Sunday Morning

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Big Tits

For a tantalizing second it hung, suspended by the tiniest thread, a perfect teardrop, before dropping, glistening orange-amber in the morning sun. Just a second later it splashed against tanned skin, rivulets spreading over the dark brown of a hardening nipple.

I giggled and lunged forward, sucking the piece of mango out of your fingers.

It was Sunday morning. Sunlight streamed through the windows and across the bed. The Sunday papers were spread out amongst the rumpled sheets and our naked bodies. Half empty coffee cups steamed on the bedside tables, next to croissants and fruit salad, which you were now feeding me, piece by piece. My breasts shone with fruit juice, and I was looking forward to you cleaning them thoroughly with your tongue.

Taking a strawberry, you gently traced it across my lips, just pulling away every time I tried to take a bite. Smiling at you, I tried to grab the strawberry, but you were too quick, and I squealed in happy frustration. Playing ‘keep away’ brought me closer to you, until I was literally crawling up your body trying to get the fruit. Clasping the strawberry in your teeth, you grabbed my hands, forcing them behind my back. I struggled, but you were far too strong.

Leaning forward you ran the strawberry across my lips again. I slowed my struggle, moaning softly, until you let me take the strawberry from your mouth. Your tongue followed, and we kissed amongst the sweet fruit, juices running down both of our chins as our tongues slid across each other. I moaned into your mouth, sucking your tongue into me. Your hands loosened their hold on mine and you pulled me into you.

As we kissed, my hand strayed across your stomach and soon found your thickening hardness. Sucking harder on your tongue my hand began to slide up and down, giving just the slightest twist as I came up over your swollen head. Leaning back against the pillows you pulled me with you.

My tempo on your cock increased as our mouths opened wider, trading tongues, sucking and biting, a perfect way to start a Sunday.

Breaking for air you began to lick my neck, slowly moving down onto my sweet, sticky breasts. My nipples were huge, dark brown Ordu Escort circles, puffy and erect with excitement. I threw back my head as you licked and sucked the juice off me. Deftly circling my nipples with your tongue making them even harder, causing you to suck them whole into your mouth.

My hand job had grown furious, and your cock was achingly hard, my hand spreading your precum over your shaft. Finally, I could not take any more and in one swift move I mounted you. I paused for a split second to look you squarely in the eye before I slid down, burying you into me. I sat straight up, my back arched, pushing my breasts forward.

I closed my eyes and clasped my hands behind my head, lifting my long, dirty-blonde hair; I began to just barely rock my hips back and forth. I was not so much riding you in that I was not lifting myself up and down, but in the rocking motion. You began to slide against me, your cock was so hard and swollen, and my pussy so incredibly tight and wet that even the slightest motion perpetuated the perfect friction.

You barely moved, but watched me as I rocked, murmuring and cooing as I lost myself in the moment.

Sitting up on you, you filled me completely. You could feel the tip of your cock brushing against my back wall. By rocking on you, I was rubbing the head of your cock along the back of my pussy. I moaned louder, breaking out in goose bumps from the feel of you so deep, brushing against me.

The rocking slowly grew in intensity, but I still did not actually ride up and down on you. You were afraid to break the spell, and you didn’t touch me at all. You just pushed up as hard as you could, ensuring continued contact as deep into me as possible. Rocking faster I arched my back even more, lifting my clasped hands higher on my head, hair spilling out, my eyes still closed, I began to pant and grunt, my thighs clamped as tightly as possible against you.

Just my hips moved, rapid back and forth movements. I began to bite my lip so hard I was afraid it might start to bleed. You could feel me getting tighter, so you thrust upward, causing me to jolt and cry out. My hands were clenched so tightly behind Ordu Escort Bayan me with eyes half open, glazed and unfocused. I have never lost myself so completely.

Suddenly the rocking became furiously fast and then I exploded. With loud moans my pussy contracted on you like a vice, squeezing your cock so hard it almost hurt. Still barely moving anything but my hips, I sat there moaning your name, my cunt contracting around your cock, hair wild around me, nipples bigger than they have ever been before.

You erupted. Thick streams shooting out of you. You were buried so deep in my cunt that you immediately began to drip out of me, which only elongated my orgasm. I am not sure how long we came together like that; time had stood still as I built myself up. Eventually I opened my eyes all the way and they slowly come back into focus. I collapsed onto you, my head on your chest, your hardness still buried inside me.

We lay like that for a long while, not saying a word, our hearts beating together, our emotions and satisfaction obvious in the comfortable silence.

We were both still sticky from the fruit, sweat and sex, when I finally got up to pee. You heard me start the shower, then leaning around the bathroom door and giving you a saucy smile.

“Care to join me?” I whispered.

Standing behind me as the warm water cascaded over us, you lathered the shampoo through my hair. Taking your time to massage my scalp. I purred in contentment. I had never had a more compatible lover. After finishing my hair you washed my body, making sure to spend a lot of time on my breasts. By now I was wet again and you were hard, your cock was brushing against my buttocks, slippery with water and soap. As you washed my chest and stomach I pushed my buttocks back against you, enveloping your stiff cock.

Sliding your hand down my stomach your fingers found my clit, engorged from our earlier sex and the water pulsating against it. Circling my now sensitive clit with your fingers you gently bit my neck as you slid your cock between my slippery ass cheeks. I threw back my head, resting it on your shoulder. Your fingers easily slid up and down Escort Ordu my lips, causing me to squeal and wriggle my ass even harder against your cock. The water pounded us as you fingered me, your cock swollen and nestled between my ass cheeks. I turned my head and kissed you. Grinding against me, you could feel your cock building towards the point of no return.

You positioned your fingers so my clit poked through allowing the water to flow and spurt against it. I began to go wild from the sensation, wriggling my bottom around your cock, growling profusely. Reaching over you turned the water up higher.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned into your mouth.

Taking a step back you pushed my shoulders forward. I braced myself with my hands, leaning against the front of the shower, the water pouring over my back. You ran your cock over my pussy, sliding it along the length of me, parting my swollen inner lips.

“Oh fuck Baby,” You murmured

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” was my only response as you slid into me from behind. Keeping one hand on my clit you grabbed my waist with the other, giving my ass a playful spank as you did. I began doing push ups against the wall, fucking you stroke for stroke. Water rushed over us, our bodies a blur of motion amidst the fog of the shower.

“Oh God you are filling me” I panted “Filling my pussy”

You buried myself deep into me, lost in the primordial rhythm of lust. Standing on my tiptoes I arched my back and began to moan. Your balls slapping against me as your thumb began to probe my ass. The multitude of sensations overwhelmed both of us: the cascading water, your fingers circling my engorged clit, your aching, throbbing cock sliding in and out, your balls slapping against me, your thumb buried deep in my ass.

Without any warning your cock swelled and exploded. Feeling the first burst, I screamed out with my own orgasm, clenching onto your cock and thumb simultaneously. Before you could unleash your second burst I had pulled away from you and spun around, dropping to my knees.

Grabbing your cock just as another spurt of cum shot out of you and splattered onto my chest, I jerked you off.

“Fuck Baby cum on me” I moaned “cum on my breasts, cum on me” my last words were drowned out by my insatiable greed and inability to not suck you deep into my mouth in order to taste the last drop of your cum. Grabbing my head with your hands, the water continued to massage us both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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