs. It must have been just below her pussy. She kissed me more and held me tight. I gripped her harder too and edged one hand down between her buttocks. I figured I had nothing to lose now. Soon my fingers reached her soft pussy lips from behind and I stroked her there, gently, realising she was already very wet. I probably could have reached down and slid my dick inside her, but I wasn’t sure if she was ready to go that far.

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