Susan in NYC Ch. 03

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Note: if you haven’t already, read Susan in NYC Ch. 01 we just enjoyed the moment before we both got up and started getting done. We had already talked a lot about getting together again soon but that didn’t make it any easier to prepare to say good-bye. Soon enough, though, we were both dressed and done and she was all packed up so we headed out to go catch the subway. We were less sad that this incredible weekend was over than we were psyched that it had gone so incredibly well. When her train was boarding, we kept our good-bye suitable for public and there were no tears shed. On the contrary, we were both nearly giddy and, Bostancı Escort even as I headed back to the subway, I was in an outstanding mood.

Once I was back at school, my good mood did not diminish mostly because, with Susan gone, so many people were interested in talking to me about her. Apparently her passionate vocalizations were heard by many during her visit so the guys mainly wanted details about what had been going on and the girls, much to my surprise, were suddenly interested in whether we were an item, whether we were serious, what exactly the status of our relationship was, that kind of thing. Erenköy Escort Because I was experiencing so much interest from the women on my floor, I was super discreet when discussing Susan with the guys. The women were super discreet when they stopped by and casually asked about my situation then, upon learning that we were not serious, asked if I could make them feel like she had so obviously been feeling. That stash of condoms was suddenly coming in handy as I was getting regular visits not only from women who lived on my floor but from women who’d been visiting my floor that weekend.

While all of this might Göztepe Escort sound disrespectful to Susan, I didn’t keep it a secret from her. I admit that I didn’t intend to tell her but she asked whether my floormates had been curious about her. I jokingly told her that they’d asked what all the moaning was about since they assumed it couldn’t have been related to my sexual prowess. She actually said that I could easily dispel that by demonstrating on any of the girls who asked then any guys who asked would hear even more moaning and would have to accept it eventually.

“You wouldn’t care if I was pleasuring other women?” I asked.

“No, of course not,” she replied, “First, it’d be selfish of me and, second, I know I’ll benefit from you keeping those skills sharp.”

“You’re incredible,” I told her, “Did you know that?”

“Just don’t forget it,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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