Sleepless in Chennai

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I had been working night shifts for close to 10 years at this point and like all graveyard shift workers, our sleep during the day is not exactly a beauty sleep. Simply put, the rest of the world does not give a fuck whether you have worked all night or that you need some peace and quiet during the day to sleep. In a place like Chennai, where the weather goes from summer for 5 months to a sweltering spit roast for the rest of the year, interspersed with the occasional rainfall which the news calls a monsoon, it is just impossible to sleep during the day.

So, one of those days, between watching porn and waiting to get up for work, I was scrolling through Craigslist’s Personals section to bite some bait. One of those ads, actually connected me to a lady who agreed that she was the one who posted, that it was not a scam, and that she was ready to meet me that afternoon. All of this was within 10 minutes of me going thru the ad, contemplating whether mind or dick rules, calling her and heading to the shower and then calling in sick at work.

She had to come in from quite a distance and it was around 1.30 when we spoke so I asked her if she would want something to eat, because then I would need to get something from a take away. At that time, I was a single, sleepless, horny guy who lived alone, so spartan living and an empty larder of sorts. Thankfully, she said she would come after lunch, and I reckoned tea was something I could offer her at the least.

The doorbell rung at 3, by which time I had done a round of basic housekeeping – swept the floor, moved the clothes for laundry to the machine, set the AC at a comfy temperature, changed the sheets on the bed and kept clean mugs and kettle at the ready. As I went to open the door, I recalled the pictures we had exchanged and she seemed cute, but the lady who stood in front of me was dressed like a biker chic. Jeans, a simple top under a riding jacket, and a full faced helmet resting at her hip. She smiled, walked in, slipped off her shoes, laid her helmet on the couch and turned around to face me with a lazy smile while thrusting her supple chest out trying to remove the riding jacket, while I watched her and absent-minded closed the door behind us. All of this, in under 30 seconds and not a word had been uttered.

I eventually worked up a smile myself and offered a mild “hello”, to which she responded equally softly. I had checked her out the moment I opened the door, but got a fair idea of her chest only when she removed her jacket, and my eyes kept dipping down from her face occasionally. Noticing my darting eyes she said, “Am glad you like them. They are going to enjoy the attention.”

I actually blushed a little and offered to lead the way to my room upstairs, while she followed me. Seeing the house as we went up, she was surprised that I was staying alone in such a big house and loved the shades on the wall. My room had a mix of Mango Yellow and Lime Green on opposite sides, something very uncommon in Indian houses in Yozgat Escort the south. There was a single bed on the far end, and a queen sized mattress on the floor where I actually slept. We settled in, offered her a choice of water or Sprite and got to know each other.

When I meet women, even though I know the primary reason is to have sex, I can’t bring myself to get ready and excited unless I know the basics about them. As a person. In my opinion, that serves to add more passion in the act and is not just a mechanical motion to ejaculate.

We sat facing each other on the bed, resting our backs on the cot behind us. We spoke for close to two hours, by which time we got to know each other, basics of families, boyfriends/girlfriends and why they were a pain in the wrong place, which eventually brought us down the path to sex – kinks, fetishes and all. By this time, we were sitting side by side, her leg over mine, her head in the crook of my shoulder, my arm around her shoulder and caressing her side-boob, while her right hand was doodling around on my inner thighs, skilfully avoiding my cock and nuts.

All it took for this to get rolling was her to look up at my face, eyes connected, I leaned down to kiss her and in that instant two civilized human beings regressed into a pair of primal animals.

As the kissing intensified and our tongues were having a wrestling match, our hands wandered over each others faces and thru hair, eventually working down each others backs, cupping up an ass cheek at a time, before contouring the sides and running it all the way up to our faces again. While her hand was still cupping and squeezing by butt, mine had wandered up north and was squeezing her amazingly firm boobs, lifting them from under and bouncing them a bit.

By now, her hands had worked their way to the seams of my shirt and was yanking them up, while I was trying to get hers too out too. Somewhere in between we realised we were being inefficient, so our hands worked on our own clothes while our mouths were still attached, got our tops off and got back to wandering hands over naked skin.

For some reason I have a tough time with bra clasps and this time was no different, embarrassingly. She noticed this and without a lost moment she undid this while she was sucking my nipple and giving them a tongue lashing like never before. The sensation of her warm tongue flat out and slowly lapping at the nipple sent unexplainable sensations through my body. She was expertly moving from one to the other, while suddenly her hand went behind her, undid her bra clasp and came back on my mid-riff eventually working down to my shorts.

As she was going about her thing, I was in a different plane of ecstasy altogether and was making it better by cupping her 34C tits and squeezing and kneading them softly, flicking her erect nipple buds gently and rubbing them slowly. Until, she paused, stopped licking my nipples, looked down at her hand on my cock over the shorts and smiled Yozgat Escort Bayan at me. I was going commando. A yank and my shorts were helplessly gathered around my ankles while her hand was on my cock and stroking my balls as she sucked on my nipples and moaned as I kneaded and rubbed her tits.

With my shorts down, she now bent down to get her face close to my cock and I leaned over her to push down her leggings, revealing a black thong panty. And that is where I lost my shit.

I knelt her down on the bed, bent her over the cot, got behind her, yanked her g string to a side and dug my face between her ass cheeks, as my tongue proceeded to trace an outline from the ass to the pussy. Having found the mound of her pussy lips, I proceeded to lick and suck at it with aggression, as she bucked and wriggled while deep low moans were let out. Once she got used to the pace, I ran my fingers on my right hand over her pussy and gently fondled her clit, while I was rimming her asshole. I think, this is where she lost her shit.

She bucked hard but I kept the double simulation going for sometime, till I decided to ease out on her. The minute I released my hold on her and pulled my face out, she shot right up, turned around, pounced on me and flattened me on my back. She pinned my hands on my side and mounted me, rubbing her soaking wet pussy over my stiff cock, but not going in. Kinda like dry humping but not quite. A few minutes of this, and easing out of her aggression a little bit, she got off me, turned around and swallowed my cock whole into her mouth.

For 7 whole minutes, my cock was treated to the most lavish, warm, wet bath it had ever been subjected to. Her tongue was like a soft fruit being stroked over my cock, with the after-chill of spearmint. Somewhere in between I realized that I was not being a gentleman and worked her hind side over to my face, while she peeped back to see what I was trying to do without letting my cock go out of her mouth. Eventually understanding without a word being uttered, she swung her legs over me and straddled my face. Positioned her pussy over my mouth, lowered it to my lips and positioned her boobs to flatten out over my thighs, just as I reached up with my tongue to explore her pussy. She shivered again, but rode my face like a champ.

I did my best to find new angles to better reach her inner walls and explore uncharted territory, which clearly she approved of and wanted more of. In the midst of this, she began a slow rocking motion, to and fro, and then a gentle swirl before rocking to and fro again to repeat this cycle. What this did was allowed me to suck on her pussy lips, probe my tongue into her as well as get additional coverage to regularly swab my tongue against her clit and flick it for a bit. All this while my cock was getting polished like a pole. She began licking at the base of my cock head and it had the most tingling sensation ever.

After a while, we both collapsed as is to catch our breaths Escort Yozgat and rest while our hands doodled all over our bodies. I decided to test her anal capabilities as well. So when she sat upright, and was getting ready to tie her hair, I spread her ass cheeks and let me tongue run around her asshole. She froze. Gasped. Let out a short guttural moan and relaxed. I figured that was my go ahead for anal first base. So, I leaned her a bit, spread her ass wide and licked and rimmed her asshole for a couple of minutes before I got winded from the effort. All this while she was caressing my balls and stroking them gently, trailing her fingers all the way down to my asshole but not any further.

She then lifted herself up, turned around and settled herself over my cock, not exactly sliding it in, but just sitting with her pussy lips wrapped around me cock. (The image just made me crave for a hotdog now!) A couple moments later she began a gentle rocking motion which gained intensity while remaining pleasantly slow paced. In no time and without realising, my cock had slid into her warm tight pussy and she was riding me at a slow trot. In no hurry. Just enjoying the ride.

We were too spent with the oral and foreplay that we just took this slowly and while she rode me, all I did was reach up to her tits and squeeze them. Knead them. Squish them.

She realised that she was building up to an orgasm and seeing her face contort and focus on her impending climax, she increased the pace and in a matter of seconds, she was on me like a jockey riding a race horse. Fast. Intense. Breathing heavily. Seeing her get ready to cum, my orgasm built as well and I would like to say that we both came at thr same time, but I think my first squirt triggered her orgasm and she flowed like a gushing stream, added to which I let loose a couple of squirts as well and was done.

She collapsed over me, breathless and gasping for breath and eventually both our breathing settled into a rhythm and we calmed down. We just lay there spent for a few minutes. No words. Just the hum of the AC breaking the silence.

She got up, stood, beckoned me to stand up as well, grabbed my hand and made her way to the washroom. It had already gotten dark so we actually stumbled our way thru, got in and began cleaning ourselves up. She sat on the edge of the tub washing herself while I took a leak. After I was done and turned around, she slid my limp dick into her mouth and got me hard in no time again, then proceeded to give me a slow handjob for a couple of minutes. Abruptly she stopped and walked over to the washbasin to wash her face. While she bent down to reach the stream of water, I just knelt behind her and stuck my tongue into her ass. She sighed and did not move while I did my thing.

We stepped out of the washroom, wiped each other down and then began getting dressed. We made small talk and already began planning on when we would meet next. I offered to make her some tea, but she declined and said it was already late and she had to leave.

I checked the time and it was 7 PM. Starting of a brand new day!

From the Author: If you liked this story and my previous work, please do drop a comment to serve as encouragement and motivation for me. Thank you for your patronage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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