Sleeping with Friend’s Mom Ch. 04

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Author’s note: Sorry for the delay on this one, I hope you all like it. Don’t worry, Ch.05 is in the works. As always, thanks for reading my work.

Mid morning sun beams and bird song flow into Audrey’s open bedroom window. She opens her eyes slowly and found herself pressing up against Ben’s naked body. Her left arm draped over his chest, as her left leg hung over his right thigh.

She then smiles to herself and ever so gently, peels herself from him and sat up in bed naked. She then kisses his forehead and slides out of her bed quietly. Ben turns in his sleep.

Last night was amazing with him. Ben was an amazing lover for someone his age. It was crazy how quick he learned what she liked or how to make her cum so much. Audrey couldn’t remember the last time she felt this refreshed.

She slips into her nightgown and exits her bedroom. Closing the bedroom door behind her gently. As if not to disturb her sleeping lover.

No…not lover. Boyfriend. Ben was her boyfriend now. They were a couple. A secret couple, but a couple nonetheless.

She then heads downstairs to the kitchen and decided to make some breakfast for them. Something light, yet healthy. Because she planned on fucking Ben afterwards.

It felt better with Ben, then it ever was with Jason. Maybe it was because of Ben’s huge cock. She thinks back to the first time she saw it. How thick it was and long too. How his hand couldn’t barely fit around it.

Now…she can have it whenever she wanted. It was way better than her B.O.B. Much better. Nothing beats the real thing.

Audrey steps into the kitchen and begins to make breakfast. Taking out four eggs, two slices of ham, two slices of bread and one orange.

Cutting the orange in two, she places both halves on the two plates she got out. Then cracked the four eggs into the frying pan and begins cooking them. Humming to herself, as she scrambles them with her spatula. Once the eggs started to cook, she places the two slices of bread into the toaster and made two cups of coffee.

“Something smells good,” said a voice behind her.

A voice she recognized as Jason’s. A voice she so badly didn’t want to hear.

A voice she hated.

“Just making some breakfast,” she said feeling annoyed.

“Where’s Ben?” he asked.

“Sleeping,” she said.

“Did…anything happen last night?” Jason asked.

“If anything DID happen,” Audrey thought, “it would be none of your fucking business.”

That was what she wanted to say to him.

“Why? You jealous?” Audrey said with a sneer.

“Just asking is all,” Jason sniped back.

Audrey knew Jason was jealous of Ben. After all, Ben was hotter, younger and a better lover than Jason was.

She then heard Jason pour a cup of coffee and lean against the kitchen counter.

“So…are we going to talk about last night?” Jason asked.

She takes the eggs from the frying pan and divided them into two halves. Then places them on the two plates she had out.

Next came the two slices of ham, which she places in the pan. Once the toaster chimed, she grabs the two slices of toast and lathers them in honey butter. Then places one slice each on their plates.

Honey butter was Audrey’s favourite butter to use on her toast. She hoped Ben liked it too.

“Audrey?” Jason asked again, “Are we going to talk about last night?”

“What about last night?” she said sounding irritated and annoyed

“Why did Jason want to bring it up now?” she thought.

“About why I came back.” he said.

“I really don’t fucking care why you did Jason!” she snapped, “So just drop it!”

All she wanted, was to get back upstairs to Ben. Go back upstairs to Ben and have a romantic breakfast in bed with him. Then make love to him and forget about everything until Pete got back that afternoon.

Jason slams his fist against the counter. Which upsets his cup of coffee and burns his hand in the process. As he yelped in pain, Audrey couldn’t help but find it funny. He runs his hand under cold water from the sink.

“I came back to tell you that I want a divorce.” Jason said as he winces from the pain.

For a while, Audrey didn’t say anything. Then she sighs.

“Did you ever once thought about how this will affect our son?” Audrey said, “Are we that fucking worthless to you?”

Jason didn’t say anything.

“It’s always about you isn’t it?” she continued, “Always about you and your needs. What about ours huh? Did you know I had to ask my own parents for money? Just enough to pay our bills because YOU decided to go on a business trip for a month!”

“That was because my boss needed me at-” Jason fumbles over his words.

“SHUT UP YOU DON’T GET TO TALK!” snarled Audrey.

Jason clammered up. He never saw Çanakkale Escort Audrey this upset before.

“You treat yourself very well at our expense don’t you?” Audrey said eyeing him up and down, “Buying yourself an expensive new car, tailored suits and rather luxurious hotel rooms too. Did you know it took me half a year to save enough money to buy Pete that game system he wanted for his birthday?”

Jason’s face turned white.

“I bet your slut of a boss Rose didn’t know that did she?” Audrey continued, “That you have a family you willingly abandon for her? Oh that’s right…she only knows about me.”

“That’s because she didn’t need to know-” Jason tried to say.

“Didn’t need to know my ass!” Audrey said cutting him off, “You just didn’t care.”

She had him there.

“Oh but don’t worry Jason.” Audrey continued, “You’ll get your divorce. That is after the holidays are over. Pete deserves that much before I tell him.”

“You’re…going to tell Pete?” asked Jason.

“Well yes,” Audrey said, “because he deserves to know why his father hates him. Why you are sleeping with your boss and ruining our marriage for years.”

Jason grabs his shoes and bolts for the front door. As the door slams behind him, Audrey sighs. She heard his “new” car peel out of the driveway and take off down the street.

“So much for a peaceful christmas this year too.” she thought, “I’m so sorry Pete. I’m sorry your father is a worthless asshole.”

She planned on telling Pete after winter break was over. About his father wanting a divorce and about him sleeping with his boss.

But, she really should be thanking Jason. Because if he hadn’t been fucking his boss, then she never would have realized her feelings for Ben and vice versa.

It is something she’s rather thankful for. Because Ben is proving himself to be loyal, faithful and loving. Her Ben.

She finishes cooking and places both slices of ham on their two plates. Then she grabs a tray and places everything on it. She then heads back upstairs to her room.

To where her man slept soundly on her bed naked. Her king and she was his queen.

She opens her bedroom door and walks in. Then closes it behind her with a push from her hip. Once the door clicked shut, she walked with the tray to her bed.

She then places the tray on her nightstand and removes her nightgown. Then gets back on the bed naked. Smiling at Ben as she leaned over his face.

“Time to wake up Ben,” she said softly against his ear.

She kisses his cheek as he stirs from sleep.

“Hey,” he said groggily.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Audrey said playfully.

She kisses his lips. A kiss that was just as electrifying as their first.

“I made breakfast for us,” she said afterwards.

“Smells delicious,” he said sitting up.

She grabs the tray and places it between them.

“Scrambled eggs, ham, toast and some fresh fruit.” she said, “Oh and coffee too!”

She hands him a cup.

“Looks good,” he said, “I’m starving.”

He takes a bit from his eggs. She sips on her coffee and nibbles on her toast.

“So asshole isn’t going to be around anymore.” Audrey said breaking their serene silence.

“Asshole?” asked Ben.

“I mean Jason,” she clarified, “I call him that now. Because he is one.”

“What happened?” asked Ben.

Audrey sighed.

“He finally admitted he loved her and wanted a divorce.” she said.

“When was this?” he asked.

“Just about half an hour ago,” she said.

Ben takes a bite of his ham, before talking again.

“Shouldn’t you tell Pete about this?” Ben asked.

“I plan too.” she said.

“About us too?” Ben asked.

She squeezes his hand tenderly.

“Pete doesnt’t need to know about us…yet.” Audrey said.

After their breakfast was done, Audrey placed the tray back on her nightstand and began making out with Ben in bed.

“Pete should be home in another hour or so.” said Audrey between kisses, “Should be plenty of time to play.”

She then lowered herself down to his waist under the comforter. Only her head was peeking out from under it.

She giggles.

“Mmmm looks like I didn’t need to suck your cock to get you hard for me,” Audrey said.

Ben lets out a moan.

“But I still want to anyways.” she said as she lowers her mouth around his cock

She then began sucking him. Licking the underside of his shaft, as she played with his balls. All while looking at his face, gauging his approval. She liked the faces he made when she sucked him. It was cute.

“So beautiful,” she said kissing his tip, “so sexy.”

“My turn now,” he said.

“Yes please! Audrey said.

She then laid on her back, as Ben got between her Çanakkale Escort Bayan thighs. Slowly kissing down her body, towards her pubic area. Once there, he began using his tongue against her sensitive clit.

“I haven’t had my pussy eaten in forever!” Audrey moaned, “Feels so good!”

His tongue kept probbing inside her, as his hands groped and squeezed at her breasts. Her nipples were erect.

“I want to ride you now,” she said.

“Go ahead,” Ben said laying on his back.

She then straddles him and grabs his meaty shaft. Then slowly began pushing down on it. Letting out a loud moan as Ben’s cock entered her.

“Fucking yes!” he said as Audrey reached his base, “So much bigger…”

She lets out another moan.

“Such a big fucking cock!” breathed Audrey, ” Such a huge dick!”

“Ride me,” Ben said.

Audrey began to slide up his cock, then dropped back down. Then began repeating the rhythm, as she picks up momentum. Her big ass clapping against Ben’s toned thighs. His hands cupping each cheek as they both moaned in unison. Her bed squeaking steadily under them. Her breasts swaying in his face.

Audrey loved how well Ben could keep up with her. How sweet and caring he was too. Why didn’t she realize earlier that Ben was the man for her?

They shared a long wet kiss. Sweat pouring down their bodies as time ticked on.

They switched positions halfway through. Audrey was now on her back and Ben above her. Driving his thick, long and hard cock into her swollen pussy. Her legs wrapping around his waist.

“FUCKING YES!” she cried out, “OWN THAT PUSSY! FUCK ME!”

“I love you Audrey,” moaned Ben.

“I’M FUCKING LOVE YOU TOO!” screamed Audrey as she pulled Ben’s torso to her, “OH BEN!”

With that, she began shaking as waves of pure undulated pleasure washed over her. Her hands dug into Ben’s back, as his thrusts become slower and more precise.

“You…you gonna cum?” she asked.

He nods and moans.

“You going to give it to me?” she said.

“Oh god,” Ben said.

“You getting closer?” she said.

“Oh fuck!” he said again.

“Pull out and shoot it all over my chest!” Audrey said.

He pulls his cock out and aims it at her torso. His hand barely began stroking his shaft, when hot sticky cum shoots from his tip.

All of it landing on her stomach and tits. He pants and lets his pulsating cock droop from his hand. It landed on her trimmed pubic hair.

He pants.

“You came so much hun!” she laughs, “Even after I finished draining your balls last night!”

Audrey then wastes no time and began scooping up his cum and placing it in her mouth. After her torso and chest were cleaned of his thick cum, Audrey sits up and grabs his cock. Gently squeezing it as they kissed again.

“Does your cum taste good in my mouth?” Audrey giggled between kisses, “It tasted yummy to me.”

They then laid side by side on her bed catching their breath. Audrey lays her sweaty head on his shoulder and sighs contently.

“It feels so good with you,” Audrey said as she ran her hand up and down his chest.

She sighs again.

“I mean it when I say I’m grateful we are best friends Ben,” she continued.

“Just friends?” he said pulling her close to him.

“You know what I mean silly!” she said flicking his nose.

“My marriage to Jason is over,” Audrey said softly, “but we have to be careful around Pete.”

“Yeah it would be awkward if he found out we were sleeping together,” Ben laughed.

“Which is why I said we NEED to be careful around him,” she said.

“Besides…Christmas is coming next and I got alot of things to buy for Pete,” Audrey said with a smile, “and us.”

“What do you have in mind Audrey?” Ben asked.

“You’ll see then,” Audrey said, “not going to spoil the surprise.

She then playfully slaps his side.

“Now get dressed,” she said, “Pete should be coming home soon.”


As Audrey and Ben walked downstairs together with the tray, she plants another kiss on his lips. Then walked into the kitchen as Ben got his shoes on to leave.

Audrey kissed him one more time at the front door. Then watched Ben get in his car and leave. She then heads back inside smiling. Such a good day.


Meanwhile, Jason was still white as a ghost as he drove. How could he be so stupid with his money transactions? How could Audrey know about what he buys? Did she have a PI trailing him?

He glances around him. Was he being followed? Maybe that was why? Not that couldn’t be it. Audrey couldn’t afford to pay a PI for info.

In reality…it was Escort Çanakkale because they shared a bank account. So when Jason bought something expensive, she knew right away. That was how she knew about his frequent expensive hotel rooms and dinners for two people. She had a inkling he was cheating on her way before his boss told her.

Jason continued driving until he got to his boss’ house. The house he stayed at sometimes under the pretense of “work project”. Except the only “work” he did was fuck her. Though sometimes they would stay for a month at a hotel, under the pretense of “business trip”.

As he pulls into her driveway, he felt something was off. There parked next to her little BMW, was another car. Did she have company over? It was strange, as Jason thought he was the only one who knew where she lived. He got out and walked up to the front door and jiggled the knob. It was locked…odd. But then he remembered that she had a spare key hidden in her porch plant. Which he finds and uses on the door. Once it was unlocked, he steps into the house and closes the door behind him.

“Hey I’m back!” he called out.

Only the ticking of her clock answered him. He walked around downstairs and noticed a few things out of place. In the kitchen were two wine glasses on the island countertop. Recently drank from too. Maybe she had a girlfriend over? After all, women love drinking wine and talking about girl stuff.

Then there was a large green duffle bag by the counter as well. Attached to the side of it, was the military logo and a name tag. Though Jason couldn’t read what it said, as the writing was small and blurred.

A army friend?

He chuckles and suddenly heard a loud moan from upstairs. Jason then crept up the stairs slowly. His heart beating a million miles a minute. He could hear faint rhythmic sounds from her bedroom, as he got to the second floor landing. The door was cracked open, as he got near it.

Maybe it was karma? Maybe it was fate for him to be forever alone. For what Jason saw as he opened the door, got him arrested.

Apparently he WASN’T supposed to be living there with her. She was already married and her husband was lieutant in the Marines. They apparently had a open marriage until very recently. So when Jason saw his boss with someone in bed, he flipped out. The guy told him to leave or else he’d call the police. His boss told Jason that the guy was her husband. That they had a open marriage until recently and she didn’t want to sleep with Jason anymore.

Jason pleaded with her. Saying he left his wife for her and that he loved her.

She scoffed at him.

“Did you really think I meant what I said at the hotel room?” Rose said, “It was just sexy talk. Nothing more. I never once said move in with me.”

“But I left Audrey for you!” said Jason, “I told her I chose you!”

“Not my problem Jason,” Rose said, “now leave at once or I WILL call the police on you!”

“I have nowhere else to go!” Jason said, “Nowhere!”

“Last warning asshole!” her husband said,

Jason began to get irritated. The husband leaps out of bed and tackled him to the ground. Rose then grabbed her phone and called the police. Saying she has a intruder in her home and that he won’t leave.

As Jason was being lead in handcuffs to the squad car, he turns to face his boss one last time.

“You disgust me!” Rose said.

His life was over.


“Did you hear about Jason?” asked Audrey’s mom as they came to drop Pete off.

“What about…him?” Audrey said.

She really couldn’t care less.

“Apparently he called us from a holding cell,” her mom explained, “the nerve!”

“W…What did he do?” Audrey asked.

She was interested now.

“He wouldn’t say.” her mom said, “So I had to drive all the way to the station and ask.”

“What happened?” Audrey asked.

“From what I got from the officer,” she said, “Jason apparently walked into a couple’s house and right into their bedroom. Then began screaming at the couple in bed. The husband had to restrain him, when Jason started to get violent. The wife had to call the police.”

“Why did he do that?” thought Audrey.

She knew that it was probably his boss Rose. She looked like the type of woman who would be married.

“I think I know.” Audrey said.

“You do?” her mom said.

“Earlier today,” Audrey began, “Jason told me he wanted a divorce. The reason? He chose that woman after all and just came to tell me that. He had no plans of trying to make it work between us either.”

“Oh honey!” her mom said pulling Audrey into an embrace.

Suddenly Audrey’s phone rings.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Audrey!” came the voice of Jason, “Please listen. I’m being hel-“


“Who was that?” asked her mom.

“Just a stupid telemarketer,” Audrey said, “think I need to change my number.”

“I hate how they always know what your number is!” her mom said, “So irritating!”

“Indeed,” Audrey said, “so irritating.”

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