Soul to Soul Pt. 02.3

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Soul to Soul: Healing His Harem

Part II: Finding the Harem

In which our Hero finds out the true meaning of love and pleasure and the pain of loss. Over and over again.

Chapter 12: Ebony Flower – Atiena, Part I


This chapter contains some unpleasant items. As a part of the character of Atiena, she was assaulted and repeatedly raped. I do not describe the acts – just that they happened. The actions of these despicable men are some of what shaped her, as well as what broke her.

Also – there is where she gets her payback. There is some violence here as well. If you don’t want to read this one, here is a synopsis…

She is assaulted for 7 years, instead of just letting it happen she works on getting stronger. She attacks her rapists eventually (they weren’t ready) one dies, she seriously hurts the other two.

She keeps getting stronger until she moves to a different city.

Jake shows up, is kidnapped by a street gang.

She sees it, and saves his life, and starts nursing him back to health.


These walls that still surround me

Still contain the same old me

Just one more who’s searching for

A world that ought to be

-Rush, Circumstances

Iteration 2 – Atiena

Atiena Auma was having a hard day. She was guarding the daughter of a businessman in her hometown of Mombasa, Kenya. But the girl just didn’t want to listen. She seemed to think that rules didn’t apply to her, and that because her father was the richest merchant in town, that she could get away with anything.

Her father had hired Atiena to disabuse her of this notion.

Atiena was a large, strong woman. At 6’2″, she was taller even than a lot of the men. Her ebony skin was dark and flawless. She had very long black hair which was done up in thin, tight braids hanging down her back. The braids were gathered together to form a large mass. Her dark eyes were piercing – there was not a lot that she missed. Her breasts were on the large side – a C cup, and they were high, firm, and very proud. Her ass may have been her best asset though – it was large without being huge and curvy without being fat. She may have been large, but it was not just her ass – not a single thing on her was fat – her body was very heavily muscled. She was not a bodybuilder, but instead her body had been built for speed and strength – for whatever needed to be done for self defense. All in all, she looked like the kind of person that you wouldn’t want to mess with.

That was not always the case however.


Atiena had grown up in a very poor neighborhood in Machakos, Kenya. Her parents were both busy on a daily basis trying to work to get enough food to feel her family. This left Atiena home with her older siblings, she being the youngest of 9 – she had 5 older brothers and 3 older sisters.

Because they were poor, the kids didn’t have school. They just played around all day. This led to trouble, because one day, the three young men next door cornered a now 18 year old Atiena. She trusted them when they asked her to come with them, and they ended up in an abandoned shack at the outside edge of the neighborhood. “We have some food for you,” they told her, and as her general state was one of hunger, she followed them.

She didn’t remember a lot of the details of that first time. She just remembered that she had been pushed down, her clothes taken off, and the boys taking turns with her. She fought and cried at first, but they just hit her in the side until she quit complaining. From that moment, she just cried as they used her for their pleasure. When they were done, they said, “If you ever tell anyone, we will kill you.” The look in their eyes made her believe them.

She walked home that night, walking very unsteadily from the beating that she had received. When she finally got home, her mother asked where she had been for so long. She was about to speak, when she saw motion from her peripheral vision. The neighbor boys just sat there staring at her. She told her mother, “I was walking around and got lost. I fell down a ditch and hurt my side.” That should explain her bruises and any bleeding, and how dirty she was.

Her mother gave her a beating that night for being late and for tearing her dress. Atiena fell asleep thinking that it was just unfair.


Over the next six years the neighbors took turns raping her whenever they wanted to. They were older, they were meaner, they were bigger, and after trying to tell them no, they just beat her until she did what they asked. Each time they did it, a little piece of her died inside.

There was one time, when she was about 19, that she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She ended up bleeding heavily, and truth be told, she almost died. She had a fever for around three weeks after that. Finally the fever broke, and not two days later the abuse started up again.

What she didn’t know is that one of the taksim escort boys had gotten her pregnant, but because of their rough treatment, she miscarried the baby. The fever was from an infection in her uterine walls, and she would find out years later that because of this, she had become infertile.

But the boys didn’t care. They just saw her as a pussy to fuck. As long as she was alive, they would use her.


Atiena became dead inside. It would be hard not to, when you were treated like a piece of meat and there was nobody to protect you. She wondered where her protector was – surely there was SOMEONE out there who could save her from this hell.

Then, when she turned 22, she realized that she was tall – almost 6′. The boys liked it, because she had filled out and now had boobs, and now that she looked like a woman, they could pretend that she was a willing participant. But Atiena looked at it differently. If she was as tall as them, maybe she could become as strong as them.

So she started exercising. She would run every single day, as far as she could in an hour, and then turn around and come back. When she got home, she chose the chores that required the most work – the heaviest loads of laundry she would carry to be washed, and she would walk the long way to the river. Soon she started to double up and after a while, she found that she was strong. What had been hard in the past was now easy.

When she turned 24, she looked in a mirror. She was large, and she was muscled. She flexed her arms and saw hard lines. She ran her hands over her stomach and felt hardness there. She saw her legs, as they rippled with strength.

It was in that moment that she decided.

No more. Never again will they touch me, will they grope me, will they stick their things inside of me. She vowed then and there to put an end to it, or to die trying.

She walked outside that evening in her running shorts and top, and her threadbare shoes. The neighbors whistled at her, their indication to follow them. Her heart leapt to her throat, and she went for her “evening jog,” as she told her parents when the boys wanted her to come.

She got to the shack first, as she ran faster than usual. With her training, it was not hard to outpace the lazy boys (now men, she supposed – they were in their late twenties) who did as little as they could get away with.

She entered the door and closed it behind her. There was the old grubby mattress that the boys had brought in, and a few chairs. Looking around quickly, she saw that one of the chairs leaned to one side. She ran to it, and picked it up, and smashed it to the ground. It shattered, and she picked up one of the chair legs. It had a screw sticking out of it. She swung it a few times, and then heard them coming up from outside.

“It’s my turn first,” one of them was saying. “I don’t like it when you get her cunt all full of spunk and I have to slosh in and out after you.”

“Dammit, I thought it was my turn,” the second said.

“Just the two of you fuckers wait your turn,” said the largest. He was the one that she was the most worried about. He was tall and he was mean, but he was also lazy and didn’t like to be uncomfortable. She hoped that he was in the door first.

The door opened and sure enough, the largest bully was the first through the door. Without further thought, she put all of the pent up rage from six years of rape into an overhand swing. It caught him in the face, and the screw pierced his left eye.

As he screamed, and the other two rushed inside to see what was the matter, she yanked the screw free from the eye that it had collapsed and swung it into his crotch. She felt it tear down there as well. She tried pulling the chair leg free, but it was stuck on something, and so she dropped it and turned to the other two as he collapsed silently in a heap on the floor.

They stood there in shock, not able to move. So Atiena slammed the door shut and before they could react, she moved to them and punched one directly in the stomach and kicked the other squarely in the balls. Both collapsed to the floor beside their cohort.

She went to the broken chair and wrenched out another leg. This one had no screw, but it would do for her purposes. She slowly went to the three boys, one of which was silent and bleeding everywhere, and the other two whimpering in pain. She looked at them and said in a terrible, quiet voice, “You assholes have raped me for the last time.” And she started raining blows down on them – on their sides, their backs, their legs, their faces – anywhere she could reach she hit.

Finally all of them were on the ground unmoving. She looked at them, and their faces were bloody and unrecognizable. The largest one hadn’t moved through the pummeling, but the other two were hurt terribly.

The smallest, who she had punched in the gut to begin with, was still awake. She bent down, looked him in the one eye that wasn’t swollen shut, and mecidiyeköy escort said,

“You fuckers will not touch me again. You will not tell anyone what happened. If you do, I will tell everyone what you have been doing for the past six years. And if that doesn’t work, I will find you when you least expect it, and I will do to you what I did to him.” And she pointed to the oldest.

“We won’t say anything! We promise!” He was blubbering, and she saw that he had pissed himself.

“You don’t remember a thing, do you?”

“No, no, please, Atiena, please, just don’t hurt me anymore!” She was disgusted at him – he didn’t care what happened to his brothers, he just thought about himself.

She looked at him one last time, and the flinching in his eyes convinced her – he was a coward, as were his two brothers. But they were self-serving cowards.

They couldn’t be trusted.

So she walked outside of the hut and screamed. She screamed as loud as she could, until the police came.


She spent a week going over the past six years. She described in detail how the three boys had raped her at will and threatened her and her family. When the police asked what had happened, she told them that she decided to get stronger, until she could fight back. And that is what happened that night.

She was shocked to hear that the oldest bled out on the floor. The other two received many broken bones and lost half of their teeth. Both of them would walk with a limp thereafter, and since she had shattered a testicle on one brother and both on the other, it was not likely that either would have children.

Atiena found that she didn’t feel any remorse. These monsters had made her life hell for years, and they deserved what they got. After the police released her, she decided that she would never shed a tear over them.

The parents of the three boys wanted to press charges, but when word got out what the boys had done, they were shamed by the neighborhood and had to move. Atiena never saw them again.


The time Atiena had spent training her body had paid off. Not enough food when she was younger caused her growth spurt to delay, but in the end she grew to 6’2″ tall, and with her muscles, she was an imposing figure. She was beautiful, but no men ever approached her – they were always too intimidated by her size and strength. She was fine with that – after the experience with the neighbors, she just didn’t care if men liked her.

After the incident, the constant reminders of what had happened were still too close. Every time she needed to go to the market on the edge of town, she had to pass the broken-down shack. She held to her promise to not shed a tear over them, but there were many nights where she woke up in a cold sweat, remembering how helpless she felt. And each time she vowed – never again.

So when she turned 25, she told her parents that she was moving to Mombasa to find her way in life. They were sad, but understood. They never forgave themselves for not being able to protect her, but Atiena never blamed them – they were just doing what they could to survive.

She hugged them both, shouldered her pack, and walked to the bus station near the market. She had planned something before she left though.

She went to the shack where she had been raped so many times. There were still bloodstains on the floor, and the wreckage of the chair was never cleaned up. She looked in disgust at the entire place.

Right as she was leaving, she piled the remains of the chair against a wall, put the revolting mattress on top of it, and lit the chair on fire. She carefully closed the door and walked away.

As she got on the bus, she saw smoke rising into the sky from the old building. It was a cathartic memory for the rest of her life. She felt almost as if the fire that burned the building was cleansing her soul – from the rapes, from her attacks on the three men, of everything. She was starting new.


That was six months ago. She spent her time learning self defense and martial arts and working as a dockworker. Now, at age 26, she had found work as a bodyguard. Mr. Mwangi was a good employer, even if his daughter was sometimes a problem. Today she was attempting to sneak out again to meet with her boyfriend. Out of the corner of her eye, Atiena saw her slip through the door and run.

Sighing, she wondered if the girl would ever learn – she would never be as fast as Atiena. Leaving the house, she ran after the stupid girl.


Jake regained consciousness again, in another strange place – with strange sounds, strange smells, and strange feelings of a bed around him. It was hot – VERY hot – but he didn’t feel it. He just lay there in his bed. He didn’t know how he was going to get up again.

He still smelled Aiko on him – the cherry blossoms around her home, the clean scent of her soap – and the hole in his heart ached and ached. He didn’t know what to avcılar escort do. He missed Aiko so badly that all he could do was lay in his bed and cry. He didn’t know where he was, how he got here, or when he needed to leave. All he knew is that he didn’t care. Aiko was not there, and nothing else mattered.


He slept again for a while, he didn’t know how long. When he woke up, he heard Kaiah’s gentle voice: My heart, I need you to awaken. I need you to get up. It is important that you be ready when the time comes.

The only person who might have had a chance of getting him up was Kaiah. So he sat up and looked around.

It was a sparse hotel room. As with the last time he ended up in an unfamiliar location there were next to him some clothes, his phone, and his wallet. Looking through the wallet, he realized that it was just like last time, and somehow his phone was connected to a local network. Looking at his clock which said it was 8:00 AM, and after a quick google search, he realized that it would be about 9:00 PM in Baton Rouge. So he called his daughter again, after another quick search on how to do it.

After three rings, Sylvie picked up. “Hey Dad, what’s up? So good to hear from you! It’s been a month or more!” Somehow that sounded familiar.

He said, “Hey kiddo! I know the last time we talked I told you I was going to be extending my journey for a few months. I’m thinking I might do it again. This trip has been good for me.”

The line was silent for a while, and Sylvie said, “Dad, what are you talking about? The last time we spoke was when you were going to head into the mountains in Montana. Are you OK? Did you get sick?” She sounded really worried.

Jake caught on, albeit slowly. If he is repeating the same three months, then their previous conversation didn’t happen. But what would happen if I went to Aiko’s house in Japan? he wondered. Am I there, and here, at the same time?

Realizing that he hadn’t answered his daughter yet, he just said, “Oh my gosh Syllie, I can’t believe it! It was a long hard hike today and when I got to my hotel I crashed for a while. I guess I dreamed about talking to you already!”

She seemed to believe that, and they talked for a little while longer.

“Syllie, what I said about extending my trip is still right. I feel as if I’ve found myself again, and I think it would be good to keep traveling. I’ve always wanted to visit exotic places, and I’ve worked it out with my boss that I can take an indefinite leave of absence.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’m good. I’ll travel for a while, and then I’ll be back.”

Sylvie said, “Dad, you sound great. I hear something different in your voice that I don’t think I ever have before. You seem so…relaxed.” And oddly enough, after he was able to mourn Aiko a little, he was. “You didn’t meet someone, did you?”

He still didn’t know what to say to that, especially since he had now met TWO someones, but Sylvie took his silence in stride and said, “God Dad, I was just kidding!” And she laughed. “I’m really happy though. You sound different. Better. Maybe happier.”

“I am kiddo,” he told her. “I’m happier than I have been in a while. I still have some pain, but I’ll be OK.”

Sylvie wished him luck, and they hung up.

Jake called Frank again, and as expected the conversation was easy. Take the time, Frank would hold down the fort until he returned.

He felt a little lighter then. Everything was taken care of, Aiko loved him, Kaiah was guiding him, and he felt like he could do anything. All he had to do was to venture out, find out where he was, find the woman who needed him, and help her out. He just hoped that he didn’t have to fall in love again, that he could help her some other way. He wasn’t sure how much more his heart could take.

Spoiler alert: it could take a lot.

As he finished dressing, he was feeling like he was ready to take on the world. All of that came crashing down when the door to his room broke open and four masked and armed assailants burst in after it, yelling in a language he didn’t understand.

Oh shit, he thought. I guess I assumed I’d understand the language wherever I went!

He put his hands up in the air and said, “Don’t shoot, don’t hurt me – I don’t know what you want, but you can have it!”

One of the men took off his mask. His skin was as dark as any he had ever seen, but the look on his face was intense. He said, in accented English, “Ambassador Jenkins, you must come with us!”

Jake looked in confusion. “I’m sorry – who are you looking for? My name is Jake Cody. I’m just a traveler, visiting this country. I am not any kind of ambassador!”

The man’s face turned into a mask of fury. He yelled at the other men again in the other language, and then turned to Jake again. “You are not from England? You are not the ambassador to my country from England?”

Jake shook his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t know who that is. I’m just a computer programmer from Atlanta in the United States. Please – I don’t have much, but you can have everything. Just don’t hurt me!” He didn’t add that the only things in his life that meant anything were Kaiah and Aiko. He had to get back to them at any cost, and to do that, he had to stay safe.

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