Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal Pt14

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What would you like for dinner? Anything works…What would you like? Not sure but will check with Marco to see if he gives us any good ideas. Good idea sexy but can you feel my head? Mark you feel hot are you ok? I think so but I feel warm not sure if that is the medication. I will call the Hospital and reconfirm if the medication will give you a fever. Maria went to the kitchen as I got up to visit the bathroom for a quick piss. Maria comes in with the phone looking for me as I come out of the bathroom…here is the Doctor. He asked me a couple questions then told me he wants me back in the hospital because I might have an infection. Ok, I will come in now. They want you going back to the hospital? Yes, he wants to see me because I might have infection now. Let me get my mom to watch Marco.

She helps me get dressed and says let’s go. I look at Maria asking her are you going to change? O yes, I should because I have no bra or panties on. Standing in front of her that is just the way I like you sexy. She gives me a quick kiss the turns around toward her dresser as she drops her shorts and bends over to grab them. Wow…I think I have a heart issue now as she turns around smiling at me. She puts on some panties with yoga shorts and sports bra with a t-shirt. You are the hottest woman in the world to me as she looks at me smiling let’s go.

We get to the hospital ER as they walked me straight to a room and 5 minutes later a different Doctor and nurses came in to look at me. We are going to take another X-ray and ultra sound on your shoulder. After that was done the doctor came back to tell me they see a piece of remaining wood still is in me so we need to go back in to remove it. I saw Maria get ugly now with the Doctor that I still had wood in my shoulder and needed another surgery. I grabbed her hand and told her to relax it’s ok then she looked at me with watery eyes. Why is this happening to you? Two nurses came in added the IV and 1 nurse asked Mrs Smith can you come with me to complete some paperwork. Maria looked at me with a smile as she walked with the nurse outside the room. I was pushed into surgery again and Maria stopped them to give me a kiss before I went in surgery. I will be outside waiting for you “I love you”.

I woke up from the surgery as I opened my eyes Maria was sleeping in the chair with a blanket over here. I just looked at tell myself I am the lucky man in the world to have her. The nurse came in to check my vital signs and told me she would bring me some juices. I will place a blanket on your wife because it can be very cold in here at night. Maria woke up and walked over “How are you feeling”? I am doing great waking up seeing you sleeping in the chair because you look so beautiful. Why are you so sweet to me in your condition. She gives me a kiss on the lips and rubbed my head and the Doctor walked in with a nurse with 2 suits.

Mr Smith I want to introduce you to the hospital HR and Legal Rep. Maria grabbed my hand as the Doctor spoke about the surgery. When we reopened you back up we removed the remaining wood and a surgery gauze. I clean out any infection that was forming and stitched you back up. Thank you Doctor for all your help on fixing the issue. Maria spoke up said that is why your Hr and Legal Rep is here now. Yes, Mrs Smith again I am sorry you had to go through another surgery. Doctor can I leave tonight? I personally would like to keep you overnight but if you want to go home I will discharge you as you wish. Ok, please do that.

Maria and I was heading to her place around 10:30PM and she said that Doctor yesterday screw up. If you want to sue them I can get you a Lawyer tomorrow morning. Let me sleep on it tonight and I am not a sue happy person. I understand it’s the lawyer in me right now and pissed that you had to have surgery again. Sexy I am alive and you are driving me home to sleep with the love of my life. You make me feel so good and lucky to have you. I feel the same way about you as I reached over to touch her inner thigh.

We got to the condo and Rose was on the couch in her robe as Marco was sleeping. How did everything go? Maria went off in Portuguese with her mother as I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth for bed. I sat on the bed waiting for someone to help me change my shirt. Maria goes to the bathroom and Rose helped me get a shirt on as she robe comes a little loose as she right tit come in view. I whisper to her nice tit as she looks as her robe was open. I hope you like it because I would love to have you suck it. One day I will as she covers herself up as the bathroom door opens with Maria coming out. Goodnight Rose as I laidback on the bed under the sheets. Maria joins me in bed facing me and says wake me up if you need me for anything. I love you for all your help Maria…She gives me a kiss and turns over. Goodnight Mark I love you. Goodnight Maria as I just lay my right hand on her hip as she moves her butt close against me. You might wake up my monster with that sweet butt of yours. Get some sleep sweetie.

The next morning I woke early and headed to the bathroom for the morning piss and brushing my teeth. Maria knocked on the bathroom door as I open it with a toothbrush in my mouth. Good morning. She walked over to the toilet as I washed my mouth out with water. I stood to the side as she did her morning pee and grabbed my shorts pulling them down. She told me you have a little morning wood I see as she kissed my head. Get in the shower so I can clean you up so I can drive you to your store. Maria I will drive myself to work because you need to go your office. I can be late because my schedule is empty today. I am not handicapped that I can’t drive or walk…No, but you can’t get dressed or shower alone. Ok, but it’s better to shower with someone sexy as she slaps my ass getting in the shower.

I started the water and turned it on as Maria tells me don’t get your stitches wet. I can get it wet now because he used some surgery glue to cover the stitches. O yes I forgot about that but I still will be careful with water on it. Yes, mommy. She slaps my butt..ouch I think you like slapping my butt don’t you? Yes, I like slapping your firm butt. I reached around with my left hand and grabbed her firm butt but it’s better with my hand on yours. She kisses me as my fingers moved to her inner butt cheeks as I played with her asshole. She broke the kiss looking at me…Mark I want you but not that hole yet.

I sat down on her shower step and told her sit on me as she moved her butt down on me sliding my cock in her pussy. Fuck it Maria as I moved my left hand to her left nipple playing with it. She rode me this way for a good 10 minutes then she asked if I was going to cum? Not yet, as she gets off me and I asked why didn’t you cum? I want to cum with you so fuck me from behind as she turned off the water with her hands on the wall. I slide back in her fucking her strong and deep then I stood still as she started fucking me. I slapped her butt..O Mark do that again…O mercy I am about cum Mark. Please shot your cum deep in me when I cum. We lasted another minute as we both released ourselves together. O that was good…yes it was.

We got out of the shower to get dressed for work as she helped with my shirt. I watched her get dressed as she pulled her business black skirt over her thong panties, white blouse , and black suit jacket with no pantyhose. Maria you are one sexy hot looking lawyer that hypnotize me all the time with your beauty. Let me take Marco to my mothers and then we can leave. We headed to my store and I told her if you are taking me then you must come inside too. Ok, that is fine with me as we drove up to the front door “Welcome to the Pool Store”. As I opened the door she smelled all the chemicals as we walked through and Jackie came out from the back office. Wow…I see why you are floating on a cloud the last month. As I introduced Jackie and Maria then walked to the back with the others for the meeting. Good morning crew let me introduce you to Marie. I saw some many faces in shock as I introduced her and it made me feel happy. Ok, let me walk you back to your car as everyone said bye to her. I told her I am going to have a ear full when I go back inside as she smiles at me. I hope it’s all good as she kisses me and ask me what time do want me back here? What time works for you? Will 5PM work for you? Sure, see you then sexy as I tapped her butt with another kiss.

I walked back in and everyone was asking me how did you meet her and does she have any sisters. No sisters but has a pretty hot mother. Talked about my hospital surgery and that I am looking for new hires still. I asked Keith for 2 pools from his route so I can clean with his brother at 2PM. Ok, boys and girls hit the streets and have a good one. Jackie tells me I got you a coffee and a donut if you want it because I shouldn’t have it as she slaps her butt. Looks fine to me. Thanks but I am getting a fat ass lately. No, you are not Jackie that looks like a juicy delicious booty. No, I think you are on your hospital medication still and you already have a juicy booty with Maria. Yes, she does have a juicy booty for sure but you have a high score card Jackie. Thanks Mark!

Jackie gave me 68 phone numbers with names that called for the job posting. Damm missed it by 1 for my favorite number. Jackie looked at me with a smile I bet you do love that position with Maria. O hell ya. Also got a message from the Miami Beach Mayor’s office. I called the Mayors office to speak with a lady that told me the Mayor would like to speak with you so what would be a good time to call you back? He can call me anytime he is open. Ok, I will give him that message so you should get a callback today. I texted Maria to call me when she has a minute. She immediately called and I told her that the Hospital HR Department just left me a message to call them. What should I do on a legal side? You can call them back but don’t say anything or agree to anything..just hear them out. Tell them you will call them back after talk with me. Ok, thank you.

I spoke to the hospital HR woman that transferred me to the Hospital Legal woman. She told me that she was checking on how I was doing and I told her I guess ok for now. Good I was reading over the report that the Doctor did a surgery error and will be waiving all surgery cost to you. So please trash any hospital bills you might get in mail. I told the lady can you mail me a letter on what the Hospital is doing for me and I need to think it over? I will send it out today certified so you should get it to you by Wednesday morning. Please mail it to my store address as I gave it to her. I disconnected the call and called Maria back telling her that they are mailing me a offer letter with the hospital cost is removed as my responsibility. sure you are not a lawyer sweetie because you got them jumping….as we laugh together. See you later sexy.

I setup some interviews with some of the callbacks within this week. Jackie went to get lunch for us and I made a call to Juan on the New Home Development. We will be sending you a check for $250K this week per contract. Ok, thank you that will help me because I will have to pay for the supplies soon after the arrival in 2 weeks. I will contact you with an estimated arrival time on the supplies as soon as I hear from them. Jackie returned with lunch as we ate and chat about everything including Maria. How did you find Maria again because she is gorgeous? My stepmother niece. She is a hotly for sure..if I was gay I would be after someone like her. I laugh and tell her I am glad you are not gay because I like playing around with you in the office. I couldn’t be gay because I love dick to much. Before I knew it Keith’s little brother shows up.

I introduced Joe to Jackie and noticed her eyes then I said Joe let’s hit the road. I walked over to Jackie to whisper in her ear you need to wait for him to turn 18 as she smiles at me. I gave him a quick overview I the stuff needed in the truck daily and the truck rules including fuel up on Friday’s. Yes, my brother told me about Friday fuel ups are a must. He is right. Ok, let’s go clean some pools as I drive to Mr/Mrs Chin house. I asked him to bring the test kit, pool pole with net/brush, and I grabbed my jug of chlorine. Walked to the pool and Susan Chin “Mr/Mrs Chin Daughter” was laying out in a chair getting some sun. Hi Susan we are here to clean your pool so are we ok to do that right now or do you need us to come back? No, you are good to clean it then she says Hi Joe. Hi Sue. Your are the new pool boy now? Yes, I guess so it my first day. Cool, fun job I bet. I think so too. He net out some leaves and brushed the walls then I showed him how to test the water. We just need 1 jug of chlorine so pour it slowly on top of the outlet jet and watch your eyes. Joe said bye Sue.

As we got to the next pool I told him just get the brush, net, and test kit. Joe I hope the owners wife is home to see how much I love this job as walked into screen in pool. You do it all as I watch you if you feel ok doing it alone? Sure, let me try. He tested the water first and said nothing is needed correct as she shows me the water but should I add some chlorine because we will not be back until next Monday. Yes, you are correct but lets look at last week numbers to reconfirm we add anything. Go ahead brush the pool before we check the charts. Mrs Johnson walks out in a bikini with a see thru robe what a surprise to see you Mark. Hi Mrs Johnson “65+yrs old 36DDD/34/40“ Mark please call me Debbie…I see I have a new pool boy and a cutie one too. Joe tells her nice to meet you I am Joe. I told Joe I will go get the book so you keep brushing. I came back as Joe was moving a lot faster brushing the walls and floor. I noticed Mrs Johnson was laying eagle spread on the legs as she watched Joe cleaning the pool. Joe came over to say everything is done and I told let’s look at the chart from last week. Keith added some chlorine last week with the same reading so go get 1 jug and pour it in. Joe moved to the truck and back with the chlorine and just before he returned I told Mrs Johnson he’s only 17 but 18 soon. Her face went red then smiled to tell me it was great seeing you. Same here as Joe and I headed back to the store. Mrs Johnson is a nice lady but should she be wearing that string bikini….as we both laughed out loud.

Joe you did a good job so do you think you want to work for me this summer? Yes, I can do it. I know you can so see you every day at 2PM and full time this summer. I will get Jackie to have all your paperwork to take home tomorrow. I provide insurance, medical, vacation pay, and 401K with 2% contribution from me toward it. Thank you Mark for the job. I am glad you are onboard with us because I need help badly. Before you leave let me show you how to refill the chlorine jugs and add them back to the truck. You have a good day and see you tomorrow.

I walked into the store to be surprised with Maria sitting in a chair talking to Jackie. Hi Babe what a surprise is it 5PM? No, I just wanted to beat the traffic and wanted to make sure I didn’t get lost. Ok, Jackie can you pull together a couple new employee hiring packs because I need to hire 20 under 2 weeks. Plus Joe will need one tomorrow afternoon when he comes in. I will tell you what I told Mrs Johnson he is only 17 yrs old. She gives me a look then said if you didn’t have surgery I would punch your arm right now. Maria laughs to tell us you two act like brother and sister.

Let go babe as I tapped her butt when she passed me to walk outside. Maria told Jackie it was nice to chat with you. Same here and take care this guy. I will try but he is more then a hand full. Jackie said under her Burdur Escort breath I bet he is…but I heard her as I turned my head with a smile. She knew I heard her as she turned around and walked the back office. I watched Maria walk outside and told her I will follow you anywhere you want to go with that sexy walk. Stop it Mark but I am glad I can make you happy with my walk; plus many other things too.

Get in the car Babe! We need to stop at my moms house for clothes for tomorrow. Ok, show me the way as we went pass my High School then to my house. We went in very quickly because I wanted to beat the traffic to the beach as I grabbed some clothes to head out. As we were about to drive away my mom drove up and I knew we are stuck now. Hi Ms Smith…Hi Maria how is that guy doing? I think he is ok so I will keep him a little longer. Thank you Maria and you can keep him.! I just wanted to get some clothes so I will talk to you tomorrow mom…bye.

Your mother is so sweet and she wants me to keep you too. My phone rings as I say Hello…Hi is this Mr Smith? Yes…Hi I am Jon Jones the Mayor of Miami Beach. We chatted a little and told sure I can stop over on Wed at 3PM. Maria asked me what is going on Wed at 3PM? He wants to give some kind of reward ceremony for catching the Beach Bandit. Can I come with you? Yes, I want you right next to me as I placed my hand on her bare knee.

We got to her condo and Rose was just about to start dinner and I told Maria I am going to take Marco outside to kick the ball. She looks at me he would love that as she gives me a kiss. Marco get your shoes on so we can kick the ball outside. Really? Yes, let’s go buddy. He was running thru the condo like a kid on sugar. We got to the park down the street and started kicking it around as I could see he has a strong foot. I showed him how to balance the ball on your foot and head the ball. After 45 minutes playing we headed back to the condo.

Maria told Marco to shower when he came in and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. No, I am going to shower myself so can you help me remove my shirt for me. She removes my shirt and shorts as I stood outside the shower. Mark I want to thank you for playing soccer with Marco and teaching the sport. Maria he has a strong foot and understands the game so if he wants to play I will check on some youth soccer league. He would love that and I would love to see him play it too. I got in the shower to clean up and get ready for dinner. I completed the shower and I got my clothes on the best I could get them on pending my shirt. Maria helped me get in on as I told her what smells so good? Pork chops, rice, and beans so are you ok with pork chops? Yes, I eat anything you make and specially you as I kissed her.

We had dinner, watched some TV, then off to bed. Maria and I talked a little in bed as she turned over with her back to him as I laid my hand on her hip goodnight Maria. This same routine happen Tuesday night as well. I woke up Wed morning to have Maria serve me coffee in bed with some toast. What did you do as I smiled at her? Nothing just like to serve my man breakfast. Ok…as she gave me a quick kiss and told me I am getting in the shower now because I just completed a yoga class. I am going to head to the store after breakfast and meet you back her at 1PM to go to the mayor’s office. Alright see then so let me help you with your shirt now as she put it on me. When she was putting on my shirt I grabbed her butt…stop it Mark or you are not leaving this bed. Ok, I will be nice as I remove my hand and tell her I love you. Me too.

I headed to the store for some interviews and setup some training for the remaining week. The mailman comes in needed a signature for the certified letter from the hospital. I opened the letter to read the paperwork that also had a check for 150K to close out any lawsuit for the doctor surgery error. I told Jackie I need to go see a friend as I departed to visit my buddy’s father store. I told him what I am looking for and when I need it by. He told me to comeback tomorrow and we can talk about the pricing. I headed to the market for some lunch and as normal as I gave Jennifer on order. As I was leaving the market Debbie was walking up to the store as we started talking. I heard you are looking to hire some people? Yes, do you need a job? Yes. Ok, come to the store tomorrow morning at 9AM. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. How did you hear that news? I saw your mother at the grocery store yesterday and she told me how you caught that shitbag thief. Take care and see you tomorrow.

I got back to the store with lunch for Jackie and myself then told her that I have Mrs Jones coming in tomorrow morning. As you know I am going to need you between the store and the development site. I think it would be good to have her full time at the store and help you with managing the store orders. You are the boss so it’s ok with me. Jackie don’t worry she is not replacing you because no one can do all you do for me. Plus I would never that sweet butt leave me. You are a pig as she slaps my left arm…ouch I said then she said O I’m sorry I forgot. It’s ok it’s the other You are a dick making me feel like I hit the damaged shoulder. Mark you already have a sweet ass girlfriend. Yes, I do and love it too. O shit it’s 12:30PM I need to go. Where are you going? I need to the Miami Beach Mayor’s office because the city wants to give me a reward for catching the Beach Bandit. Sweet have fun!

I got home for my suit, shirt, and dress shoes the headed to Maria’s condo. Maria called me to tell me she is running late and would be at the condo by 2:15PM and told her no problem. How are you going to get dressed? I can ask Rose…O yes, that can work if she is home. Maria I will not ask her to clean my back in the shower. Mark I bet she would help in a second but I am not out of town. I am joking and I can’t do that to you. Call me when you are heading home and I will meet you out front so no need to stop in. Ok, that will be a good idea so see you soon. I got to the Rose’s condo as I knocked on the door and she opened the door telling me sure let’s get you dressed. So Maria called you to help me? Yes. I placed my suit and shirt on the bed and dropped my shoes next to the bed.

I turned to Rose to help me get my shirt off and she slides it over my head then pulled it down my arm. She grabbed my shirt and I told her I am going to shower first. Ok, as she pretended to remove her shirt…Rose what are you doing? Got you…lol Yes, I am teasing you now…lol

I got to the shower and dropped my shorts to clean up. After I cleaned myself I grabbed the towel to dry off as Rose stood in the bedroom waiting for me. I walked out of the bedroom with the towel around me as I grabbed for my boxers on the bed. Let me help Mark as my towel drops and she freezes looking at my cock. You ok Rose because you have seen it before? Yes, but I forgot how nice it looks. Well maybe one night you can sample it. I hope so! She helped me finish up getting dressed. Question Rose? Yes. Did you tell Maria that I wanted to fuck your brains out? No, I told her I would let you fuck my brains out if if I was your woman. Ok.

My phone got a text and looked at it as Maria tells me I will be their in 5 minutes. She grabbed my tie to place it around my neck then pulled up my shirt collar as she was making my tie. I placed my hand on her left butt cheek feeling it. Mark I hope my daughter goes on a business trip because I want you. I better get downstairs as I slipped my shoes on and told Rose Thank you. Anytime Mark.

Maria arrived as I got in and she said my mom did a good job getting you dressed up. Yes, I am glad she could button up my shirt and tie because that was the problem. What about button your pants? O yes, she did that too. She laughed and said I bet she loved that part. I bet she would love to get me undressed more. Yes, she would like that more but not as much as I do.

We get to the City Hall office and saw TV stations cameras setup in the lobby as we headed to the Mayor’s office. I met the Mayor, Police Chief, and Mike again as I introduced Maria to them all too. We all walked down to the City Hall lobby as the Mayor spoke to start the ceremony on the Beach Bandit was caught by me last week. He handed me a check for $50K and a ceremony plaque. He asked me if I would like to say anything? Sure, I am glad that we got the Beach Bandit off the streets and made the beach safer. Mayor can you please split up the reward money to the victims property looses and the remaining money toward the Youth Department. Everyone started clapping as Maria grabbed my hand as I stepped away from the microphone.

We headed home after the ceremony and as soon as we walked in the door her phone rang. She spoke to the other person and heard her say ok Friday morning 10AM will work. As soon as she got off the call I heard her say Damm it! I looked at her and said what is wrong? I have to go to New York for a International client. Please tell me it’s just for the day? Yes, so I will book it tonight after dinner. Maria why don’t we go out to dinner tonight? Ok, but where do you want to go? Benihana. Ok, we never been their but always wanted to try it. I will call for 5PM dinner time. She walked over to me as I grabbed the phone to call the restaurant in the kitchen.

Mark you are the sweetest, kindest, strongest, good looking, and most of all “My Man. That was the a great think to do by giving the reward money back to the victims and the kids for the city. It was the right thing to do because I don’t need the money. I was on hold with the restaurant as Maria moved to her knees in her business suit pants looking up at me. I wanted to do this after the ceremony because you turned me on so much specially when I held your hand after your speech. She unzipped my pants and pulled down my pants and boxers as my penis was in view of her.

She looked up at me as she moved her mouth to my penis head rolling her tongue over it. I think I need to wake him up as she moved her mouth over it and started sucking me. She was so sexy sucking me as we looked at each other’s eyes as she moved back and forth over my shaft. Babe you are sucking me so good and I am not going to last long. She popped her mouth off of me and told me I want your cum since you woke up this morning. She moved back over me like a vacuum and I didn’t last 3 minutes as I popped my streams of my juices in her mouth. She looked up at me licking her lips and told me that was yummy as she stood up to give me a kiss.

Let’s get changed but I want to undress you. I would love that as she pulled my hand toward her bedroom. I stood in front of her and kissed her strongly with passion pulling her to me with my left arm. I broke the kiss and told her I love you more and more each day of my life Maria. I love you the same way Mark. I want everything you want kids, house, health, love, fun, and a partner for life. Yes, we will have that together one day I promise Maria. I know you will and I promise I will love you and do anything to keep you happy for life. I removed her blouse and pants as she stood in her white bra and thong. I kissed her as I felt her hands removing my pants as they went to the floor. I placed my hand back to her butt pulling her to me again for another strong passion kiss. As we kissed we heard the door open and Maria broke the kiss as she got the the door telling Marco and Rose to get ready for dinner we are going out.

I moved behind her as she closed the door and moved my hand over her pussy. She whispered Mark we need to get ready but you feel good against my ass. I backed away and tapped her butt let’s get dresses sexy. We got dressed and headed to the restaurant then sat at the hibachi table. We had a great dinner and Marco loved watching the cook flip the food as he cooked. Marco and Rose had dessert and I headed to the bathroom as the pretty young

Japanese hostess looked at me with a smile. After I came out I went to pay the bill and the hostess asked if I was Mark Smith. Yes, why do you ask? I saw you on the news and she called over some lady in Japanese. This beautiful small Japanese lady walked over to us and she told me thank you for catching the Beach Bandit. No problem I didn’t know who he was when I got him. The young hostess said my mother and I were at the beach a week after my father passed away and stoled all are stuff including my mothers wedding picture that was in her purse. I am sorry about that and hopefully you get that back soon. The mother gives me a hug and tells me your dinner is free. I told no I must pay as I handed the credit card to the hostess. Ok, next time it’s all on me.

We got home as Maria told Marco to get ready for bed soon and Maria looked on her laptop for flights to New York for Friday morning by 9AM. I heard her yell out WHY! Marco and I came out looking at her at the table. What is wrong? qI can’t make it to New York before 9AM so I will need to leave tomorrow night. It’s not a big deal babe because it’s only 1 night. I walked over to her as Marco walked back to his room to read a book. I placed my hands on her shoulder and leaned over to her ear it’s ok babe as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Book your ticket so I can take care of your stress as she smiles at me. I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth and laid in bed. Maria came walking in about 20 minutes later to the bathroom and came out with nothing on. Now that is my lady as she smiles at me and she said I need to pack up for 1 night. I watched her pack a bag in the nude as I got harder as she moved around and bending over.

She walked to her side of the bed and I moved closer to her facing her. She told me my flight is 6PM tomorrow night so can you take me. That is a silly question …yes I will take you to the airport and pick you up Friday. When do you arrive back home on Friday? 6PM. Come her sexy and give me a kiss? We started make out a little then I told her to face the toward the balcony. She did as I said then I moved up closer to her as I removed my cock from my boxers. I moved up against her butt feeling she skin with my cock and rubbed it against her lips. O Mark give it to me as I felt her hand touch my cock pushing it in her. My head popped in between her lips and I moved myself slowly in her enjoying ever stroke. She was telling me how good it felt doing this position and to fuck her harder.

I slowly reached for her right tit with my bad shoulder rubbing her nipple with my fingers. O yes Mark..I love you in me this way and I told her I am about to cum. Yes, babe cum in me and I can’t wait to feel your sperm in me and that will help me cum. I must have only lasted another 2 minutes with her this way rubbing her nipple as she moaned each time I went deep in her. I shot my load deep in her as she started cumming with my juices still flowing in her. Maria I can sleep just like this if you can. Yes, I could but we will need to change the sheets tomorrow morning because I can’t hold your cum all night.

You going to tell your mother tomorrow morning you are overnighting and I might need her help with my shirt friday morning? Yes, so you will sleep her tomorrow night? Yes, is that ok? Yes, I did know if you were going home tomorrow night because I was not here. Ok, I will go home tomorrow night and I can get my mom to help me get my shirt on. No, stay here please.

She moved to get out of bed as my cock falls out of her and she cup her pussy heading to the bathroom. She came back to get back in the same position against me and told me you had a lot in me. It all because of you turning me on so much. I hope my friend likes shooting that much in me all the time because it feels good Burdur Escort Bayan in me. She holds my hand on her stomach and tells me I love you so much babe. Me too sexy.

I forgot to tell you I got the letter from the hospital with a 150K check. She turned around to face me and ask me please tell me you didn’t cash the check. No, it’s at the store still. Let me contact a friend to see what she says? Sure, I will wait to hear what your friend says and she turned back over holding my hand on her body. Goodnight sweetie. Goodnight sexy I as I gave her a hip bump. O babe stop it and go to bed.

We both got out of bed to do the normal routine brush teeth, morning piss, and a quick shower. I need to try to get my shirt on myself because I need to move it around more. I moved my shirt over my head and I was able to do it with a little pain but not that bad. Maria walked back in the bedroom from Marco room in her robe. You got your shirt on without me? Yes, I need to try to do it on my own sooner or later. You are becoming so a big boy and so proud of you as she smiled then turned to her dresser. She dropped her robe the bend over to find her panties and bra. I immediately got behind her ass resting myself against her you can make me a big boy. Mark I would love to but we can’t right now. I moved my hand from behind to slide a finger in her…O Mark please stop…as I pulled out my finger of her she turned her head to me. I placed my finger in my mouth And told her you taste so good. She gave me a look that gave her tingle watching me.

Maria got her panties and bra on then told me please don’t be mad at me. Maria I am not mad at you but I couldn’t stop myself when I saw you in that position with that sweet ass looking at me. Mark I just have to many things on my mind and now going to New York. Did you tell you mother yet? No, shit I forgot but I will have to tell her when we are about to leave. I will go tell her you just relax as I gave her a quick kiss. I knocked on Rose’s door as she opened it with her robe around her. What a surprise seeing you first thing this morning Mark. Yes, I just came over to tell you that Maria has to go to New York tonight and will be back tomorrow evening. Her face changed and asked me if I was still staying over tonight. Yes, I was planning too. It’s a great morning already and I will cook you dinner. Ok, see you later.

I walked back to Maria as Marco was eating his cereal at the table. She walked out of the bedroom in a business jacket and skirt with her bare skin sexy long legs. You look great in that outfit. Thank you. I told your mother and she said no problem. Maria told Marco that she will be back tomorrow night as I got her bag for the trip. She gave him a hug and a kiss then headed out the door. Maria I will drive you to work and pick you up for the airport today. Are you sure you want to do that because I can get car service to the airport. No, I will take my lady to the airport as I drove her to the office. I dropped her off as I gave her a kiss and told her see you at 4PM? Ok, that will work.

I headed to the store and picked up some pastries at the Cuban coffee shop. I love Caban coffee and cheese pastries myself and got to the store first. I setup the pastries on the little kitchen table and brewed some coffee. Jackie shows up to be surprised that I was already in the store as she stood in some tight jean shorts and T shirt. She came into the kitchen as I was brewing another pot of coffee for the crew.

Jackie said let me get the paper plates and bent over as I told her that would be fun as I slapped her butt. Ouch…I wish you would stop teasing me and do something to me. I played around with her by grabbing her hips from behind gridding my cock against her ass. Mark let me remove my shorts if you are not chicken as we heard someone walking to the back door. Sorry someone is her Jackie as I slapped her ass again then squeezing it. You do have a nice butt…Thanks as I can see she was frustrated because she needs some dick.

Everyone starts showing up for some coffee and pastries that was in the kitchen. I told everyone that we are getting closer to the biggest job in the store history in 2 weeks so stay health and do the best job for the customers. Please teach all the new guys/girls the routine and if anyone has any questions please ask. Have a good day!

Debbie arrives in some sweet looking jeans with a black top that shows her breast off a little. Hi Mark as she gives me a kiss on the cheek as Jackie looked at us with that greeting. I introduced Jackie and Debbie then told Debbie I will need Jackie sometimes at the new home Development site so I need you to cover the store. Whatever questions you might have please work directly with Jackie? Any questions right now? No, I just want to Thank you for the job. No problem….Ladies I need to step out and I will be leaving for the day at 3:30PM. I needed to run out and will be back around lunchtime.

I stop over at my buddy’s father store and got what I wanted then head to my house. I got some extra clothes and dropped off the purchase. I made a phone call and ordered flowers to be delivered to Maria before 3PM. As soon as I got off my phone rang again and it was Luz as I picked up the call. Hi Luz..Hi Mark how are you doing? Good and you? Ok, how are you feeling? Better Thanks for asking. I was thinking more about the last time and getting second thoughts about you. Would you be mad at me if I didn’t want to follow through wanted I wanted from the last time we talked. No, I was getting second thoughts too. Good… Ok, but maybe we can get together after the wedding for dinner all together with Maria and my soon to be husband. Sure, I think we all would have a good time. Bye Mark.

I headed back to the store and as I walked in Debbie was sitting at the deck. Where is Jackie? She went to the bank and get lunch and she stood up to say her take a sit. No problem all good as I walked into the kitchen to get some water. Debbie walked in telling me Mark you have no clue how much I thank you for this job. I feel alive again and it’s all because of you. She walks up to me and gives me a kiss Thank you again. When are you going to be able to stop over to check my pool out again as she moves her hand over my cock. Maybe we can have a lunch break one day at my house. I like that and I have been working on the back door lately. Jackie drove up in the back and I went to sit down at the desk with me feet up on it. Jackie came in with lunch and then the mailman shows up as I walked out to him to get all the bills.

I ate my lunch as I opened the mail to find the 250K check from the new home Development. Jackie can you deposit this today? Debbie sees the check and says WOW that is a nice check. I had some more interviews with some men and women for a job with my company. Jackie and Debbie was starting to get calls about pool service but a lot was near the beach area. Ladies can you track all the customer phone numbers and addresses so I can see all the locations. Also tell them that we don’t have service in that area yet but might be expanding soon. Joe walks in as Jackie and Debbie look at the new guy and I told your brother to train you more so he should be here soon. I told Jackie that I was going to call it a day and you need me call me on my cell.

I headed to my house for a new shirt and drove toward Maria’s office it was only 2:30PM. I drove up front of her office as the valet guy comes to the car with a questionable face. Yes, I am driving Maria Garcia BWM to pick her up but she is not ready yet. Ok, I will park her car right of here as I gave him $20.

I walked in the lobby bar and got a table for two then texted her tell her I am at the bar downstairs with a glass wine for you. She texted me back are you joking around? No, come downstairs. Ok, I will be down in 10 minutes. About 15 minutes later she walked into the bar and noticed me sitting at a table in the corner. She walked up to me and gives me a very passionate kiss then breaks the kiss “Thank you” for the flowers. All the ladies want to see you. Maria I am in shorts…so what. I bet they would like to see you with less…lol Ok, after we enjoy the drinks.

I spoke to my friend and if the hospital is offering you 150K without any talks they are liable to pay more. She said that if you have no health issues with the shoulder and don’t want to go to court then cash the check and it’s a done deal. The hospital is hoping you cash it at this time. Ok, let’s go up so I can show you off in your shorts. Stop it Maria as I tapped her butt…Mark not here. Ok, let’s go to your office and break in your desk in. You are so bad but I do like your thinking as we got in the elevator to her floor. I placed my right hand on her butt squeezing it and told her I love you so much Maria. I see your arm is feeling better. Yes, you butt recharges my body when I touch it. Be good on the office floor or no candy for you later. Doors opened as she held my hand walking through her office floor and noticed some of the faces as I smiled to them.

We reached her office and she showed me the roses that I sent her sitting on the table. Hi Mark..I noticed the voice it was Nicole as I turned around toward the door. Hi Nicole as she walked toward me in a black tight business slacks with a gold silk blouse top. She gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek as I hugged her back pushing her tits against me. Wow…you look great. So I didn’t look great at my house when you came to fix my pool. I was speechless…Maria says You always look beautiful Nicole. Mark I am just joking with you. Thank you again for fixing my pool and Nichols love swim in it. I am glad you are both enjoying it. You both should come over 1 weekend with Marco because I know Nichols would love a pool buddy. Maria tells her yes that would be fun so let’s plan it after the Mexico trip.

Luz and Maria (M2) the other partner comes in and says Hi Mark and gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek. Luz does the same to me and looks me over with a smile. Luz it’s almost 1 week away for the big day. Yes, 9 days from today. My cell phone rang and I looked at it it was the store. Excuse me ladies I need to take this call…Nice see you again Mark from all the ladies as they departed the office.

Hi Jackie What’s up? Mark we are getting so many calls for pool service on the beach area and I asked one of them how did you hear about us. They got your name from the newspaper for catching the Beach Bandit and want to support your business. How many calls for the Beach area? Guess..I don’t know 30..she laughed and said how about 90. O shit! You have all the names, addresses, and phone number? Yes, ok we will talk tomorrow morning. What’s the problem? I have a lot of calls looking for my company to maintain their pools in the Miami Beach area. That’s great news! Yes, but I have no store or the employees that can handle 90 pools.

Babe let me wrap up this paperwork and we can head to the airport. We departed to the airport and Maria asked me what I had planned for the weekend. You want to go to the Boat Show? Sure, I was not sure you would like to go to it. I know you want a boat and I know a lady were you can park it for a good price. Do you…what will she charge me? Just a couple nights a week sleep overs and a couple kisses. Sounds like a deal I can’t say No…as we laugh together.

My stomach made some noise and Maria looked at me saying I hope my mother is cooking a lot of food for you. Mark are you going to tease her still? No, I think I am done doing that to her because I wouldn’t want you teasing me if I was in her shoes. As I pull up to the airline departure curbside and parked my car to get her bag from the trunk. Maria walks up to me hugging me and gives me a strong passionate kiss. I squeezed her butt as I broke the kiss telling her I love you and see you in 24hrs sexy. I love you too!

I got in the car to drive to Maria’s condo and parked the car next to my car. I knocked on Rose’s door and as it opened the door was Rose with a smile on her face. I was thinking Marco would be opening the door and she told me no he is playing with his friend on the 10th floor video games. O so we are alone? Yes, as I walk in closing the door giving Rose a kiss on the cheek then tapping her ass. She jumped back Ouch…sorry Rose..thinking I just tapped her butt cheek. It’s ok as she walks back to the kitchen and I asked if she needed any help. She said yes I need your help to remove this later as she bent over pulling her dress up showing me her butt then grabbed her cheeks apart…O Damm she had the butt plug in her. That was the problem earlier when I tapped her butt. I would love to help you later.

How is Maria doing this time leaving? It was ok because it’s only for 24hrs and I told her I will be here for her tomorrow. We are going to the Boat Show this weekend. You going to buy a boat? Maybe if I find something we can enjoy. Marco will be asking you all the time to go out in the boat. I bet he will. Mark can you open a bottle of wine for dinner? Sure as long as you don’t fall down again. I might if you pick me up and take me to bed. You better play your cards right…lol She asked me to set the table for dinner and she was going to get Marco now.

A couple minutes later Marco comes running in and ask me can we play a game after dinner. Sure we can do that if you eat all your food. Rose comes walking in slowly as I was walking in the kitchen. Still hurts? Yes, when I move fast or bend down. Let’s get the dinner on the table and we can talk more about my problem later.

We sat down to enjoy a good meal and wine. I asked Marco a couple questions to see how he was doing in school and if he still wants to play soccer this spring. Yes, ok I will check into it and find more information for your mom. After we ate dinner and cleaned up everything I played a quick game with Marco. As normal he beat me but this time really bad 8-0 and told him he is getting to good game. After the game Marco said he was going to read his book and get ready for bed soon. Ok, buddy goodnight because I need a shower.

I headed to Maria’s condo for a shower and I had a quick shower then went back to Rose’s condo. Rose was changed in her robe sitting on the couch drinking her wine and I walked to sit next to her in my shorts with a t-shirt. Thank you for dinner and it was very good. You are welcome. Can you get me a refill as she hands me her glass? Sure, I got her a refill and handed it back to her.

We talk a little about how I met Maria and how I met her. Remember the first time you tapped me on my butt? No, I didn’t do that to you as she laughs. Mark..I like playing Stripe Poker with you and Maria. I bet you did because you both won against me and got to see me in my birthday suit almost. Yes, it was nice to see a man again and jealous of Maria. Why are you jealous? She turned her head then got a sip of wine. Rose I am wait…Well Maria has a man as I have nothing and most like I might not ever. Rose I personally think you would be a great catch as I put my hand on her leg. I wish you had a twin brother or an older brother that I could date. I don’t but you have me to lean on Rose. Thank as she laid her head on my left shoulder. She looked up at me and I moved down toward her face to give her a soft kiss on the lips. She moved her hand on my stomach as we continue to kiss then she released her tongue between my lips as I joined her with my tongue.

She broke the kiss and stood up and carried her wine glass to the kitchen. I got up to walk to the kitchen to check on Rose because she didn’t say anything when she walked away. You ok Rose. She looks up at me to tell me she is scared. Scared of what? A couple things Escort Burdur Mark. Tell me…I scared of hurting your relationship with Maria, scared I might get stronger feels toward you, and most of all not sure how I will do. Rose let me tell you my relationship with Maria is solid as a rock and we will have a love for each other in a different level. Also I will not hurt you or do any you don’t want to do. She looks at me and tells you promise you be easy with me as she kisses me like she has never done before with a strong passionate tongue kiss. She broke the kiss and told please go back to the couch because I need to check on Marco.

My cell rings Hi sexy. Hi Babe. You made to the hotel? Yes, just checked in and wanted to call to tell I am safe at the hotel. Marco is already asleep so sorry you can’t speak with him. I understand it’s 10PM. You better get some sleep for court tomorrow morning. Yes, you are right because I am sleepy and I need my rest for my man this weekend. O yes, you better..goodnight sexy.

Rose returns as she walked up to me and told me to come in the room in 5 minutes. Ok, as I sat with my head spinning asking myself should I do my maybe future mother-in-law. Also thinking back to what Maria told me in bed that I am ok as long as she is out of town and not in our bed. I lost track of time because I was on the couch for a good 10 minutes now. Slowly stood up to walk in her room as I opened the door seeing her laying on her side of her body looking at me. I was not sure you would come in but glad you did Mark. I sat down on the edge of the bed next to her and asked her are you sure you want to go forward? Yes, I never wanted anything more since Maria was born.

I leaned down over her to kiss her deeply and strong as she moved her right hand under my shorts going straight to my penis. I broke the kiss to stand up as she held my semi hard penis now. I told her you need to let it go to remove my shorts and she let it go of it smiling at me. Let me help you as I stepped back and she moved the sheet from her as she stood up in a pink linguine that was a surprise. You look so hot Rose as my cock got harder in my shorts and she pulled them down to be shocked as it popped up against my stomach. Wow..someone is ready for me then she removed my shirt. I pulled her against my body as our skin met and kissed her strongly as are tongues worked together.

She broke the kiss to move down my body talking to me as she kiss me. Mark I had so many dreams about you and never was thinking it would come true. She kissed my nipples, belly button, and then moved to her knees looking up at me. I hope I can still do a good job for you as she grabbed my hard cock stroking me. You will do great I feel as I placed my hand in her colored blonde hair. She kissed my head, licked it, and moved her mouth down my shaft. You are so big and it makes me so wet already. She started popping up and down my hard cock enjoying my meat as I moved my left hand on the back of head pushing her fully down me as much she could take. She got about 3/4 of me and pushed back off of me looking up to tell me “help me take all of you” but slowly. She went back on me going about 2/3 of me as I pushed her head down me more as she started gagging taking me all this time as I moved off of her head. She pulled off looking up to me with teary eyes and told me I got it all but I need more practice.

Let’s me tit fuck you with them DD’s as push my hard cock between them. You can spit on my cock to make it easier between your tits as I moved it. I have never done this before and told her to suck my head when it comes up. Watching her learn to suck my cock in this position was still hot and watching her rub her pussy with her left hand. Your pussy all wet for me? Yes.

I just want to suck your cock to taste your cum as she moved back and grabbed my cock to place it in her mouth. The look she was giving me was so fucking hot like my cock was like the last popsicle she was ever going to get for life. I placed both hands in her hair and told her I was going to cum any minute. She looked up giving me the green light as she sucked me harder and faster. O Fuck Rose as starting shooting my load in her mouth. She closed her eyes and mouth around me then stopped moving just sucking my seed coming in her mouth. I felt her swallow my cum as I continued shooting in her mouth. She pulled off of me after she was done swallowing all my cum. Mark that was so good and you taste so good too. I miss sucking cock and making a man feel good. Rose you can sure suck a cock and you have not lost that skill. Thank you.

I told her to lay on your bed for me and let me return the favor. I want you to cum on my face as she laidback on the bed with her legs spread open. Mark no one has done this position to me and I can’t wait to feel your tongue. Tell me what feels good? Ok! I see you still have the plug in…yes it’s like part of me now. Mark I am not sure I can take all of you like Maria. I moved my mouth over her and moved my tongue between her pussy lips. O Mark…I went right back in licking her pussy, sucking on her lips, and using my hand playing with her plug. Keep doing that…It feels so good and I feel like I am getting close.

I sucked on her lips and moved my left hand to her clitoris rubbing it. O Mark that is it I am coming any minute as her body shakes with moans of pleasure. I pushed my tongue the deepest it could go inside her as the right hand on the plug and still rubbing her clitoris. She moan louder and released herself all over my face. O Mark I have never cum like that ever with a man because no one has done that to me. That is one of my favorite thing to do to a woman and I like to see a woman get off on my tongue. Well you can have this pussy anytime you want it….yes when Maria is out of town.

I stand up with a major hard on still and rubbed my cock over and over her pussy lips. Mark please don’t tease me anymore and fuck me but be slow. Remember I have not been with a man in 20+ years. Ok, you ready…Yes! I moved my head between her very wet lips and pushed in slow. I watched how my cock got sucked in her as my head entered. O Yes…I miss a man. I got 3/4 of myself and pulled back then back inside fully as I held her ankles in the air. I started fucking her on the edge of the bed for a good 10 minutes noticing my cock was getting covered with her white cream. I going to cum Mark..please keep fucking me. I picked up the speed slamming myself in her as she released herself on me with her whole body shaking. I waited for her to come out of it before telling her let’s change position.

I moved on top push myself deeper in her with my weight as she gasped for air breathing. O fuck…you feel good…fuck me faster Mark. I started pumping myself faster and harder in her as she wrapped her legs around me. I was feeling my balls hit the plug in her ass and my cock pushed up against it to as I pushed fully in her. Rose I am going to cum again so where do you want it? Inside me Mark I want to feel your juices with mine. You are on the pill? It’s ok fill me up Mark I want to feel you cum shooting in me. After another 5 minutes fucking crazy with her gasping for each breath pushed me over. Rose I going to cum. Cum with me Rose feel my cock you hot MILF. I shoot my cock off inside her with the remaining streams of cum I still had remaining in me.

That was so great to feel of you shooting inside me. I miss that feeling when a man cums inside. Thank you Mark for helping me feel like a woman again. I am glad I could help and make you feel good. I need to head to the bathroom to lose your load and I will be back for more if you are up for it. Sure, as she got on her feet I slapped her bad boy.

She comes back as I am laidback on the bed and sat on the edge of the bed looking at me. Do you want to try my butt now? Sure as soon as my friend is hard. She looked at my soft cock and started stroking me to say I will help him. She moved her head down on my penis to feel her lips move over my head and shaft slowly. After 3 minutes sucking me I was hard as a rock watching her lips move over my cock. Rose you sure can suck a cock. She pulls off looking up at me…I love sucking your cock and your cum taste good too.

Rose I am ready if you want to still try anal? Yes, I want to know what it feels like because Rachel at the Sex Shop said I might like it more over the pussy. Stand up and lay over the bed so we try it doggy anal. She laid over the bed as I got behind her then placed my hand on her plug. Ready? Yes…I slowly pulled the plug out as I watched her asshole stretch as I removed it with her give a little moan. You have as cutie ass Rose and I hope you like it. Also tell me if it hurts to much and you want me to stop. Ok.

I grabbed the sex lube on her bedside dresser and squirted some on my cock a little making sure I was fully ready to enter her ass. I dropped a squirt on her asshole as she held her cheeks wide. I lined my cock to her asshole to push myself slowly in her. My head started parting her anus open to accept my cock as she gasp once. My head was inside as her asshole sucked me in. O Mark I like it so far but go slow with me. I placed both my hands on her hips and told her you have some sexy hips too. I happy you think they are sexy and please use them as you wish too.

I slowly moved myself in and out of her with about half of my cock just to make sure she was ok with me. Go deeper Mark but slowly…I pushed myself deeper feeling her much more with a tighter feeling around my cock as she moaned out…O fuck Mark. You ok? Yes, it feels ok so far but still go deeper. Rose I am going to try to push all of me in you slowly and hold it in you. Ok, just go slow. I pushed all of me inside her as she buried her face in the pillow moaning out loud and held myself in her. You ok Rose after a good 15 seconds with me fully in her and she told O yes. You are so big because my asshole is stretched out. You want me out? No, No, stay in me as my ass is accepting your cock. It’s feeling better.

I slowly moved myself back holding her hips giving her a couple strokes as she grabbed her sheets. O FUCK Mark….I love you in my ass… I like being in your ass. It hurts a little but I like it more feeling you moving in me. O Yes…do it again Mark? O Fuck yes…keep doing it and fuck my ass. I reached around her rubbing her pussy…O FUCK MARK! You are going to make me cum…don’t stop. Another couple more strokes in her tight ass and rubbing her pussy she was shaking then she squirted on my hand that pushed me over. I moved my hands to grab her hips slamming myself as deep and fast as I could in her ass. Rose I am cumming now as I shot myself off in her ass. Let change positions as I pulled out and told her to lay on her back.

Mark that was unbelievable feeling and you can have my ass anytime you want it. I mean it Mark! You have a sweet ass for sure and my cock would love to have it again. I pulled out of her ass and she gave out a moan of pleasure. You better cup your ass because my cum is coming out of your ass as she did as I told her. She went to the bathroom to clean up and a couple minutes later she returned to the bed. I was sitting on the edge looking at her body with DD’s walking to me.

Come her MILF as I moved my mouth to her left nipple sucking it and she placed her hands on the back of my head pushing me to her tit. Mark suck my tit and bite my nipple. I did as she told me with her moaning in my ear. I broke from her tit to move up for a deep kiss and she welcome me with open arms. After we kissed I told her let’s hit the shower to clean up. Ok, she turned around as I tapped her ass and noticed some cum between her ass cheeks.

We both got in and cleaned ourself up with a wash cloth in the shower with a couple kisses. I moved down on my knees and told Rose to turn around as she did that I moved my mouth to her pussy. O Mark as I slide my tongue between her puffy pussy lips and sucked on them too. Yes, that feels good as her hands right to the back of my head pushing me into her pussy. I moved both hands to her ass as she moved her left leg on my left shoulder. She was ready my mind moving her leg. I moved my left hand between her ass cheeks then rubbed my fingers over her asshole. Mark will you fuck my ass again? I looked up at her you sure because i am going to be harder in your sexy ass? It’s all yours as needed.

I stood up because I was already more than semi-hard eating her pussy. She turned around turning off the water and placed her hands against the wall. I moved my cock on her very red asshole and slowly pushed myself in her as she gasped out. I got my head inside then kept pushing in her inch by inch in her as she was moaning. Fuck Mark you feel bigger in me right now. I told her to rub your pussy as I fuck your sweet ass and cum inside you. I held all of me inside and told her you better hold that wall because I am going to fuck your brains out now. Yes, please fuck my brains out Mark.

I held her hips tight and started moving in her ass with all of my cock. How does it feel Rose as she gasp for air each time I went deep inside her? It hurts going in but a great feeling when you pull out of me so don’t stop. My ass is all yours Mark. I know it is and you might walk funny tomorrow. I am fine if I walk funny for a week if you make me feel this good fucking my body. After a good 5 minutes fucking her last and deep in her ass and her rubbing her pussy she moaned out. O FUCK..I am coming…fuck me Mark harder please. I felt my ball swing up against her pussy as I slammed myself in her ass. She yells out as she cums and that pushed me over as I shot my remaining load in her ass. O yes Mark I feel you cum deep in me like a water hose.

We both paused moving as I rested inside her and my chest against her back. I kissed her shoulder then pulled out of her ass. I slapped that left cheek..Ouch…You like my ass? Yes, like you like my cock in your ass or pussy. Yes, I do but you forgot my mouth too. She turns the warm water on as we cleaned ourself again and washed my cum down the drain from her ass.

We dried off then we both laidback in the bed and she ask me if I would fuck her if I married Maria. Yes, only if she is out of town and she never hears about it. Ok, I don’t want to hurt your relationship or my daughter. Mark you are incredible and you can have me anytime, any place, or anyway you want me. So you are my MILF

. YES!

I am going to to head to bed at Maria’s bed. You can stay here if you want to tonight. No I shouldn’t because what if Marco walks in and see me in bed with you. Good point as I stood up she got out of bed with me. She walks with me to the door and grabs my hand Mark can I have a goodnight kiss? I placed my arms around her hold her ass as we kiss passionately then I slipped a finger in her ass to feel her push up against me. We broke the kiss and removed my finger out of her. I hope you still want to fuck my ass again because I like it. I hope so too. Goodnight Rose as I headed to Maria’s bed.

I woke up after a good night of sleep and headed to the bathroom for my normal routine. As I was in the shower cleaning my body I heard Rose asked me if I needed any help. No, I am just finishing up as I turned off the water. I came over to make sure you are up…it’s getting up hearing your voice sexy hips. She looks at me you think I have sexy hips? Yes, I do. Thank you. I watched her walk out of the bathroom as she was walking bowlegged slowly. Rose did you go horseback riding last night? She smiled at me…Yes I did and I enjoyed that horse more then you will know. My pussy lips and asshole is sore. I worked your ass good last night. Yes, you did. You want some more right now? I would love to but I am very sore in both my holes because of you but I don’t regret it. Good…me either.

I hope you enjoy and I try to make it the closest that I remember years ago.

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