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Great Ass

Mel presses her head and palms against the cool tile of the shower. The water pelts her side as she closes her eyes and whispers, “I miss you.”

A hand, slow and warm, slides up her back to her shoulder, “I’m here.” The hand doesn’t startle her, but it does quicken her heartbeat. The hand curves over her shoulder and slides down her arm, “Right here.” The lips that fall on her shoulder are soft and warm.

“Savi…” her breathing becomes heavier, “you can’t be real.” But she wants it to be real…very, very much. “Oh god, please, please let it be real.” She turns without opening her eyes, and kisses the woman deep. The groan she hears is her own.

Those hands…the hands she misses …are everywhere. The need in her is overwhelming and she presses the woman against the wall, making her moan, “Baby…please.”

Mel’s hand slides between the shorter woman’s legs and finds hot wetness, “Fuck..” She circles the woman’s clit with two fingers and whispers in her ear, “Like that?”

“Shit,” Savi arches hard, “yes. Just like that.” She begins Otele Gelen Escort to grind hard against the fingers. “Kiss me.” She pulls Mel’s head to her own for a hard, long kiss. When she gasps, Mel’s mouth moves to her neck, “Jesus…please.”

Mel breathes in Savi’s ear, “You ready?” The woman’s head nods and she whispers, “Cum for me, Savi.”

Nails scratch Mel’s shoulder when Savi hisses, “Now..oh god.” She trembles against the tile and Mel bites her neck, adding to the sensations already driving her crazy. “Shit, oh god.”

Mel crushes her lips against the other woman’s and swallows the scream when she finally lets go. As Savi’s legs regain their strength, Mel covers her neck and face in kisses, “I miss you. I love you.”

Savi opens her eyes and slides her hand around Mel’s waist, “My turn.” She pulls the woman against her and takes her lips in a soft, slow, deep kiss. When she presses Mel against the tile, the woman’s back arches and Savi smiles, “Cold?”

Mel laughs Balgat Escort nervously, “Yes.” When Savi’s mouth closes around a nipple though, she loses all sound and can only moan.

Savi kisses the woman’s neck and whispers hotly, “How do you want me?” When she gets no response, she smiles against Mel’s lips, “Fingers or tongue?”

She shivers, “I don’t care. Please, please baby.” When Savi’s fingers slide into her, she shudders, “God.” Savi removes her fingers and circles Mel’s clit slowly, “Oh my God.” She presses her hips forward and Savi moves her hand back, “God damn you.” She smiles and sighs, “Damn you!” She kisses the woman hard and when Savi bites her bottom lip, she groans, “Baby.”

“You are so wet, baby.” Savi flicks a nipple with her tongue and suckles it while her fingers speed up. She sees the muscles of Mel’s stomach ripple as she works her hips in unison with the fingers against her.

She can feel Savi’s thigh against her own. Mel slides her hand between Savi’s legs Büyükesat Escort and it’s quickly wet, “Fuck yeah. You’re hot too, baby.”

“Oh you meanass,” Savi sighs. She spreads her legs to allow Mel more access and matches the woman’s pace, “Yes, oh god.”

Mel flicks the woman’s clit with her thumb and she laughs when she makes her shiver, “You like that, mama?”

“Mmhmm” Savi nods just before flicking Mel’s nipple while holding the woman’s gaze. As she sucks softly she moans her appreciation when Mel arches into her, pressing herself harder against Savi’s mouth.

Closing her eyes and shaking a bit, Mel gasps, “I’m so close. Oh god, don’t stop.”

Savi buries her hand in Mel’s hair and pulls it down to stare into her eyes, “Cum with me.” She presses their foreheads together and groans, “Cum with me now.” She throws her head back with a gasp.

Mel bites Savi’s neck and groans as her own orgasm washes over her, “Oh god, Savi.”

They cling to each other and Savi whispers in Mel’s ear, “I love you.” She turns them around so that her own her back is against the tile. She reaches up and strokes Mel’s face, “I miss you, baby.”

Mel presses her forehead to Savi’s and her palms against the wall on either side of the woman’s head, “I miss you, too.” She closes her eyes before the tears start and when she opens them….she is alone. To the silence she whispers, “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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