Sick Day Ch. 01

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I woke up with what I’m hoping is a 24 hour bug and I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. I started feeling bad on the flight in last night and it just kept getting worse through the night. I’ll still be online, but will be working from the hotel today. Text me if you need me, otherwise I hope I’ll see you in the office tomorrow.

Have a great day,


Okay, so I wasn’t really sick with the flu. I had absolutely no intention to be online waiting for the onslaught of tedious IMs from coworkers asking about an email, or that file, or was I in such-and-such’s meeting last week because they can’t find their notes from it.

No, I didn’t plan to do any of that, because The Itch started knocking on my brain for attention the night before and I fully intended to use the day to scratch The Itch. On that day, The Itch happened to be sucking anonymous (mostly) married cock. Some days it was getting fucked. Others it was finding somebody to suck me off. The Itch changed from day to day and today using Craigslist to round up various horny married men from the numerous office buildings around my hotel for quick, NSA head was what it wanted. Who was I to ignore its request?

The Chicago suburb where I traveled twice a month for work was awash with sexually frustrated men who weren’t getting anything from their wife because the kids and life took all of the time and attention. I knew because that’s the way my home life had become as well. In my forty three years, I had grown to accept the fact I liked sex with men in a completely different way than sex with a woman. In the fifteen years I had been married and fathered two kids, I had grown to accept sex in the marriage was an occasional bonus, and not nearly enough to satisfy my daily need to get off. Men get that with each other. There isn’t a need for romance. The need is to get off by using somebody or get off by being used. Simple and easy.

Although the skin on my face wasn’t as tight as it used to be, I realized as I aged that I had a look that definitely appealed to some. I was a little over six foot, bounced above and below the 200 pound mark, kept some semblance of a muscular frame, still kept a decent head of hair, beard, and based on feedback from a buddy, “put off a horny Soccer Dad kind of vibe.” This made picking up other guys at the hotel bar sometimes a challenge, because I came across as a funny guy sharing a drink with them, not the guy who wanted to drain their balls.

In the glory days when Craigslist allowed guys to find exactly what they were looking for, I could drop an advertisement for specific windows of time (lunch, after work, etc.) and usually count on a dozen emails with one or two that didn’t sound like an illiterate freak. Of course, there was always the risk that one or both of them would flake out and drive Ankara Escort past my exit and instead run home to the safety of the suburbs. It was sometimes work, but most of the time it was worth it.

Today, I placed an ad that promised all-day, NSA blow-and-go service. I specifically asked for married guys who didn’t want any reciperation. All I wanted was to be waiting on my knees in the room, have them come in, fuck my mouth, shoot their load wherever they wanted and split. No need for chitchat or anything else. Simple. Quick. Primal.

By 9AM, I had a few emails, with one from a guy I had blown several times before. He looked like the stereotypical ex-Marine/cop who got past 50, grew a little gut, kept the buzz cut, and still puts off that vibe of being able to kick your ass in ways you never even thought of. He was a “on your knees while I stand and use you” kind of guy, which was perfect for me. I replied back and agreed to the time he suggested of 10AM. His office was just a few buildings down in the office park and I knew it wouldn’t take him long to get there. As promised, he emailed when he made it to the hotel so I could prop the door open and wait in my knees wearing just a pair of workout shorts. Those moments of anticipation were some of the most erotic for me. Knowing a guy would be there in a matter of minutes, sometimes not knowing anything more than what was in a brief email chat.

After a short while of waiting for him to make it through the lobby and up the elevator, I saw the shadow of his body under the crack of the door. My cock jumped to attention in my shorts. The nervousness and anticipation had quickly transformed to an old fashioned boner.

He came in, let the door shut behind him and gave himself a moment to adjust to the dimness of the room.

“There you are, cocksucker,” he said.

“That’s me,” I thought, proud of myself. Actually, I just have a butch, “Hey, bud.”

He was wearing the usual for him: short sleeve dress shirt tucked neatly into his standard issue khaki pants so many of the guys I service wear. His work ID on a lanyard tucked in his shirt pocket for privacy, I guess. As always, he insisted on unzipping his own pants which gave me the opportunity to look at the wedding ring on his left hand. Is it morally and ethically wrong to get so turned on by providing sexual favors to a married man? Probably, but at that moment the idea drove me absolutely insane with lust. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to feel his cock swell in my mouth and use me to get off. His pants dropped, but he kept his boxers on with his cock and balls hanging from the front slit.

“Get it in your mouth. Get me harder.”

He never was one to mince words, which was why he was repeatedly asked back.

He probably Sincan Escort has a 7 inch cock with a nice set of unshaven balls, which on this day smelled of the soap he had used to shower that morning. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and began to work my magic, feeling it start to quickly harden and fill my mouth.

“Ohh, God. Yes, that’s it, suck it,” he demanded as I began going up and down on his shaft. After a couple of minutes, wIth one hand I cupped his balls and the other I ran up under his undershirt through the thick pelt of salt and pepper hair on his stomach and chest. In other sessions, I had noticed him pinching his nipples as I sucked him, so in this one I took it upon myself to do that for him. Jackpot.

“Oh fuck yes, motherfucker. Suck my cock,” he growled as the first few tweaks grabbed his attention. This started him not just allowing me to do the sucking of his cock, but to thrust his hips in keeping with my rhythm. I ran my hand from one nipple to the next, taking the time to sometimes come down and appreciate the hair across his stomach and chest that screamed “You’re gonna get a huge load from a man” to me. This went on for a few minutes until his cock felt like it had an iron rod in it.

“Can I suck your balls, sir?” I asked. It really wasn’t a question, but more of a way to give him a little power buzz.

“Fuck yes, you bitch. Suck my nuts,” and he pulled my mouth to his balls. I started by licking and kissing them and then really dove into the game by not only taking one in my mouth, but burying myself in the hair around his balls and pubes. I showed him how much he turned me on by inhaling deeply as my nose was buried in his crotch. I groaned with pleasure from the experience.

“Goddamn, you’re such a hot man,” I said. This time, it wasn’t for him. The words just came out of me because the raw sexual energy from him was making me crave getting him over the edge.

He smirked, took my head in both hands and pulled it down on his cock. I had blown him enough to know this was a move he made when he was starting to get close.

As he pulled me all the way down with my nose pressed firmly into his wild bush of pubes, I felt his cock slip past the back of my mouth and down into my throat. The sensation was, as always, amazing. The thought that you are being used by another guy for no other reason that to shoot their load had my cock, which I never touched when giving head, rock hard. After being in charge in the office and trying to keep control at home, it was a complete rush to give in to another man. I lived for these moments.

With his hands on either side of my head, his grip got firmer as he began to fuck my mouth.

“You’re gonna take my load down your throat,” he said as I grunted in Etlik Escort approval. He was fucking my mouth with hard, quick strokes and I tried to get breathe when I could. Through my grunts and attempt at saying, “please cum for me” I wanted him to know that I was as turned on as him.

My hand went back up to his balls and began to lightly tease them as they slapped into my bearded chin. If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that a guy’s balls are the most overlooked item in a good blowjob. Give a guy praise about his balls and give them a little caress and you’ll be rewarded with a harder orgasm.

“Fucker, you can’t wait to take my cum, can you?” The language began to flow out of him has his power trip took him to where he needed to be to cum. I fucking loved it.

“Suck it, don’t you fucking dare not swallow. You’re gonna take it like a man.” I didn’t need to be told this, but whatever.

His thrusts became quicker and his breathing became ragged as the grip on my head went from firm to you’re-not-going-anywhere.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum in you,” he said as I again grunted approval that expressed a desire that I wanted to be nowhere else in the world at that moment and wanted nothing more than what he was about to give me. I applied extra suction as I brought him home.

The head of his cock swelled as he gave one last push down my throat and held my head and mouth in a way that allowed me to feel the cum pumping straight down my throat. He was still and quiet except for quickened breathing as he poured himself into me. There was so much of it, some made it into my mouth and I almost became dizzy from the lust I felt when the familiar sweet and acidic taste. My tongue could feel each pulse of his orgasm as he continued to shoot the thick white cum that I craved. I tried to pull back a little to grab a quick bit of air.

“Keep it right there, motherfucker. My cock stays in your throat. Don’t fucking move. Swallow it all” His breathing slowed as the last of the pulses of semen made their way from his body into mine. The grip on my head lessened.

I pulled back up off of his cock, took a much needed breath and said, “Thank you.” I then squeezed his softening cock lightly to get the last drop out and licked it free from the head of his cock. “God, it tastes so good. Tastes like a man.”

“Fuck that was great” he said as he pulled back, started to tuck his cock and balls back in his boxers and pull up his pants. “You sucking all day, buddy?” Now I was “Buddy” and no longer “Cocksucker.”

“That’s the plan,” I said, still in my place on my knees.

He patted his pants pockets to confirm his keys and phone were not left behind and made his way for the door. “Well, back to work. I have a meeting in thirty. Good luck. Catch you next time.”

“Hope so” I said as I focused on the taste of his cum still lingering in my mouth. I felt a rush. I felt I had been empowered by what had just happened. Taking a load always made me feel a rush of adrenaline.

As the door snapped shut, I got up to go check my email to see who I could arrange to come by next. There was a lot of time left to use.

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