Surprised AF

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No one under 18 engages in sexual acts.

This is my first time writing in the Literotica First Time category.

This is my entry in the National Nude Day (July 14) Contest. If you like the story, please vote. If you don’t, please give me feedback.


I was eagerly pounding my hard cock into my girlfriend’s warm wet pussy when she announced, “Josh, I invited Cindy to spend the summer with us.”

In response, I grunted through clenched teeth as I fought against my growing urge to cum in her deliciously tight pussy. I was focused on getting my girlfriend to cum on my cock before I lost it, and my feeble brain couldn’t give her declaration the consideration it deserved. I have always been amazed at how Becky sometimes pursued other matters while we fucked our brains out. She always waited until I was about to cum before she dropped her little surprises, and I almost always went along.

One time she casually announced that she had hit a patch of black ice and spun my cherished 2006 Mustang GT off the road into a small pine tree. As usual, I waited until we were cuddling in post-coitus bliss before I reacted. I was smart enough to first ask if she was all right before I even inquired about my beloved Mustang. I mean what the hell? I had just spent a fortune on performance upgrades and had finished by giving my baby a stunning metallic paint job. Luckily, the damage only affected four panels on the driver’s side. Given my track record with women, it would be a lot easier to repair the car I had lusted after for years than to replace my hot girlfriend.

I don’t want to give you the impression I am pussy whipped. Normally, Becky and I just discuss our needs and work out a compromise. However, I have my own technique for getting Becky to agree to something she might otherwise be reluctant to do. My hobby is gourmet cooking which makes sense because I am a biochemical engineer. If I want to get Becky’s help on one of my endeavors, I cook a nice meal with good wine and then ask her while she is relaxed. Hey, it’s not an original idea, women have been using that approach for eons.

Meanwhile, Becky took my grunt to indicate reluctance. “My little sister will only be staying with us until Cornell opens the dorms for orientation.”

I closed my eyes and fucked her pussy harder. Her athletic legs were wrapped around my waist, and she was driving her curvaceous hips up to meet me. It was a hot, humid day near the beginning of summer, and we were both drenched in sweat causing a liquid slap each time our bodies came together. I was panting hard as I neared my climax. My nostrils flared with the aroma of hot sex. I had one arm around her back with my hand locked on her shoulder to keep our slippery bodies from flying apart. My other hand was rubbing the top of her engorged pussy as I desperately tried to get her off for the third time tonight.

The plus side to Becky’s verbal abilities during sex was that she wasn’t reluctant to let me know what worked and what didn’t.

Becky cried, “Harder, faster.”

My first reaction was what the fuck? I was pounding her pussy as hard and fast as I was able. I was already in overdrive, and I’d hit the switch for turbo boost several minutes ago. I didn’t have another gear. As it was, the headboard was banging hard against the wall separating us from the guest bedroom. It took me a couple of long hard thrusts into her hot tight pussy to realize she was talking about my hand. I started rubbing the top of her slit harder and faster and was soon rewarded with a series of shrieks. Her pussy clamped down on my cock, and her long legs shuddered around my waist. I groaned as I shot my seed deep into her womb.

One of us yelled, “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck me!” Maybe it was me. I don’t know. I was totally fucked out.

When my spent cock eventually slipped out of her well-fucked pussy, she rolled onto her side, and I pulled her sweaty back against my chest. I felt our hearts beating as one as our breathing slowed. I could hear the waves on Cayuga Lake break on our dock as a someone motored at high speed past our cottage. At that moment if anyone asked, I would have said my life was nearly perfect. I had had little success with women in high school and college, and now only two years out of graduate school, I had Becky’s warm naked body in my arms. God, I loved this woman.

For most of my life, a woman like Becky would have been way out of my league. Before we met, she had led a very active social life, and I was amazed at the number of boyfriends she had had before she met me. She was homecoming queen in high school, and her king was all-state running back. In college, she was the social director of her sorority. She had been a cheerleader since she was a little girl. I know some people still don’t consider cheerleading a sport, but it is a physically demanding activity that requires the agility and strength of a gymnast. My girlfriend was strong enough to be one of the wing bases in a three-high pyramid.

Becky is also wicked smart. She is probably smarter than I am since I Ataşehir Escort had to study hard throughout school. Despite all the partying, she always got good grades. Now at age 25, she is an Oncology Nurse and working to complete her master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner.

At just about six feet tall and barely 175 pounds, I was only three inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than my athletic girlfriend. I was a scrawny nerd in high school, and my only sports were cross-country running in the Fall and track in the Spring. Fortunately, I started weight lifting in high school and had managed to put enough muscles on my wiry body that neither of us had to worry about injuring our partner during our frequent bouts of strenuous sex.

I had recently earned my doctoral degree in biochemistry from Cornell and was employed by my former thesis adviser at a small start-up located in an old building by the Commons in downtown Ithaca. The professor, myself and a handful of recent Cornell graduates were working on monoclonal antibodies that target pathways used by tumors to evade the immune system. There was a good possibility that the professor’s work would result in a Nobel prize. Even better, we currently had two drug candidates approved for stage one clinical trials in humans. My pay was decent enough to live comfortably in upstate New York, but the icing on the cake was that most of my compensation was in the form of stock that I had every reason to believe would be worth a fortune in a few years.

At the moment, we were house sitting the professor’s lakeshore cottage while he was on Sabbatical in Switzerland. The tiny cottage had two oddly shaped bedrooms and a shared bathroom on the upper floor. Our master bedroom had a sizeable entryway by the door behind the head of the king size bed. The ground floor had a great room that was a combination living room and dining room next to a modern well-equipped kitchen. The cottage had a deck that provided a fantastic view of Cayuga Lake. On the shore below the cottage was a boathouse that held a twenty-four-foot wooden sailboat. I had been a member of the Cornell sailing club, and the professor had given me free use of the beautiful sailboat. The best part of the deal was that we were staying in the house rent-free. All we had to do was pay the utilities. I was able to save most of my income for the down payment on a house.

So, as I said, my life was just about perfect. If you asked me, I would have a hard time thinking of any way it could be better. Oh sure, I had a mild curiosity about anal sex, but every time my fingertips brushed Becky’s ass, she firmly told me to stop. I must also admit, I also had a serious fantasy about a three-way with Becky and another eager woman.

So, I was in a state of bliss as I lay spooning my hot sweaty girlfriend with my cock softly nestle against her firm ass and thinking about sex. Of course, I was thinking about sex. Our bodies reeked of sex, and Becky had reached behind her back and was slowly stroking my cock back to life. I was surprised I had anything left. After dinner, we had smoked a joint of primo weed before eating strawberry shortcake. As soon as we finish dessert, I peeled off Becky’s clothes and laid her on the dining room table. I covered her generous breasts and shaved pussy with whipped cream. Becky came hard with two fingers ramming into her tight pussy and my tongue flicking her cream covered clit. After she recovered a little, I’d helped her to her feet and leaned her against the kitchen counter. I drove my cock into her wet pussy from behind and fucked her hard. I had driven her to another orgasm by strumming my fingers on her clit. Her vagina clenching on my hard cock had pushed me over the edge. I don’t know how we managed to get to our bedroom before coupling again.

As Becky stroked my rapidly hardening cock, I said, “Damn, I think that weed Mark sold us has a lot of speed in it. I’m sure I can’t sleep any time soon, and I’m eager to fuck you again. Remind me to get another couple of ounces.”

Becky raised her upper leg and guided my erection into her cum filled vagina from behind. After a couple of long slow thrusts, Becky said, “So, what do you think about Cindy staying with us for the summer?”

It took me a second to realize Becky was still talking about her sister. I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “Having your sister here for the summer sounds like fun. Do you think she would be interested in a three-way?”

Becky drove an elbow into my stomach while being careful not to dislodge my cock.

“Asshole, Cindy’s only seventeen. Keep your lecherous hands off her. You can perv on her skinny body all you want, but if you get aroused, you’ll just have to be satisfied fucking me.”

I slid my hand down her raised thigh until I found her clit. Becky rammed her hips back against me as I started rubbing her little love button. My other arm was wrapped around her chest, and my fingers were squeezing one of her generous breasts. Becky flinched when I pinched her nipple.

“Careful, Josh. My nipples and clit are getting sore.”

A Anadolu Yakası Escort minute or two later with both of my hands gently rubbing her pussy I achieved my goal.

Becky yelled, “Oh god! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Josh, I’m cumming again.”

Somehow Becky’s tight spasming pussy hadn’t set me off this time. Maybe our position didn’t provide enough friction, or maybe I was just fucked out. In any case, I kept up my slow thrusting. Becky pried my fingers from her throbbing clit, and I dropped my hand to her hip for better leverage.

She moaned, “Jeez, I’m glad I’m not working tomorrow. I’ll be lucky if I can walk, but please don’t stop fucking me. At least my pussy isn’t broken yet.”

I said, “Does your sister being here mean I can’t fuck you on the dining room table or against the kitchen counter or in front of the fireplace?”

Becky laughed, “Sorry Josh. You’ll have to keep it in your pants except when we are in the bedroom. Even the shower is off limits since the idiots that built this cozy little cottage didn’t bother with a lock on the bathroom. Hey, it’s only for six weeks until they open the dorms for orientation. I promise I’ll make it up to you when she’s gone.”

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever cum, but what did I care? I was still hard, and Becky’s pussy was wetter than I could ever remember. I was in uncharted territory. It had been fifteen minutes since Becky had guided my cock into her pussy, and I felt I could last forever. We made a wet squelching sound with every thrust. I saw cum oozing out of her well-fucked pussy with every slow thrust. Becky started moaning. She reached between our legs and began massaging my balls. My moans joined with my girlfriend’s.

Becky yelled, “Come on you bastard. I can’t take much more. Baby, cum for momma. Please, baby.”

With her hands fondling my nuts, I didn’t last long. The speed must have worn off because we both drifted off to a welcome sleep soon after I came. We slept until noon. My dick was sore, and Becky was walking funny as promised. A warm shower, a ton of coffee and a big breakfast helped revive us a little bit. Becky informed me her sister would arrive late Friday. Since we both had a busy week ahead of us, we spent the rest of Sunday cleaning out the guest room.


I worked late most of the week so I could take off in the early afternoon on Friday. By the time Becky arrived with her sister, I had steaks and a basket of fresh veggies on the BBQ. It was a warm evening, and we ate on the deck.

Becky and her sister had changed into shorts and halter tops for dinner. Cindy’s outfit showed off her lean athletic body to perfection. I had helped carry in her things into the guest bedroom and had commented on her assortment of lacrosse sticks. Cindy explained that she had an athletic scholarship. She hoped she would get to play regularly on the Cornell team that had just won the national championship.

The two sisters had a lot to catch up on, and I didn’t need to worry about holding up my end of the conversation. I relaxed and poured myself another glass of Malbec from our second bottle of wine. While Cindy wolfed down her dinner and chatted with her sister, I had a chance to check out our guest. She looked like a taller, thinner version of my girlfriend. She had the same welcoming smile, and her mahogany brown hair was a shade lighter than Becky’s. Cindy was at least as tall as I was and a few pounds lighter than her sister. Her breasts looked larger than her sisters, but as I glanced back and forth between the sisters, I decided it was an illusion created by the younger woman’s thinner torso. From pictures I had seen of Becky in high school, I figured Cindy would fill out in a couple of years to match her sister’s curvaceous figure. It was going to be a rough few weeks with two got women in the small cottage. I was already aroused and couldn’t wait to get Becky alone in our bedroom. I cursed the fact that it was a couple of hours to bedtime.

Becky said, “Josh, do you have any plans for tomorrow?”

“I have some ideas, but I’m open to suggestions. The forecast calls for sun with a stiff breeze that would be ideal for sailing.”

Becky laughed, “Cindy, you have to watch out for Josh. He may seem unconcerned, but he likes to plan things out in detail with every minute accounted for. Heaven forbids anything got in the way of his plans of our hiking to the top of Mount Marcy last summer because no matter how much it rained and sleeted, we had to make it to the top.”

Cindy said, “As if you and I aren’t stubborn. I admire anyone who sets a goal and sticks to it. My goal is to make the lacrosse team. Even though the season doesn’t start until the Spring semester, I still need to keep in shape. Is there any chance we could go for a run tomorrow?”

Becky said, “Josh, it sounds like you already have tomorrow all planned out. Come on boyfriend, what are you thinking?”

I was still trying not to feel hurt about being called out on my OCD. “I like the idea of a run. We could go over to the Cornell Plantations early and get in a Kartal Escort nice five mile run before it gets hot. Afterward, I’ll make my Southwest casserole while you two take showers. I think Cindy will go for some strawberry margaritas along with an egg casserole with avocados, cheese, and salsa on top. After brunch, I propose a nice sail on the lake. You two can get some sun while I drive the boat. We can drop anchor up by Taughannock Falls for a swim and hike up to the falls that are the highest east of the Mississippi. We can easily sail back to the Cayuga Inlet by evening. I’ll BBQ some steaks on the boat. We can finish the day by dancing at The Dock. There’s a Jamaican Reggae band playing. Maybe we’ll meet Mark and Jill there. I know Jill is a big Reggae fan.”

Cindy said, “Wow, your goals are straight fire.”

Becky laughed, “I told you Josh was into the intense planning of every second.”

I’ll admit I was looking forward to the run because I was fantasizing about having two gorgeous women running in front of me instead of just Becky.

I said, “I may be intense, but Becky has never had any problem keeping up with me. If anything, she pushes me more than I do.”

Cindy said, “Josh there is one problem with your plan. You forget I’m only seventeen and I think the drinking age in New York is twenty-one.”

Becky laughed, “They only card the guys. The more chicks, the more guys are willing to come and spend money. I’ve seen them let in girls that look like thirteen-year-olds on slow nights. With your build, no one will look twice.”

I laughed. “I’m pretty sure all of the guys will look at least twice.”

I got a kick in the shin from my girlfriend.

Cindy said, “That sounds lit, getting turnt with my squad.”

I looked at Cindy and cocked my head. A look of puzzlement covered my face.

Becky laughed. “Cindy, you have to forgive Josh. He’s almost over the hill and ignorant AF about current slang.”

I protested, “Since when is thirty over the hill, and what the fuck do you mean by ignorant AF?”

Cindy said, “I’m sorry. I just meant that going dancing and getting wasted with you guys was cool.”

Becky laughed and said, “I’m sorry old man. I didn’t realize you were sensitive AF about turning thirty.”

I stared at her for a moment, and she added, “AF just means ‘As Fuck.’ It’s for emphasis, as in you are sexy AF.”

I’d probably had enough to drink because I responded, “OK, I get it. You and Cindy are hot AF.”

I got another kick in the shin from my girlfriend.

I said, “The local strawberries are still in season, so I have strawberry shortcake for dessert. I bet Cindy would love to see what else we use whipped cream for in Ithaca. It’s sexy AF.”

Cindy laughed, and I got yet another kick in my shin from my girlfriend.

I brought out a joint before we dug into the strawberries and my girlfriend said, “I hope to hell that isn’t the weed you bought from Mark.”

I grinned at the memory of the wild night of sex we’d had after smoking Mark’s crazy shit. My best friend had admitted that the baggie of primo marijuana was laced with speed, and I had bought another couple of ounces. I felt a bit sad that it would be six weeks before we could try for a repeat performance.

I said, “Sorry Becky, this is just some mellow grass that will enhance our desert and the sunset.”

The one drawback of having a cottage on the west shore of Cayuga Lake was that the sun sets in the forested hillside behind you. Still, we were treated to a nice display of puffy orange tinted clouds as the last of the day’s sun lit up the trees along the opposite shore. We were all feeling relaxed after finishing a hearty meal.

Cindy said, “I flew over one long skinny lake after another when I flew into Syracuse. What’s the deal with all the narrow lakes?”

Her sister replied, “Upstate New York was covered in glaciers during the last ice age. They carved out the Finger Lakes. When the ice melted, the land rose, and the streams carved beautiful deep gorges in the soft shale. Cornell sits between two gorges with Fall Creek Gorge on the north side and Cascadilla Gorge on the south. There are several more spectacular gorges in the area as well as the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. The scenery is why the Finger Lakes region is a hot tourist spot in the summer. I feel sorry the students miss the best season of the year.”

Cindy laughed, “I never knew my sister was a geology nerd.”

“Please, I’m not a nerd. I just love the area. If you really want a geology lesson, you’ll have to ask Josh. He’s the nerd in the room, and I love him dearly for it.”

It was my excuse to bring out the dessert. After we finished the strawberry shortcake, I turned my chair to face the lake and put my feet up on the railing. Cathy and Cindy copied me with Cindy in the middle. We shared the second joint and stared at the reflection of the setting sun on the rippling lake. I snuck an occasional glance at the ladies’ bare legs. OK, maybe it was more often than occasional. It was a warm night, and both women were wearing short shorts. Cindy looked like hers were the small skin tight spanky shorts preferred by male track coaches for girl runners. I always enjoyed jogging along a narrow forest trail behind Becky. I contemplated the pleasure of jogging behind the two gorgeous sisters tomorrow morning.

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