Strangers in the Night Ch. 1

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It was early September, late at night. I was sitting at my computer desk logged onto AOL and connected to Literotica, reading some story or another when he popped up on my screen. Usually I cancel instant messages from people I do not know immediately, but that night I was in a *mood*. So I said hello.

I never new why he picked me accept that it was late, I was on-line and I responded.

One of the first things he asked for was a picture. Which pissed me off. I told him I did not have one. But tried to describe myself as realistically as possible. I felt bad when he sent me his. A nice looking man with his daughter. I decided to send mine along in a few days.

We chit chatted about this and that for a while but as most late night on-line conversations do, ours turned to sex. One of my favorite subjects. He asked if I ever called anyone I meet on-line. He wanted to talk ‘live,’ was that OK. And again because I was in a *mood*, I said yes, as long as I could call him. So punching in *67 to block his caller ID (if he had one) and I dialed his number. He had a nice voice, low in tone and very smooth. We chatted about nothing more a few minutes to give us each time to relax. Then I asked him what one of his fantasies was.

He paused for a moment, I could just picture him on the other end of the phone thinking about which one was his favorite and smiling when he came up with just the one. It did not take long. He told me he often thought how it would be for a women to sneak into his house late at night and give him a full body massage. Then to give him a great blowjob and then to sneak out again.

We talked for a while about just what he wanted and how exciting that would be, when he asked me if I would do it. I stopped for a moment and thought about it. I told him honestly that I was not sure, but it was certainly something to think about. We ended the conversation soon afterwards because he had to get up very early in the morning.

I thought about his question the next day….”would I really have the nerve to do that?….How exciting it would be!!….How utterly stupid it be. All these thoughts went through my mind along with the one that said “what difference does it make, I probably will not hear from him again.”

Well, I was wrong. A few days later with a hurricane brewing outside he popped up on my screen again. He asked if I had a picture so I finally sent the one I had. He then asked if we could talk *live*. He gave me his number again and I called.

Again we talked of muğla escort his fantasy and whether or not I would fulfill it for him. Would I be OK with coming down, giving him a massage and a blow job and leaving? Would it be OK if I didn’t *get* anything from it. Would I do that for him?

The more we talked about what he wanted, what I would do, what I would wear, the more excited I became and agreed to come. He asked me again was I sure it was OK for me to give him just a massage and a blow job and then leave. Again I said “yes.”

My hand shook as I wrote down the directions to his house. As I hung up I told him I would be there in 30 min. I found a pair of silk tap pants and a black lace demi bra. I added a pair of high heels and my long rain coat and off I went into the coming storm.

My heart was pounding so hard, I felt it in my finger tips as I drove the 15 miles or so to his house. I could hardly believe I was doing this.

When I arrived the rain had stopped. The house was totally dark. The only light coming from the street light to guide me along the walk. As I walked into the house, I hoped that this was right house. I would have a hard time explaining if it were not! My heels clicked against the hardwood floors as I made my way back to the last room on the right as directed on the phone. When I reached the door I froze, and 2 very strong thoughts came to me. First…what the fuck was I doing here, and second…what if there were more then one person inside. After about 5 seconds I took a deep breath and walked in.

The room was dark, except for the alarm clocks big green numbers. 10:37pm it read, it took me 27 minutes to arrive. I removed my coat and shoes and found my way across the room to the bed where he lay. Gradually my eyes adjusted to the dark, shapes became visible. I saw the out line of his body. Reaching out carefully, I felt the blanket first and removed it. Then there he was. Hesitantly I reached forward again I touched him for the first time. It was as if a small electric charge went through my fingers. I realized he was on his stomach and my fingers were grazing his ass. I traced his spine up to his neck. I moved my mouth close to his ear and asked…”Is this the right place?”

“Um-huh” was his only response.

I was glad I remembered to bring the bottle of lotion with me as I poured it between my hands to warm it up. I started the massage with his shoulders, kneading his muscles with a firm hand. I felt him relax as ordu escort I worked each part of his back, all the way down to the small of his back. Then with more lotion and long fluid strokes I ran my hands the entire length of his torso. After several strokes I came to rest at his shoulders. I leaned over and gave his neck and tentative flick with my tongue followed by a small kiss. He did not seem to mind. So my tongue followed my hands wherever they went.

He felt so good in my hands. My heart had slowed to a more normal beat, my breathing was easier. My hands became more confident in their travels. I was truly enjoying what I was doing to this man!

I continued down his back to his ass. Feeling how tight it was and I thought how great it would look in a pair of Levi’s. I took each cheek and squeezed them in my hands before they worked there way down his crack to his inner thighs. I could not help but feel the tightness of his balls as he lay on them or the very tip of his eagerly awaited cock peeking out from underneath them. Oh but that is for later and I continued this body massage. Stroking those inner thighs, licking the backs of his knees, rubbing his calves, all the way down to his toes. I take them in my hand and massage them, then bring them to my mouth and softly lick them. The first reaction I had gotten out of this man was when I slid his big toe into my mouth and began to suck on it. He jumped a little, startled by this new sensation. But he let me finish each toe in turn.

When I was done, I rolled him over. Now starting from those toes I had just sucked as if they were little cocks, I worked my way back up is body, caressing and licking as I went. When I reached his hips I felt his cock brush against my cheek and saw the vague outline of it so close to my face.

“Oh my god” I thought, ” I want to have this cock in my mouth soon!”. I took a quick lick of his tip and was pleased to find a dribble of pre-cumm on it. MMMMM….so good. I quickly finished this body massage thinking of just one thing!

I took his cock lightly in my hand and ran it up the length of his shaft. I could feel it throbbing, still growing to its full 8 inch height, my hand just reaching around it.

My mouth and pussy were both watering. It had been a while since I had had a cock in either place. Finally I lowered my head to the very tip and licked it again. Then slowly took it into my mouth.

Except for the brief reaction to his toes being sucked Louis osmaniye escort was very quiet and motionless. But as I began to suck passionately on his now very hard cock, I could fell his hand begin to explore my body. First his warm hand found the back of my leg as it slid high to my ass. He squeezed the cheek then slid his hand along the crack.

I moaned as his fingers found my wet cunt and quickly worked there way in and out. A fast stroke of my clit and his hand was gone. Oh what a disappointment I thought.

After a few more minutes of sucking and licking his lovely cock and without him saying a word he nudged me higher up the bed. When he handed me a condom, I knew what he wanted, and I was more then happy to accommodate him. I rolled it on him and straddled his hips. I could feel his hardness a the very opening of my horny little cunt and I wanted it badly. Without hesitation I raised myself up and impaled myself onto his waiting cock.

“Ohhhhhh!” I said loudly “Oh yes…it feels so good.” I have a very tight pussy and he was stretching me wide open. As I rode him his hips met my every stroke. He reached up and pulled my tits out of my bra and squeezed them roughly. He pulled one into his mouth and sucked it. Pulling the other nipple in his hand, pinching it hard, he sent shivers through my body straight to my cunt causing my muscles to tighten around his cock even more.

I moaned loudly, he was very quiet still. Once again he motioned for a changed in position. With his hands on my hips, in one very smooth motion he slid out of my pussy, right into my ass.

ohhhh…He knows that I like that. Slowly I rocked back and forth taking more and more of him into my non-virgin back hole. It felt so good to me. I was walking that fine line between pleasure and pain. I did not want it to stop. I reached down to my dripping clit and started to finger myself. I wanted to cum so badly. I was so close to the edge.

Then I hear his first words, “I am going to cum, cum up all in your ass.”

I tell him, ” Do it, do it now. Give it to me. I want every drop.” And with that I feel him stiffen beneath me with spasms coursing through his body. I could feel him pumping his seed into my ass, load after load. I knew he cam even though he did not make a sound. Then a few seconds later, I followed him over the edge, squeezing his still hard cock over and over again.

I laid beside him for a few moments to catch my breath. My body was spent, I did not want to move. But I knew I had to. With weak knees I climbed out of the bed, leaned over, kissed him good bye and walked out of the room.

It was raining hard again as I drove home, laughing and shaking my head in disbelief. Was that a dream or did I really just do that? And I wondered if there would be a next time.

To Be Continued…

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