Storm Damage Ch. 03

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By the time I got back to the house from dinner, Tina’s gray one ton truck was gone, leaving only Patty’s red half ton sitting by the trailer. I pulled into the drive and headed into the house and back to my room. I stripped off my good clothes and pulled on a pair of running shorts to relax in, the AC doing an even worse job now that the broken duct work at the other end of the house was completely disconnected. I turned on the TV and lay back to relax.

I just didn’t seem to be able to get Tina out of my mind. It felt like a lot more than sex, but I had to admit that so far the sex had been incredible. Not that I didn’t have good sex with my two Latin cleaning ladies, in fact that was pretty damn good sex too, but for some reason sex with Tina felt different… more satisfying. I don’t know, maybe it was just because I was lonely and she seemed to be happy to snuggle, which is something I had missed very much since my wife passed.

The more I thought about her, the more horny I got, but she was gone now for several days. I got up and dug through the box of dvd’s that I had salvaged from the smashed entertainment center and found what I was looking for. I loaded the dvd, kicked off my shorts and lay down on the bed. It didn’t take me long to find the scene I wanted, a big busted blond wearing nothing but a tool belt and a hard hat, pretending to work on a wall. I was picturing myself as the guy that was standing behind her, playing with her big tits and pumping his good sized dick into her while I stroked my lotion coated dick slowly.

“Damn nice looking!” I heard Patty say from the doorway. “I wouldn’t mind being that blond.”

I looked over to see Patty standing in the doorway, staring straight at my dick. I quickly grabbed the towel I was getting ready to squirt all over and covered my dick.

“Hey, don’t stop on my account, unless you want to do something else with it!” she said as she stepped into the room wearing a pair of small cotton shorts and a cut off tank top that was quite loose.

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah… Tina said I could shower in here, but I kind of like that instead.” She said as she moved over and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Would you like me to finish that for you? Or would you like something else?”

“WHAT?” I practically squeaked.

“Sis said to make sure you were well taken care of…just trying to be helpful.”

“I think I can manage all by myself, but thanks anyway.” I answered, blushing heavily.

“You sure?” she said sliding her hand up under my towel. “I watched you two fucking on the deck and it really got me worked up. You have a really good looking cock and I wouldn’t at all mind trying it on for size.” She said as her hand wrapped around my dick under the towel.

“I’m not sure that’s what Tina had in mind.” I said as she pulled the towel off to expose my dick.

“It is a nice dick.” She said as she stared at it and slowly stroked her hand up and down the shaft. “You sure you don’t want me to take care of it?” she asked as the scene on the TV changed to the big titted blond riding the guy, wearing nothing but the hard hat and belt. She looked over her shoulder and then turned back and smiled at me. “Don’t move, and promise not to finish jacking off till I get back, ok?” she said before she got up and practically ran down the hall. It wasn’t two minutes before she was back, completely naked except for one of her tool belts and her hard hat. She stepped up onto the bed and straddled me, looking down at me. “What do you think? Do I look as good as the bimbo on tv?”

“I would have to say you look every bit as good.”

“I bet I feel a hell of a lot better than your hand too.” She said as she squatted down, reaching for my dick and aiming it at her pussy as she squatted even lower. Her legs were bent like frog legs, as she settled down, working to get me all the way inside her very tight pussy.

“It’s a good thing you were slicked up so good. I’m not sure I would have made it otherwise.” She panted. “Just getting down on you has me so fucking close already!”

“Oh god.” Was all I could say as she started to slowly slide up and down my shaft. I put my hands on her small tits and squeezed them, letting the nipples slide between my fingers so I could squeeze them as well. She moaned appreciatively as she continued to ride up and down, using the headboard of my bed to balance herself.

“Oh god I’m going to cum!’ she cried as her body gave a little shiver. “Cum in me! Fill me up! I want to feel your huge dick pumping it’s cum into me! I want to feel what made my sister scream so loud!”

That was pretty much the limit… I groaned and my dick pulsed a huge shot of cum deep into her pussy. “YES!” she screamed as she slammed down on me, her whole body shivering and quaking as her orgasm increased with each squirt of cum I put into her. It seemed like an hour before my dick slowed and stopped jumping and pulsing inside her. She eased her knees down and lay gently on me, sighing contentedly on my bilecik escort chest. “Ohhhhhhh that was good. No wonder sis says she’d fuck you all day long.”

“When did she say that?” I whispered, still trying to recover my breath.

“After you went inside. She told me it was the first time she had an orgasm from just fucking. I’m really not trying to steal you from her, but I just had to find out. Hell I’ve never known sis to do more than just lay there and groan a bit, let alone come to a huge screaming climax. Now I know why she wants to keep you forever!”

“She said that?”

“Uh huh. She says you keep complaining you’re too old for her. You need to shut your mouth and realize she doesn’t care if you’re twenty or two thousand. She’s a good woman… even if she is my sis.”

“I think she’s a good woman too.”

“Well, don’t let her get away then!” she said lifting her head to look in my eyes. “You can do whatever you want, and to be honest, I’ll screw you any chance I get… up until you ask her to marry her… then your off limits. I hope you’re smart enough to ask her after she gets back.”

“We’ve only known each other for a few days.” I said.

“Maybe… but I can tell you this! She’s in love with you and she thinks you are the definition of a perfect man… and that’s not just because you’re a good fuck.”

“I hate to say it, I think I’m falling in love with her too.”

“Good.. That just means I better get all I can while she’s gone, because when she gets back you better be popping the question… If not you’re an idiot!” she said, her eyes never leaving mine. “Now how about we go relax in that cute little hot tub?”

“I think I could use some relaxation just now.” I said as she lifted herself off of my dick, uncorking a small flood of our juices.

She stood next to the bed and held her hand out to me, and then led me to the deck. She dropped her tool belt and stepped down into the warm water, leaving just her hard hat on. She turned and waited for me to climb in and then sat down on my lap in the water, wrapping her arms around my neck. “So just how long before that gun of yours is recharged?” she asked quietly before kissing my neck.

“Oh it will take a little bit. It’s had a good workout the last few days.”

“Well, then I guess I’ll just have to settle for a little snuggling.” She said with a fake pout. “I’d much rather be riding you again, but then…”

“I have a hunch you’ll find a way to get more before Tina gets back.”

“Oh don’t worry… I will.” She whispered.

We relaxed in the hot tub for about half an hour before the hot water was more than I could handle. We moved to the shower and washed each other off, taking plenty of time to familiarized ourselves with all the intimate parts of each other’s bodies as we soaped each other. Once we were completely clean we retired to my bed again, the movie still playing on the tv. The scene had shifted to a dark haired girl getting eaten out by her lover.

“I could use some of that!” she said, rubbing her body against mind as she slid onto the bed.

“Some of what?”

“Some tongue. Sis says you really know your way around with your tongue.”

“So you two talk about all your sexual encounters like that?”

“Oh yes. We’re very close. I don’t think we’ve had a secret between us in twenty years.”

“OH? Does that mean you’re going to tell her all about what we’re doing while she’s gone?”

“Ohhhhh you better believe it!” she groaned softly. “I’m going to tell her all about how well you fit into me and how mind blowing that orgasm was… and any more I can convince you to give me between now and then.”

“I’m not so sure I like being the center of that conversation.” I replied.

“Then why don’t you stop talking and put that tongue to better use.” She said as she rolled on top of me and then climbed up my body on her knees until her pussy was inches from my face.

I licked gently between her wet lips, sliding my tongue along until the tip of my tongue bounced across her hard clit. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and spread her lips, allowing me to flick her clit quickly with the tip of my tongue, making her squeal in delight. I worked her pussy with abandon, alternately pushing in as deep as I could and then sliding up to flick her clit rapidly. She repaid my efforts with cries of pleasure and a continuous stream of what could only be described as gutter talk. She cried for me to eat her hot cunt and lick her hot pussy. She wanted me to shove my tongue deep into her fuck hole and taste her hot cum. I was quite enjoying the running commentary when it abruptly stopped, her whole body quaking and trembling as a massive orgasm swept over her. I could taste her sweet juices as it flowed over my face and into my mouth, much more than I had expected. Slowly her body eased and she climbed down off my face and collapsed on top of me.

“My god… She wasn’t kidding. You really are good at that.” She manisa escort panted.

“You’re welcome.” I said with a laugh.

I lay there holding her, stroking her back and head for some time before she finally raised her head again and looked up at me. “How about a shower before bed?” She asked.

“Sure.” I said “I’ll start the water.”

“Not in here… Out on the deck. I want to shower with you in the moonlight.” She said with a grin as she climbed off of me and the bed. She held her hand out and helped me off the bed and then led me out onto the deck. I started the water and got the temperature nice and warm, and then turned to Patty. The moonlight made her skin practically shimmer with blue as the water droplets cascaded down on her curvy form as she stepped under the spray. There was a slight breeze blowing as we soaped each other, paying special attention to each other’s most sensitive parts. I gently massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples with my soapy hands, getting a school girl giggle from her. “You are such a dirty old man.”

“Not at all. If I was a dirty old man I’d do this!” I said as I turned her around and pulled her back tight to my chest. I slipped my dick between her legs so it was sticking out between them. I cupped each of her tits in a hand and gently squeezed them and twisted her nipples.

“You’re right… that’s exactly what a dirty old man would do… But a naughty girl would do this!” she panted as she reached between her legs pressing my dick up against her pussy lips and leaning forward. She easily slid my soaped up dick into her pussy. “Now fuck me. Give me your cum!” she cried into the night. I pushed deep into her and then began stroking in and out of her, holding her arms for leverage as our bodies slapped together under the water.

“Uhhh god.” I grunted

“That’s it! Fuck me hard! I want to feel your hot cum fill my fuck hole! Give me the whole load! Oh yes! Fuck me harder!” she screamed into the night so loud even my distant neighbors could have heard. The water cascaded down on us while she continued to stream her gutter talk, her pussy squeezing my stroking dick. It wasn’t a huge amount of cum, but my dick simply didn’t know it didn’t have that much left to pump as it jumped and jerked inside her, pumping the few shots it had available into her waiting pussy. I pulled her tight to me, stroking her mound and tits as I tried to catch my breath.

“That’s it. Just relax. That’s what I wanted…” she cooed as I panted. “Just what I wanted.”

“I think I’m all used up… even for a dirty old man.” I said after I could catch my breath.

“For a dirty old man you can still fuck good.” She purred as my softening dick slipped from her pussy and she turned around to face me. She kissed me gently on the lips, soft, warm, sensuous… tender. “Thank you.” She whispered before letting go of me and walking off, butt naked and dripping wet. I watched as he walked around the side of the house and disappeared into the night. I shut off the water and headed inside for a towel and then fell into bed, totally exhausted.

I woke to the sound of hammers. It took me a minute to realize it was Saturday, but there was obviously a crew working outside. I climbed out of bed, still naked, and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and some work boots. I looked at the clock and realized it was only a bit past eight in the morning, but old mister sun was well up. I grabbed a glass of milk and then headed out to see what was going on.

“Hey sleepy head! We didn’t wake you did we?” Patty called from the roof, wearing a pair of cutoff shorts, t-shirt, boots and a tool belt full of tools. She clanked and clattered lightly as she walked across the roof to look down at me.

“Not much.” I said, shading my eyes so I could look up at her. “Sleep good?”

“Like a baby!” she called down to me.

“Well, let me get a hat on and tell me what I can do to help.”

“Well, why don’t you go help Carl frame up the floor?”

“Will do!” I called back up before walking into the house to get my hard hat.

I was back out and working with Carl, a bear of a man that obviously knew his way around a construction site. We carefully laid out the joist plan and cut each two by ten to just the right size. The work went much faster using the air powered nailer than it did when I hand nailed each one in place. By lunch time we had the joists in place and were ready for sub floor. While I worked I had a chance to watch her control her crew. She carefully watched the quality of each of her crew, while appearing to not dominate their work, a difficult task for any supervisor, let alone a woman in a man’s job. I also noticed that the four guys in her crew, all of them older than she was, seemed to not only respect her position, but her work. I had to admire her ability to handle her men.

“How bout some lunch?” Patty asked as she climbed down the ladder from the roof once again.

“Sure, what you got in mersin escort mind?” I asked her as I sat down on the edge of a joist.

“How bout some sandwiches?”

“Sure.” I answered simply.

“Cool, come on!” She said as she started walking out toward her trailer. I got up and followed her out and around to the door. She opened it up and I got a nice view of her perfect ass encased in the blue denim cut offs as she stepped up into the trailer before me. I followed her in and closed the door behind me. It was pleasantly cool inside the trailer as she reached down and pulled the soggy shirt from her waist band and up over her head. Her equally soggy sports bra came off next as she walked down the hall toward the bathroom. She stepped back out moments later, using a towel to dry the sweat from her firm round tits.

“So what kind of a sandwich would you like?” she asked as she tossed the towel aside and opened the refrigerator door.

“Whatever you have is good with me.” I answered as she tossed me a cold bottle of water.

“I’d kind of like some sausage!” she said with a grin, giving me a wink. “What do you think?”

“I think some turkey is more like it!” I joked back,

“Oh nooooo. Definitely sausage!” she said, closing the refrigerator door. “A nice big fat one!”

She stepped over to me and leaned her bare chest against my arm and pulled my face to hers, gently kissing my lips with her warm lips. She softly pressed her tongue between my lips and teased my tongue with her own as she unzipped her cut offs and pushed them and her tiny bikini panties down her legs, wiggling to get them over her knees. As soon as her hands were done with her shorts they were at work on mine, undoing the belt and zipper. She pulled me from the chair I had dropped into pushed my shorts and underwear down over my ass and down my legs. I slid my hands up her front and cupped her tits as her hands found my dick and began squeezing and stroking it to hardness. As her kissed became more urgent and intense, I let one hand trail down her front, stroking her stomach and then allowing it to slip between her legs, as she spread them as far as she could with her shorts trapped on her legs by her boots. My fingers slid between her already wet lips, stroking from her tight hole up and across her hard clit.

“Oh god!” she groaned into my mouth as I stroked her clit a second time.

After a few short minutes of this attention, she pushed me back onto the chair and turned around, bending over and reaching between her legs for my dick. She aimed it at her sopping wet pussy as she sat on my lap, impaling her tight tunnel with my very hard dick.

“Ohhh man!” I groaned as she sank down until her bare ass was sitting on my lap. I reached around and squeezed her nipples as she pushed her legs closed, and using her arms on the chair next to my legs, started sliding her hot pussy up and down my shaft. She squeaked and cried out quietly as her orgasm worked closer and closer to a peak, pulling my own along with her.

“Here it comes!” I groaned as my dick tensed and spurted the first shot of my hot cum into her pussy.

“OHHHH!” she screamed as she felt my hot juices flow into her, triggering her own climax. She sat down hard on me as her body began shuddering and twitching with each spurt of cum I was emptying into her. Finally she fell back against me, my dick buried deep into her, my hands still gently stroking her firm round tits and hard nipples.

“Now that was a good lunch break!” she giggled as she caught her breath again.

“I have to admit it was the best lunch break I’ve had in a long time.”

“Good.” She said as she stood up, my softening dick slipping from her warmth as she did. I admired her ass and spread pussy leaking our juices as she bent over to pull her shorts and underwear up. I gave her ass a gentle slap a she stood up, making her squeak in surprise and jump away from me. “What did you do that for?” she asked as she looked over her shoulder while she pulled her underwear up over her ass.

“Just because you’re a bad girl… Invite a man out for lunch and then take advantage of him and then leave him starving… shame on you!” I said with a grin.

“Ohhh right. Like you didn’t want me to take advantage of you?”

“I didn’t say that!” I laughed.

“You better not buster!” she joked back as she snapped her shorts and walked over to the refrigerator. “Now how about a ham sandwich?”

“That sounds pretty good.” I answered as she began pulling stuff out. She made a good sandwich, ham, Swiss cheese, some mayo… Made a damn good waitress. Didn’t hurt any that her beautiful tits were on display the whole time either. We finished lunch and then she went into the bedroom and came back with a fresh shirt and bra, which she pulled on before we headed back out.

The prep work on the roof was completed just before lunch, so the whole crew went to work laying the floor on the newly laid joists. It took the better part of the afternoon to glue, lay and screw down all the subflooring, even with six of us working on it. I was surprised that the guys working didn’t waste any effort checking out her ass as she worked bent over, but then I guess they’ve seen that part a lot. Me on the other hand had a hard time not checking out her ass as she bent over working.

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