Somebody That I Used to Know Ch. 02

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“Good Morning class. Today we are having our midterm, backpacks up at the front, hats and drinks as well, you’ll need nothing but a pencil. I will pass out your books as soon as everyone is back in their seats. Also, please turn in your papers before you leave and make sure you don’t forget otherwise it will be late.”

I don’t know what happened the other night but I do know that both Toni and I want each other, question is how bad? It’s like one moment we hate each other, then we’re in a room getting as close as possible, or we’re ready to go out. Then nothing, absolutely nothing she runs the other way. And what makes her think I can’t do the one night stand thing. I am getting a divorce, who the hell is she to tell me what I can and can’t do.

Look at her, looking at me like she wants me. I know she wants me and is hungry for me, I can see the lust in her eyes. Well honey two can play this game. I wasn’t sure what I expected from this, but I wanted Toni. In my bed for one reason and one reason only, sex.

Toni was the first to leave and to hand in her paper. Our fingers touched and for a split moment in time, as I looked at her I was captivated by her big brown eyes and out she went with a grin, a knowing grin. Just like that she makes me forget that I need to take control of our situation, because I can’t think of a better way to put it.

Her paper was not only the best written paper but her research was extensive. She had put a lot of thought and effort into it. The entire paper had no marks which is very rare. I considered if I had some sort of bias which didn’t make sense considering I may have wanted to lower her grade. I went to one of my colleagues to look it over and she was equally impressed.

Her essay for the midterm was just as good, she took her education seriously.

I had hopes for the quarter passing quickly and she would leave my fantasies, but that was not going anywhere. As for my divorce well it was moving along faster than I had expected. My soon to be ex-husband’s lawyers knew that there was no way out and they had minimal time. My team of lawyers, as they put it, were able to find enough evidence of infidelity to avoid denial on his part. His parents wanted it to be quick and avoid any negative press. Ultimately what it comes down to is; I keep this house, the NY loft, the vegas condo, the beach house and the one in Southampton. I chose that one to piss off his parents. I don’t want it, it’ll be on sale as soon as I get the chance. I also get about 65% of our money, which is part of my earnings as well as his and some money from his family trust fund. We were technically millionaires, although I had never thought of us that way until I saw it on paper.

This is when I realized that I didn’t want the money to define me. I didn’t want to be that person anymore. I was ready for a change. I decided it was time for a talk with Autumn the one person I could count on to be honest with me.

We decided on lunch at Geoffrey’s, she picked me up saying something about I had no excuse to get away if she picked me up. Geoffrey’s is an oceanside restaurant on PCH in Malibu. It’s a very soothing feeling to be oceanside. We talked about my divorce and being single together again and then I decided I needed her opinion on my situation with Toni.

“So you remember my tow truck incident.”

“That’s right you were so mad.” She laughed at me.

“Don’t laugh. Well she apologizes on our ride home after being a bitch and rude.”

“Honey you can be a little hostile sometimes,” she raised her eyebrows.

“That’s another thing I need to ask you, but later, then she goes on to talk about my age. I’m only 32 am I that old, do I look that old?”

“She probably just sensed your fears and just played off of that, honey you have been talking about your age since you turned 21, and part of it is Steven would say always say something stupid. No you are not old at all and you don’t even look a day over 25, relax.”

“I guess, then on top of that, this divorce has me on edge. I feel like I wasn’t good enough and he left me for someone younger, like what the hell. It should be over and done with within 2 months.”

“What are you gonna do with your humongous house? Do you get to keep it? I never thought it was very you.”

“I know.”

“No I don’t think you do and its time I spoke my peace so just listen for a second. He never deserved you and you never truly loved him. I know I know, yes you did that’s what you think, but you didn’t. You liked that he was exactly what your parents wanted for you, it was easy. He was everything you thought your prince charming should be. Then you changed to be what he wanted and you gave up who you were. You became a big shot therapist and professor and sorry to tell you hun but I think you let it get to your head. With me you’re one way but I’ve seen the way you can be with others. I Love you because you’re my best friend and with me you’re still the same girl from college, but you Eryaman Escort changed love and I can’t say that I blame you because you just adjusted to your new environment. I was happy when you passed up the job at SC for Calstate LA.”

I was actually sad and a bit hurt. “Truth hurts.”

“I’m sorry you had to know.” She was drinking a mimosa and looking out to the ocean.

“Why wait so long to tell me?”

“I honestly don’t know, it wasn’t until recently that I really started thinking about it and with me you’re still the same girl from college.”

“What am I supposed to do now?”

“Find yourself, who you truly are away from everyone else. Oh and for the record I think you were gay before you married.”

“That was just fun.”

“I doubt it honey, I am sure you prefer women. I can see it in your eyes when an attractive woman walks in a room. At first I thought you just assessed them but then I realized it was lust in your eyes. Look I want to help you, how about we go out and visit one of those bars in WeHo and you can see what team you really play for. It’ll help you get your mind off of everything.”

“You’re kidding right, I’m too old for clubs.”

“Well at least you didn’t deny it and stop with the age thing, trust me love you’re gorgeous and young and you’ll get so much attention. It’s settled you and me at a club next Friday.”

“Autumn I’m too old to figure out I’m gay.”

“Babe you are not that old, if you call yourself old then you call me old and then I’m gonna have to hurt you.”

“I’m sorry I just…its just….damn Steven was such an ass. He left me for someone younger.”

“He didn’t leave you, you left him, and he was an asshole who deserves to get run over by a bus. Friday night, me, you and some very beautiful women for you to have fun with.”

“Fine it’s not like I have anything else planned.”

We finished our lunch together and everything played over and over in my mind. Who was I, who was I supposed to be, who did I want to be?

The next week I handed the essays and papers back. Toni was the last to leave and after so much thinking over the last week, I owed her an apology for my words. I had come to terms with my behavior and I knew I was out of line.

“Professor McCalister?”

“Yes Toni.” I had finished packing my books and picked up my purse.

“I was wondering if you were available for your office hours next week? I’ll have a first draft of my final paper done and was wondering if you would review it with me. Our meeting last time was a lot of help.”

Her voice was always low and so seductive who can resist a request from her. When I looked into her eyes I could see that there was more there, deep within her soul an actual sort of innocence. She was hiding a part of her. But most of all what catches anyones eyes are her full breast but boyish charm its amazing. She is the whole package of a woman in a neatly wrapped vessel, sexy. Autumn is right I am a lesbian.

“Sure, I have an appointment at 11, which should be done around 11:30 and then I’m all yours….to help with your paper.” Watch yourself Miranda.

“Thanks, professor, And….?”


“I’m sorry that …well about my behavior, I would like to apologize for not being …well for my behavior period.” I guess you too have been thinking of me, I like.

“It’s ok, don’t worry about it and please don’t apologize. I have been completely out of line from the day we met. I’m sorry for being rude and unkind and for the things I said. I was out of line. I can’t make it up to you right now but if you ever need a favor that wouldn’t put my job in jeopardy don’t hesitate to ask.” I squeezed her arm gently and walked away.

I could feel her looking at my backside and added more sway to my walk. I always get what I want Toni, and I definitely want you.



Damn that ass looks good. What my hands could do, I can imagine her underneath me ass up that’s the way I like to fuck. Oh professor you keep up the seduction and we might just end up in bed together sooner than later. We both know this can’t happen but in a few weeks she won’t be my professor and I wouldn’t mind tapping that. But I have to play it cool for a few weeks and then I can try to get whatever it is we both want.

I almost crushed my hand at work today because I was thinking about the professor. I haven’t even seen her naked and she’s distracting me. She’s so fucking hot I mean, she is older than me but not by much I’m sure. I hope that age comment from the first time we met doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass. The only ass biting that will happen is when I get a piece of hers.

I called Jada to see if she was up for going out.

“Hey Jada you up for Leisure tonight?”

“Yea for sure Sandy and I were going anyways and she’s bringing some of her coworkers. I thought you were busy with school. “

“I am Sincan Escort but I need to get some.”

“Swing by my place around 11.”

“I’ll be there.”

Club Leisure is my favorite place to go in WeHo. It’s one of the places where they manage to keep out straight couples. I have nothing against them I just can’t stand the boyfriends staring like they’ve never seen two girls dance or kiss before. It’s a gay club like don’t they have enough straight clubs for them to go to.

Anyways I need a shower before I go to get all the grease off me. This was the monkey suit I was wearing when I ran into Miranda. She was wearing a tight black pencil skirt that accentuated those hips. A white blouse almost see through and a black lace bra, damn she wanted some with that outfit. Black Louboutin pumps and her dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes and a cute button nose. How the hell do I remember all that? Probably because she looked ready to fuck. Yeah….. that’s probably it.

After a shower I grabbed a pair of black boxer briefs, a pair of loose dark wash Levi’s, a black sports bra, a white v-neck shirt, a light blue button down with a hood and a black leather jacket with black timberlands untied over my jeans. I am ready to rock some girls world.

Jada and I pulled up to the parking lot at 11:30 and Sandy and her friends were waiting outside of the club. We went in and I went to the bar for a stiff drink, on my whole ride over here I had pictured the professor’s swaying hips and those sexy skirts she loves to tease me with. Sandy’s friends were a few girls from her job. The one I had been noticing over our last few outings was Ashley and we had flirted a few times, but nothing had taken off. Today I knew I had to get further.

“Do you dance?” speak of the devil, Ashley.

“Only in the presence of beauty.” Is today the day you finally take a chance.

“Then I guess I’m in luck,” she pulled me by the hand to the center of the dance floor.

She was young, well my age who am I comparing her to I’m only 21. Anyway she’s cute with wavy long brown hair, brown almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones, wearing black leggings, a navy and cream nautical striped tunic and knee high stiletto boots with silver buckles. She has a small frame but works her body like a natural seductress.

She tried to turn around but I pulled her into me pressing my crotch against her ass, holding her hips as we sway side to side. She worked her hips into motion with mine, pressing back with her ass. With moves like this I wanted to take her home tonight. She turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her left leg up and around my ass, grinding forward. I’m glad we both knew what we wanted. I pulled her in closer holding her by her ass. A firm ass that I could grab to my own accord with only a thin fabric between us. We danced for almost an hour and I could tell she was hot for me, as I was for her.

As we danced we moved to the outside of the dance floor. I walked her to a corner of the club pressing her up against the wall and kissing her. She was ready and waiting parting her lips for me. I introduced my tongue and she sucked it in biting it as I retreated. I pushed my thigh between her legs and her heels allowed for the perfect height. She looked into my eyes with pure lust and a desperate need for release.

“You really think you can make me cum right here” was that a challenge?

“Not only do I know I can make you cum but I will make you cum.” I pushed in harder making her moan as she threw her head into my shoulder. She moved my jacket and shirts away as she bit while I thrusted harder into her. I moved my head allowing her ample room to taste and take what she desired. I slipped my hand into her pussy keeping my thigh pressed, pulling back only allowing my hand just enough room.

“Someone’s gonna see,” she whispered into my ear as she bit my lobe.

“Let them, they’re just looking because you’re so hot.”

I pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. She moaned again, this time biting my neck in the process.

“I’m not gonna be just some fuck in a club Toni.”

“Those aren’t my intentions.”

I pulled out tracing her lips and she leaned her head back against the wall.

“Don’t be a tease.”

“So you don’t want me to stop?”

“No I’ve been waiting for this for months now. You’re so fucking hot, this will be my preview. After you can take me home and fuck me all night long.”

“I like a woman who knows what she wants.” I put both fingers back in as she pushed her body onto them. I looked at her eyes as they were half closed, pumping faster and curling them forward, she jerked but left her head back.

“Fuck me Toni.”

“I intend to.” Her walls clamped down on my fingers and her knees gave out as I held her up against the wall. Pulling out to stroke her nether lips as she twitched in my arms. A smile formed on her face.

“Take me home.” I pulled Etlik Escort out and placed my fingers at her lips.

“First you should clean up your mess.” She grabbed my hand and licked each finger clean while watching me. With each lick I pushed my thigh into her pussy as she moaned into my fingers. I pulled them out with a loud pop.

“Mmmm I taste so fucking good, you’ll be addicted to me.”

“Is that right?”

“Yup, I promise you’re gonna be calling for more, don’t worry I don’t expect you to be my next girlfriend, we can have fun no strings attached.” Wow I’m still not girlfriend material, why doesn’t that surprise me.

“Fuck it lets go.”

I asked Jada if she could find a ride and she said Sandy could take her considering I was taking Ashley home with me. My place that’s a first I wonder how that will work her going home with me. Well, we will just have to see.

In the truck she leaned over and soon was inside my shirt biting and nibbling on my neck she was definitely getting me worked up. I drive an F-150, and she was pretty close considering the center divider.

When we got to my place I was actually nervous. I had never brought a girl home. I usually rather go back to their place I guess that’s because they’re usually older than me. I think Ashley has roommates so I can see why she would rather come to mine. I wonder if she’ll want a ride home in the morning. I wonder if she’ll be here past the night. Well if she doesn’t expect a girlfriend she won’t want to do all the cuddling stuff, right?

We walked into my apartment and she pushed me up against the door as soon as I was able to get it closed. She took off my jacket tossing it on my desk as I pulled off her tunic, only to find a red satin bra, wrapping around huge gorgeous tits, fuck those are gonna be fun. She worked on my shirt buttons as I kissed her neck working my way around to her earlobe.

“You know we’ve been flirting for several months now. Why’d you wait so long Toni?”

“Me, I don’t ever go up to a girl, all I have to do is wait until she comes to me.” I sound like a douchebag.

“Is that right?” She finished with my shirt and I picked her up and walked her over to my bed as I sat her down. I knelt on the bed between her legs pulling her right leg and letting it rest on my shoulder as I brought down the zipper.

“Yup in all the times that you and I have been anywhere together, how many times have you seen me go up to anyone and ask them anything?” I did the same with her left leg.

“You know you have a point, girls take to you like Russians to vodka.” I pulled off her tights to reveal a matching pair of red satin panties. She pulled off my white shirt and worked on the belt and button of my pants. “So had I not come to you, you would have never approached me?”

I stood up to take off my boots and pants and crawled back between her legs. “Nope.”

“Then I’m glad I went for it, because you are so fucking hot. I can’t wait until you make me cum. Tell me Toni will I be getting to taste your pussy or is that too much for you.”

“Baby I may be butch but I am still a woman who loves pleasure. As long as you make it worth my while I’ll give you whatever brings you pleasure as well.”

“Then let’s get that bra off so I can taste those beautiful tits of yours.”

I took off my bra and she latched on like a starving infant, damn it felt good. Most girls will touch but they’re hesitant to give them the attention that Ashley was bestowing upon me. I held myself up on my hands as she sucked on one and her hand found my other one to play with. I would definitely not mind letting her do that again.

The gentle squeezes to my breast and firm nips of my nipple, made a feeling of euphoria wash over me. She makes me want to just lay back and let her have her way with me. First things first I have a pussy to please then I can let her do whatever she wants if she’s not too tired of course.

I pulled away and pushed her arms over her head holding them down, kissing her lips. I bit and pulled away as she moaned and pushed her hips against me. I could feel the heat from her mound and slickness, she was wet and ready.

“Tell me what you’ve been waiting for Ashley?”

“For you to have your way with me.” She tried pulling her hands away, I pushed them down harder.

“Any request?”

“Just shut up and fuck me.”

“With pleasure.”

I took my right hand and held both of her hands above her head with it. I used my free hand to trace her body as I worked my way down, such delicate curves, soft and subtle nothing like Miranda’s curvy body. Miranda? Get your mind right Toni.

Her pussy is so wet for me already, soft and smooth cleanly shaven. Putting my hand right over her panties working the fabric under my fingers teasing her. Tracing up and down her slit as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her body; throwing me off balance only long enough for me to add temporary pressure to her mound.

“Silly Ash this is me having my way with you remember.”

I kept my body on top of hers as I pulled my hand out, letting go of her hands as I held myself up, working my hips up and down in a wave like motion. Our mounds lightly rubbing with the added friction of our clothes.

“And here I was expecting some quickie.”

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