Sexual Adventures Pt. 01

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Close Up

This is the continuation of the John and Kelsey stories. Feel free to read them to get a bit of back story. (Playtime, then Holiday, then Poker Night). The rest of the stories will be under this title updated in parts.


“In the building, get ’em!” John spoke into his headset. He was knee deep in a large scale battle on Call of Duty when he phone went off.

“Who the hell…” he thought to himself. “I will check after this game.”

After another few minutes, another notification went off. John spared a glance to see it was a text from Britney.

“Last guy in hiding in the bunker, let’s flush him out.” John spoke into his headset. “YES!!” He screamed, “We got him!”

He lifted the headset off and set it on the couch, set his controller down and picked up his phone.

“Two messages,” he said as he popped on his screen.

‘You want to come over tonight.’ Was the first from Kelsie.

‘We need a repeat of the last time!’ was the other. This one from Britney.

He quickly replied to Kelsie, ‘Sure. When did you want me to come over.’

‘You can cum anytime,’ fired back almost instantly.

“Sounds like another spicy night, wonder what’s on the menu today,” John told himself and shut off his game. He grabbed his keys and text back on his way to the door, ‘On my way. What’s the plan?’

‘You cum over and see. More fun that’s for sure…. Oh and Britney is here.’

“Oh damn, that woman has a pussy like a Hoover, so damn tight. Wonder if she will try be all over me again,” he thought to himself.

In the last week she has texted him at least 4 times trying to get together. He has postponed it as he need some self care time, namely if he wanted to have another fun night he was going to refrain from sex or masturbation for as long as possible to build up for the next explosion. It didn’t take him long to make it to Kelsie’s house. When he got there, he looked down at his phone to see another text. ‘Just cum in, door is unlocked.’ Sent from Kelsie.

He walked to the door and opened it, walked inside, shut it and locked it. The sounds of moaning was coming from the house somewhere.

“Kelsie, Denizli Escort I’m here!” John called out.

“Back… room,” she called back.

John made his way to the back room to see Kelsie completely naked sprawled on her back on the floor, Britney between her legs completely naked, her face buried deep in Kelsie’s pussy. Kelsie moaned with the expert tongue work from Britney, she wiggled in pleasure. Just the sight of Britney bent over on all fours and her head buried in Kelsie’s snatch was enough to make John’s cock spring to life, his massive tent was threatening to rip the fabric of his shorts. He wasted no time, unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them and his underwear off in one swift motion, tossing them aside, his cock sprang up and slapped against his stomach. He grinned wickedly and walked up behind Britney.

“I see you started without me,” John said as he swung his arm back and with a resounding smack, making contact on Britney’s bare ass cheek. He gasped at the initial impact, and then moaned as the pleasure sank in. Her large ass wobbled with the spank and he fired off another on the opposite cheek, causing the ripple effect in the opposite direction.

“I don’t think that’s very fair,” he said, a slight growl in his voice as he let loose with another spank. Britney moaned with each spank, her pussy reacting to the intense pain and pleasure, sending shocks to her pussy and making start to drip with wetness as she continued her tongue fucking of Kelsie. Kelsie looked on, the smacks only excited her more, he body reacted to each smack, her body felt like lightning.

“Looks like I need to show you what happens when you start without me,” John said while landing another spank on Britney’s large ass cheek.

From this view, John got to admire how large and beautiful Britney’s ass was. She was a plump woman, curves in all the right places, and lots of extra meat on her bones, and her being on the shorter end, it compacted it just right. A very plump yet gorgeous woman, and he loved every inch of her. Large hips, large ass, amazing thighs, and breast that were easily in the DD range. He Denizli Escort Bayan rubbed his cock across her reddened cheeks and smiled as his percum started to coat her cheeks.

“Is this what you want, what you have been texting me all week for?” John asked aloud as he rubbed his now rock hard cock across her cheeks, “you want this man meat deep inside you?” He ended the sentence with another smack to her ass.

Kelsie screamed in pleasure, watching her friend get spanked, her pussy getting probed and fucked by Britney’s tongue, and her clit being rubbed like a genie’s lamp, she knew she was going to explode.

“Oh.. my.. GOD!!! I’m.. commmmmingggg!!” She cried in ecstasy.

Just as Kelsie cried out, John lined his cock up and slammed it all the way into Britney’s awaiting wet pussy.

“HOLY SHIT!!” Britney cried out as she was impaled by his dick.

John grabbed her hips with one hand and held Britney’s head at Kelsie’s pussy with his other.

“I’m gonna fuck you, but you aren’t going to stop eating her out,” John commanded, “You understand?”

“Yes… oh god.. yes!” Was all Britney could get out as he started to piston into her wet love tunnel. Britney’s body shuddered with absolute pleasure as her pussy was getting rammed, she continued her onslaught on Kelsie’s vagina, her tongue rapidly going back and forth between her clit and jamming into her wet hole.

“Don’t stop licking her, tongue fuck get some more,” John growled as he slammed his cock into Britney’s wet treasure hole, “Do not stop until she comes and covers your face in her juices.”

Kelsie screamed in pleasure as Britney’s tongue continued her probing again, only giving her a short break to recover from the last one. Kelsie was already on edge and could feel her orgasm building. It came up on her so fast she couldn’t prepare, her body convulsed with her orgasm, her whole body shook as her juices covered Britney’s face.

“Oh my… god.. I can’t.. come anymore…” Kelsie cried out.

John kept slamming his cock as deep as it would go inside Britney’s hot and tight pussy, Britney’s tunnel clamped down on his cock with Escort Denizli each thrust.

“I’m.. going to.. come!” and with the last word he grabbed her hips, slammed in as deep as he could go and let loose a volley of sticky goo, pump after pump. Seemingly emptying his balls into her womb, John kept his hard cock inside as Brit milked it with her pussy.

“Oh…my…GOD!!!” Britney screamed, as her body shuddered with an orgasm, his load sending her over the end. Her whole body shuddered again as a second wave of orgasm wracked her body.

John pulled out his cock and smiled. It hadn’t started to go down yet, so he took advantage of it, “I hope your not don’t yet,” he said to Kelsie, “It your turn for a pounding.”

Brit rolled over and laid next to Kelsie, her body spent. She reached out and to hold Kelsie’s large breasts in her hand, her fingers rubbing and squeezing her nipples. John crawled over and lined up his cock to Kelsie’s awaiting tongue destroyed dripping pussy. He lowered his cock into her pussy and smiled as he started to pump slowly into her love tunnel.

“Oh damn… still.. sensitive.. sooo… hot…. Don’t stop… fucking me,” cried out Kelsie as John started to move faster.

He raised her legs up and rested them on his chest as he continue to drive his raging pulsing cock into her love tunnel. He started to piston into Kelsie’s pussy, sending lightning through her body. She shuddered with each thrust, each bringing her closer to another orgasm. Britney lowered her mouth to one of Kelsie’s nipples and popped it in her mouth, her tongue swirling around her nipples.

“Here… comes… load number.. two,” John said as he felt his balls tighten and his cock strain. He pushed in as far as he could, Kelsie’s cunt muscles gripped tight and her body rocked with another orgasm just as his man meat erupted inside. A blast of come filled her pussy, he grunted as another volley of come emptied from his cock.

“I’ve been saving that for you two,” John said with a grin.

John pulled his cock out and laid between then, all three of them spent. His cock slowly started to deflate, cum still leaking from the tip. Both Kelsie and Britney were so spent they just laid there, each of their pussy filled with his baby batter.

“You going to give me the same thing you gave her,” Britney asked with a wink.

“Let us hope,” John smiled back.

“Yes, let us hope.” Kelsie agreed.

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