Shy GF Comes Out Her Shell Pt. 02

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It was a cold crisp December evening as she stepped outside after locking the door.

Pulling her coat tight, she hurried to the tram stop. As it was a busy Saturday night, the carriage was packed with pre-Xmas revelers. Failing to find a seat, she reluctantly stood for the ten minute journey into the city.

As she alighted the tram, a nice-looking young guy smiled at her, letting their eye contact linger just a little too long. It reminded her that she had made a bit more effort to look good tonight. She usually avoided that sort of attention. Smiling back, she quickly strode off up the platform to the stairs to the square.

When she got out onto the main street, she fished in her canvas bag for her phone. All the messing around with changing outfits had meant that she had forgotten to text her boyfriend to tell him she had decided to go out after all.

Quickly dashing off a text to him, she pressed send.

It was a short walk to the pub from the tram stop, and as she got closer, she felt the familiar butterflies in her stomach giving rise to anxiety. At that precise moment she wished she had stayed at home. Contemplating whether to turn back or not, she felt her phone vibrate. It was her boyfriend.

“Hey Gill, glad you decided to go out, it’ll do you good. Don’t stay out too late, text me when you are home safe. missing you xxx.”

She smiled as she read it. She knew he was being nice, but at times he made her feel like a child. She was 29, and if she wanted to stay out late, she would.

At that moment though, she was still thinking about turning back to the tram stop to go back home. The text changed her mind and she started walking again. She decided she would make the effort and stay out for at least an hour, or maybe one or two drinks.

Getting to the door of the pub, she prepared herself for her first social night in months. There were a few people milling about outside as the doorman stepped aside to let her in. She could tell it was already very busy.

The downstairs bar was thronged with people. It was so busy. she almost had to push her way through the revelers to get to the stairs. A couple of young guys nodded to her as she started up the bottom steps; the brief interaction momentarily taking her mind off her social anxiety.

Reaching the top of the wooden stairs, she peered into the depths of the upstairs bar. It was rammed with revelers too, as loud relentless dance music boomed out.

Taking a deep breath, she ventured in heading towards the back bar area where Irene had said they would be. Quickly she saw some of the group at two tables on the left-hand side. it was too late to turn back now.

Gillian smiled as Irene and Lucy yelled out in surprise and delight that she had actually turned up this time. They ushered her over into a seat next to them.

Biting her lip, she sat down looking around the crowded room. The girls quickly introduced their pal Erin, whom she had never seen at climbing. She was a pretty blonde with two long pony-tails and emerald green eyes.

Looking over at the other table, she waved to Dave, Mark and Luke. They seemed happy to see her, raising their beers in a hearty salute.

There was no sign of Davey at all. She felt her heart sink as she slipped off her winter coat. Telling herself that was a stupid thing to think, she checked if the other girls needed a drink. They answered that they had just got some in, but Lucy shouted, “I think Davey’s at the bar, if you are quick.”

She swiveled around and saw him from behind, through the crowd. Her stomach knotted as she got up and moved towards the bar.

He was smiling and chatting with two gorgeous girls; all dressed up for a big girls’ night out. A brief glance told her that they were transfixed by his dark good looks and easy-going charm. A pang of jealousy flashed over her.

Again she chided herself for silly thoughts. He wasn’t even her boyfriend, she barely knew him, and she certainly wasn’t the type to be going behind her own guy’s back, trying to get some other guy’s attention.

Approaching the bar slowly, she caught his eye. He instantly stopped chatting up the girls, giving her an incredibly warm effusive greeting. His smile was radiant, and his blue eyes sparkled in the brightly lit bar area. It made her heart jump and stomach knot further.

“Wow Gill, you came out, that’s brilliant…I was just getting some drinks in, do you want one?”

She nodded, feeling a stupid wan smile come over her face. Despite speaking to him a lot that afternoon at the climbing wall, a simple drinks order was hard to get out.

As she stammered a greeting, followed by her drink order, she saw both girls looking her up and down with barely concealed disdain. Next to their sexy little dresses and tousled luxuriant hair, she felt like a dowdy frump. Casual jeans, and a buttoned up black wool cardigan, combined with her short unfussy hairstyle were no match for these sassy feline seductresses.

They clearly resented the momentary interruption to their chat with Tokat Escort her tall handsome climbing companion.

As he cheerily added her drink to his order, she stepped back stuttering that she was sitting next to Irene. Davey signaled that he would be bringing the drinks over soon, as she slunk away, feeling sheepish, and as shy as ever.

Glancing back, she saw he was wearing smart dark jeans and a fitted navy shirt over a red t-shirt or vest. It fitted his muscular sculpted torso perfectly. He looked dreamy. Right at that moment, he was also looking at her and not them, which made her smile.

Seating herself back down, she nodded to the girls and listened in to their work-related chat.

After a few minutes a strong arm reached over and set down her drink. It was Davey. He quickly said how great climbing was with her today, which made her blush slightly. Lucy noticed and prodded her arm, teasing her. All the girls seemed to like Davey. They seemed to think he really liked her too; an amusing assertion she quickly brushed away.

Sipping her drink, she still felt nervous, but tried hard to inject herself into the conversation.

Meanwhile, Davey was back at the bar with the sexy girls. She doubted she would get much time to chat to him again before she left.

Nerves made her polish off her drink a bit too quickly, but it brought her in line with the other three girls. At a break in the conversation Irene asked if they all wanted a round in. Lucy and Erin indicated they were meeting their boyfriends in an hour; but would stay for one more. Gill was still nervy and ready to reach for her coat, but that swayed her. She would stay until the other two girls left.

Irene slunk off to the bar as the girls giggled and chatted about a television actor, they all liked.

During the next hour Gillian relaxed a bit. They were three drinks in, and she felt good. She got more involved in the chat and shared a good few laughs. The guys at the next table occasionally came over for a bit of friendly banter, but it was mostly girl talk.

A few times Davey came back over, but he was still spending his time with the girls at the bar. Gill wondered if he was actually seeing one of them. Her back was to them, so she only occasionally saw him when she looked over her shoulder.

A couple of times the other girls commented on Davey working his charm. She laughed, but inwardly she bristled at the comments.

Remembering the afternoon’s climbing, where they really connected, she had hoped he would at least chat to her a bit during the evening. The few times he had come over to chat to the guys, he had looked over at her and smiled. That had made her happy.

It all went too quickly, and before she knew it, Erin and Lucy were finishing off their drinks and reaching for their jackets. Gill had enjoyed herself, but it was time for her to go. She felt a bit disappointed the evening was drawing to a close. She had now really loosened up and was happy she was out.

“Errrr… i better get my coat too,” she ventured.

“No way Gill, you can’t leave me with these clowns,” joked Irene loudly, whilst gesticulating rudely at the guys.

it didn’t take much to persuade her, and soon she was sipping a fourth drink as her and Irene had a laugh with the guys. Irene was being quite flirty with Luke. She knew something had happened a few times between them; but didn’t pry. It was all good fun, either way.

A little while later she felt a tap on her shoulder and looked up. It was Davey, smiling down at her, holding his beer.

“Hey, you stayed out…cool…i can’t leave you ladies with these animals,” he loudly joked.

That kicked off some pretty course but funny back and forwards from the guys over Davey’s somewhat divided attention between the group and the girls at the bar.

Gillian felt a little tension when he informed them that they were away to a club, but he had declined to join them as he was supposed to be out with the group. That tension intensified when he sat down and quietly said to Gill, “and… anyway, i wanted to spend some time with my new favorite climbing partner, before she goes home.”

Gill blushed slightly, but the drinks gave her confidence as she smiled.

“Hah yes, just as well…as i came out especially for you.”

It was a little bold, and she tried to make it sound tongue in cheek.

Davey straight batted it back to her.

“Well hopefully i can make it worthwhile.”

As the others chatted and clowned around, Davey and Gill sat off to the side flirting gently, whilst chatting. The easy connection of the afternoon returned quickly, with a decidedly strong undercurrent of sexual tension.

It had been a long time since she had felt like this. Definitely over three years, going right back to the first year of her current relationship. Right at that moment in the bar, the physical attraction to Davey felt even stronger than that memory.

They talked a good bit about work, climbing, fitness and films for over an hour. At one Escort Tokat point, Davey told her that he was training for an Iron Man event this coming summer. She had no doubt he would achieve it successfully, and when he said he would love to have her as a running partner, her heart beat a little faster.

She now felt a little drunk, and gazing into Davey’s eyes and handsome face made her swimmy.

Sometime over the last hour the other two guys had disappeared off into crowded bar without them noticing. They also became aware of Irene and Luke smooching, and giggled to themselves. It was now close to 11pm, and Gill knew that the last tram was leaving soon. She didn’t want to leave though.

Davey suggested a last drink for them all, but Irene and Luke demurred, saying that they were leaving, provoking much sly winking from both Davey, and also Gill.

Irene shooshed them and briskly bade them farewell with a cheeky

“Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.”

Davey laughed, “She’s a taken woman,” pausing to add “sadly,” shooting her a meaningful look.

Gill felt that in her stomach and right down between her legs. The combination of a few drinks and their flirting was having a heady effect on her.

The mention of her being a taken woman made her feel uneasy, and she shifted in her seat biting her lip. She thought of her boyfriend, and that she should text him soon. He had texted her again an hour ago, hoping she was having a good time. She hesitated, thinking she would be home soon to reply, especially if she hailed a cab.

Davey checked if she wanted to stay for one more. She was keen to prolong the evening; even if only for a little while longer. It was the best time she had had for ages. It was also just the two of them now. She hadn’t planned it that way, but it was making her feel alive inside.

He soon came back with a couple of glasses of red Malbec wine. She didn’t want to mix her drinks, but he looked so happy and handsome, she threw caution to the wind and thanked him effusively.

He looked so fit and sexy in his jeans and shirt. She felt flushed, just being with him alone. Over the next 10 minutes Davey flirted with her a bit more, making some nice comments about her make up. Gill was flattered and nervously fiddled with the top button of her cardigan.

She complimented his shirt, as she felt her desire starting to cloud her rational thoughts. In the few relationships she had experienced, she had never found herself in a situation where she was tempted to stray.

As a result of a fairly strict small community religious upbringing, that sort of thing was against her moral code. It was also against her code of being a loving considerate partner and person. Good people didn’t cheat on their partner.

Looking into his eyes, she knew how much she had wanted him since September on ‘Kalymnos’. Things hadn’t been great with her boyfriend for a year now. She had been too scared to do anything about it though. Sitting in the pub with Davey was driving that home like never before.

He looked at her and smiled.

“Thanks Gill, i wore my best shirt just for you.”

She giggled and looked down at the table in embarrassment.

The tingle in her pussy was now overwhelming. Looking up coyly she caught his eye and felt her heart thumping through her chest.

Maybe it was the wine, maybe just the moment, but right then, she felt emboldened.

“I wore my best top just for you too,” she giggled.

It was now or never; and seeing him look quizzically at her buttoned up black cardigan with a raised brow, she smiled.

Slowly she undid the top button, then the next two, followed by the remaining ones, down to her waist. Quickly sliding off the cardigan, she saw Davey’s eyes widen at the sight of her large 38c breasts crammed into her very revealing tight blue halter.

“Wow,” he mouthed, looking directly at her fulsome breasts and bare shoulders.

She felt a little embarrassed for a second, but covered it with a nervous laugh.

“Your top is better than mine,” quipped Davy.

“Why did you keep that hidden all night?”

She giggled.

“They are only for you.”

“Oh…it’s they is it?” he laughed,

Realising she had explicitly made the conversation about her breasts, she backtracked.

“I mean…it…the top.”

“It…and they are sensational,” he shot back.

She giggled, enjoying the explicit flirtation. She could feel how wet she was as they looked into each other’s eyes. Knocking back her drink she tried to compose herself.

“Think i have had too much wine, I need to go home.”

Part of her wanted to flee, but another very wet part of her wanted to have the gorgeous man sitting next to her, deep inside her all night. Her nipples were poking through the sheer halter like bullets by now. She saw Davey stare at them.

“I need to get a taxi.”

She stammered a bit, as she got up, grabbing her cardigan to put back on. Her heart thudded, slight panic creeping over her.

For the first Tokat Escort Bayan time that night Davey looked uneasy; his usual unflappable self, nowhere to be seen.

Gill saw him rise uncomfortably to reassure her. It was then she noticed the huge outline of his cock snaking down his left inner leg. Looking quickly up, she remembered the other guys’ ‘third leg’ joke, she had overheard on ‘Kalymnos’.

“God, that looks huge,” she thought in that split second, followed by, “I am causing that.”

It made her tingle even more, as she immediately felt like a jar of butterflies had been opened in her lower stomach.

They looked each other in the eyes, as he said he would wait for her taxi.

Grabbing her coat, she knew she needed fresh air, and to get a hold of her senses. Davey came up behind her and helped her put her coat on. Feeling his hands brush against her gave her shivers.

She saw him put on his short black jacket and let her lead the way. She didn’t feel too drunk as they went down the stairs, but what happened had definitely made her lightheaded.

At the foot of the stairs she asked Davey to wait as she went to the ladies. Still having palpitations, she got herself into a cubicle and tried to calm down.

She slipped her jeans down, as she breathed in. Her tiny white panties were absolutely sopping when she touched the crotch panel.

“My God,” she muttered under her breath, thinking that he hadn’t even touched her. She needed to calm down and get home. Pulling her knickers down, she first relieved herself, and then tried to dry her soaking pussy.

It took a minute or so, as she balled up some toilet paper to soak up the mess. She tried not to think of Davey as she did so, dabbing frantically between her thighs. She then checked her jeans realizing she had soaked right through to them too.

Thankfully they were dark, so the stain was not too visible. Her long winter herringbone coat would cover it anyway. She hoped Davey had not noticed as she stood up to put it on. Mind you, she had certainly noticed his trousers. Not that you could miss it.

Gill had never really thought much about penis size before. She had only had three lovers before her boyfriend, and they all seemed pretty similar. It was more about the guy and personality, and a nice face too.

However, some of the sexual problems with her boyfriend had possibly been slightly exacerbated by him having a smallish penis. He had even said so a year ago himself, when he once again slipped out during cowgirl. It was not something she was overly conscious of though, and he didn’t seem that much smaller than the other guys, truth be told.

It was definitely skinnier than her previous exes, though. She realized that early on, when she only needed two fingers and a thumb to masturbate him. No matter, he made up for it in other skills, and they still had enjoyed a very good sex life up until the last year or so.

She tried to banish all these thoughts out of her head as she got her coat back on and washed her hands at the porcelain sink. Her face looked flushed in the mirror, which annoyed her.

When she exited the ladies, there he was, still looking so handsome that her stomach flipped. His smile was radiant, and it took all her resolve not to rush up and kiss him hard on the mouth.

They then made their way through the still packed bar, and then out into the clear and chilly December night.

The street was busy, with crowds of pre- Xmas revelers coming out of the restaurants and bars. She had missed the last tram, so looked hopefully up the street towards the taxi rank.

Her heart sank seeing the already large queue. On the bright side, it meant she could spend a little more time with Davey, as he waited with her.

They ambled up towards the taxi rank, arm in arm. Her heart beat faster again when he held his arm out for her to take it. Even if only for a few short minutes, she could pretend he was her handsome charming boyfriend, walking romantically with him under the stars.

When they got there, they stopped and began chatting again about maybe doing some running together. She had been looking for a new running partner for ages, as her boyfriend was not so into that kind of keep fit. Her other running friend had moved through to Liverpool the previous summer, as well.

After 10 minutes wait, the queue was still quite sizeable. There was clearly a big demand for cabs tonight. Gillian apologized that she had made Davey wait so long, but he was fine about it, reminding her that he lived only 5 minutes walk away.

“Oh yea, lucky for you,” she smiled, pulling her coat tighter in the cold.

He smiled at her and replied.

“Hey, if you want to come back for a quick coffee, I can call you a cab from mine.”

Gillian swallowed hard at the sudden unexpected invite back to his flat. Her heartbeat got stronger too.

She told herself it was just for a coffee and it would be fine. Trying to appear calm and collected, she quietly replied that it would be really nice, but only if he didn’t mind.

As they walked she felt the butterflies in her stomach again. They were just arm in arm in the cold, but it felt special. Telling herself over and over again it was just a coffee, she leaned in close to him as they talked.

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