Surprising Massage Ch. 02

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My girlfriend Deb told me about a massage parlor she goes to. I needed to get some kinks worked out from all the workouts I do. I went to the parlor but little did I know the attendants were all males. I got Brad that day and he worked out the kinks alright. We ended up having sex on the massage table and I took a load of his cum.

My marriage was going sour and I needed sex. I decided to go back for more massaging. I called ahead and made an appointment for Brad specifically. When I got there I was ushered into the massage room. I was told to strip down and I was giving two towels, one to cover my breasts and one for my midsection. Brad came in a few minutes later. He smiled and then he got to work.

Brad took off his small robe and again all he had on was a small pair of briefs. They could barely contain his large cock. Brad removed my towels and began to touch me. His big hands were all over my tits. It didn’t take much for my nipples to get all hard. Brad slid his fingers across my wet gash. God, I had been waiting for this a whole week now. I looked over and saw his cock pushing against his undies. Brad stopped and slid them down to the floor.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. I sat up straight and I reached out for his cock. Brad had to be close to nine inches in length. I leaned down and took his giant prick past my lips. Brad got into it. He put a hand on the back of my head and he urged me to take his cock down my throat. I wasn’t used to a cock that big. My husband wasn’t anywhere Şerifali Escort as big as Brad was. Brad pumped his rod deeper and deeper down my throat. He was so hard in just a few minutes. That is when the fun began.

Brad pulled out and he had me lie back. He got up onto the table and he spread my thighs apart. I soon felt his mushroom sliding across my folds. It was sending shivers all across my body. I soon felt him beginning to enter my pussy. Brad went slow at first. My pussy could barely take all of his cock, he was so thick. Brad finally managed to get all of his cock inside me. I felt his low hanging balls resting against my ass cheeks.

Brad took hold of my legs and he folded me back. That long dick began to pound my pussy hard. I had to fight back from crying out as Brad fed me every hard inch of his rod. This is what I had been needing for the past few days. I needed fucked completely by a big cock like Brad’s. I got so worked up that I squirted all over Brad. He just looked down at me and took me even harder.

I have no idea how long we did it there on the table. I had paid for an hour’s worth of time. Brad did grunt and I watched as he arched his back. I felt him flood my pussy with his white cream. It felt like someone had turned a hose on inside me. I just squeezed his cock, making sure I got every hot drop from his prick. It took a few minutes but we both managed to come back down to earth. Brad rested his dick inside me until he finally went soft.

Brad Üsküdar Escort got up from the table and I just couldn’t move. It felt like someone had roughed me up. Brad went and got some towels and we both cleaned ourselves up. I got up the nerve and I asked Brad a question.

“Would you like to get together sometime, away from the massage parlor?”

Brad said he normally didn’t mix business with pleasure. It complicated things when he would see women from the workplace. I felt crestfallen. I reached into my purse and I got out some paper and a pen. I wrote down my name and my phone number. I told him if he ever changed his mind to call me. I got dressed and I left thinking I probably would not ever hear from Brad.

Thankfully my husband wasn’t wanting sex from me lately. I really didn’t want to fuck him after I just had Brad. A few days later I got lucky. My phone rang and it was Brad. He asked if I wanted to meet for coffee. That was an offer I wasn’t going to turn down. I met him the next day. Brad told me that he had a girlfriend but it was more of a sleeping arrangement. I told him I was married but things weren’t going so well between my husband and I.

I was on pins and needles when Brad asked me back to his apartment. I could feel my pussy getting wet right then. I followed Brad back to his place. He had a small bachelor’s apartment. We didn’t waste any time. We walked back to his bed and we both stripped down. Brad must have been horny that day. I was on my Ümraniye Escort back when he pushed his tongue into my gaping pussy.

This time I screamed like some young virgin. I wanted him so badly and now I had him. Brad got me worked up and then he said he wanted me on top. Brad got onto his back and I mounted that raging cock. It took some minutes for him to get completely inside me. Brad then reached up and took hold of my tits. He was massaging my nipples as I slid up and down his huge cock. This is what I needed. A young stud who knew what he was doing to fuck me like crazy.

We got into a rhythm. Brad would thrust up into me and I would slam down on his prick. For some reason Brad’s cock made me want to squirt. I was spraying my juices all over his midsection as he fed me every inch of his rod. There was no clock we had to follow. Brad must have fucked me for well over an hour that afternoon. By the time we got to the end my pussy was feeling raw.

Brad always seemed to have so much cum inside him. He brought me to the edge and then shot his semen deep into my belly. I just held on and squeezed his rod with my muscles. I love the feel of a man’s cum when it squirts deep inside my pussy. We did finish up by kissing each other after Brad got soft.

It was finally time to leave. I asked Brad if he wanted to see me again. He was noncommittal.

“Let me call you when I have some free time,” he said to me.

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear but what could I say. I drove back home knowing that my life was going to change shortly. I couldn’t keep fucking Brad and then returning to my husband and getting no sex from him. I guess I will have to see how things play out and just hope Brad will want me as more than a plaything.

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