Study break Ch. 03

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“So where are you planning on sleeping tonight?” I asked Christy.

“I was hoping you’d want company,” she said. “I bet you get nice and hard in the morning too.”

“I always get nice and hard around you,” I said, climbing from the tub. I took Christy’s hands and pulled her up as well, letting go to cup her breasts as we stood. She giggled, stepped out of the tub, showing me her taut ass cheeks as she bent to pick up her bikini.

I stepped behind her, teasing her with my cock as I held it in my hands.

Christy gripped her bikini top and bottom in her left hand and grabbed my cock with her right hand, pulling me toward the house.

“Are you going to be hard before we get to your room?”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, silly. But I have to go to the bathroom.” Christy leaned back as I held her waist and kissed her neck. We were at the back door now, she let go of my dick to open the screen door.

She led the way up the stairs, I could not resist, sliding my fingers between her legs as she climbed them.

“Ohhh, stop that horny boy, I gotta pee,” she said with a giggle.

As Christy went into the bathroom, I looked in on Erica. She was on her stomach, still in the shorts and t-shirt she was wearing when I left for work. Deciding against waking her while I was naked, I went down the hall to my room.

It was about two minutes later my door opened slowly. Christy’s long leg was what I saw enter first, pushing in up to her thigh before she eased her naked body through the door. I was on my back, stroking my cock, this time not hiding it.

“Ohhhh my, is that what Lisa saw the other day?”

“Yeah, and if she had been about two minutes later, she would have heard me calling your name.”

“My name was Göztepe Escort about the only thing we didn’t hear outside,” said Christy, pushing my hand away so she could brush the skin of my dick with her long fingers. “Jen still wants to fuck you, you know.”

“Well, we could call her now…I bet she’s up.”

“No, she can wait her turn. I want another turn now,” said Christy as she straddled me.

Holding my hands, she writhed over my shaft, wetting it with her pussy lips.

“I bet I could make you cum just doing this,” she said, easing slowly back and forth as I smiled.

“There are a lot of ways you could make me cum,” I said, feeling her silky lips pushing over my stiffness.

“Maybe we’ll just have to explore them,” she said, sliding gently over my rod. It slipped inside her readily, her juices coating me, her tight muscles clenching me.

She leaned down and kissed me, pressing my arms to the bed as she swirled her hips around me. I felt myself going in deeper with each downward thrust she made, and raised my hips to meet hers. I wanted to feel every inch of her.

Christy rode me straight and true, her eyes closing as she gasped and cooed. I looked down her body, watching her pussy lips rising and falling on my rod, feeling her softness, letting her wetness engulf me.

Her light brown muff was damp as well, I broke our handgrip so I could slip my finger through it to find her clit. I surrounded it with my index and middle fingers, rubbing it as she teased the head of my cock with her pussy lips.

I felt myself in her grip, the barely covered the head and a portion of the shaft, bouncing as I rubbed as pressed her.

“Ohyessyesssohgodyess,” moaned Christy as I pinched her hard clit between İstanbul Escort my fingers. She clamped my hand with one of hers and rocked back and forth, and put her free hand on my chest.

She was leaning forward now, moving back and forth over my finger and cock. The pressure on the spot just below the crown made me tingle, and I felt a wave of cum beginning to race through me.

With a full push down over me, Christy came, her pussy again spasming as she pushed up. When she sank to the base of my shaft a second time, I let loose a spurt, pushing as far inside her as possible.

I had let go of her clit and held her hips firmly down. When my orgasm subsided, she leaned down and kissed me. I kissed her back, my hands moving over her sweaty skin, my dick flexing inside her until she pulled herself up.

She dropped next to, her face close to mine, sweat beading on her upper lip.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

“Still want to call Jen?” Christy asked.

“I don’t think I have anything left for her,” I said.

It wasn’t long before we fell asleep. Sometime in the night, Christy put on a light blue lacy tank top and striped shorts. It was the second thing I noticed when I woke up around daylight.

The first thing I noticed was Christy kissing my morning wood.

“I think I owe you some oral,” she said, and blew on the head of my rod. It just about jumped to her thin lips. Even after fucking her twice, the thought Christy would suck my cock was a wet dream come true.

With one hand on each side of my hips, she lowered her head to trace the vein on the underside of my cock with her tongue. Back and forth she went, licking, then blowing. Finally, she took the base of my cock with her fingers and covered Anadolu Yakası Escort the head with her lips.

Christy was a slurper, bobbing gently up and down, taking a little more with each pass.

“It’s no fun this way,” she said suddenly, continuing to stroke lightly on my wet rod. “I can’t see your face.”

She shifted to straddle my legs, leaving me a view of her small breasts as her head came up. Meanwhile, her downstrokes were taking more of my cock into her mouth, and she closed her lips tightly like a vise.

As she sucked, she looked into my eyes. Feeling her lips and tongue vibrate over me, there were times when I closed my eyes. Each time I opened, Christy was still watching my face.

I was trying not to yell too loud, Erica might be awake and might be hung over. I had no idea how she would respond to the sound of me cumming in her best friend’s mouth, even if she knew about the threesome with Lisa and Jen.

Meanwhile, Christ began humming as she sucked, her soft tongue extending to caress me as I looked down and moaned. After attacking my shaft, she returned her attention to the head, then tongued the spot just below the crown.

She had her fingers wrapped around the base, tugging me as she covered the shaft with her lips and the tip of her tongue. As her head bobbed up, I saw her slide her free hand into her shorts and inside her pussy.

That did it. The first spurt from my cock sailed through the air and hit my upper chest. The second, third, fourth and the rest of what felt like gallons went into her mouth.

With her lips wrapped around my cock, Christy was breathing through her nose as she came too.

“Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh,” she cried when she stopped sucking me and let her orgasm take her. I held her shoulders tight as she buried her head on my chest and her ass twitched in the air.

When she pulled her fingers from her pussy, I took her hand and stuffed it into my mouth.

“Now,” said Christy, “what else can we have for breakfast?”

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