Shopping for a Manufactured Home

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Please note that this is purposely written in a descriptive, narrative form. I wanted the reader to use their imagination as to what was said and how it was said.

She had come into a bit of money. She so badly wanted to stop paying rent so she bought some property with a shack of a house on it and then went looking a manufactured home. She went to the lot of a company that was at the recent home show she visited. As she meandered through, one of the salesmen came and offered his assistance.

It should be explained that she is a self-acknowledged fuck slut. She loves sex. She loves all aspects of it and she is always very horny. She loves to go without panties and frequently plays with her pussy in any bathroom she is in. As luck would have it, her tits are large enough and she is flexible enough that she can suck on her own nipples. This is handy because when she in the bathroom playing with her pussy and she also sucks on her nips, she brings herself to a quick cum. And, yes, she does lick her fingers clean afterward.

That said, let’s get back to her adventure.

The salesman that offered some assistance was fairly young and not bad looking. She decided to flirt. This day, since it was summer, she was wearing a skirt and was bare assed underneath. She told the man what she was searching for and they started to look at the models on the lot. They went in and out of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

At one point she decided to get a little bold in her flirtation. While looking at the bathroom in one model, she commented on how large the tub was and how much fun could be had with 2 people in it. She did the same with the shower, noting how clever it was to have seating in the shower and how that would make it even more fun with 2 people. She was rewarded in her comments when she took a furtive glance at his crotch. There was a definite bulge happening. She decided to go a little further.

She had been pinching her nipples every chance she got behind his back. She decided to let him ‘almost’ catch her doing this. She was now so very horny. She was sure he must have some idea that she was walking around with a wet pussy (it was starting to drip down her legs) and she knew she must be leaving behind the odor of sex wherever she went. She also knew that because of her constant pinching, her nips were quite visible. She was also trying to figure out what to do about the trail of pussy juice that would soon be visible below the hem of her skirt.

But, first things first. She had one hand up on her tit, massaging her nipple and pulling on it. Even a light touch was now sending spurts of electricity through her body. She kept this up and started to move up closer to the salesman. He started to turn to talk to her and as he did, instead of removing her hand immediately, she paused a bit in mid nipple pull. Although there was no way he could have missed what she was doing, she dropped her hand and carried on like nothing was going on. She did notice that he was now staring at her breasts. Would she be brazen enough to ‘bump’ into him at some turn? Of course. She is, after all, a self-acknowledged fuck slut. So she did ‘accidentally’ bump into him with her tits. She also managed to move ahead of the young man and brush her hand against the bulge in his pants.

After they had been through all the models on the lot that came close to her requirement, she asked him of they had another lot with some different models. He told her they did and that it was a few miles away. He volunteered to draw a map for her, but she had other ideas Van Escort and asked him if it would be ok if he would drive her there. That she wouldn’t have to explain to someone else what she was looking for. Besides, she had a feeling that he was getting close to fucking her in the next model they visited. She had also quickly figured out that once in the car she would take a tissue and wipe up the free flowing cum from her pussy that was running down her leg. It was her plan to do this while he was going around to the driver’s side. There would be no way he would miss what she was doing.

While he went to get an ok from the manager at this lot, she went and waited by her car. As she waited, she pulled a couple of tissues from her purse to have handy for the next part of her plan. He came out and escorted her to his car, opening the door for her and then closing it once she was settled. For her part, she let her skirt slide up her thighs a bit and after he closed the door, she took her tissues and proceeded to clean up the drips on her legs. She didn’t, however, let him see too far up her skirt as she didn’t want him to know just quite yet that she was wearing no panties. She looked over to his door and stared at his crotch, it was at level with the window. MMMMMMMMM, what a bulge he had going.

She knew when he got in the car that he caught whiff of the definite odor of sex. It was her favorite perfume (actually, since she didn’t wear perfume, you might say it was her only perfume). He just stared at her, but just looked him and smiled and sat demurely in her seat. Demurely, that is, until they left the lot, then she let her legs part a little and as they did, her skirt slid down her thighs a little more. He tentatively put a hand on her knee. Now she had him.

She encouraged him to slide his hand all the way up her leg. He started to and then stopped. He told her his was married. She didn’t care. She felt that romance was for fools and all she wanted was sex. In fact, she preferred men who were married or otherwise attached. This way she didn’t have to worry about romantic entanglements.

That resolved, she took his hand (he may have stopped moving it up her leg, but he didn’t remove it), moved it along, all the way to her steaming, hot cunt. He made a hissing sound when he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties and that she was smoothly shaved. She moved her hand to her pussy and stuck 2 fingers in. When she pulled them out she waved them under his nose and then sucked them clean. She then told him to finger fuck her pussy.

He put in 1 and then 2 fingers in her wet box. He tried to place his thumb on her clit but she told him not to worry, just drive and fuck her with 3 fingers. She then slid her under her skirt and back to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. By this time her skirt was up, close to her waist and any trucker could have gotten an eyeful. She knew they were getting close to their destination, so she had him remove his fingers and lick them clean.

As they got out of the car, she explained the possibilities. As they looked at each model something different would happen. First, in the master bedroom closet, he would kneel and lift her skirt and eat her pussy. She told him she would also expose her tits for his enjoyment and she would show him how she could suck on them herself. At the next model in a room or closet of his choice, she would kneel and suck his cock. Since she wanted him to remain hard, he wouldn’t be allowed to cum. At the next model she would turn her back to him, pull up her skirt, and bend over so that he could rim her ass Van Escort Bayan and finger fuck her pussy. For the finale, at the final model she would kneel again and suck on his cock to get him good and hard. Then she would put a condom on him and they would fuck.

They got to the first model and after going through the whole thing then ended up in the master bedroom and then the closet. She positioned herself near a wall so that when the time came she could lean against it and he kneeled in front of her. Before pulling up her skirt, she lifted her top and pulled her tits out of her bra. The nipples were sticking out about a ½ and inch and begging to be sucked. She bent over and with a tit in her hand, gently brushed her nipple over his face and lips. The she grabbed the back of his head and told him to suck and feast on her tits. She then told him to run his hand up her legs to her pussy and start rubbing. Her pussy was so wet you could hear the squishing sound as he fingered her. Having her tits sucked on while her pussy was being fingered was such a turn on for her. But time was running short, so she pushed him away from her tits, pulled up her skirt, grabbed the back of his head again and shoved his face in her pussy. While his face was mashed against her already drenched pussy, she sucked on her own tits. She braced herself against the wall, got her balance and then put a leg over his shoulder. She ground her pussy against his face. She made him suck on her clit like it was a nipple. She also had him gently nibble on it. Then she had him tongue fuck her cunt. He stuck his tongue deep inside her and wiggled it around. The more he did this, the more she ground her pussy against him. Soon his face was covered with her cum. They had to stop. They couldn’t take too long in each venue.

At the next model, after the tour, they went into the den area. He wanted an ‘executive treat’. So he sat at the desk and she crawled under it and unzipped his pants. She removed his cock from its confines and started to lick and suck. She interrupted herself long enough to also make sure his balls were free. She took one and then the other into her mouth and sucked on them. She then went back to his cock and starting at the top, she flicked her tongue all over the head and under the ridge. She then opened her mouth wide and took it in as deep as she could. She let him fuck her mouth with his cock. She also massaged his balls while she sucked his cock. Because they had other places to see, she stopped and with one last lick up one side and down the other, she put away her treat and the went off to the next model.

At this one she decided that the tour would end in the kitchen. When they got there, the pulled up the back of her skirt, spread her legs and bent over. He kneeled and holding the skirt up, started rimming her ass. It should be mentioned here that not only is she a self-acknowledged fuck slut, she also has an ass fetish. She loves to be rimmed and ass fucked and so she keeps her asshole very clean. As he rimmed her ass, she asked to also tongue fuck her ass. He also, as agreed upon, played with her pussy. She was still very wet and he was able to get 3 fingers in very easily. All good things must come to and end and so it was with this. She took the hand that had been playing with her pussy and licked her juices off his fingers.

It was time to view the final model. Now unknown to her, they had been followed and watched by a friend of his and at the last model he was waiting for them. Being a fairly smart cookie, she figured out things fairly quickly and realized that this was Escort Van going to be more fun that she had originally hoped.

To keep things low key, the other salesman had some how got a blanket in and placed in on the floor in the master bedroom closet. What is a self-acknowledged fuck slut to do? Why, she strips, of course. She made them both suck on her tits. She told them that one would play with her pussy and the other would play with her ass. After a few minutes, she had the new guy eat her pussy, but first she had to lie down. She was just too week with lust to stand any more.

Oh, my. He was quite good with his tongue. It might have to do with how long it was, however, as with cocks, unless you know what you are doing it doesn’t quite matter what size it is. He knew what to do. When he stuck his tongue deep inside her cunt she came instantly and many times. In the meantime the original salesman had removed his pants and was teasing her mouth with his cock. Never one to let a good cock go to waste, she greedily swallowed it and sucked it. The no cum rule still applied. As horny as she was she was going to be lucky enough to be fucked by 2 cocks.

She stopped sucking long enough to take a condom and rolled it over his cock. She had his friend stop eating her pussy and swap places with this friend. The both swapped gladly and soon she had a nice size, very hard cock deep in her pussy. She also had a very nice cock in her mouth. She thought that if there were a 3rd she would have tried having a cock in her ass as well. Maybe one of these guys would recover quick enough, she would be able to have her ass fucked as well.

She made him pound her pussy with his cock. She had his friend rub her clit while she was being fucked and she kept sucking and licking his cock and balls. She then switched positions and got on her hands and knees and had the first guy fuck her doggy style. To make it seem tighter, she pressed her knees together tightly and crossed her feet at the ankles. She had his friend move around to in front of her so that she could continue enjoying his cock in her mouth. She again had the first guy fuck her hard. And then she had a brilliant idea.

She told the first man to quit fucking her and got another condom and rolled in on the guest cock. She also got her lube out and had him rub plenty on his cock and on her ass. While she was sucking his cock she figured out it was perfect for fucking her ass. She then had him slowly enter her ass until she was used to him. Once in, she had him fuck her ass and fuck her hard.

After having him fuck her ass for about along as his friend fucked her pussy, she told him to stop. She stood up and had them both do the same. She had her ass fuck partner brace himself against a wall and then she back up to him and she bent over to give him easy access to her ass once again. Once in, she stood up and leaned back against him. She then had the other guy come over and slide his cock in her pussy. MMMMMMMMMM, double penetration and she had someone in the right place to suck on her tits.

Luckily, since the position was a bit awkward, neither men could hold back any longer and they came and came hard. They were all exhausted. As they all got dressed, they decided that they needed to do this again but with more time. As the men were friends, their wives would think nothing of them going off together for an afternoon. Arrangements were made and before they left and before she put her skirt back on, she made them seal the deal by kneeling in front of her and giving her pussy a good licking.

She decided on the model she wanted and plans were also made for the delivery and set-up of her home.

Of course, they would have to give it a proper initiation once all the work was done. Who knows, maybe they would invite the wives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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