Slummin It – Oaklynn Ch. 02

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This story involves rough interracial lesbian play.

I walked in to Barneys and looked around. It looked like the usual crowd, and they all turned to look at me when I walked to the bar. Some just smirked at me and others laughed outright.

“Hey, look. The little nigger’s back for another round with Leona.”

“Yeah, well maybe she didn’t eat enough of her big smelly ass the last time.”

More laughing.

As I reached the bar, the bartender said, “Do you know what you’re doing, officer?”

I looked at him. “I’m off duty tonight. Can I get a beer?”

He sat my beer on the counter and then said, “I don’t want no trouble tonight, officer. Maybe you should drink up and leave before Leona gets finished.”

I nodded. “Thanks for the warning, Tim, but I’ll be OK.”

As I sat on the stool drinking my beer, I soon heard the voice of my hated nemesis. “Well, well, well. Look who’s back for more. You wanna nother ass whipping nigger?”

I looked up at the 20-year-old 300-pound monster towering over me, and I shivered down my spine. “No Leona, I don’t want an ass whipping. Can we talk in private?”

“Follow me nigger,” she demanded as she picked up my beer and started down the hallway. My legs were trembling as I followed the big tattooed prostitute down the hall. When we reached the room where I was raped a couple weeks ago, she handed me the empty and said, “In here.”

Leona shut the door and turned on me and lit a cigarette. She quickly slapped my face and said, “What do you want cunt?”

“I, uh . . . I was j-just . . . I . . . “

“Spit it out cunt. I ain’t got all night,” she yelled.

I slowly reached into my pocket and pulled out a small roll of money and held it out to her. She stood staring at it for almost 30 seconds, and then said, “Is that what I think it is, cunt? Are you paying for my services?” I looked ashamedly at the floor and slowly nodded my head. “Ha ha ha! I knew you’d be back for more Leona.” She grabbed the money from my hand and asked, “What exactly is it you want me to do for this money.”

My voice squeaked as I said, “You . . . you c-can d-d-do anything y-you want with m-me, Leona.”

She grinned evilly at me and said, “Did you say I can do anything I want to you tonight?”

I was petrified and my legs were shaking as I Eryaman Escort recalled the brutal evening with Loena two weeks ago. I looked at the floor and nodded my head. “Yes, Leona. Anything. I am yours tonight.”

She grabbed my chin and lifted my head so we were just inches apart. My whole body tingled and I shook with fear and anticipation. She stunk of cigarettes, booze, sex and body odor. “Open your mouth.” I did as she said. She spit and tapped the ashes from her cigarette into my mouth and told me to swallow. I quickly followed her orders. It was disgusting.

“Well bitch,” she said, “I was finished for the night, but I suppose I can squeeze you in. I’ve had a couple loads of cum dumped in my pussy tonight and was ready to quit for the night. Let’s go to your place. Maybe I’ll give you a bonus and spend the night with you.”

Leona followed me to my car and lit another smoke as we drove to my small house. Her hand was moving on my thigh as I drove, and it was driving me insane. Her mini skirt rode up her fat tattooed legs almost to her crotch. When I parked in my driveway, I turned to her and reached to her massive breast. She smiled condescendingly at me as I squeezed and fondled her huge soft tattooed breasts. She pulled the elastic of her top down and freed one of her breasts and I dove on it. My mouth found her hard nipple and I sucked and licked it while she petted my head like I was a puppy. After a few minutes, she pushed my head away and pulled her top back up. “Let’s go inside, nigger. I wanna start using that tight black body.”

I led the 20-year-old prostitute into my house. Once inside, she shut the door, spun me against the wall and covered my lips with hers. My fear quickly turned into lust for the big woman. She kissed me hard and quickly removed my clothes throwing them on the floor. Her big white hands roamed freely over my smaller black body. Her fingers found my pussy and I quickly orgasmed and pissed on the floor, making her laugh out loud.

She lifted my chin and blew smoke from her cigarette into my face. She grinned knowingly down at me and said, “What would you like to do first?”

I was too embarrassed to ask. It would be humiliating.

“Well, cunt. What would you like to start with? Nobody Sincan Escort here except me and my little slut. So, tell me or I’ll beat your skanky black ass.”

I looked down at the floor and quietly said, ” I wan . . . I want t-to eat . . . umm. I want to eat your ass.”

She grinned an evil grin at me and said, “See now, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?” She turned and lifted her leg on the small stool. She hiked her skirt up over her huge ass and said, “Now dive in there, my little slut.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. My face was between her gigantic foul ass cheeks in a flash. The smell was awful, but my need to satisfy this huge woman overrode anything. As my tongue was deep in Leona’s bowels, I thought back to my bitter hatred of this woman from just two weeks ago. She harassed me and mocked me. I arrested her and I truly hated her. And then she beat the shit out of me and raped me. She abused my body and humiliated me in front of an entire bar full of lowlifes. And as I staggered away, she told me that I’d be back for more, and I would pay her for it. I fought it for two weeks and finally succumbed to my need to be dominated and used by this fat whore who is 12 years younger than me.

I don’t know how long I licked, sucked and ate Leona’s big ass, but the smell and the thought of being at this huge woman’s mercy made me cum. When Leona was ready to move on, she lifted me over her shoulder and carried my naked body to my bedroom and threw me on the bed. She removed her clothes and I looked on her disgustingly fat white body. She laid on the bed and said, “You did well eating my ass. Now try it on my cunt, slut.”

My face was buried in her hairy smelly twat for a long time. Apparently, she had a couple loads of cum dumped into her earlier in the evening that I found while sucking on her pussy. Even though I couldn’t hear everything she was saying, I did hear her say that she owned my skanky black ass. She said I was her property and better keep her happy or she’ll cut me off from her body and probably beat the shit out of me again.

She didn’t need to worry. I knew I belonged to her now, and I would do anything to please her. When I finished with her pussy, she had me lick and kiss under her arm as she squeezed my breasts Etlik Escort and twisted my hard nipples. I had another orgasm.

Leona pulled a big plastic cock and a couple big dildos from her purse and spent the next hour turning me in to a well-used pile of sweaty unconscious fuck meat. They were all in and out of my pussy and ass separately and all at the same time. When I came around, I was tied spread eagle on my bed, and Leona spent the next hour slapping my face and breasts and working her whole hand inside my pussy, which was now just a big gaping gash.

I licked my juices from her hand and then she decided to see how many fingers she could get into my ass. Right before I passed out, I heard Leona say that she had five fingers in my ass and was pushing towards her knuckles.

When I came around, I saw an evil grin on her face as she was pushing her whole hand back into my cunt. She pounded my black pussy with her whole hand giving me one orgasm after another.

Before she left in the morning, she had me eat her ass again and use one of the dildos on her pussy before I cleaned her pussy juices with my mouth.

After she called a cab and I gave her money to pay for it, I walked her to the door as she lit another cigarette. She insisted that I remain naked. She pulled me to her and kissed me as passionately as I’ve ever been kissed. My whole body shook and tingled at her kiss. The smell of cigarettes no longer bothered me. I was in a daze as she said, “When you want to do this again, slut, you know where I am.”

I nodded my head. “I definitely want to do this again, Leona.”

She smirked at me and said, “I know you do, slut. You belong to me. Understand?”

“Yes Leona. I understand. I belong to you now.”

AS the cab pulled up, she lifted the back of her skirt. Seeing her big ass, I immediately fell to my knees and moved towards it. Just as I reached up to spread her cheeks, she dropped her skirt and chuckled. “Get up, slut. You’re embarrassing me.”

As I stood, she said, “Open your mouth.” When I quickly obeyed her, she spit and dropped ashes from her smoke into my mouth. As I swallowed, she leered into my eyes and said, “I own you now, Oaklyn. You belong to me. I can use you any time and any place.”

I nodded my head. My nemesis and hated enemy who has taunted and harassed me now owns me. I don’t know how it happened. She can have me whenever and wherever she chooses. My body is hers to use any way she wants.

As I watched her flash her pussy at me as she got into the cab, I was thinking of asking her if she would move in with me. I guess that will have to wait until the next time.

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