Subjugation Pt. 03: Retribution

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As you lay there face down on the bed, your legs apart I can see visible signs of Cajun’s onslaught. Your vagina is swollen and red, his slap marks on your bum cheeks. The faint bruising of his grip is still red on your hips. Your body looks spent as I move towards the bed. I close the door after retrieving a warm face cloth from the bathroom. and sitting on the side of the bed, I wipe his cum off your back. Folding the facecloth and applying the heat to your mound, I give that a soft wipe. Your legs opening as the heat comforts your bashed and bruised vagina. You feel my fingers slide under your legs, your body rising as my fingers touch your tender quim. Moving my fingertips to my lips, I suck your fingers into my mouth.

“You don’t taste of slut anymore,” feeling myself smile as I kiss your back and whisper “Welcome back to me.”

As you lay there, I place the flannel back on your vagina, and you move to enjoy the heat. Your hand slides under you and pushes the flannel up under your body placing it over the sores part of your pussy.

As I move to the bed lying next to you, I place my head on a pillow near you. You look up and smile at me.

“I have enjoyed watching you get fucked, but I am a little jealous. I want you to fuck me now, would you do that? “I ask.

“Yes Sir,” you say as you limply move your body over to the edge of the bed. Sliding between my legs, I feel your body warm against mine, you smile as you know it’s your turn to assert your spirit on this situation. To take control and to please your master.

Your hands feel for my ankles and you spread my legs apart. My cock is hard and wanting as you move up, settling yourself between them. Your body still wilted, you lie face down on the bed and let your thumb and forefinger hold the tip of my cock. Pushing it back towards me and running your tongue down the underside of its shape. Your tongue is stiff on my form as you feel the veins that wrap around its sides. Your tongue teasing me as they trace them down the underside of my shaft, and at its base, your tip becomes flat, and you Eryaman Rus Escort feel your entire tongue move up my post. The taste of the stale precum, caused by watching you, on my cock.

Your hands are wrapping around my cock and noticing how dry it is your spit on me to make me wet. Your confidence is growing as you start to assert yourself in this relationship. Your hands are moving over me, lubricating me as you start to jerk my cock up and down, your firm grip pulling my skin as you go. Your head is proceeding to take me into your mouth as you feel me slip between your lips, your mouth tight around me as you slide up and down me, your hands keeping pace with your mouth.

Not wanting to relinquish the control I move to push your head down onto me, my cock moving into your mouth running along the roof of its mouth and down your throat. Making you gag a little as I look at your eyes water a little under your mask, your mascara runs down your face giving you a vulnerable look.

As you slide me out of your mouth, you look up my torso and say, “I’m in charge now Sir.” moving to take me into your mouth once more you forcefully suck me into your mouth as you move up and off again. As you do your hands grip me tighter my shaft hard in your palm as you run your tongue down my shape and take my smooth balls into your mouth. The shape is filling your mouth as you run your tongue over its furrowed skin. Your hand pulling my cock up into the air as your tongue runs under my balls and flicks my arse hole. Making me wince and push my cock up higher in the air.

You love the teasing you’re inflicting on me, and you can feel your vagina tingle a little as you press your tongue into my arse again, before running your lips up to my balls and my shaft, taking me deep in your mouth again. You hold me in your lips for a long while before your gag reflex makes you release me.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Sir?” you ask with a naughty smile on your face.

Looking back at you adoringly, I reach down Sincan Rus Escort and pull your eye mask off. I want to look at you as you do. Your mascara is darkening your cheeks and making your eyes sparkle even more.

“Yes, fuck me,” I respond.

As you stand up, I see your body walk to the table, opening the bag and rifling through it as you muse something to yourself. I can still see Cajun’s hands prints on your side and that your vagina is still a little sore. It’s no surprise when you pull out the strap on with the smaller female end. As you slide your legs in through the leather straps you let the double-ended dildo slide through the retraining hole inserting the smaller end into your vagina, your face wincing a little as you feel it pinch your red hole. You are reaching for the lubrication I watching as you smear it over the other protruding end. Your fingers are working to cover the full 7 inches phallus with slippery jelly. As you walk over to the bed, you bed down to kiss my lips your tongue hard in my mouth as you reach for the pillow under my head. I bend my knees, so my feet are on the bed and raise my hips as you slide it under me. You are watching as my hips lift up and my brown star comes into view.

“Who’s the slut now?” you ask with a wink, as I reach, and grab hold of your leash. Sitting between my legs, you move the end of the dildo to my arse hole. Your fingers are directing it up and down to my star, lubricating it as you move to press it into me. As I feel the resistance of the other end entering me, your body moves in and out, every push in moving the dildo deeper into my arse. With every push in, the resistance is growing as my bum gives way. The dildo is pressing back into your vagina as you finally press it deep into my rectum. My legs are tight as you start to move in and out of me. Your boobs are swaying as you watch the dildo disappear into me.

One sharp push into me makes me cry out once in pain and pleasure as I watch you feel the sting of the toy against Etlik Rus Escort your sensitively bruised pussy. You start to fuck me harder, and I look up as I watch your tits move as I feel you enter me. My grip tightens around your leash, pulling it a little hoping you will go a bit faster. Your hand is reaching down to wrap around my cock once again. Feeling you in me makes me so very hard, and as you start to pull me up and down, I find myself grinding back on you as you fuck me.

My legs are still bent as you find yourself ramming the toy deeper into me, as you do you feel the toy play in your pussy, the buckle rubs up against your clitoris making you move faster. Your fingers are moving fast over me as you see me getting close to cumming. The feeling of the toy and the buckle on your clitoris, making you come close to orgasm too. The sensation of finally being in control spurring you to fuck harder and harder, my cries are growing loud as I feel myself coming close to orgasm. Your body is shuddering too as I feel your muscles tighten, you press deeper into me. My ass is holding tightly to the dildo sliding into me, your hand running up and down my shape.

White pearls appear on the tip helmet, and as I feel you finally orgasm, I feel myself cum too. As the hot seamen spray up as I feel you bury yourself deep in my arse. Your hand scooping up the cum to rub it over my cock as you slow your movements, feeling my cock pulse in your hand. Your face glowing as you orgasm makes you shudder again.

Putting your finger to your mouth, you taste my saltiness; I pull your leash and drag you close for a kiss. Tasting myself on your tongue.

As you move up a little, you smile and say, “You do taste like a slut?”

Smiling I move to undo your leash. Discarding it on the floor as I let my arms move around you. Feeling you, your body drawdown and feeling you slide out of my gaping arse hole.

“How do you feel?” I ask you as I move so you can lay next to me.

“Happy, Sir,” you say with a smile. “Thank you for looking after me, Sir.”

The balance of power restored, we sink into each other, your panting breath calming itself on my chest as you feel your eyes close and a lovely thought enters your head. “I wonder what’s next!”

For M.E.

With special appreciation to Todger65 for editing this work.

The writer, Joe Laurenson, asserts himself as the creator and writer of this material. (01 March 2021)

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