Sex Club for Nerds and Geeks Ch. 02

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After breakfast with Margery, I sleep-walked through my two morning classes. I’d been fucked three times in the last 12 hours, my first three times, and I couldn’t get the experience out of my mind.

When I got back to the apartment, Pete was making his lunch. He smiled as I flopped into the kitchen chair.

“Have a nice night?”

“I amso tired,” I sighed.

He hooted after I recapped my night. “Three fucks and a blowjob! Man, first times don’t get any better than that! You arelaunched!”

“Is it always this intense?” I felt now that I was on a level plane with him and didn’t need to pretend to more knowledge than I had.

“Depends on the girl and the situation. You’ll always remember this one, that’s for sure. Beats jacking off, doesn’t it?”

“Oh yeah. I want to keep doing this. Do you think she’ll date me again?”

“Margery likes to get around. You can ask her, there’s no rule against that. But don’t you already have a Friday date?”

“Oh jeez, yeah! Karen. She must have been in my eleven o’clock. Oh god, I didn’t even see her.”

The bed was a mess. The sheets were crinkly with dried cum, so I spread a blanket on top of them and lay down. After a two-hour nap, I got up and stripped the bed, then walked to the laundromat. As I was peeling apart the sheets, I blushed to myself imagining my mother prepping a load of wash, breaking apart my cum-encrusted underwear as she piled it into the washer.

After dinner in the student union, I felt a lot better. I’d never paid much attention to the various food courts there, but now I was interested, since my date with Karen was for dinner there on Friday. Three or four offered something that appealed to me, so I felt I could steer us in an interesting direction.

Fucking Margery was the greatest experience of my young life. And I wanted to do it again. Maybe not with Margery, as Pete said. There were more than two dozen other female members of the club. But this is really tiring. If I am going to have this intense a social life, and I don’t have any idea about a major and am just taking required classes, I better get a plan. And boy do I have a purpose for staying in school — I am going to get laid! Regularly! Guaranteed! Twice a week if I want to! Maybe more if I hit it off with one of the girls.

I devoted my no-class Thursday to cleaning the apartment (since it was my week) and filing photos on my computer. I also cropped and stored the images from my date with Margery and emailed her a couple of shots that I thought she might use on her Facebook page. I also mailed her the prints we’d made before we went to bed that night. Margery responded to the photos with a warm note of thanks and closed, “see you on Sunday.” I also checked out Karen’s Facebook page. She had a photo, several in fact, but I thought I could do better.

Friday I had three classes but was done by one. I wandered around a small shopping mall in the neighborhood and decided to concentrate on overweight women. There was this one woman struggling with too many packages, juggling them into her car. I got a couple of shots of the paper bags breaking and spilling their contents onto the ground. By five I called it a day and headed home. I took a shower and was at the coffee shop where Karen and I had agreed to meet by 6:30.

“I’m so glad you’re on time!” she said as she slid into the booth. “I have had a crazy day! The show is so complicated! I’ve written the program for the scenery changes, the curtain closings, the lights, everything, but they keep changing the timing. We’re opening in a week for 12 performances and the pressure is driving me crazy!”

“Slow down, Karen. You’ve got to fill me in on what you’re talking about. Let’s start over.

“Hi, I’m Carl. I’m your date for tonight. Would you like something to drink before we go to dinner?”

“That’s sweet. You’re right, I just dropped everything on you like you knew what I was doing.

“Hi Carl, I’m glad to meet you. Unsweetened iced tea would be wonderful.”

We sipped our drinks and she relaxed.

“I got into computers in junior high school. Sim City, making complicated things work, covering a lot of variables, handling unexpected problems. It helped that my dad works for a company that does hardware troubleshooting, because he could get me faster and faster machines for a good price.

“I acted in high school plays and wanted to be a drama major. The professors were kind, but it turns out I have no acting skills at all! I just cannot control my body and my emotions at the same time and reflect everything on my face. But I love theater! Just by chance I got asked to do some scenery work and realized that Carpenter Theater has a computer-driven backstage. I’ve been doing the tech work for three years now and if I do say so myself, I’m really good at it!”

By now we were finished our second drink (she iced tea again, me all in with a pepsi). We paid our separate bills and I suggested the Italian food court for dinner.

Yes! Italian is my favorite! Our next-door neighbors were from Abruzzi Niğde Escort and they cooked wonderful pasta and meat dishes. I have no idea how I avoided becoming fat with everything my girlfriends and I ate there!”

Over dinner I learned that Karen lived in the same dorm I had been in, three floors down. She had a single room, she said, and liked it that way, since there was no roommate to hassle her. In addition to her theater work, she was a junior-varsity field hockey player in the fall and, now that it was getting closer to Spring, she wanted to see what competitive Frisbee was like.

“I’m not on scholarship, but my parents want a solid B average. Or else! I came close to crossing the line at the end of my sophomore year and they threatened to stop paying for school. So my life is pretty tightly structured.

“Which is why,” she confided as she leaned across the table and took my hand in hers, “I joined the club.

“How about you?”

“Would it be okay to admit that I wanted to meet girls?”

“You were in my dorm. We were all over the place. I dated a guy who probably was on your floor. C’mon, spill.”

“Okay, I’m sorta focused, and, well, I just never got around much.”

Good! We understand each other! C’mon, let’s go.”

The dorm was a short walk from the union, and we were up the elevator and in her room in 10 minutes.

My little sister’s room was like this: girly-girl but controlled. Desk, chair, laptop, piles of books on the floor, bed made, nice curtains on the window. There were two pillows.

Karen flipped her sandals off and sprawled on one half of the bed, leaving room for me. I untied my sneakers and sat down beside her, complimenting her on her color choices. I reached to cup her head and bent to kiss her.

She pulled me down to her, not hard but firmly, and opened her mouth. Our tongues collided and I folded myself against her body. She slid her hand down the back of my polo shirt, then pulled it out of my pants. We sat up and she had it off in one fluid movement.

We kissed again and fell backward. I moved to the inner thigh of her near leg as I felt my erection getting firmer.

She pulled me down to her chest and molded her crotch to mine. I felt her heat against my bare chest and wrapped my arms around her. Our mouths stayed connected until we had to break for breath.

“Stand up, Karen, please.”

“My room, my style. You stand, I get you naked.” As I stood, she sat on the edge of the bed and undid my belt, popped the button on my pants, and pushed them down. She had me lift my left foot so she could take off my sock, then my right. She appraised my jockeys and the bulge my cock made.

“Looks promising.”

Then she stood and began to unbutton her shirt. I tried to join in but she brushed my hands away, so I crouched and reached for the zipper of her pants and drew them down, slowly. I looked up as I moved to her belt and saw her undoing her shirt cuffs and then shrugging it off. I undid her pants and pushed them down, then stood up.

Now we were facing each other in our underwear, breathing heavily. Her eyes glistened and she licked her lips. Our hands collided as we reached for each other’s underpants. She was slightly faster and, as she bent down to pull my jockeys away, I had full access to her bra clip, and I popped it open, then slid the straps off her shoulders.

As she rose from her crouch, she trailed her hands up my thighs and fondled my balls and stroked my cock. I shivered. She took my cockhead in her mouth, then pulled off it with a popping sound, something she clearly thought was fun because she looked straight at me and smiled happily with her eyes.

“You taste good, Carl.”

I reached under her arms and pulled her erect, getting my first full view of her slight breasts. They were bigger than tennis balls, about softball sized. The nipples were brown and they stood out.

We grabbed each other again, hip to hip, and kissed fervently. Slowly we slid onto the bed and ground into each other. As if we’d planned it, she slid on top of me just as I swung her up there, and we kissed some more, her chest into mine, she and her panty-clad pussy humping my open-air cock.

The panties had to come off. I slid her off and knelt between her legs. As I tugged at the silky white material she lifted her ass and the panties were in my hands.

I lifted them to my face and inhaled deeply. “And yousmell good, Karen.”

I hadn’t done this with Margery’s panties, just followed her directions. Karen’s panties smelled sweet, almost of floral perfume.

Karen scrunched herself toward me so she could reach my cock. As she lifted herself up against it, I had no doubt that I was supposed to enter her. Which I did, first tentatively, then fully.

“Oh yeah Carl! That’s it! Push it in! More! More! Give me all of it!” She humped up against me and our pubic bones crashed together. I pulled back slightly, then rushed back. She wiggled her ass and grabbed me with her thighs, not to stop me but to guide my Niğde Escort Bayan stroking, so that I knew what she wanted.

In and out I stroked. “You’re so hard! So hard! Oh god, it’s so nice! So nice!”

My stroking got faster and faster, then became frenzied. I was supporting myself on my hands over her, face-to-face with her as we fucked. She swung her head around, licking her lips, grunting and heaving her hips against me.

“Oh Karen, god, it’s so good, your pussy, I’m —” and suddenly I was blasting three days worth of accumulated cum into her. “— cumming! Cumming! Now it’s here! Oh god I’m cumming!”

Her humping got even more frenzied as I ejaculated. Even as I ran out of cum and wanted to slow the pace, she kept it up.

“Don’t stop, Carl! Keep going! You’re going to make me cum soon! Please god don’t let him stop!”

My cock was hurting and I tried to pull out. Karen clamped her thighs to mine, wrapped her arms around my torso, and refused to let me go. She kept pumping.

“Please, Karen, please! It hurts!” and I struggled to get away from her grasp. Suddenly her orgasm took over and she was thrashing even more against me. I tried to support myself on one hand and pry one of her thighs away with the other, but in so doing I collapsed onto her.

She rolled me off to the side and I was able to get my cock out of her pussy. My cock felt like it had been sandpapered. I couldn’t understand what had happened.

She was gasping for breath, one hand under me and the other on her pussy. She was masturbating!

This brought on another orgasm, or maybe kept the first one going. I was aware enough of what was happening to watch as she pushed herself up against her finger, grunting and humping. Finally she came down and lay, relaxed, in a bath of sweat. When she regained her senses she rolled onto her side, facing me.

“God Carl, I’m sorry. It’s been a month since I’ve been fucked. I’ve been so busy, there was my period, I don’t know where the time went. I stopped playing with myself on Tuesday just in anticipation of tonight. I lost control. I apologize.”

I nuzzled her breast, tonguing the nipple, and stroked the other nipple with my thumb and forefinger. She sighed contentedly and drifted off.

As she dozed I realized that my cock had stopped hurting.Jeez, when I wasn’t able to come just by stroking my cock, I’d sometimes rubbed myself sore, but not like this, and certainly not when I’d come. Is it my fault, for coming too soon, without warning her? Or was she so different from Margery in a way I didn’t understand?

I jerked awake when her cell went off. She answered on the second ring and sounded very composed. “Yeah, that’s right, but make sure you back up before you mess with the timing. It’d be adisaster if you lost the program! Okay. See ya tomorrow at rehearsal.”

Now she was energized. Pulling on her robe, she went down the hall to the bathroom and returned with a wet warm facecloth to clean me and the bed up. It was 10:30 as we snuggled, sitting against the wall at the top of the bed, the pillows at our backs, she leaning into my chest with her head on my shoulder.

“I want to apologize again, Carl. My orgasms aren’t always that wild and I have a lot better bed manners than I showed. You have no idea how much I needed your cock! You got me going so well! We can do it slower this time. In fact,” she said, “let’s play around now.”

The hint that there might be more fucking straightened my cock out pretty quickly, but I wasn’t sure if I could handle more of what I’d just had.

“I’d like to eat your pussy,” I ventured, not knowing for sure what I would have to do. “You sound like you need more orgasms. I can give them to you and I won’t risk —” and I stopped, realizing where I was going.

“I won’t hurt you any more, I promise,” she said, in an abashed tone. “But I do like it when I get head.”

“Tell me what you like, I’m a novice at this,” I said, choosing what seemed like a better word than “beginner” or “first timer.” I slid down to pussy level and she opened her legs, giving me a view of her lips.

Her pubic hair was a lush, untrimmed brown mass. Now there was a musky scent, at least some of it from the cum that had been lavished on it. She had washed herself pretty well and there was no sign of the light floral scent I got an hour ago from her panties.

I took what seemed a logical approach; I began to kiss her inner thigh very lightly and brushed my fingers across the chestnut mound. She sighed and her legs relaxed. I continued the kissing and stroking for ten minutes, listening for sounds of arousal or snoring. I slid a finger inside the outer lips, then out, brushing the lightly moist digit all over them, working my way up to the top of her opening, wanting to release her clit.

Karen shifted and her hand stroked my hair. “That’s nice, so nice,” she said, dreamily. Encouraged, I brought my mouth to the top of the V of her thighs and kissed as lightly as I could deep to where they joined her torso, just into Escort Niğde the hair. Karen moaned and shifted so that she was on her side and her free leg was bent, her heel on the bed, it holding her position. Her pussy was as wide open to me as it could be.

There was a bump where I expected her clitoris to be, so I moved in with my tongue and worked the lips, flicking against the clit hood. I hadn’t realized how hard I was going to have to work, but Karen’s moaning told me she was responding. As I worked into the skin, I exposed what I guessed was the clit, so I used my finger to shift the skin away, giving my tongue space. Gradually the clit grew until it was a half-inch tube, then a three-quarter-inch tube. Karen’s moans were joined by a slight thrusting against my face.

“Am I doing okay?”

“You are, you are, get back to work.”

My tongue and neck were getting tired, and it occurred to me that it would be easier if I was kneeling on the floor with her legs were over the edge of the bed. When I tried to move she grabbed my head and held it in place. “You’re doin’ fine, I’m getting warm, stay with it.”

I licked my finger and pushed it into her pussy up to the knuckle. Working it in and out, even as I kept on tonguing her clit, I was getting a response from her: she was pushing against my face, her hands roving strongly through me hair and across my shoulders.

“Oh! Oh! I’m going to cum! I’m cumming Carl! Cumming, oh yes! Oh yes! Ohhhh!” and she clamped her thighs against my head, pinning me in place as she humped against my face. I fluttered my tongue and swirled my finger with no plan, just to keep her going.

As her orgasm subsided and she let me loose, Karen coo’d, “That was so nice. Such sweet loving. Oh my yes.” I moved up to her face and licked the sweat from above her lip, then took it between my two lips, and sucked.

“So you want some yourself, eh?” she said. “I’m hot to trot! Roll over and I’ll show you a good time!”

She lifted herself up to give me room at the center of the bed. Once in place, with my cock standing up, she settled her hips on my thighs and leaned into me. We tongue-wrestled, she pushed her pussy hard against my cock and gyrated her hips. I took her ass cheeks in my hands and squeezed them, at first softly but as I got going my hands began to pull her to me.

“Ride me Karen, get up in the saddle,” I heard myself say.

“I’ve made you that hot already? You gotta develop patience. But okay,” and she lifted herself onto my cock. After a couple of strokes she held herself at the tip of my cock and then stopped, with the head just inside the inner lips. I felt a tightening as her muscles contracted, then relaxed, then contracted again.

“I’m gonna fuck you just like this!” she said. I couldn’t imagine she could hold herself that way for very long, and I certainly wasn’t ready to cum, so I arched my back and shoved into her. Her muscles weren’t able to resist my thrust and I was back in, but I couldn’t hold myself up that long either. I grabbed her hips and we landed on the bed.

“You are in too much of a hurry! Let me do you slowly, Carl, like you did me. I promise you’ll like it. Okay?”

Fucking should be fast and furious. What is she up to? Why can’t we do what I want to do? Am I some sort of wimp for letting her do this to me?

“Yeah, okay, you’re right, I can be more patient. But I love being inside you, it feels so warm.”

“Good. You’ll get yours, that I promise you. Now relax and let me do the work.”

She lay beside me and took my cock in her mouth, just lightly sucking and tonguing. She stroked my balls with an equally light touch, then shifted her face into my crotch and took one of my balls into her mouth and tongued it. She was stroking my cock with wetted fingers, softly up and down, not trying to excite me, just letting me know she hadn’t forgotten it. She sucked the second ball into her mouth and I tensed, afraid of — what?She was going to bite them off? Stupid thought.

“Oh that is nice,” I said, not really meaning it, but it did feel nice. She popped first one, then the other testicle out of her mouth, cleaning the saliva off, then moved again to my cock, taking it almost fully into her mouth. Her throat closed around the head and her tongue worked the bottom of my shaft. I started to get excited and reached for her hair, to stroke her and encourage her.

Slowly she pulled off my cock, leaving it wet. Since I had a pillow under my head I could see it emerge from her mouth and saw it glistening. “God I love that feeling. Can we keep going?”

“Don’t be impatient, I know where we’re going,” she said softly.

Now she was straddling me, with my hard wet cock between her legs, up against her chestnut hairy mound. She rose up and down so that the hairs just slightly stoked the cockhead. I stopped myself even as I wanted to reach out and pull her onto me.

At the top of an upstroke, Karen shifted slightly and the cockhead was completely inside her. As before, she rose up and flexed her muscles on it, then relaxed and slid down so that more of my cock was inside her. Again she lifted up, and this time she stayed on the cockhead alone, grasping and releasing it with her muscles. I didn’t dare thrust this time, all I could do with my hands was caress her thighs at the knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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