Summer Cravings: Sarah and Adam

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Adam James Patterson, generally known as AJ. My, my, my…he was something, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, not my something. Oh, how I wished for it, dreamed about it. The wiser course would have been to actually do something. Just take that extra step. I mean, what had I to loose? It’s not like I had him anyway, so what would it hurt to try? Right?

Well, sure. But I was so afraid of being slashed down, that I let these fears get the better of me for quite some time.

However, this particular story is not about my fears. Not directly anyway. It’s about me, Sarah Evangeline Harris, and how I overcame these fears. Now, I know I sound like the ultimate dork…or whatever, and that may be true. Only in the smallest of ways, of course. I’m not your typical nerd. I’m just a bit different…I think.

You might be asking yourself how I even know this AJ. He’s not exactly a typical guy either, from what I can see. Which is perfect for me, only he didn’t know I existed beyond the realms of friendly conversation.

Alright, so I work in a fabulous little cafe. It sort of sucks to be stuck in when the weather is orgasmic, but we open the windows, turn on the fans, and have the most fun we can possibly have…and we do.

It surprises me that people still drink coffee and tea when the air is hotter then steamed milk…I actually fall into that rift sometimes myself… but it’s a great place, with great people, and we offer iced drinks too…oh, and of course food. Who wouldn’t love the place? AC would be nice sometimes though…

ANYWAY! Back to AJ, who’s way more appetizing than steamed milk on his worst day. He comes in everyday. Every single day that we are open, I see him at least once.

Flaunting hints of his artistic abilities, he’s almost always covered in paint, ink…or something like that. It’s very attractive, in my humble opinion. Those hazel eyes peek up at me over his bespectacled face, and I melt…a little puddle of green tea. Sometimes, I wish he would drink me up…

I would say AJ looks like any average guy at first glance. You wouldn’t think much, at least…other people besides me wouldn’t. Just a four-eyed guy covered in paint. I’m sure others held him in high regard, but I hoped not. I didn’t need any competition, not that I couldn’t handle it…let it be known that I can hold my own in a show down…but who needs that?

His mannerism just hit me, from the very first day he walked in, and now, he was almost like an obsession. I felt a bit crazy, seeing as I only knew as much of him as a person could possibly say while ordering. But it was one of those things…those magnetic force things. Except, I felt as if we were polar opposites, and he’d push me away as soon as I came near. I hoped I was being just a tad bit paranoid.

But enough emotional wreck crap…we need to get to the good part, and fast!

It started like any other day. It was the calm before my sexual storm, and I’m a sucker for a good storm. Usually I could see them coming, but not this one.

AJ came in, got his usual, smiled, joked, and left. Leaving me swooning for about an hour ’till the rush started. He lived in a quaint apartment building across the street, and too often did I find myself glancing in that direction, only to find that he wasn’t on his way over… but when he was, my heart raced. Though, I wasn’t the sort to go leaping onto him like a starving puma. I was more of a patient hunter…more like…well, like a rattlesnake. I sit, I wait…I strike! Sort of…

The rest of my day proved uneventful, until closing. AJ returned. He had teased me into a horny mess over the last six months of coming in. I was becoming a nympho, and my means of satisfaction weren’t cutting it anymore. I wanted the real thing. It felt like forever since I had a cock to play with…but it wasn’t only that…it really wasn’t.

“Back for more?” I asked playfully.

“You know it, I just can’t get enough of you,” he returned skillfully.

Laughing, I replied, “I do have that effect.”

“I’m thinking that I want something…different, to end my night.”

My cheeks went red, I highly doubt that’s what he meant, but my mind was in a dirty, dirty place. “Oh really, like what?”

“I don’t know, what do you think? I need something with a bang.” Emphasis on bang…holey sweaters in my grandmothers’ closet! “Any suggestions?”

I did a lousy job at hiding my amusement, “I’m not sure we really have anything like that here.”

“No? I think so.” He looked around in realization, “are you here all alone?”

“Yeah, it’s my night to close up.”

“Really? I never realized. Is it safe to leave you girls in here alone at night?”

“I’m sure it’s fine,” I smirked. “We’re big girls, and there’s not much action around here at this time. Sometimes I wonder why they even stay open past eight.”

“Well that’s good. Saves all that energy up for your guys, right?” He smiled wide.

He was nice and bold, I liked that about him. “I suppose so.”

“So, gaziantep rus escort do you have one?”

“One what?” I heard him, but it didn’t exactly register. I was in another world, with a whirlwind of things running through my mind.

“I think you need some caffeine,” he laughed, “let me buy you some. Then you can come and give me your opinion on something, if you’re not busy after closing shop.”

The core between my thighs awakened…my mind in the gutter again, he didn’t mean it that way! Or did he? Either way, I didn’t have plans. “I…yeah. I’m free as the wind.” Oh my goodness, now was not the time to say ridiculous things…but I always said silly things, that’s who I was…so…

He laughed though, “Spectacular. Well, what should we get then?” Now I laughed…’we’…I had to just put the brakes on, and relax. For heavens sakes! The last thing I needed was caffeine.

“Hmmm….I have no idea. What are you in the mood for?”

He smirked at me, “I don’t think I’m gonna find that on your list, but I’m liking the sound of drinking Botticelli, so I’ll settle with that…for now.”

“Okay then,” I half laughed, “how do you want it?”

He shrugged, “Black.”

“Black? I thought you wanted something with a bang. It’s pretty amazing with chocolate.”

“Ah, what the hell…blast it with chocolate.”

“To go?”

“Yea. But I am gonna watch you close up first, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, are you?” He nodded, “Well, okay. It’s not very exciting…but no, I don’t mind.”

“I beg to differ…so, what are you getting for yourself?”

“I really don’t need any more caffeine today. I’ll be up all night.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad, especially if you have something to occupy yourself with…but, get something without then. I don’t want to drink this alone.”

“Well, you will be if you drink it while I’m cleaning up,” I laughed, handing him his coffee.

“I’ll wait then. What’s your favorite here?”

“Mint tea…or green tea with ginger and lemon.”

“Awesome…alright, well get yourself whatever. I’ll pay, and in return you can give me your opinion.”

“My opinion…right. What exactly do you need my opinion on?”

He smiled wide, “You’ll see.”

I left it at that, and went to closing up, double time. That didn’t stop my mind from racing through what it could be though. When I was finished, I felt a bit strange…what was gonna happen now? “Well, that’s it,” I said, removing my apron and slowly making my way around the counter. I saw that he really had waited to try the Botticelli,”You’re gonna wish you drank that when it was hot.”

“I’ll heat it back up,” he smirked. “It’s still warm though,” he mentioned, and then rose for the door.

“It’s much better fresh.” I teased, following close behind.

He looked back with a smile, “Well, next time you have to get me another.”

“Unless you don’t like it,” I smiled back.

“Oh, I know I will.” He said a bit…seductively. Adam surely seemed to be in a randy mood…and he was stoking my hunger. Plus, it didn’t help that I kept reading his words differently then they were meant…or was I?

The air was perfect outside! While fresh air might calm others down, it sparked me. The sweet undertone of warmth in the breeze, and that summer scent was almost like an aphrodisiac. I found AJ watching me when I turned from the locked doors. The little ember between my thighs caught, and spread through me like a wildfire.

“All set,” I said quickly, before breathing deep, as my heart pumped faster.

“Good, let’s go then.”

I hesitated for a moment, should I really be tramping around at this hour…with him? I had no idea what was going through his mind…I’m sure he was harmless though. And if it was what I thought, what I wanted, then great! Even if not, it would be wonderful…but still…”Where to exactly?”

“My place. I’ve been working on something, and I could really use another pair of eyes. But I don’t really know anyone here yet, and I like the way you think.”

“Really?” He actually wanted my opinion, over anyone else. Well, only cause he apparently didn’t know anyone else. Though, he did seem to interact with me the most of all the girls in the shop, now that I thought about it. Why hadn’t I seen it before? But me, of all people…I was oh so thankful though, so don’t get me wrong. Just a bit in shock I guess. “You should get out more,” I laughed, “but I’m more then happy to help…if I can.”

“Oh, you can. I have no doubt about that. I just hope you will.”

How could I not help him? An opinion, for some time with him…I’d wanted to be in his presence for ages! You can just imagine how I felt about being invited into his space!

We climbed three flights of stairs before reaching his floor. He unlocked the door, and ushered me in. The woodwork was spectacular, and the walls interesting colors. Some with half finished, or infantile murals. There was color, and interest everywhere I turned.

He had model planes hanging from parts of the ceiling, cars and trucks on shelves and tables. Books, pencils, brushes, drawings, and yes…paints. Where the dining table might be for another, there was a large easel on a messy tarp, a stool, and a blinding lamp that he had left on.

I was unable to see what was painted on the canvas. It faced away from me, as if shy. But I was the shy one at this point. I knew nothing of art, past looking at it. How could I give an opinion, beyond, ‘it’s wonderful’. Maybe that’s all he wanted to hear though, just some support. Or perhaps an ordinary opinion, one that would not scrutinize in the realms of artistic correctness…

“Sorry for the mess.” He grimaced a little, and then smiled.

“Oh no, it’s a beautiful mess. It’s…I like it. Don’t worry.” I was so nervous, and excited…I could barely talk straight.

“Well, that’s something I’ve never heard before,” he chuckled.

“It is though. It’s more then any ordinary mess, ya know? It’s passion, creativity, effort.”

“I like that… a passionate, beautiful mess.” He smiled, now admiring his space.

“Yeah, that’s how I’ve come to accept my own,” I laughed, “but yours is much more appealing. It’s interesting, and welcoming.”

“I knew you would be open minded,” He beamed at me, “Which is why, now…I think you can give me what I need.” My face must have altered in the way of shock. “My painting, I mean,” he smiled.

“Oh, right…of course.” I half laughed with embarrassment. He was so disarming at times.

Motioning for me to go to the canvas, I did so. He followed slowly behind, and watched me in his world. And I was so happy to be welcomed into it, even if only for a moment.

“Oh, wow!” I gasped, not knowing what to expect, but never expecting such as this. “It’s not finished yet.”

“I know. That’s what I thought you could help me with.”

It was a ghostly harbor, war planes from different eras in the sky. An empty, unfinished bench, and a myriad of other meaningful things, that touched you regardless of their true significance.

I took it all in. The pencil lines begging for paint, the abstract beauty of the half started sky, and the blank bench that awaiting perfection. He was an amazing artist, I could only imagine what his finished pieces looked like, and I hoped I’d get to see.

“Your painting, it’s very touching, even unfinished…but I don’t know how I could possibly help you.”

“Well…there is a way.” He came closer now, staring at his work. “See the empty bench? It’s not meant to be empty. I can’t start painting until I fill it, which is why it’s incomplete, and I’m dying to work on it.”

I still wasn’t exactly sure how I could help. “Oh, but still…” he interrupted.

“How would you feel about posing for the woman on the bench?”

“Me?” I gasped in shock, “I…well, I’m no model for a painting.” I half laughed in disbelief.

“You are to me. You have the perfect face, It’s exactly what I want. I’ve been meaning to ask you about this for some time, but I always lost my nerve.”

“What?” I laughed. He had wanted to ask me for some time? That means he’d been thinking about me! “I’ll do it for you, but my face is far from perfect.”

He came straight for me, and gently gripped my face. Scrutinizing my features for a long moment, before whispering, “Perfect.” When I didn’t protest, he kissed me. A heat bubbled through me as a life force of it’s own, and he let me loose just as it started to go further then a harmless peck. “I’m sorry,” he cleared his throat, and turned away from me, looking back at the empty bench.

“No…thank you,” I fumbled, “don’t be sorry…and I would be honored to appear in your painting.”

“Thank you?” He smiled in amusement, “Is that what you say to all the guys?”

“Wha…” I beamed. “No.” Then a blush flooded my cheeks.

He came back to me, hovering close. “There’s one more thing about the painting,” he barely whispered.

“What would that be?” I whispered back.

“It’s the hard part…for you…and I don’t really want to ask it of you.”

“What, you want me to pose nude or something?” I joked, but when he studied me expressionless, I realized it was actually true. “Really?” I swallowed hard, and he finally smiled at my shock.

“You don’t have to. I just want you to realize my vision before you truly agree.” He paused a moment before explaining further. “She represents all of the women who wait, who are without. Her nakedness shows her vulnerability, and how, in a crowded place, she still feels all alone. She is not as strong as she seems. Her strength is a front, and her clothes represent the mask that she hides behind. So, by being naked, she tells the world that this is who she is.” He paused again, and I smiled silently. “There will be a few other men and woman in the scene, going about their daily lives. I would want all the women to have your face, and the men will have mine.”

“That’s beautiful, Adam.”

“Just a bit less beautiful then you are,” he joked, “and that’s why I thought you would be perfect. You are also interesting, and hard working from what I see. I don’t just want a pretty face, I want it to mean something. I like my work to be stories in their own way. Even if it’s only for myself.”

Goodness, he wanted me to be apart of his stories…and he had actually noticed me! “I’ve never…it’s just so funny. My being naked, that is.”

“I highly doubt that, but I’m at least happy to know you like it.”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it. I will.” My blush deepened, as did my crush. I’m not really sure what I was thinking, but I just wanted to do it for some strange reason. “Do you want to see me now? Study me for when I sit for you?” I played with him, seeing which direction it would take me, as he had kissed me on his own accord.

He smiled lightly, walked to the windows, and pulled the shades down. “Is that a yes then?” I asked.

“If you need such a formality,” he jested, “then yes.” After the shades, he shifted the light to a spot in front of his cozy couch, grabbed a pad and pencil, then sat. “Alright Ms. Harris, show me your canvas.” What a charming art nerd. At least I didn’t have to worry about my occasional cheezy language around him.

I stepped into the stream of light, stood there motionless for a moment. I was a little plain, but in a good way I guess. I did have a nice body though, it was true. Perky breasts…hourglass frame. My ass was a bit on the large side, but it was statuesque at least. I’d rather have bigger tits, but I really couldn’t complain. He stared at me without a word, sketching away on his little pad. I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to mess him up. I had no idea how this sort of thing worked.

“Go on, take something off now.” He told me, flipping the page to a new one.

I went with my shirt first. It was an olive green polo with the cafe emblem on the chest, my bra was black lace. “Okay,” he said, “stay just like that for a moment. I’ll tell you when to move.” He smirked…I was at the mercy of an artist and his pencil, and I enjoyed it.

This was like a game, an exciting game, and it made my heart race. I got to stare at him just as much, which was a lovely bonus. He drew a sketch, step by step of me undressing, until I was completely naked. At that point, Adam had me stand front, side, and rear. On these ones, he spent the most time. But by then, I didn’t even care. I was a nudist by nature, so being naked wasn’t the problem…it was being bared in front of a person that quivered my spine. Adam shivered me in the best of ways though, and I gave into it. Savored it.

Time meant nothing to him, it seemed. It felt like I had been standing there for ages. Then, with a sigh and look over of my naked images before him, he was finished.

“Alright then,” he cleared his throat, “very nice. Now, you can either get dressed, or come sit by me, just how you are. The choice is yours.” I picked up my clothing, but didn’t make a move just yet. “Do you have someplace to be in the morning?” He asked, looking around at the clock on the wall. Almost 1am. I’d been standing there for roughly two hours. It had gone by a lot faster then is sounded though.

“Ummm…no. I’m actually off tomorrow.”

“Oh, well would you consider staying the night? You can have my bed, and I’ll sleep on the couch. I can paint you in tomorrow.” He paused in thought a moment, “or I can walk you home if you’d like, and you can come back tomorrow…or some other day.” He was getting nervous. Probably because I hadn’t moved, or said much. So I went and sat beside him, just how I was.

“I’ll stay,” I reassured him, and he smiled. “So, now that you know my complete anatomy, there’s not much left to do, is there?” I joked.

“Well, you haven’t studied mine yet. You could have a go at drawing me,” he chuckled.

I laughed, “Goodness, that would be terrible.”

“Well, I’ll just show you then.” He announced boldly, and began removing his clothes. I almost didn’t want to look, but how could I not? Especially when he was offering. Adam had a very nice body…very nice. His clothes hid everything.

Once completely bared, he took my hands in his, pulling me up in front of him. I never would have thought, in a million years, that this would happen to me. Never even thought I’d get to talk to this man outside of work…and yet, here we were…naked, together. Like it was the most natural thing in the world, and yet, it almost felt like it was.

Without a word, Adam guided me through the hallway, past the door we came in, and into his… lair. His bed. It was unmade, and just as spectacular as everything else. I rarely ever made my own bed, so it reminded me of home…only better.

He turned towards me at the foot of the bed to taste my mouth. Pulling me tighter, I could feel his semi hard-on against my thigh. As my sexual storm was now evident, I went into panic mode. My thoughts getting the better of me, instead of enjoying the situation I had always thought about, and it was far more interesting then I could ever imagine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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