St. Gilbert’s Sports Academy Pt. 01

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All Characters 18+


St. Gilbert’s is a scholarship Sports Academy for young men 18-22 years from deprived backgrounds around the UK, providing excellence in coaching and tutorship in both Team Sports and Athletics, with the special goal of creating professional Sportsmen of all our graduates.

Established: 1908

Principal: R. Stevens

Part 1: Dinky’s Diary

Sunday 5th Sept 2021

Me Mam gave me this book. Said,

“Keep a diary Duck, you’ll be glad in years to come when you can look back on the best days of your life.”

My first night at St. Gilbert’s, in the dorm I’ll be sharing the next four years. Room 202. Got a top bunk mind, dead chuffed about that. This place is like Hogwarts or something, right grand.

The lads seem like a right laugh. Six to a dorm, so we’re packed in pretty tight. There’s Duncan, Kieron, Andy, Sean, Sam and me. We’ll get to know each other well enough after four years in this place.

I keep thinking the last thing me Mam said as I climbed on the coach with me bags,

“Stay away from poofters!”

Hilarious. Don’t think she needs to worry tho, seem regular boys this lot.

Night, night.

Monday 6th Sept 2021

Weird day. Not sure how I feel about it to be honest, but the other lads seemed on board, so went along with it.

Inductions the morning. Gave us all School Ledgers. Chocked full of rules they are – can’t do this, can’t do that. They did say it would be strict.

Anyway things got properly strange after lunch. The Prefects (older Lads, all condescending posh boys) made us pack all our clothes and bring them downstairs. We have to turn them over, underwear and all. Even the clothes we were standing in. Had to strip on the spot and stand naked in the hall waiting to receive our new uniforms.

The Prefect overseeing our dorm (Conner Denbury his name is, and a right smug prick) took a good look at all our dicks. There’s the poofters me Mam warned me about. I know I shouldn’t bother about it at my age, but I didn’t want Conner to see my little willy. I just knew he’d try to make fun of me somehow. He chose his moment.

“We’re getting that stuff back, right?” I grumbled as he flung our kit on an overloaded hotel trolly.

“Shut up dinky!” he scoffed, “It’s School uniform 24/7 at Gilbert’s.”

Me new mates all burst out laughing, pointing at my bean. I’ve always been bullied about my tiny penis. Was daft to think it would be any different here.

“Mate, I’m 8 inches,” I snapped back, “That’s just how much my dick shrank when I caught sight of you!”

“O, burn!” The lads jeered.

“You should worry less about me little dicklet and more about the walloping great Shlong on your forehead,” I added, scoring more applause.

I was on a roll,

“They don’t call me big Lads, but they do always call me back.”

“Yes, dinky!” they roared.

Felt like the first Man of the Match. Get the feeling that nickname’s going to stick tho.

“Congratulations, you’ve just earned your first disciplinary,” Connor smirked icily, “We teach respect at Gilbert’s, and Prefects are your superiors. Be outside the Prefect’s staff room at 17:00 today.”

Looking back, it’s not the best introduction I could made. Kept me waiting in the hallway 40 minutes before deigning to deal with me. Point made, Dickhead.

When he did show, he came through the door with a pingpong racket. And like a bitch I spread me hands on the opposite wall çankaya escort and let him larrup me ass! Old fashioned teaching comes with old fashioned penalties I guess. We signed up for it.

I grit me teeth through the sting. If I’m honest a part of me liked it. This is the kind of discipline I’ve been lacking these years. That’s why we came here. I can tell this place is going to make a Man of me. Even got a cheeky bofty thinking how Gilbert’s is gonna spank me into shape.

I thanked Conner and slunk back up to me dorm. Turns out we share uniforms with everyone in our dorm. Shirts and school ties, even our standard issue trunks, all thrown together in the wash and divvied out willy nilly the other side.. Feels dead wrong, cosseting my balls where five other lads have been sweating. Socks and all! Don’t think I want to share me Salfords.

Most of all I’m fucking fuming they took me clothes. I just know we’re not going to see that stuff again, and I really fucking liked me togs. G-Star Raw, Calvin’s and Nike’s. Wasn’t cheap that kit.

And how the fuck did Kieron get away with keeping his pink cap!? He never took it off. Exactly the same pink as his little bellend. I swear Conner was just about to confiscate it when I got gobby and distracted him. He’s still wearing it now, looks right chuffed with himself.

Tuesday 7th Sept 2021

Woke with a better attitude today. Ready to take this on.

Got a great speech from Principal Stevens this morning, made me feel right proud to stand with all the new Lads in our uniforms – all dressed smart, kecks and blazers with coat of arms, and school ties with the fattest knot possible. Looking mint.

Told us the whole story. Gilbert’s used to be an elite prep school. They still take a few posh boys each year to make Prefects, but when Gym Coach Russel Stevens took over he transformed it into the famous Sports College it is today. The he persuaded the Government to back a big initiative to give boys from deprived backgrounds a fighting chance.

That’s why me Mam sent me. I couldn’t believe it when the letter fell on the doormat. Just didn’t think a Manc scally like me would get a second look!

This scholarship a last chance for most of us here. We all dropped out of school, no GCSE’s – failed to make it in the world of work, 18 years old with no qualifications or prospects.

But here we are – boys from Northampton, Plymouth, Hull. Enough lads from London mind. Come to prove that we can make something of ourselves after all.

Principal Stevens said Gilbert’s is a place where boys become Men. Just exactly what I wrote in me journal last night! School starts proper tomorrow, madferit! All the rules and the regimen, bring it on. Big up St. G’s.

Wednesday 8th Sept 2021

Got right stuck into Rugby today. School’s got a reputation for Rugby, so everyone gave it their best. Our kid Andy was Man of the Match, a stinky shy ginger from Plymouth who’s always wearing vests. I swear you can smell his pits down the hall. Smell him long before you see him. Makes dorm 202 fucking honk, but it’s kind of nice. He made 70 metres — from 9 carries, breaking 6 tackles and one line break. Some serious talent here at Gilbert’s.

Everyone’s calling me dinky, just like I said. It’s cool tho, I like the nickname.

Tell you what, I like these togs too. Got the lot here, Football shirts, Rugby Kit, Swim trunks, vests and tees. keçiören escort All in the School colours, maroon and yellow. That’s the strips on the School tie mind. I’m wearing a maroon polo with yellow trim, and the black shorts have yellow stripes down the sides. Says in the Ledger that sports kit is all acceptable downtime wear, so I’m wearing it this evening. Feels good.

Duncan has just started wanking himself off in his bunk, don’t know where to look! The other lads are watching, guess we all need to let off some steam. There’s six hot-blooded young men in one stuffy room, I haven’t wanked for near on a week!

He’s got an awesome physique, Duncan. Proper bodybuilder. And a big dick. And big balls bouncing under his fist.

Fuck, I never watched another lad cum before! Except in pornos. Actually Duncan’s acting up like he’s in a porno, huffing and groaning. He wanted an audience.

Lights out Lads.

Thursday 9th Sept 2021

I like our Coach Mr. Parker. Want to become a Man like him, confident and fit.

Friday 10th Sept 2021

Ok, there’s this mad gay shit goes down here called ‘fagging’. No fucking joke – fagging! Turns out it’s an old boarding school tradition, I just googled it. Prefects choose a ‘fag’ from the freshers, basically means a slave boy to run errands.

And who chose me? Conner fucking Denbury. Got the summons to his dorm after class this afternoon, and he gave me the fagging lowdown. Except Prefects don’t share dorms, they get their own fucking suites.

Put me to use right away polishing his sports trophies. Got a whole shelf of ’em, rugby and track. He’s a top Sportsman, no question, but such a total bellend. I swear he had an bofty in his shorts the whole time, watching me from the bed, pretending to scroll on his phone. Fucking poof.

A door connects his suite to the next one along, which is Bradley Steven’s room. That’s the Principal’s own son – proper champ that one! Him and Conner seem like best mates, and the door was always wide open. Bradley kept wandering in – butt naked, his massive cock slapping his thighs. Looks like a God. Wish I was fagging for him.

Conner’s got me on WhatsApp now. I’m expected to to peg it over anytime he wants his bedsheets folded. FML.

Saturday 11th Sept 2021

First weekend at St. G’s. No classes today, but a friendlies weekend football league kicks off. Five-a-side games, so naturally the dorms go up against each other. I sat in subs and let the others play today. Was happy to just people watch tbh. Get to recognise some of the older Lads.

After the match there was chat about the local, so we got a shufty on down to Mabel village – about 25 mins walk. Handsome part of the world, this. Pretty fields, miles from anywhere. When we got to the pub in was rammed with St. G’s, all wearing the School colours. There’s no booze allowed on campus and this is the only bar in the county. Sunny afternoon and the picnic benches were rowdy with our boys, felt like a proper match day. Making tons of new friends. Everyone already knows me as dinky, even if they haven’t seen it for themselves in the changing room yet. Funny when your tiny penis precedes you, but I’m enjoying the celebrity.

Called away early by a WhatsApp from Conner tho. Didn’t even have a specific errand for me when I got there. Just exercising his bellend power. Such a smug prat!

Back in the dorm now waiting for lights out. etimesgut escort Duncan, Sam and Kieron are all sat in line on Duncan’s mattress jerking off, comparing cock sizes like regular squadies! I swear it’s the boredom, there’s fucking nothing to do in the country. The smell and the heat coming off them is going to my head a bit.

Must be great to have nice meaty dick you can grab on to like that! A big one like Duncan’s. I’m so small I can only rub it to get any joy. Like a fucking clit, it’s pathetic. I’d be way to embarrassed to wank off in front of the Lads like that, even tho I’m hard right now. My silly little inch.

Kieron cums first, still in his pink baseball cap. The colour does not match the School maroon at all, but he still manages to make it sexy in his polo and his socks. Good looking mixed race lad is our Kieron, with his cheeky smile. I swear he’s a naughty one – always chatting back and making dirty jokes. He shoots like a wicked hose, spattering the parquet floor.

Duncan cums second, a blonde Adonis. Always so silent and serious. Determined, that’s it. Takes training dead serious like. Bench presses and deadlifts.

Sam takes his time. Too cool for school that one. Just let’s everyone watch as he stopped to squeeze on his balls and rub his thighs, wearing nothing but his socks. Called us gays and perverts the whole time, but didn’t give over neither, working himself up and delaying over and over again.

“Fuck dude, get it over with!” Seany chuckled, but Sam was obstinate,

“The more you grumble Sean, the longer I’ll take,” he clapped back with a wink.

They’re both Hackney Lads, and their Cockney banter can be priceless.

Lights out boys, Sundays we’re allowed a lie in.

Sunday 12th Sept 2021

I JUST SUCKED A DICK AND IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Fuck, my heart’s still pounding. It’s late, I’m writing in me top bunk by the torch light on me phone, but I got to get this down. No chance of getting to sleep with all this adrenaline anyway.

It was Conner! Conner fucking Denbury. Got his WhatsApp summons and climbed the steps to the Prefect’s wing. The door to Bradley’s room was shut tight tonight. “Did a bang-up job polishing my trophies, dinky,” he smirked, “thought tonight you should polish this…” pulling his stiffy out of his shorts.

I know I’ve been ragging on him, and he is still a massive dickhead – a blowjob isn’t gonna change that! But when his lovely dick was out I knew I wanted it. I think I always wanted it. Mate, just look back over these pages, dicks dicks dicks. Who was I kidding? Sorry Mam lol!

Didn’t hang about, got straight to work tasting his salty dick juices. And I loved it! I love his arrogance, and his authority. Love being his tiny penis fag, choking on his Long-Lad boner.

Fuck, he even put a song on his Minirig – this stupid fucking rap, I gotta find it on Spotify tomorrow. I just remember a few lines:

My dick good good lovin’

Your dick good for nothin’

My dick sick and dangerous

Your dick quick and painless

My dick bench pressed 350

Your dick something something I can’t remember.

Got me duds so wet sucking him off to that stupid song. And Conner reached for his phone to put the track on repeat the first time it played out.

Guys should be total Pricks. It’s awesome. And St. G’s is a place that rewards it. I want to be a Prick just like Conner, except I’ll never have a nice big cock like him, and thanks to him everyone knows. I’ll always be ‘dinky’. I’m cool with that if it grants me special access to his yummy dick.

Hope the Boys don’t find this book. Gonna start hiding it under me mattress. Fuck, night night Diary. Mad place this School. And we’re just getting started.


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