Spicing Things Up Ch. 03

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After our first attempt at trying something different worked so well we decided that we wanted to see what else was out there. So we decided to look on line for some new sex toys. So the following Saturday night we had a few drinks to loosen ourselves up and we started to search on Google. The amount of sites that came up was staggering, I knew that port was big online but I never realised just how big. We clicked on the first “sex shop” that came up. It was called bondara and it seemed to have a bit of everything you could want, plus stuff I don’t think I’d ever even want to try.

We both agreed that the French maid outfit I had bought was an amazing turn on so I started with the sexy outfits first. As I scrolled down through the pictures of women in various different underwear Harry placed his hand on my thigh. He began to rub small circles on my inner thigh with his fingers. Just this simple act made me slightly wet, so when he slipped his hand under my skirt I had to shift in my seat to try relieve the pressure between my legs.

As we deliberated about which outfit I should get his hand moved higher. We were trying to decide between a black satin teddy and a red lacy bask. I wasn’t sure about kastamonu escort the red one but when Harry slowly slipped his fingers into my panties and asked me to get the red one with fishnet stockings I found myself pressing the order button. Now we just had to wait a few days for delivery.

As his fingers worked their magic on me he started to nibble on my ear. I moaned loudly as his fingers pressed against my opening. But instead of pushing them into me he pulled back slightly. I whimpered at the emptiness and he hushed me and began to pull at my panties to let me know he wanted to take them off. I helped by lifting my but off the chair slightly while he tugged them down. As soon as the offending scrap of material was gone his hand was back to between my legs. He gently rubbed my hard clit as he continued to nibble my ear. I was rocking against his hand to try get even more friction. Just then the computer made a sound and we both stopped and looked at it. It was still open on the sex site and this gave Harry an idea. He pulled his hand away from me and hungrily licked my juices off his fingers, before he started typing something. He had searched kayseri escort for porn sites. He glanced sideways at me to ask if i was out with this. I knew he had watched porn before, I’m not stupid, but he had never asked me to watch it with him. I was actually interested to see what it was like, so I gave him a slight nod of my head to let him know it was ok. He clicked the play button and it started up.

It was a video of a beautiful blond girl and a tanned dark haired man. They began by kissing and undressing each other. I was getting quite turned on by it and Harry was obviously enjoying it to. I reached over and undid his pants so I could see just how turned on he was. as I stated to slowly pump up and down on him he stopped me. He said he wanted to fucking me as we watch the girl in the film get fucked. He grabbed me by the waist and sat me on his lap. I was facing away from him so I could continue to watch as the man pushed his massive cock into her shaved pussy.

Harry pulled up the back of my skirt to allow him access to my now dripping pussy. As he glided into me I let out a gasp of pleasure. He bucked his hips to get even deeper. I started to kıbrıs escort rock my hips gently on him and the woman on the computer moaned loudly. As we watched the man bend her over the table Harry asked if I remembered him doing that to me. I told him it was one of my favourite memories, and he bucked his hips again.

He pushed against the back of my head to force me off the chair and onto all fours on the floor. He adjusted the computer screen so we could keep watching, and he slid into me again. This time it’s harder and more urgent. As the couple on the screen kept fucking Harry kept rhythm with them. He bent over slightly so he could get access to my tips. He pulled my bra cup to one side so he could caress my nipple while he pumped his cock into my waiting pussy. As he pinched down hard on my hard nipple he moaned my name. He said he was going to fuck me hard like he knew I wanted it. He told me to keep my eyes on the screen and watch her get fucked like I was getting fucked.

All his dirty talk had me so close to cumming that it only took three more deep thrusts and I fell apart. I moaned his name as a powerful orgasum shook my body. As soon as Harry knew I was finishing he quickened his pace and within seconds I felt him stiffen as he spilled into me. With a loud guttural moan he finished and pulled out of me. He helped me to my feet and kissed me lovingly. We turned off the laptop and went to bed…now all we had to do was wait for our new delivery and we could have some more fun spicing things up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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