Something Nice For You

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“It is sooooo sloooooow…” It was not the first time this phrase had been uttered in the waitress station that night. Probably not even the fifth or sixth, Laura guessed. And it was true. Tuesday nights at the bar weren’t typically super busy anyways, but this night had been particularly dead. The waitresses were blaming the heat. The bartender was blaming a concert downtown. The cooks seemed to stoned or disengaged to care to blame anything. Laura personally didn’t care. The few customers she had had been assholes, the other waitresses were feeling especially whiny, and she was over this night.

“Hey,” she said to the closing girl, “I think I might step out back for a few. You guys don’t need me anyway.”

“You can go home. I seriously don’t even give a fuck,” the closer answered.

“I may just take you up on that. Watch out,” Laura said. She wasn’t ready to go home yet, though. She wanted something to take the edge off the night. And she had a pretty good idea where to find it. Giving a little wave to the other girls, she headed back into the kitchen. One guy was messing with some burgers on the grill, while another stared vacantly out the take out window. She paused, considered asking them first, and then decided to go with her sure bet. She walked further back into the kitchen and found her mark sitting on an overturned bucket, fiddling with an iPod.

“Hey,” she said. She smiled her most winning, favor getting smile.

Sean glanced up at her, flipping his curly black hair out of his face. He looked at her blankly.


She decided to get right to the point. “You got any weed?” He looked at her suspiciously.

“Maybe. Why?”

“I want to get high. Can we get high?” He stared at her some more. She thought she detected enjoyment in his eyes.

“Maybe I don’t. Maybe if I did everyone would want some.”

“I’ve had a rough night!”

“I’m sorry for you,” he said, and she could definitely hear the amusement in his voice. He liked having something she wanted. He didn’t talk to any of the waitresses much, and she was starting to wonder if this was why.

“Look, maybe there’ll be something for you in return,” she blurted out. His lips turned up into a grin and his eyes brightened noticeably.

“You know, I just remembered I have a stash in my car. We Zonguldak Escort can go right now.”

He stood up, tucking his iPod into his pocket. “I’m going on break!” he shouted in the direction of the other cooks. Then he led her toward the back door.

Sitting in his car with the windows rolled down, letting in the sticky summer air, neither of them spoke much. Sean produced a bag of amazing smelling weed, and packed it into a pipe designed to look like a zombie finger. He lit it, hit it, and passed it to her. After a few passes, she felt the tension of the night start to unravel a bit. He had some lame rap music on his stereo, and even though she hated rap she felt herself moving to the beat languidly. As she took another hit, she saw movement out of the corner of her eye.

Looking over, she started a bit as she realized he was rubbing himself through his jeans. When his hand moved down she could see the clear line of his cock through his pants. He was definitely hard. She glanced back up to his face and saw he was grinning at her. Suddenly at a loss for words, she took another hit and passed the pipe back to him. He took the pipe with his right hand and toked, still rubbing his erection with his left. Her words from earlier flitted through her head. It was obvious what he thought his something good should be. She couldn’t deny that she had implied it. Still…

He handed the pipe back to her and she lit it with slightly shaky hands. She closed her eyes as she took another hit, feeling herself relaxing even more. When she opened them, she saw he was opening his fly. Still smiling at her mischievously, he wrestled his cock from his pants and began stroking it fully.

Against her will, she found herself staring. It was big, much bigger than she would ever has suspected. At least nine inches long, and thick. She wanted to at least feign disgust, but she was captivated. Watching his strong hand pumping it, she couldn’t deny she was starting to get wet.

Sean reached out and took the pipe out of her hand, and she blushed, realizing that she had let it die while she was staring. The spell was broken, and she started to turn her head away from him, but he set the pipe down on the dash and grabbed her by the hair. He gently but firmly guided her head down to his Zonguldak Escort Bayan lap. He held her there with one hand while continuing to stroke himself with the other.

With his cock right in her face, she had little choice but to do what he wanted. Tentatively, she brushed her lips across the head. A drip of sticky pre-cum smeared on her lips, and she instinctively licked it up. He tasted dark and exotic. As she continued to lick his cum off her lips, her tongue brushed against his head, and he moaned appreciatively. Encouraged, she ran her tongue all around the head of his cock, licking around the ridge. From there she lapped the entire length, sometimes using full tongue strokes, sometimes just brushing her lips against him. From the way his grip tightened on her hair, she could tell he was enjoying it. She came back up to the head, pressing her tongue against it, hoping for another taste of his cum.

It seemed Sean had other plans, however. Still gripping her tightly by the hair, he held his stiff cock up and began pressing her head down, forcing it deeper into her mouth. Unprepared, she tried to pull back, but his hands were stronger than she thought and he held her right where he wanted her. She felt his thick cock easing into her mouth, filling it up completely. She could feel the veins rubbing against the inside of her cheeks. She thought he would stop when his shaft hit the back of her throat, making her gag, but he kept pushing in, forcing her to breathe through her nose. Finally, her lips met the base, his pubic hair brushing against her face. She could smell him now, a deep, musky smell. Despite feeling humiliated at her helplessness, she loved the smell of him and got even wetter.

Having buried his cock in her mouth, Sean released a long, deep moan. She glanced up and saw his head was thrown back, his eyes closed. He held her there against him for a moment, letting her get used to the feeling of him filling her mouth and throat. Then he brought his head back up and looked her in the eye. He smiled that naughty grin she had become so familiar with in the last twenty minutes. Then, slowly, he began pumping his hips while holding her head steady, fucking her mouth. Her eyes watered and she whimpered, not sure she could take it. He didn’t seem to Escort Zonguldak hear, moaning and beginning to pump slightly faster.

Maybe it was the weed, or maybe part of her liked being invaded. She was so wet. Laura tried to slip her hand down between her legs, to ease the ache she felt there. Sean grabbed her hand instead, pressing it against the underside of his manhood.

“Take my balls out and play with them,” he muttered, still pumping his hips, forcing his cock deeper into her throat. She obeyed, tenderly removing them from his jeans and cupping them in her hand, gently squeezing them. She tried to lick his shaft at the same time, but her tongue was pressed against the bottom of her mouth. Still he kept thrusting, moaning and grunting. She lifted her eyes to his and he grinned at her.

“You like taking my cock?” He asked. All she could do in response was widen her eyes. He pushed into her mouth harder, making her gag again.

“You like it when I fuck your mouth, don’t you?” She moaned into his cock. He yanked on her hair a little harder.

“Say you like it when I fuck your mouth,” he ordered. She mumbled, trying to tell him what he wanted to hear, trying to tell him the truth. He laughed.

“Oh, I guess your mouth is a little full,” he teased. He thrust into her mouth again, harder. “But you look so pretty with my cock in your mouth.” He was still smiling at her, not unkindly. She closed her eyes and let him keep going, squeezing and massaging his balls harder. It must have triggered something in him, because he changed his pace. Now he yanked her hair back, pulling his cock almost totally out of her mouth, then pushed her back forward, slamming into her throat again. She could feel him throbbing uncontrollably inside her mouth. He pulled her back a second time, and as he slammed her face back down into his groin again he started to shoot hot jets of cum into her mouth. Even before he told her to, she started swallowing it. As he yanked her off of him one last time, the last spurt went across her face. He dropped her head into his lap and leaned back in his seat, exhausted. For a few moments they lay like that, panting hard. Then he smiled down at her.

“You look cute with my cum on your face. You better get up though. My break is about to be over.”

He gently lifted her head out of his lap, got out of the car, and started walking back toward the building. He stopped, turned back, and looked at her, still in the car.

“You coming? I have to lock my car.”

Slowly, she slid out of the car, wondering what the hell just happened, and what would come next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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