Studying with Kelly: Pt. 01 The Assignment

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All characters in this story are above the age of 18 years old and are legally consenting adults. All characters in this story are purely fictional and any similarity with actually people or events is purely coincidental. I hope you enjoy it, any and all feedback is welcome!


The bell rung as Stan made it into his history classroom. The day had been hectic so far, but Stan always looked forward to his history class. Stan was your typical eighteen year old senior student he was alright at sports, but not a star and was your typical kid when it came to his classes. That is all of his classes except history. History seemed to be the one subject he just got right out of the gate. Stan always thought it was like one of his friends was telling him a story and he just had to remember what they told him. Stan always loved his history class because he knew he would do well. That however wasn’t the only reason he loved this class. The teacher had just moved the desks so that they were split on each side of the room, a common practice in most of his classrooms. The teacher claimed it was so that he could interact better with all of the students at one time. Stan however knew why he liked the new set up. In the first row directly across from him sat Kelly. She was easily the hottest senior girl in school and although also eighteen like Stan, she knew what she had to offer.

Kelly always wore the shortest skirts possible and since they were at a public school she got away with a lot. Every day during class Stan could swear she was teasing him constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs just tempting him to catch a glimpse of her sexy thong. It drove Stan crazy and he loved every minute of it. There wasn’t day that went by that he didn’t leave that class with a raging hard on just thinking about Kelly’s pussy. He couldn’t help thinking of her nice tight ass as well. Kelly was an athlete and played on the girls varsity soccer team. Stan could not remember the last time he missed a game. The only thing that he may have liked as much as staring up her sexy skirts was watching her tight ass jiggle in the tight soccer shorts she wore. Kelly just oozed sex out of every part of her body. She had long brown hair and deep green eyes. Her lips had a slight curve to them that made them look like they were just made to suck cock. Kelly knew her nice tan legs were her best attribute and showed them off well as they lead to her tight and firm ass. Kelly’s ass was the subject of many of her classmates fantasies and she liked to show it off in tight shorts or pants whenever she wasn’t wearing a skirt to show of her legs. There was no doubt about it you could not even think about this girl without sex immediately over taking your thoughts.

“Blue lace” Stan thought as he looked to see what panties she was wearing today under her short plaid skirt. Realizing he had been staring to long he looked up and saw Kelly was looking right at him! “Damn it!” he thought as he tried to quickly look away realizing he probably should have been more discreet after the fact. The scare brought Stan back to his senses as he listed to the teacher describe their next assignment.

“The next assignment will be one of the major grades you receive for this class and I expect the best work out of all gaziantep escort of you. We will be breaking you up into pairs for a team essay assignment for this next unit, but pick you pair wisely because the essay will also be followed by a joint test!”

“What?!” Stan thought. The teacher had to be joking, he had never heard of such a thing.

The teacher continued. “You will work together to write the essay and I expect to see elements of each of your writing in the assignment. When you work on the test you will be doing it together not separately so this assignment is all about working well with your partner. I know this is a big decision for some of you so you have till tomorrow to pick a partner. If you do not pick one someone will be assigned to you. Good Luck with the assignment.”

Stan lifted his head up to look for any ideas for a partner and that’s when he noticed. Despite being caught by Kelly before her legs were now uncrossed and spread slightly. Stan could see her panties wrapped around her pussy lips. If Stan didn’t know any better he’d swear they were wet. Stan’s concentration was suddenly broken by the ring of the class bell. Back from his daze he started to collect his things and his thoughts. He had no idea who to use as a partner he had to find someone who would be good enough to help him maintain his grade in the class, but he knew there was a couple kids in class he needed to avoid so waiting for the teacher to pick a partner for him wasn’t an option.

“Hey Stan.” He heard a sweet voice above him say making him jump up hitting his head on the desk in the process.

“Oh I’m sorry did I startle you?” It was Kelly standing in front of him in her short blue and black plaid skirt and blue button up with the first couple buttons undone showing her chest but not a lot of cleavage. Kelly was known for her other attributes but she wasn’t lacking up top either.

“Oh no! I just didn’t expect to hear you is all!” Stan knew he was bumbling. He had imagined building up the nerve to ask Kelly out on numerous occasions and even fantasized about how it would go. This was not how he pictured it. Stan was rubbing his head where he hit it to numb the pain as he looked up at Kelly standing over him. Kelly gently rubbed his head and smiled at him.

“Well either way that looked like it hurt, I’m sorry. So this project we have is pretty crazy isn’t it?” She said as she slowly started to finger the collar on Stan’s button down. “We need to make sure we have just the right partner for this one, so what do you think? You want me?”

Stan had to keep himself from screaming that he wanted her alright he wanted to bend her over right there and take her. “Want you?” he finally said as he tried to pull his thoughts together.

“Yeah as a partner silly!” she said as she smiled at him. “I promise you won’t regret it if you do, I’ll work really hard for you.”

Stan gathered himself together; he couldn’t miss an opportunity like this because he was mumbling around. “Su… sure, I’d love to! So how are we going to work this?”

“Well here is my number” Kelly said as she jotted it down on his notebook. “Once we get the assignment tomorrow call me and we can figure out the details.” She said as she winked at him and walked off. Stan couldn’t tear his eyes away as her ass jiggled in that short little skirt. His dick was so hard he had to wait a couple minutes till he could stand up at all, let alone cover it with his books. All Stan knew was that this was going to be the best project of his life.

Stan couldn’t wait till seven o’clock. They had gotten the details of the assignment in class that day and Kelly had told him that she wanted to come over at seven. Stan came home in a furry making sure everything was perfect to impress Kelly. She looked like the perfect seductress today in a short plaid red skirt with a matching top and due to the show she gave Stan a nice matching thong. As Stan was thinking about her again he heard the doorbell ring. Stan quickly made his way down the steps to the front door and opened it. There she was Kelly staring at him in the flesh. There was only one problem she was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. Kelly still looked sexy as the jeans still showed her curves and the polo hugged her in all the right places.

“Hey Stan can I come in” Kelly said at the door

“Sure come on in, where do you want to set up?”

“Well do you have your own bathroom cause I kind of need to go freshen up first anyway and we could just go over everything in your room after.”

“Yeah I do let me show you” Stan said as he motioned for him to follow up the stairs.

Kelly followed Stan up the stairs as he had her follow him to the last door at the end of the hall. Stan’s father worked third shift and his mother was never home from her job before late at night so he usually had the house to himself. Despite the fact that the house was always empty each of the bedrooms had its own bathroom, a fact Stan was thrilled about at the moment. Stan showed Kelly his bedroom as the reached the end of the hall. This is my bedroom the bathroom is that door in the corner, I will get things set up for us while you freshen up.

“Great thanks Stan.” Kelly said.

Stan started to unpack his books and go over the assignment they had to do together. The assignment didn’t seem too difficult but would require some time to complete.

“There we go that is much better! This is more me don’t you think?”

Kelly stood in front of Stan in one of the short skirts he had known her for and a nice tight designer t-shirt that pushed her tits right out of her top. Stan had to control everything he had in him not to jump her right there. He couldn’t however help the giant bulge forming in his pants.

“Yeah definitely…” He managed to get out.

“My parents don’t like me to dress like this; they say I’m a little slut. I always have to sneak a change of clothes with me so I can dress sexy like this. I mean seriously my legs are my best feature so I should flaunt it right?”

“Uh… yeah…” Stan could not believe he was having this conversation with Kelly or that she admitted her parents thought she was a slut.

“Oh don’t be so bashful Stan, I know you like my legs, I see you staring at them every day, among other things. Tell me Stan what’s your favorite pair?”


“Yeah of panties I know you’ve probably got a favorite of mine”

“Uh… well I guess I really liked the blue ones.”

“Oh you like my lacy little blue ones huh? Well I’ve got much better you just haven’t seen them yet.” Kelly slowly sauntered her way over to he bed Stan was sitting on and pushed down on his chest as she climbed on the bed straddling him.

“Now I know how you feel about me, and from what I can feel about you your pretty turned on right now, so I’m going to make this clear. I picked you as my partner because I know how good you are at history and I know how much you want me so you couldn’t say know so I’m going to give you a little warm up present and then you are going to help both of us get an A got it?”

All stand could do was nod. Kelly slowly slid up his body to his mouth giving him one of the most amazing kisses he ever experienced. First she bit on his bottom lip and sucked on in and then she slowly massaged his tongue with hers it was amazing. She slowly started to kiss and nibble her way down his neck. Kelly stopped to pull of his shirt and continued kissing his neck working her way down to his chest licking slowly down to his belt. Kelly got on her knees in front of him and unfastened his belt.

“I bet you’ve been dreaming about this haven’t you having my warm wet mouth around your cock. Well if you’re a good boy you’re going to get a lot more than that, you see my parents are right I am a slut, I love sex it just feels so good and I’ve got the perfect body for it. I do however respect myself so if you want this than your going to have to earn it, just like you earned this.”

Kelly quickly pulled down his pants and his boxers and went to work on his cock.

“Oh god you have a nice one!” Kelly said in surprise.

Stan hadn’t been with many girls and the most he really got was to feel up his ex-girlfriends so he did not know how his dick compared to others. Kelly however knew very well that Stan’s 9″ prick wasn’t just big it was thick to and Kelly loved big dicks. She started massaging his balls with one had while she licked up and down the shaft. She spent special attention to the underside of his cock, she knew guys loved that. She kissed the head and ran her tongue in circles around it right before she engulfed it in her mouth. Kelly was a cock sucking queen she took all of it deep down her throat before she made her way to his balls sucking them in her mouth and moving her tongue in circles while she jerked off his nice wet cock.

“Oh god Kelly I don’t know if..”

“Don’t worry about it Stan…” Kelly said as she looked right up at him pausing to suck up and down on his shaft a few times. “Just come right in my mouth, I love it”

Kelly then when vigorously at his cock face fucking it down her throat, Stan couldn’t help but grab the back of her head and push as far down her throat as he could. Aside from the occasional cock sucking gag Kelly took it all sucking his cock nice and hard for his cum.

“That’s it Stan come for me give it to me right in my mouth”

Stan couldn’t hold off anymore watching Kelly going up and down on his cock was too much for him. He held the back of her head while he blew his load deep down her throat.

“Wow Kelly that was amazing. Thank You”

“Oh you don’t need to thank me yet.” Kelly said licking the cum off the head of his penis and then her lips. “I love cum and you have much more coming to you, besides your going to get me an A now lets get to work.”

Stan knew he was going to love this project.

To be Continued…

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