Soccer Players Do Score Ch. 02

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After their day in the truck, Chad and Amanda knew that things weren’t over between them. Their lusts had been ignited for one another and realized in the flesh. Now each was determined to make come true any fantasy they had been harboring for each other. Chad knew Amanda had wanted and played with the idea of posing for playboy and being a stripper. So this is where he would start.

One night when he was alone he sat at his computer arranging the details carefully, renting a room nearby, and then ordering a few goodies to surprise her with. He knew they shared a lust for soccer so he ordered tassels for her that had little suction cup soccer ball tops and a thong that had a ball on the front. He scheduled the room for after their next late Friday night game and then figured she could either deny him, which he doubted would happen or she would race to meet him there after their game.

“Hey honey,” she greeted as usual smiling at him and licking her lips seductively when he walked through the arena door that night. She couldn’t let on to their teammates that they had been together in the biblical sense but she could remind him subtly. As she licked her lips she looked down at his cock and knew that her at least her oral fixation and desires must be fulfilled after this game. She wanted to taste his flesh again, to savor the salty sweet mixture of sweat and radiating heat from his body.

“What’s up girly,” he teased as he looked her up and down. “Ready to score tonight, and give me some good set up assists?”

“You know it sexy boy,” she again flirted with him, reaching around as was customary before games and tweaking his nipple rings. The other players wouldn’t see this as strange it had become habit, and normally this seemed to fuel them both to play extraordinarily well. Chad smiled at her and then slipped his shirt over his head and headed out onto the floor.

Through the game Amanda set him up with great passes and each time he scored she would pat his ass and tell him he was doing a great job. A few minutes later they both subbed out and with no one else in the box they were alone for a few minutes. Amanda stood up to get a drink and as she did Chad decided to have some fun and stepped behind her pressing his cock against her ass, and reaching around her to get his own water bottle. Amanda dropped hers on the floor and as she bent down to get it she rubbed her ass back against him and then in a flash spun around with her head out of visible sight to those on the field and reached up under the leg of his shorts and pulled his cock down far enough to wrap Zonguldak Escort her lips around the head and run her tongue over the tip.

Just as quickly she stood up and turned to face him and sat on the bench. “That may be a preview of what’s to come later on tonight honey,” she cooed.

“Girl you’re lucky we are in here right now or I would be ramming this cock deep inside you right now,” he replied.

After the game was over and they had won the team stood around talking for a bit and then some of them dispersed to go home and get some sleep. Chad and Amanda headed out together and he looked at her. “Follow me Amanda and don’t get to far behind,” he said jumping into his car.

Amanda wasn’t sure where they were going but at this point the only thing she could think of was how wet he made her whenever he was near and how well he had fucked her less than a week ago. She was ready for more, hell she thought, she was ready for anything.

Pulling up and stopping at the hotel Chad went up to the room with Amanda following ten steps behind just in case anyone was watching. Chad went into the room and she passed the door checking the number before going down the hall to get a drink from the soda machine at the end of the floor. Slowly she turned back and as she got to the door she turned the knob and walked in.

Chad had arranged low candles and a few bedside lotions as well as music playing. “We are going to combine your two aspirations as well as have animalistic sex tonight Amanda,” he told her. “Now strip for me.”

He picked up the digital camera and then stood over next to the tripod with the video camera and turned both on. The music in the cd player started thumping in a rhythmic base and she slowly and seductively swayed her hips. She felt silly but she was turned on by the fact that he had payed attention and was setting up the stripper photo shoot combo for her. She stripped and teased him, grinding her boxer covered ass against him before bending down and pushing the material over her full hips. Her ass came into view first and then the sexy slit between her legs peeked through her open legs as the boxers hit the floor. She spread her legs wide and reached underneath herself and slipped two fingers over the lips of her sex while tossing her hair to the side and looking at him over her shoulder.

Chad snapped picture after picture until the camera would hold no more and then as she was naked and before him he reached up and grabbed her arm and tossed her to the bed. No words needed spoken their bodies would do the Zonguldak Escort Bayan talking. Chad slid his mouth over her nipples and nibbled on them as his fingers deftly worked her clit. The little swollen love button was throbbing and her pussy was slick with her juices of arousal. She moaned and writhed beneath him as he alternated nipples and then slid down to spread her pussy lips with his tongue and then sucked her engorged clit into his mouth. The hoop in his tongue flicked over her clit as he slid two fingers into her tight center and then just as it had begun he stopped and looked into her eyes.

“Dammit, I was almost there Chad,” she whimpered.

“I know, but I’ll get you there again and again tonight sexy so don’t worry about it.”

Chad got off the bed and started to pull his clothes off as she sat up on the edge and waited for the first real look at his cock tonight. When he had freed his prick she immediately reached out and started stroking it and pulling him towards her place on the bed. She was hungry and his cock was just what she was hungry for. She devoured him down to the base in one deft movement and was running her tongue out of her mouth and caressing his balls as he teased her nipples.

Chad finally pulled back and then lay down on the bed, he pulled her on top of him and watched as she raised up and took hold of his shaft and spread herself with her free hand and then slid down taking him inch by inch in that warm, wet pussy of hers. She felt incredibly filled up and loved it as she sank down on the last inch and started riding him like crazy immediately. His hand found her clit and he sat up and sucked and bit at her nipples as she rode his cock. Their combined efforts and teasing resulted in a quick orgasm for both but even as the first subsided Chad was rolling her over and raising her ass in the air. He slid back into position behind her and slid his cock deep in her pussy and started to ram in and out fast and hard just like she liked it.

Grabbing her hair he tugged a little hard and told her that she was his sweet little soccer slut, he confirmed this by swatting her ass hard as he fucked her hard into the bed. “God Amanda, you feel so fucking tight and wet, I wish this could happen all the time.”

“Oh damn,” she cried out, “me too Chad, but, oh, just shut up and fuck me honey!”

Her climax was near again and then Chad slid his hand from her hair and licked his finger and ran it down the crack of her ass before probing against the little asshole in front of him. As the camera rolled on Escort Zonguldak videotaping their escapade Chad leaned over her and reached into the bedside drawer of the night stand. From within he pulled out a tube of lube and twisted off the lid and squirted some into his palm. His cock was still sliding in and out of Amanda’s depths as he squeezed a few more drops of lube and let it slide down the crack of her ass.

“MMM, oh Chad, I hadn’t expected this tonight, but I do love a little backfield play,” she said with a wink over her shoulder.

Chad rubbed the lube in and slicked up her tight little asshole and then slid his finger deep inside, first one and then another. She was feeling another intense orgasm building when he spread her asscheeks apart and slid the head of his shaft against the little opening.

“Go on do it honey, fuck my ass like you want to and know I want it. Fast and hard baby.”

Chad waited till the head slipped in and then he pushed his prick a little deeper, letting her slowly adjust. Amanda loved the way it felt and but didn’t need the slow pace, she was well prepared and then she started to push back. Her hands on the headboard of the bed she pushed her ass back with all her might forcing him to sink all his manhood deep within the tight confines of her ass. In seconds he was pounding her asshole and slapping her ass hard.

“Yeah, you like the way I fuck you and your tight little holes don’t you my sultry little soccer slut,” he asked rhetorically.

“Oh fuck yes, you are my soccer stud.”

Chad could feel the orgasm pending and knew that he was about to blow a load deep inside her. But she seemed to like the kinkier side of things so he knew he would be pulling out and jerking his cock and shooting cum down all over her ass.

As the orgasm hit them both Chad pulled out and stroked fast shooting drop after drop on her upturned backside. His fingers of his free hand slid deep inside her quivering pussy and he curled his fingers so that his thumb was stroking her clit and his first two fingers were stroking her g-spot. The excitement was beyond words and as they came together Chad moaned and Amanda squealed in pleasure.

Finally when they thought it was over they jumped in the shower and washed each other taking longer than necessary on the important parts. Fingers probing, stroking, and mouths tasting, licking and kissing all over one another. As they stepped out of the shower Chad rewound the tape and then pressed play and flipped on the tv. In an instant the image of what they had done earlier was broadcast across the screen and as they lay on the bed together they couldn’t fight the urge for a repeat performance.

“This one’s going into overtime honey,” Chad said with a smile as he slid his big cock all the way inside her tight pussy.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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