Sex Toy Ch. 06

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The Repairman

Before you start this story, you should know that I am a feminized man living with a couple and serving as their maid and sex toy. You can read Chapter 1 of this series for more insight into Todd, Cindy and I.

Todd and Cindy work in the office most days and a few at home. That means there are plenty of days that I am home alone. This one day stands out from the others because I had fun with a repairman that came to the house. This occurred soon after I started living with Todd and Cindy. Here is my recollection of what occurred.

Our AC was not working and Todd called someone. The repairman was going to be here today. I got up early as usual and started my chores for the day. Todd and Cindy ate breakfast and left for work. I was in my maid’s outfit cutting up vegetables when the doorbell rang. I wiped my hands on my apron as I walked to the door. To date, I haven’t been seen by many people as a woman. I am passable, but still nervous about being a woman. I opened the door and saw the repairman. He was a middle-aged man and cuter than I expected. He had a stocky build. I smiled and said, “Hello sir, I am Jane, the maid. You must be here about our AC.” While I talked, he looked me up and down. I smiled inside and out.

In a deep voice he said, “Hi. I am Dale. Can you show me to the furnace?”

His voice made me weak.

I calmly said, “Yes. Come in Dale and please follow me.”

He wiped his feet outside and followed me. I opened the door to the basement and clicked on the light.

I pointed and said, “It is at the bottom of the steps, on the left.”

He said, “Thank you. I see it.”

I added, “If you want some water or need something, please let me know. That is my job.”

He walked down the steps and then made several trips in and out to get his tools. I went back to the kitchen. As I finished up I realized I was now horny. I found myself thinking about Dale as I rubbed my nipples. I had things to do, so I cleared my head and moved to the laundry room. I put another load of clothes in the washing machine.

After about 30 minutes, I was folding laundry and the house was starting to feel warm. I went to find Dale. I got to the top of the stairs and looked down and he was working.

I cleared my throat and said, “Hi Dale, how are things going?”

He got up from working and walked towards the steps. From his position, he had a good view up my skirt.

He said, “Ah, alright I guess.”

I said, “Any idea how much longer you will be?”

He said, “No, not yet. I will know in a little while.”

He smiled and I turned and walked away. I went back to the laundry and in no time, he came up from the basement. I heard him call me and I found him at the top of the stairs.

He said, “Hi Jane, can I bug you for a drink?”

I said, “Certainly Dale, this way.”

I walked to the kitchen and he followed me. I Elazığ Escort remembered Cindy’s training and made sure to wiggle my butt as I walked. I grabbed a glass, filled it with water and handed it to him. He said “Thank you.”

He drank some of the water and we stood and chatted. I put a dish away and turned back he was looking at my butt and had a grin on his face.

He said, “If you don’t mind me saying, you are a very pretty maid.”

I replied, “Thank you Dale. A woman always like to hear that.”

I added, “I am certainly glad you were able to come out today.”

He said, “No problem Jane. That is my job.”

He was talking and I was busy looking at his crotch. It looked like he had a bulge in the front of his pants and I was sizing him up. I looked back up at him and he had stopped talking. He saw me staring at his crotch and was smiling. I felt guilty.

He continued talking, “Anyway, I may have found the problem. It shouldn’t be too long before I know.”

He thanked me for the water, put down the glass and went back downstairs. Damn, he caught me staring at his crotch. As I folded the 2nd load of laundry I imagined him coming to find me and bending me over the washing machine. I finished the laundry and went upstairs to put all the clothes away. I was mostly done when I heard Dale call me. I walked out of the master bedroom and to the landing. I saw Dale standing in the family room.

He said, “Could you come down here and help me with something. I need you to read a meter for me.”

I came down the stairs and followed him to the basement. He pointed to a meter that he had hooked up.

He said, “When I tell you, I need you to call out the reading on the display.”

He knelt down on the floor and stuck he head in the unit. He clicked something and said, “How about now?” I leaned over and told him, “It says 0.”

He said, “Damn, OK. One minute.”

He laid down on his back and reached into the unit. He moved some things and reached for another tool. He did something and said, “Ah this is better.” I stepped closer to him in order read the meter.

He said, “How about now?”

I looked at the meter and he looked up at me and then up my skirt.

I looked down and saw where he was staring. I said, “Now it says 13. Is that good?”

He replied, “Oh yes. Stay there for a minute and let me try something else.”

He put his head back in and I studied the bulge in his pants. I moved my feet apart for a wider stance.

I heard him say, “How about now?”

He pulled his head back out and looked right up at my pink panties.

I looked over at the meter and said, “Now it says 12.”

I looked down and he was smiling. I smiled back.

I said, “Is that better?”

He said, “Oh yes, that is great.”

I said, “Thanks Dale. Anything else?”

He said, “I found the issue, so that’s it Elazığ Escort Bayan for now. I will come find you once I am done.”

I walked upstairs and grinned on the way. I am sure we each knew what was being said. But now I am not sure what happens when Dale comes to find me. I was nervous. I am not very good at flirting and seducing men. I am going on instinct.

In 15 minutes or so, the AC came on and I could feel cold air. About 5 minutes later I heard Dale walking up the stairs. I was in the kitchen and my stomach was in knots. I just aroused a man that I don’t know and now he is going to come find me. My hand shook as I re-filled his glass of water.

He said, “Jane? I got the AC fixed. Where are you?”

I said, “I am in the kitchen Dale.”

He walked in and I handed him the glass.

He said, “Thanks Jane.”

He took a sip and set it down. He raised an eyebrow and said, “I appreciate your help down there.” He took a step towards me and smiled.

I smiled back nervously and said, “I am glad to help.”

He was studying my legs and said, “I think I am going to need to hang out for a bit to make sure it is truly fixed.”

I was looking at his bulge and said, “That sounds good.”

Anxiously I stepped closer to him. I touched his arm and said, “While we wait, is there anything I can do for you?” I winked at him.

I thought, what did I just say? Oh my gosh, I am so horny. We looked in each other’s eyes. He was trying to read me and I was trying to read him. I ran my finger down his chest and hooked it in his belt. His pupils dilated. He moved my hair and put his big hands on my shoulders. He winked back at me. I ran my hand down and began to rub the bulge in his pants. He moaned and looked deeper into my eyes. He didn’t move and it looked like he was afraid to. I stopped with my hand on his cock and asked, “Would you like a blowjob?”

His eyes smiled and he said, “Sweety, I would love that. You can do whatever you want.”

He watched as I knelt down in front of him. I kissed his bulge and he moved his hands to my head. I looked up at him as I unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. I pulled the pants and underwear down to his knees. His cock sprung free and bobbed. I grabbed it, stroked it and he began to moan. He was of average length but had some girth and was hairy. I played with him for only a minute. I looked up at him and said, “Just enjoy it and let me take care of you.”

I leaned in and swirled my tongue around his cock head. I then pushed forward and closed my mouth around it. I started with no movement, just suction. He groaned in appreciation and rubbed my head. I then began to slowly bob deeper until I was taking most of his cock on each stroke. His pubic hair brushed my face and tickled my nose. I bobbed and sucked him for a while nice and slow.

He stroked my hair and said, “Oooooh Jane. Escort Elazığ This feels so good.”

He began to get more and more aroused. I looked up at him as I bobbed my head and he kept moaning and rolling his eyes. I was taking his whole length and I could tell he liked that. He was moaning out one long tune. I didn’t want to slow down or delay his orgasm; I just wanted him to cum. He was moaning louder and looked down at me with a serious look.

“Oh Jane. That feels awesome. You are going to make me cum.”

So far he hasn’t forced me on his cock. He is just playing with my hair and letting me do the work. I kept up a steady pace and began to suck harder. My lips were covered in saliva and bubbles and the room was filled with rude slurping noises.

“Oh my. Oh. I am going to cum.”

I think he was telling me so that I would pull off. He even loosened his already light grip on my head. Maybe his wife doesn’t swallow. I didn’t want to have to redo my make-up, so I was going to swallow his load.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Uhhhhh. Here it comes.”

I stopped bobbing and pushed all the way onto his cock until my nose was on his belly. I felt his cock start pulsing and spraying my throat. I swallowed as he screamed and came. I let him pulse and cum just like that. As the pulses subsided I pulled off him to get a breath. I held his cock in my hand and it was all shiny and wet. He was panting and one final drop of cum appeared at the tip. I licked it and sat back on my heels. I looked up at him and smiled like a happy puppy. I noticed that is cock was streaked with red lipstick.

He was smiling but in a daze.

I said, “Mmmm, that was nice.”

He gasped, “Nice? Geeze, that was great. Thank you Jane. Wow. You are really good at that.”

I said, “Thank you Dale, you are welcome. I love sucking cock and I was happy to do that for you.”

He smiled and said, “I think Todd and Cindy now have platinum status with us. If you ever have any future AC issues, I will come right over.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you Dale.”

I began to get up and he helped me to my feet. I thanked him and pointed, “You can use that bathroom to clean up and get the lipstick off your cock.”

On his way by, he patted my butt and said, “You have one fine butt Jane.”

I replied, “Thank you Dale. But that remains off limits.”

He walked off to the bathroom, peed and cleaned up. I stood in the kitchen alone and was giddy. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I thought to myself that I was lucky. Dale was a nice guy. With someone else, things could have gone bad several different ways.

He collected his things and began to make trips back and forth to his truck. The house was now cool again.

He came to find me before he left.

He said, “Thanks again Jane, that was a good surprise. My outlook on the day has certainly improved.”

I responded, “You are welcome Dale. And thank you for being a gentleman.”

He got in his truck and left. I buzzed around the house happy and finished my chores. I sat down and thought about my morning. Damn, I love sucking cock. I need to do it more. I decided not to tell Todd and Cindy.

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